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  • toshivjamir 46w

    'Fetching Success'

    It was the success
    Which I always ran after
    spending days fetching it
    In life’s each chapter,
    Hiked the highest mountains
    Dived the deepest seas
    Fished the fluffiest cloud
    But success was nowhere to be seen
    Entered the darkest den,
    Climbed the highest tree
    Drank the reddest blood
    But success always
    Ditched me!
    Success was like the horse in the field
    Running fast and free
    failure was what I only got
    When I wished taming,
    The horse in the field
    It was very late
    When I realised success,
    was all along in my pocket
    Sitting right beside me,
    Success was on the journey
    Took to climb the heights
    It sat beside the road
    Watching me days and nights
    Success was not the horse
    But the field it ran in
    Success always held my hands
    Like a silent, desired kin!