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  • _nightcompositions_ 21w

    Amazing, how intricate the nature's beauty is?!

    It set out so many things that December's festives remind me of how my each breath kept passing for whole year and how some people passed and came just as cold breeze passes through our face leaving various trails.

    It set out such ways that the new years celebrations again come with warm fresh airs with new hopes reminding us again of the emotions we had attached with some people recently and we wish them forever.

    It brings things in such a way that the soothing rains remind of how some people put an impression on us just as blissful rain touches our heart without us knowing the fact.

    It has such beautiful trees in it's lap that they remind us of how we stood still like them during our struggles and how much shade they provided when we got out of them strongly.

    It has such intricate beauty that we can feel that intimacy with everything it has.


  • joan53 21w

    Merry Christmas 🎄

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    “Come let us adore Him”
    But I rather say instead,
    Come let us obey Him
    Let’s do as He has done
    Walk in the Saviors steps
    Adoration is fine and good
    Becoming like Him is more sincere
    If ye love me keep my commandments,
    The Savior once said
    Celebrating Him all year long
    Not just the year of His birth
    Celebrating His life, His mission
    Learn to be like Him, our mission


  • childauthor_345 21w

    I don't believe in exceptional occassions
    For Every while I'll get your glimpse it's a #festiveseason for me .

    I'm the sky surrounded by haar
    And you're #sunshinedec , rushing towards me to prevent the murk .

    Haar *
    a cold sea fog on the east coast of England or Scotland.

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    December's dilemma

    Left to my home , square was right
    And cold winter was shivering all night
    Red trenches of heart resumed to be white
    And she came therein as a solace , as sunlight .

    The columns engulfed in my poetries
    Frequently falls for feeling fortuitous ferries
    Will you trap your words in the gaps betwixt cool breeze
    I am free floating in this forevermore abode , waiting for you to make my heart sieze .

    ~ paddling on the snow to grasp the enigma of coldness that makes you reach to my state.

  • aaureate 21w


    That day my soul woke up from hibernation when you knocked my door
    A green bud peeped out of its closet
    The soft sun kissed my dry cheeks flirtingly
    A little birdie chirped on my window fluttering her wings
    Furry squirrels wished me good morning
    on their way to the nest
    Strings of fairy lights adorned my home
    I laughed, I danced, I spinned
    as you knocked my door
    I knew my festival had begun
    With you, my darling!

  • bemyonly_faithofheart 21w

    Without you
    Festival are the restless sky
    Even I don't know about stars and moon
    How to feel with them, calmly to hopefully
    Within an unpleasant homecoming of the darkness


  • hoorbanu98 21w

    ~Dear Honey~

    Freedom can't buy with money,
    but I won it by trust

    Seasons don't need expensive
    But will be rememberd as experiences

    Festive season bring happiness
    When we have a pure heart for eachother
    Money even don't collab our bond
    Until and unless You and I will found care for us

    《 20-12-2021 》

  • adorable_girl 21w

    Into rememberable memories

    Leaving footprints in backward,
    Which we can't open for months,
    Bringing the rainbow into
    Varanda rangoli,
    So, Sky arrogant with blazes,
    Decided to tie our bundle of smiles,
    And flying above through kites,
    Living in peace of mind by,
    Inhaling the togetherness air,
    Craving all funniest moments,
    Into the rememberable memories,

  • mimmywrites 21w

    Festive season

    A season of love, happiness, kindness
    A season to admire the achievements made throughout the year
    A season of looking back and reminiscing on the hardships we have overcame

    I would also call it a season of forgiveness and sharing
    When distant families come together and reunite
    Huge meals an explicit, music and dancing
    Oh Silent Night as us Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Messiah
    The coming of the redeemer

    As festive as it may be, we celebrate in different ways
    Crime rates rising as criminals find the opportunity to please themselves
    Traffic accidents as some drink while driving
    Its a season when the best and the worst incidents in life happen

  • preetkanwal 21w

    You are the reason
    of all my festive seasons
    moments spent with you
    glow in heart like stars million
    your warm memories blink my eyes
    with rays of lights on every occasion
    music we shared together in evenings
    rings bell chimes with every emotion
    your fragrance pervades all around
    in my life's every celebration.

  • msushil 21w

    Festive season knocks,
    Emotions mingle,
    And sadness
    Party together,
    Cravings recognize themselves,
    As you come
    To wear the ornaments of my love
    To become
    The apple of my eye.

    Zephyr veers away
    With the crew of nature
    To witness
    The moment
    That gives me the right
    To fill your forehead
    With sanguine of vermilion.

  • sproutedseeds 21w


    Mind is enjoying it's festive season
    once in two years for home coming
    back to the ancestral home
    with the whole family decked up and
    eagerly waiting to give grand welcome
    with festoons of affection hung
    in every heart overjoyed and full of fun.

    Mom's culinary skills at its best
    Grandma's vocal chord all set for the fest
    to entertain with musical notes
    supported by kids on guitar and keyboard standing chic with overcoat.

    This festive season is the best
    in comparison to the rest
    to be fortunate and feel blessed
    to be back to the bird's nest.


  • blue_nib 21w


    When He returned from mission !!!
    It was festival...
    When mom baked those cookies...
    It was festival...
    When we gazed sky ,full of stars...
    It was festival...
    When that seedling you sow , became fruit...
    It was festival...
    Life is a festival...
    Keep lightning , memories...
    During this "limited Season" ||

    © माही

  • inkandfable670 21w

    //Festive season is a flattering friend
    Visit house full of abundance
    While poor dreams to welcome (him)
    With a full confectionery plate,
    Alas! in his tattered coat they keeps on wait.//


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    Let's Celebrate.

    Another festive season is getting started
    The cold bazaars are getting warm
    After feeling crowd's beats
    Looks exciting decorated with colourful frill
    Red,blue, even sometimes white never fails in tempting those poor eyes
    Mannequins in fancy dress,teasing them badly
    Ripping their soul and hearts
    As they don't have enough pennies to put them in their carts,

    Shops,stalls,and vendors selling electronic lights
    Whenever they twinkle,reflect in those tearful eyes
    Sweet fruity aromas gushing with chill winds
    Cakes,pastries,sweets and confectioneries
    Cooked in expensive bakeries
    All are tasted by those parched lips
    Whenever night fall,during their sweet dreams
    All street are echoing with polished greeting words
    While even a single word of warmth are unheard by those ignored ears.

    So let's start a new trend to celebrate this festive season
    Share presents, respect and compassion
    To whom you never notice earlier
    This is the true way to spread joy everywhere.

  • puchka 21w

    With you by my side
    Every day feel the festive spirit
    Celebrating our love unequalled
    by by the glow of lamps lit
    on festive occasions
    Festivities surge in our hearts
    through all 365 days

  • poetrycity 21w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #festiveseason @_astitva_

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    Thank you @miraquill for the Editor's choice. ��

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    That falling evening I saw him for the last time,
    the sullen, empty air turned archaic,
    the silence bestowed every aged heart,
    the arabic eyes gestured oceanic waves,
    the wet branches gulped the voids,
    the smooth sky left in solitude,
    the snow fell down caressingly the burnt ones,
    the stars get hide behind the rising moon,
    the darkness get cursed for her lights,
    lost lovers kissed strangers gleefully and become mortal,
    and winter become a season of the meetings of two gloomy souls.

    ~Shivani Chhonkar


  • bohemian_ballerina 21w

    I'm a small sparrow
    Nestling through the cold
    Finding food for life
    And warmth of love.

    I see the humans
    Jostling around fir trees
    Finding happiness for sustenance
    And togetherness for happiness.

    I realize it's the festive season
    Rushing through the month
    Spreading cheer and hope
    For a long year ahead.

    I return home with no food
    And yearn for a better holiday,
    But at home with Apricity,
    I received the warmth of Love.


  • sumana_chakraborty 21w

    I started writing again
    This is my real festive season
    I waited for this since long
    Knew one day my love will come
    Thoughts flooded
    But they were without any form
    My passion remained the same
    But now I gained confidence
    My ornaments are kept aside
    I tried scribbling day and night
    Philosophy of life drove me into depths
    I bathed words with lustre of poetries and grace
    Poetries never die
    They decorate the boulevard of life
    You will meet Wordsworth, Lord Byron and Anne Frank
    Whenever you feel deserted and distressed.

  • meedeh 21w


    Tis season,
    Reason for the season.
    The season with the Lord;
    For we behold His glory and are bathed in its radiance.
    The season to love;
    Let love be in our heart.
    The season of light;
    Be a reflection, spread the light.

    Tis season,
    The season of gratitude;
    Gratitude for everyone.
    The season of inspiration;
    Inspire to aspire.
    The season of goodwill;
    Harvest some goodwill.

    Tis season,
    The season of seasons greetings;
    Compliments of the season.
    The season of happy holidays;
    For happy days have come and sad days fading away.
    The season as we all celebrate;
    Exquisite feasts and good celebration.
    The season of A merry christmas;
    Merry days are here.

    Tis a season of reminder,
    The season of giving care;
    Being there for each other;
    Let love be in our heart.
    Everyday of the year!.
    Here the season of the festive;
    In the spirit of the festive season.


  • tuiethetweety 21w

    "Festivals of Winter"

    Winter isn't all about dry
    fallen leaves of trees or
    snowfall and lowered
    chilling temperature of
    the whole atmosphere.
    Winter,for me is all about
    a season of festivals,and
    I had born during winter,
    maybe that's the main and
    only reason for loving this.
    Winter brings me lots of
    hopes and assures me of
    good things that are ahead.
    each day of winter is the day
    of festival and celebrating
    chilling weather,and the life.

  • meghaa_ 28w

    There lays a patch of sky
    A little jealous of its neighbourhood
    Draped in solitude
    And here I stand
    Under so many lights,
    A festive crowd
    Yet the blues above my head,
    Feel no less than a stranger
    I long for the skies
    Where there is no light
    From the firecrackers
    But a patchwork of stars,
    Looking for their soulmates

    Dear empty skies,
    May you find a home
    Like I found in you
    Where emptiness is not outcasted
    Where every ounce of your soul is embraced

    ~M e g h a //Festivity

    Too much of noise. Please don't hurt the stray animals. Festivals are to spread kindness

    @writersnetwork I don't know if you'll read this but I want to say thank you for a lot of reasons, not just for the reposts. Thank you

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