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  • rahoof 10w

    Her heart a mysterious corridor
    A place where you could get lost in
    With chambers that seem discreet
    With ways that often do not lead

    Its sad more than ever
    When her doors close one after the other
    One moment you feel welcomed
    And on the next "who are you stranger?"


  • rahoof 14w

    Tend her tenderly

    Subtle my love, be subtle in your ways
    Maybe she is too weary
    from walking and baking all day
    So lover be gentle in your ways
    Let her rest her back on a cotton bed
    Let her ease the wear of her tiring breasts
    Let her enjoy a breeze
    From the window frame

    lover ask if she is ok
    take her feet and rub it for a while
    rub it till her tire dissipate
    Subtle my love be subtle in your ways
    Let her eye you,
    While you're tending her pain
    Let her see how well you care

    let her rest on a cotton bed
    embrace her hips,
    rest your face oh her tum
    Lay there,
    lover let her fondle your hair
    Be gentle lover,
    Always be gentle in your ways.


  • rahoof 14w


    There are a lot out there,
    Different kisses!
    like the kiss you give eachother at kindergarten for the hurt you received
    after getting your head bumped with
    your best friend
    - Innocent kiss

    The nervous first kiss which you were not prepared for.
    the first one that you received or
    the one which you heartfully gave,
    Might be the one that you got accused after
    Or the one that you had to forcefully regret
    - nervous first kiss

    Then the kiss that which sent a shiver of shame down your spine
    - the kiss of disgust.

    The kisses that you give to your non human friends plus the licks you received
    - pawed kisses

    The kiss that you give to your grans, your daughters, your sons, your parrents, your pets,
    before they part
    - the kiss of memory

    The kiss that you give to your child or your mate, after a prolonged wait
    - the kiss of love

    The ones that you give
    to the ones who seek alms, to the ones who struggle, to the ones who are deserted.
    And the ones that your mom gave you
    When you were handed to her for the first time.
    - the kiss of god


  • rahoof 15w

    Often when I am with her

    Would there be heavens after we die?
    I wouldn't know,
    But If there is,
    Do ask them to make them look like Basheer novels.

    And what's next, she asked?
    quietly, having nothing to say,
    I blew a faint breeze up her forehead,
    Gently rose her chin with my fingers,
    slowly kissed her neck,
    And replied, "let there be fire."

    hesitated, she asked,
    Whether I was at a loss for words?
    I gave her one last gentle kiss on her palm,
    For every love she'd ever offered,
    And I let my thoughts answer.
    "Yes, I am at a loss for words,
    often when I am with you."


  • kee_tales 69w

    It’s this thought,
    And concealed within
    Hoping I could just lie down now,
    By the side of a lake,
    When sun is about to sink in,
    Lie down there,
    Gaze at sunset and then at stars.
    May be I’m just tired or
    May be not
    Of all I know I deserve it.
    We all do.
    It’s such a time
    Of everyone fighting their demons,
    Yet brave
    Such a peace is all we deserve.

  • kee_tales 74w

    Like she was destined to reside over clouds,
    With her wings wide open,
    She rose like a phoenix,
    And disappeared into the sky!!

    Like a shooting star,
    She fell off soon,
    Hitting the ground back again,
    But this time she isn't the one,
    To rise from rocks!!

    Like a mountainfire,
    With the speed of comet,
    Millions rose with her,
    Shooting everything down in their way!!
    Thus formed my favorite constellation

  • kee_tales 74w

    May this be the new beginning Part-3

    When doc said, "She is fine. She just need some rest" milan relived closing his teary eyes for a second. Kirin hesitantly sat beside milan and put his arm over milan's shoulder. Milan in fiercely tone asked, "How did this happen?" "No one knows bro. Actually no one realized it until fire was fierce. Adiva was standing in the room which caught fire and her mother says she just stared the fire without trying to stop it, said Kirin." With a cease between eyebrows Milan tried to understand which he definitely couldn't.t's raining heavily with thunderstorms. Milan was resting on a couch outside Adiva's room in hospital. Adiva came out of the room looking around. She smiled at Milan and asked, "You were here all the time?" Milan is definitely confused with her behavior.He asked with no smile in his face, in an angry tone,"Why didn't you try to put off the fire? You were thinking about self harm, Aren't you? " With a pause he shouted " Tell me!!! " his eyes are teary and red.he has this red wrinkled nose and cease between eyebrows. Adiva looked at him with undescribable look on her face. She tried to look away when Milan held her face with his hand. In a breaking voice Adiva said, "I don't know. I didn't try to harm myself" "Then what? " shouted Milan. " Isn't your name Milan? It means kind, loving. It definitely doesn't suit you.", Said Adiva in a mischievous way.

    Milan face had a smile on his face which he soon covered with his serious look. This time in a calm tone, "Okay. Tell me why didn't you try to warn anyone. Why didn't you try to put off? "asked Milan. " May be I was lost in thoughts. I didn't notice the fire. Why would I harm myself Milan?", said Adiva in a convincing tone. Milan stared for a second thinking what was she thinking so deep that she didn't notice fire, but he didn't want to put her in more stress." Okay. Then It's morning already. I don't think I can come to college. And you too take rest. I will join you at your house in the evening. " , Said milan."Ok.Take care.Bye", said Adiva. She watched him as he was walking away until he disappeared. Walking slowly on footpath with his hands in his pockets, milan was thinking about Adiva. He wanted to believe that Adiva didn't want to take her life but he definitely wasn't sure about it. In her room Adiva tried to recall what happened last night. "There was a power cut. I was searching for a candle. The power was back on before I could find a candle. But later, why did I lit the candle? How did house caught fire? " She stressed her mind but she didn't get the answer.

    Later in the evening, Adiva through her window glanced milan coming in blue shaded jeans and white polo t-shirt. She went down the stairs to receive him. When she opened the door before knocking it, Milan stared at her without a blink in his eyes. She ahemed her voice and said, "Come on in." Milan asked, "Are you feeling better?" Adiva said" Yes. I'm fine." Milan nodded his head and asked " Shall we meet the psychiatrist now. I might be out of town tomorrow?" Adiva's eyebrows ceased and nose wrinkled. "Why? Do you think I'm mad? What are you even thinking about yourself? I trusted you. that's the reason I said how I felt that night!! But you. You think I'm mad??" Shouted Adiva. Milan put her hand closing her mouth and in a mischievous way, said " Shhh. Remember we are doing project on mental health? We need to meet a psychiatrist for it. I don't think you are mad. So don't act like that".Adiva put her hand on her face and both laughed at her behavior. "Okay. Now stop laughing. Let's go" said Adiva.
    She followed Milan as they walked out of house. "And, who is the psychiatrist we are going to meet now", asked Adiva with curiosity. " The one in city hospital. Dr. Chatarjee I think" replied Milan. "No. Let's go to some other place. I know a better one than him", said Adiva. She took Milan's hand and walked holding it. Milan stared at her while she was looking away.He smiled and held her tight. As they were walking, Adiva was surprised when so called serious and unsocial man of the class talking without a break. She was staring at him until everything blurred and turned black all of a sudden.She woke up in a hospital and saw Milan sitting right next to her bed. "What happened to you. You fainted all of a sudden", asked Milan. Adiva looked around in a confused way and said, "I don't know." The doctor came in and asked milan to wait outside. He examined Adiva and asked, "What did you feel right before you fainted?" She looked blank at the doc and said, " Nothing. May be. No, I don't know" The doctor said," It's okay. No problem. It happens due to high temperature in this summer. We already contacted your parents. You need some rest. Stay here for a day. You will be discharged tomorrow night.okay?" and left the room. Milan came in and asked "Tell me. Is everything okay? I'm right here. You can talk to me " Adiva just nodded her head saying " I'm fine. It's just due to summer and all. He stayed with her until her parents came. The next morning Milan came to the hospital eagerly to see Adiva. When he found some other patient in her room, he asked the nurse about Adiva. "She ran away last night. This is the first time something like this happened at our hospital", said the nurse.

  • kee_tales 75w

    "May This Be The New Beginning_Part-2"

    "Bro!! I feel like I'm seeing you smile for the first time since ages.", Said kirin walking alongside Milan in the hallway. Milan kept walking as if he couldn't hear Kirin. Adiva standing at their class door stared Milan walking away from class. In a hushed tone whispered "Take care". She headed back to her bicycle and reached home. After a while she took out a Olive green Top with a black jeans. She then headed to library borrowing her sister's new fancy bicycle. In a few seconds she stopped paddling and took the way back to her home. She didn't know that Milan could see her from his open terrace. She reached the home gave back the bicycle to her sister. She changed her clothes to pale blue tee with shaded black jeans. She took her old dusty bicycle and started paddling in a hurry. She didn't want to be late. Milan noticed her driving back in changed clothes and old bicycle. Adiva outside the library was looking around for Milan. She then felt a hand patting her shoulder. Gazing at her eyes Milan could feel myriad of thoughts running in her mind. Breaking the eye contact Adiva cleared her voice "Ahem". With his hand gesturing library Milan said, " Let's go".

    Milan was searching for a book by Daniel Magalhaes Goulart on Mental health. Adiva standing next to him glanced the entire row for the same book. She found it on the top most row. She understood she couldn't reach it and she started looking at Milan who is still searching for the book. She raised her hand to pat his back and lowered immediately. She ahem'ed once again which brought back Milan's attention towards her. She lifted her hand gesturing the book and said, "it's there". Milan took it out and both walked towards the empty seats.While Adiva focused on book Milan stared at her. Adiva could feel the eyes on her and lifted her head towards him. She asked it with a quick vanishing smile "What are you doing?" For the first time Milan noticed that she speaks fluently with a smile without any hesitation or without any worry. He smiled when he thought "She needs time to open her smile up to a person". In hushed voice and smiling face he asked, " So You can talk!? I thought you can't speak. " After a little pause Adiva said, "As much as you can smile.Even I thought you never smile". They exchanged a quick gaze with a smirk before librarian came in and said it's time to close.

    Outside the library Walking alongside Adiva and her bicycle, Milan couldn't stop smiling. He couldn't stop talking. And Adiva couldn't stop staring at Milan. Milan definitely have a alot to talk about. Anyone can hear him for so long without knowing the time. When Milan asked her out for a coffee, Adiva stopped walking and looked down the road for a minute. Milan felt guilty seeing Adiva like that. He said, "Its okay if you need time". Adiva lifted her head up with a blank face. She said, "Umm. I will leave then" and left in a hurry. Milan stared Adiva walking away until she vanished into the evening mist.Later, Milan at his home resting on his bed was thinking about Adiva. He was trying to understand Adiva and her actions until his phone popped up saying "Dude!! Fire accident at Adiva's place. Come to Emergency room at city hospital." from Kirin. Milan reached emergency room in a blink of eye. His eyes were red without any tears in them. His breathe was out loud and everyone there could feel his heart beat. Kirin tried to come close but Milan pushed him away. Milan shattered down on the floor.

  • kee_tales 76w

    May This Be The New Beginning

    "Tell me this is a dream. Tell me this will be over by the time I wake up. Tell me he has got his answer by now." Here in Delhi Adiva writing her diary. Sitting on a bean bag facing towards the sunset. Twirling her golden curly hair back of her ear. Holding the gold glitter even tighter when she has to write his name, Milan. The Pomeranian, Cashew then breaks the sudden eye contact slipping down her lap. With a golden orange sunshine on her little rosy face she stares cashew walking away. Turning back into the diary she recalls their first meet.It's a regular college day like all other days. Adiva reaches college on her dusty old bicycle. She wore a white yoke-waist skirt with a blind pink tee. Walking with one step in another, looking down the floor, dashing 3 shoulders across the hallway she reached corner seat of her class. With overlapping voices and intense laughter a group of uptown girls of class entered the room. Adiva looked down her desk and took out a notebook. The professor's shoe steps alerts everyone and class becomes silent. Sooner than later the quite lecture was disturbed when Milan appeared In a black tee with shaded jeans and rimless rectangular spectacles. He is so tall that his only friend Kirin in olive green outfit looked like a Lilliput in Gulliver's travels. They both entered the class with professor's permission and took the seat in 1st row which is usually empty if it's not for them.

    Milan is the famous one of college. Everyone admires his words of wisdom. The observant professor understands that, though he is the favorite one for all fellow classmates they are afraid to befriend him. He is framed as the serious and strict one. Only kirin, his best friend sticks with him for all the projects assignments and labs. At the end of his lecture professor announced a duo project for selected few students in which kirin is not part of. May be this is one of the mindgames of professor to change his Milan's attitude. May be he thought if Kirin isn't part of project, Milan will have to adjust and befriend others. Anyhow Professor always thought milan needs to be more social and more friendly towards everyone. Now he just made his move. The project is to conduct a survey and bring awareness on importance of mental health. The professor partnered an uptown girl with Milan. As soon as professor left the class she started searching for someone who might wanna exchange their partners.In a hurry to get rid of serious and strict one of the class the girl asked everyone in class to join Milan. As she approached Adiva's desk she saw Adiva's head in her incompletely written book. The girl asked for exchange of partner in a polite quite voice. Adiva nodded her head expressing "NO" and she is in search of words to speak. She mumbled "No I'm fine Like this" in uncleared tone. Girl started requesting and she pleased Adiva in a polite way. Adiva didn't know if she want to pair up with Milan or not. But the girl partnered Adiva with Milan forcefully and left the place.

    Milan in a serious tone said "Hello. I'm Milan." Adiva looked her sides in a tensed expression and introduced herself "Adiva". I know people think I'm strict and serious but you don't need to be afraid. I will never get angry with you unless you cause any trouble for me, said Milan raising his eyebrow.. Adiva nodded her head signifying that she understood. "Adiva" isn't your name mean pleasant and gentle?? Is that the reason you are such calm?? Asked Milan still in a hushy tone. She looked around swallowing twice and said "You are sweet". Milan's expression is indescribable. He had a little smile which vanished in seconds. He said "Okay. You might be the 2nd person to feel it". "I mean you know the strange woman who cleans the roads across street she once said... Never mind" he added and discontinued. Adiva stared for a second at Milan and then broke the eye contact. Milan shared his ideas to move on with project. His words are so expressive. Adiva just stared at him all the time. When Milan finished his sentences Adiva nodded her head and said "It's good. Let's move on with it" in a hurry and shivering tone. Milan in sweet voice questioned " You know what seamus heaney said?" Adiva nodded her head in a questioning manner. "If you have the words there is always a chance that you will find the way" said Milan. Adiva with simper of smile nodded her head as yes and asked " When shall we meet for project?" Milan paused for a second looking at her and said "Tell me. It's your choice. " Adiva puzzled herself and said "5pm??" In a questioning manner. Milan said "Okay . We will meet at library then. Take care" and left the place with serious look back on his face.

  • kee_tales 82w

    Spoiler alert: Life lesson!!
    Am I looking boring to you?? Teaching the same life lessons which you have already heard thousand many times!?
    Then aren't you fed up of doing the same things done by billions of other people in the world.
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    One day when you wake up with grey hair on your bald and weak muscles all over you.
    It's okay to regret the things you have done in the past
    But you shouldn't feel "I should have done that back then"
    Past can't be changed but present can be modified.
    Do it in the way you like. You don't have to regret in future.

  • iamnotallowedtosaythis 126w


    You, yes you.
    Did you look in the mirror today ?

    You, just you.
    Did you smile for a minute today ?

    Cos you, only you.
    Can make the change in the air.

    Since you with me makes us,
    And we have so much love to share.

    It's not just you or me alone,
    That needs to work together.

    It's every single one of us,
    Who wants to help one another.

    But it's only possible once you, yes you
    Take a stand and trust yourself.

    As you can start a revolution,
    If you be kind to others and love yourself.