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  • nikithasharmabts_rare 50w

    Sorry guys. I was blank today, and was strucked into some work. I don't know how it is. But I scribbled three drafts����. Actually I couldn't write something in a continuous manner, so I wrote bit bit type of post����

    Happy bangtan day Armys����������


    Scribbled mind,
    Solving strikes,
    Unknown was I when did it start.
    I wanted to cry the melancholic smile,
    But didn't know where to hide.
    Now those tears entered
    Every creases of my heart,
    Bursting it into
    Million size.
    Sinking in my own soul
    Was the only abode I find then.
    I tried stretching the outline of my smile,
    But it was painful,
    Than to cry.
    I won the battle with
    Circles under my eyes,
    But tears flowing
    Corner of the sight.
    Zephyr flew,
    Trees grew, daffodils swayed savourly,
    Spring sprang ebbuliently.
    The rays of the sun
    Weaved every petals of the flowers,
    And trees giggled at every chirping.
    I was stoned just like
    A picture in a paranoid,
    But a purple flower was blooming in my barren land.
    Soon it was dawn,
    My eyes filled with every cold
    Warmth of setting sun,
    But I was still a picture in a paranoid.
    Soon it was 00:00 o' clock,
    And a swish of grammary
    Blocked my sight.
    I was moved out of my state,
    With my heart a beautiful place.

    A soft voice held hands of my heart,
    I was moved, with every sight.
    I held my face to look at the sky,
    There shimmered seven bright stars.
    Their shine dominated dark.
    Astonished was I by
    looking stars hugging the sky.
    The night turned into a purple empyrean
    Daffodils turned on their lights,
    Everything was changed,
    But the seven stars remained.
    Now the night was singing,
    The breeze was dancing,
    And I was smiling.
    I found myself,
    Entangled with their each word,
    Leaving my battered self,
    At the unreached horizon.
    And now it has been eight years,
    They still held their hands,
    Enduring every dark nights,
    And shining bright.

    "Thank you for giving me the Rose,
    When I was holding the thorns"
    - Nikitha Sharma

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    Happy bangtan day

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 50w

    #8yrswithbts #bts #army #festa2021 #wod #pod
    #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

    All written rights reserved
    13 June 2021 5.50 pm

    •| MY ALBUM 4 BANGTAN |•

    ~ written, production, and direction by AK ~

    Intro : ON ~

    A warrior I fought for freedom
    I gave my everything to this battle
    I offered my own flesh as a fruit
    I wrote the anthem with my blood
    This victory tastes of my tears
    In this scorching heat and burning rage
    Even my shadow beams with pride
    Against the cowering enemies

    Dear people of this world
    Freedom is not for those who
    Leave their dreams behind their way
    Pave your way with the fuel of your passion

    ~ Your DREAMS will take you to Your DESTINY ~


    Interlude : SPRING DAY ~

    Branches mine, freezing naked
    Evergreen dreams of green specks
    Shed as time wheel changed course
    Forlorn autumn days left past
    Frozen winter wars battling numb
    Yet I adorn my heart in spring sweven
    For hitherto snowflakes will turn into
    Blossoms mine, as spring follows swift


    Outro : LIFE GOES ON ~

    Words bled in the ocean of his sorrow
    Drip drop spilled red on pages of morrow
    Murdering another metaphor alive
    Breathing life into feelings strive

    Barefoot he walked on ice-cold path
    Breathless he screamed out his wrath
    When the shadows of the night crept in
    Darkness dancing with his mind string

    Let it all go, despair drowning in tears
    Holding onto dreams as nightmare dares
    Like an echo in the forest, it came back
    Screams of agony till his voice crack

    Like an arrow in the blue sky, it pierced me
    Oozing streams of red, set this poetry free
    Charms of melancholy tempts a sadist to go on
    Art blooms in abundance as the artist bleeds on

    bleed-ing poet-ry mourn-ing melo-dy
    ........Life-goes-on ......... Let's-live-on


    All my love to my Bangtan, my Purple family & all lovelies here ❤️ Happy 8th Birthday BTS - Borahae ��

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  • jias_wand 50w

    First HAPPY 8YRS WITH BANGTAN EVERYONE!��������������������������������

    #8yrswithbts #Bts #Army #festa2021

    I tried my best to portray the change tht took place in BTS's and ARMY's life in this English version of Inner Child��

    I wish you all would be able to find ur inner child or the little you and see the change that BTS have brought to you.

    In my case they played and are still playing the most important role in my life. When i start writing back when i was 12 i never thought tht i would be able to write about them or write something so meaningful inspired from them. And also i want to thank them for ARMY. You all helped or can say walked with me since i was first recognised here. You all are really angels to me.

    All i can say is tht they aren't just boys who sing and dance but boys who stands with every weak and strong, who stands with right and eject wrong, who don't just write and sing songs for fun but they write it for us, to tell us the meaning of life through verses which were only supposed to be sung but now they are more supposed to be understood.

    Once we had it tough,
    Things go wrong and you think its ur fault,
    Just wait because its all a halt.
    I remember you don't believe in galaxy like stuffs,
    But you know i have seen one and its never enough.

    Oh those days seems never ending
    We were too busy in blending
    Our selfs into the pictures
    Which have finally tinctured

    Oh those freezed breezes have finally waved,
    To you and me inorder to adjust,
    You see those days are coming back to us.

    We gon' change
    "We gon' change
    "We gon' change
    "We gon' change
    "We gon' chaaannnge~

    Don't worry because once a fresh crayon,
    Have gone worn out bcoz of tracing.
    But its fine cause now its easy facing,
    The bright shades of blue and along,
    Light tints of pink and beyond.

    Oh when you smile, I can't help myself from going wild.
    Its all good here ,don't worry after all you're a child.

    Oh those freezed breezes have finally waved,
    To you and me inorder to adjust,
    You see those days are coming back to us.

    We gon' change
    "We gon' change
    "We gon' change
    "We gon' change
    "We gon' chaaannnge~

    I wish we would have smiled a lil brighter,
    I wish we would have hold ourselves much tighter.

    Black milky skies, twinkling stars unite, its ur galaxy lil me,
    Would you like to have a see?

    Those doe eyes flickering me again?
    And more do i look into them they more deepens.
    You my boy
    "my boy
    "my boy
    "my boy
    "my boy
    "my boy

    We gon' change
    "We gon' change
    "We gon' change
    "We gon' change
    "We gon' chaaannnge~

    ~•••We gon' change•••~

    •••○•••The end•••○•••

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