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  • vibe_ana 78w

    Just yesturday

    This feeling i have, it's so dark.
    Just like the desert night.
    My shallow breath, sweeps gently down your chest.
    Just like the wind that howls, threw the Grand Canons of Nevada.
    My touch creeps up your leg, Just like a Coyote on the prowel.
    My voice is, sweeter then the dew drops on a flower.
    As I caress you in my sweet tender busum,
    I spin a web inside your heart, of promise of forever
    Before too long, I will be gone,
    Just like the moon in the suns shadow.
    As we lay in piecfull bliss, not caring about tommarrow.
    And drift away into our happy sorrows.
    You find me in the light as I hide in darkness.