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  • roshannay 2d

    “I am not afraid of unanswered prayers. Because I have trust that they will always be answered. I have faith that none of my wishes, my prayers will be left unheard. I am sure that they all will tear apart the skies and land right where they ought to, because the faith with which I send them is unshakeable. I am afraid though that the prayers I pray, the ones that will be answered, may prove to be wrong for me. I am afraid that I don’t know what the future entails and what I wish for might prove to be my bane. I am afraid that better than my wishes are His plans for me and therefore I bow my head and surrender my wills to Him and hope that the One who loves me more than myself will know exactly what to bestow me with. And in doing this I have never regretted...”


  • porcupine 1w

    A poem about dogs

    Dogs are a great thing
    Spending time together
    I can't think of anything
    Better in stormy weather

    Some dogs do not like
    The loud booms
    And owners too I think
    Want to hide in their rooms

    You comfort the dog
    The dog comforts you
    You pet the dog calmly
    The dog protects too

    Side by side
    As the clouds clear
    Both you and the dog
    Together facing your fears

  • akshay_vasu 3w

    And if you begin assuming that every fire started in this world will reach your home and burn it down, you will never get to stay in your home. You will always be putting off the fires which you didn't even start. The fires which wouldn't even affect you.

    - Akshay vasu

  • lonelysheep 8w

    My fears

    Are taking over me,
    Getting deeper in the cracks
    They are breaking me

  • mahaganapati 9w


    I Stumbled, tried to stand but fell.
    Fell down and dirty. Conquered the hell.
    Holding my fears and tears for years
    Walked out of it with souvenirs.
    I carry them all the time, visible
    I must carry them, they are inevitable.
    They are deep and big, not able to hide.
    They are mine, they are my pride.
    Some call it symbols of hurt and shame.
    They are my trophies of pain I overcame.
    It is beautiful, some find it bizarre.
    My smile never fades. Yes, it's a scar.

  • fallinghearts 11w

    Scared .

    Been honest to my self
    And telling the truth
    To my self out loud ..


  • mypinknotes 12w

    "Courage Over Fears"

    Too many fears to convince my mind:
    I fear of choking on fishbones,
    Or stumbling upon a stranger danger,
    I am scared of betrayals and heartbreaks,
    Or losing the most-loved ones;
    I get agitated by health check-ups and dubiety,
    While both stagnancy and change terrify me;
    I am afraid of being a vain- a nameless vain,
    Or a soul devoid of purpose-driven salvation;
    But death could only answer to my fears,
    And this misery could only end with death;
    But only courage can challenge the fears;
    To let go of irresolution and timidity of mind;
    To face uncertainties and let things be;
    To take the risks unknown of the outcome;
    Let constancy overrides these trepidations
    Whether it be stability or change;
    Because only fortitude not death can win over fears.


  • pavvya 12w

    Oh my fears!

    Once in a while,
    I sit with my fears;
    I have put them
    inside this dark room.
    When I enter,
    they seem awfully
    Just like silence before storm,
    Like they are going to tear me
    the way a injured lion would;
    I sit there anyway,
    Sometimes confident,
    Sometimes shivering;
    Waiting them to snap at me.
    Sometimes they do snap back,
    and sometimes they are frightened by my presence.
    More I sit with them,
    more powerless they get.
    So, no matter how scary it gets
    I keep going back there,
    And one day they will reduce into ashes.

  • akshay_vasu 16w

    The demon in the backseat

    #akshayvasu #demons #fears

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    And I've been driving that car since then. My demon is sitting behind me, smirking and staring at my reflection in the front mirror, while I am doing the same. I've been taking him to all the places that I want to go. But I fear that there comes a day where he will see the uncertainty and fear in my face. And that moment, he will take the wheel and push me to the backseat. And that day, he will begin to take me to the places where he always wanted to go.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • acksmack 16w

    The Monster Inside

    Taken into context
    The whole story
    Is an allegory
    The fits and fancy
    Of which
    We make decisions
    And support divisions
    From the truth
    Media bits and bytes
    Facts and fiction
    Not an absolute depiction
    Of stylish diction
    Choice of messages
    Undeniable delights
    That feed appetites
    Delivered in such a way
    As if to say
    You're Ok
    With the knowledge
    That power is perverted
    Honesty averted
    And choice
    Is an illusion
    A mirage of sorts
    The average Joe
    Always weak
    And misguided fools
    Kept in the dark
    But on a lark
    Go along with a song
    That it's all done
    In the name
    Of righteous fun
    And responsible
    Missions made
    But never paid
    By honest sweat
    The price of debt
    Loaned out once too often
    At exorbitant interest
    Year over year
    Our temptations
    Stoked by fear
    The Monster inside
    But never cares
    About the damage done
    Just a casual afterthought
    Bought with the souls
    Of the innocent and young


  • sayuki 16w

    Keep going

    Sometimes you just feel like running away,
    But then you tell yourself if you let go of this now
    You might regret it later...
    And that's what keeps you going

  • akshay_vasu 17w

    That's what had happened all these years. The fear that I feared the most had taken the face of every single person I had loved. I never really understood whether the fear stole it from them or they traded their faces with the fear for something in return. But then she came, the one that I fell in love with hopelessly. I believed that there was something about her, and she would never let that fear have her face. But within some time, there it was, the fear that I fear the most, laughing menacingly at me while wearing her face. And nothing ever broke me till date the way that moment did.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • akshay_vasu 17w

    Sometimes, she cried yellow tears while she bled the blue blood. And sometimes, she bled yellow blood while she cried the blue tears.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • alex_89 17w


    I wanna draw you close,
    I wanna hold your hand…
    I wanna feel your heartbeat, 
    even feel your fears
    I wanna draw you close
    I wanna hold you dear
    I wanna wipe away all of your tears 
    Carry your bags, and carry your burdens
    While I'm around you'll never be alone
    I will hold on forever as long as you prepared to stay right here


  • as_you_see_it 18w

    Journey from Pain to Realisation of Self

    Those who Trigger your deepest of Fears , Heartache and Insecurities are seldom your Enemies.

    They are the Ones, who introduce you to your innate vulnerabilities and Strength you through Pain.


  • nandhinikannan 19w


    My fears were his strengths,
    utilized it well to his advantage,
    Mistook it as affection from him,
    I surrendered to it every day,
    His sudden departure
    made me incapable of digesting
    and handling my own fears
    Which once was only in my head
    but now it came into existence for real

    How I wished, I kept them in
    and not reveal them to face
    this day I feared for


  • riyagupta__ 21w


    Yes, I have fears,
    Not hundreds not just one,
    But I have fears,
    I fear my past,
    What if my past comes knocking on the doors of present?
    Just the mere thought about this makes me panic.
    I fear future too,
    Would the consequences of my present mistakes ruin my future?
    These thoughts are enough to push me into the pools of anxiety.
    I fear my present too,
    What if they feel bad about the way I talked,
    The way I walked,
    The way I dressed,
    The way I sit, the way I stand,
    These things would be enough for them to leave me alone,
    This fear would eat me up all day
    Controlling my thoughts is not the way,
    I fear relationships,
    What would I do if he found someone better than me,
    The more intellectual,
    Some really beautiful pretty girl
    Would the spark between us fade away then,
    Would he then break up the lifetime promises leaving me all alone.
    I fear friendships
    What if I wouldn't be able to match that social status,
    That club parties,that dressing style,
    What if i would not able to match their levels,
    What would be my fate then,
    I fear love, the word love
    But what if i wouldn't be able to match thier expectations,
    What would happen if i wouldn't fulfil their dreams,
    Their depressed faces,highly disappointing tones,
    No ,no I can't face it,
    I fear watching dreams
    What if i wouldn't be able to achieve them and then drown myself in the seas of regret
    I can't afford it,
    I fear failures,
    If i fail,i would be that laughing doll with good for nothing tag pasted on my head,
    I fear heights,
    It actually shows me if i would fall down i would never be able to climb up back,
    I fear darkness,
    It makes me feel all sorts of loneliness with no one around
    Me struggling and fighting all alone,
    Fears ,fears and fears
    Fears all around
    It has been 19 years I'm running
    Running from fears,
    Running from failures,
    Running from myself.
    It's not overthinking
    Neither its an attention seeking strategy
    Nor I crave for sympathy.
    Yeah I fear
    And that is okay
    That is okay.

  • adidam143 22w

    Hiding the hurt, hiding the pain,
    Hiding the tears that fall like rain.
    Saying I'm fine when I'm anything but.
    This ache in my soul rips at my gut.
    My skin is on fire; I burn from within.
    The calm on my face is an ongoing sin.
    The world must stay out; I've built up a wall.
    My fragile lie will collapse should it ever fall.
    Loneliness consumes me; it eats away the years
    Until my life is swallowed by unending fears.
    Waiting for someone to see I wear a mask
    And care enough to remove it; is that too much to ask?

  • soujji 24w

    What's your biggest fears, hopes and dreams?

    I know you see that blue horizon
    And it seems too far away
    And the dreams you have need you to cross the ocean
    But the ocean seems too deep

    What lies ahead is far too scary
    You'd rather stay in your boat safe
    There are sharks out there and you could grow weary
    From swimming in the cold and deep

    But a storm is coming so adjust your sails
    You are afraid of success, afraid you'll fail
    Afraid of what you'll find when you get there
    But it's okay, just breathe in deep

    You want to be a blessing and help those in need
    You got to learn this lesson, advice you should heed
    Listen more, talk less, bring joy to your friends
    In a selfish world, be of service
    Be a loving and caring person

    Laugh more, why so serious?
    Give more, why delirious?
    We all want to live a healthy life
    We all want a balanced life

    So when you're in your boat
    Afraid to row
    Breathe in deep
    Imagine where you want to be
    And start rowing

    And if a storm comes by
    Adjust your sail
    Make sure no water comes inside
    Dump it out with a pail

    Because the vast ocean can't drown you
    But a hole in your boat can
    Hold on to the ones who found you
    And be a gentleman


  • sameerved 25w

    flaunt your fears
    as they carve a geography on your skin.

    probably a Border War, probably!

    you are in two territories when it happens
    - where the fear outlives
    - where you fight to outlive it

    I know it's not easy to be seen fighting a war
    but flaunt it still, try?
    let the world see the two lives in you
    half-dead, half-alive

    ~ कलम-e-समeeर