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    I don't think much about people.

    बड़ी सादगी भरा जीवन है मेरा
    मुझे घूमने का बहुत शौक है
    सबको लोगो को प्रेम देना
    नए लोगो से दोस्ती करना
    उनसे हँसी मजाक ओर
    नए जगह पर जाना इन सब चीज़ों का बहुत शौक मुझे
    प्रकृति से बहुत प्यार है और असल ज़िन्दगी यही है
    मैं दुसरो के बारे में ज्यादा नही सोचता हु

    my life is very simple i love to travel love everyone make friends with new people laugh at them I am very fond of all these things to go to a new place love nature very much and this is real life I don't think much about others


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    When I find a new book
    How i relate myself
    The soul submerge
    Drowned into it
    As if it is real.


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    Hi! This is a story that I am writing. So I wished to share it people who appreciate creativity and writing. Please do read and drop in your insights. I will upload the chapters weekly. #novel, #identity, #boylove, #fantasy, #fiction

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    Prologue: Astraea and Panoplia

    The windows shattered on the great impact of the magical words that were being hummed under the twilight, in the chambers of the eclipsed night. The moment was near when he was to be coronated with the invincible powers. He was draped in a red velvet tuxedo that bedazzled omnipotently that could devour every iris that would linger on him. His brunette’s were beautifully brushed on the sides, punching him with an elegant finish. His face mirrored his tender age, a blossoming eighteen, but his eyes had seen a lot to attain that pensive aura of adulthood. He was to be felicitated with the glory that only few were able to realize in their lives as a Circe. But this happiness was reluctantly devoured by a shadow of melancholy glazed with guilt. He felt that as if his world was crumbling as a gust of wind was howling on the ridge in which he thought he was taking asylum, but then suddenly a bout of tripedations engulfed him, sucking him in a delirium that the wind would pull him into pitch emptiness. He was paying a heavy price to climb this ladder to success and to be the best of the best. He never thought that this would be this difficult. He had always wished to be the chosen one and now the bouquet had flung right into his arms, but he was reluctant to accept it. WHY? WHY? Why his heart was aching so much ? WHY ? His head has been prompting the same words like an infallible affirmations since a fortnight, after he learnt that he has been chosen to be the Guardian of the Gates of Humanity. A privilege which only few are felicitated with, only few who exhibit the will to serve at any cost, paying any price. He had been preparing himself for this moment since a year. Moreover, he had made all the arrangements from the very beginning. He had strategized and planned every step of this road that would lead him to his  dream. And now he was so close to it, but why this unsettling feeling of the earth being cracked open and an amorphous and mysterious force from the gallows were exerting exorbitant energy to suck him in, to be engulfed into the underworld.


    Maya saw the streaks of hesitation in his eyes as the moment of the procession ticked near. The church hall dazzled with tremendous lights that it sparkled like a burning star  in the darkness of the night, even though it was the dawn of twilight, nothing could shatter its might. It was set alight with a thousand candles, moreover the mystifying borrowed aura of the falling  sun too crept in through the windows to fight the darkness of the old room. The hall was vast, antiquated but still standing with its ruins. The broad pillars still showed a youthful strength to beat the contemporary architecture, though the plaster were crumbling to peel off at  numerous places, but the artwork etched on the wall were immaculate, withstanding the wheels of time. His granny, mother, four aunts etched a circle on the white and cold tiles, with six corners marked on it. At the center of the circle was etched a celestial star surrounded by candles, filling the distance between the outer circle and the inner star. He was to sit on the star as the ritual prophesied. But before  the commencement of crucial elements of the procession one imminent task had to be attempted. A sudden surge of tornado struck him which froze him for a second as this was the moment for which his heart has been fearing and now it was over his head. 

    They all gathered in the dungeon below the hall. It's chamber was infected with pitch darkness with the air reeking of the stench of dampness. The tendrils of  darkness danced with tresses of the cold wind. The irony being his heart was frost bitten which assimilated itself with the cold swirls that doused all the breath of warmth. He felt nothing less than a conniving and ruthless cold heated fox, who was to inflict a grave misery on someone who had cherished him unconditionally. 

    Every step forward felt so heavy as if  a colossal anchor weighing in tons was pulling him back. His feet were reluctant to reach the rosewood door, which has savoured its youth even after the dawn of ages as there was not a speckle of rotten edges biting over its still smooth and infallible surface. His granny unlocked the latch to proceed in an hierarchy, as a coven was disciplined on a rigid ranking. His granny being the premiere of the coven inaugurated every procession and everybody followed soot. His mother and aunty and the other coven sisters embraced the repugnant stench of death as they walked themselves into the arms of a superfluous room. There was again pitch darkness that welcomed them, which was diffused with the alightening of an oil lantern by sister Mechaelie. The light rumbled out from the lantern to bounce over the only speck of life in the forlorn room. It glimmered so passionately over his beautifully carved and slender figure that laid decapitated on one corner of the room. Even at the moment of oblivion, his skin glowed with supernova vibrance and as Astraea prodded near to Panoplia, he could'nt winnow himself out of all those sweet flavored memories. And the worst was that at this pedestal of prcocious death that he was to inflict upon him he could'nt save himself from licking a glance at his rose red lips, which has been his cruise to an infinite pleasure.  

    "Wake him up and lets proceed with the harvesting", His granny's intimidating voice echoed loud and clear in the chambers of this forlorn dungeons, "And welcome a new member to the Circe Clan".

    Every sister hailed in total exuberance as their merry laughter hit every atom of the walls and started reverberating a symphony. But he still was sinking into the vortex of bewilderment  which was nearing the coast of exacerbation as he could'nt choose between the imperative and fantasy. Was giving up on Panoplia right to grab a seat amongst the Circes? Was a life with Panoplia just  a fantasy?

  • soulfulpebble 2w

    The Betrayal

    Shivi went camping along with some friends. It was night and the forest was cool and dark. They lit a fire and sat in a circle singing songs and laughing hard. Everyone was in a jolly mood.
    Their heads turned all of a sudden towards an unnatural shrill echoing from somewhere in the forest. It was definitely a woman's voice.
    Shivi jumped and caught hold of her torch and trekking stick. "We should go and check", she said looking up at others.
    "Are you nuts ?" said Aryaa. "Haven't you seen horror movies? You are supposed to hide in situations like these."
    "Yeah you guys can keep chickening out. I am going!" She jogged towards the sound. Aryaa and the others followed reluctantly.
    Shivi went towards the voice and finally reached an old tree with drying branches and thick stump. There it was lying at the foot, an audio player, the source of the sound. She bent down to examine it and suddenly felt a hot and extremely painful sensation in her back. "Die bitch." It was Aarya's voice. "How dare you look at Rahul? Sleep around with demons in hell now."
    There were three more stabs and Shivi was down on the ground on her belly gasping for breath drenched in red.


  • madinah_writes 3w

    Is a spider web less real because it is made of yearn?

    Even the smallest details of our every day life can make great fictions.

  • velrus 4w

    The stupidest thing I ever did was believe in fiction.


  • enxzone 5w

    And so the Devil Sushed the Angel,
    Forcing itself out from where it dwells,
    Creating an Unspeakable parallel,
    Along the mystery of Night It creates a spell.

  • introvertedwriter23 5w

    The unseen suprise- chapter 1

    This is my first attempt at a story writing any feedback is always welcome. Thank you for reading.

    I woke up from the bed and browse through the phone wondering how life has changed, From going to offices and meeting people to staying in home just logging in waiting for the meeting.

    I open social media and wonder to myself ria why with every swipe to refresh someone or other gets married, it's crazy and it's even crazy when Iam turning 25 with in next 3 months.

    As I take my phone along with me to brush swiping and going through notifications, I hear a sound from my mum, "Ria get ready, someone is coming to meet us".

    That's when I wondered wait why hasn't there been any meeting today, oh shit!! It's Sunday and dad's friend is coming to meet us, I wonder why is he coming to meet.

    I brush my teeth and have a bath wondering cursing my mum who forced me to bath in the morning, seriously who takes a bath early on a Sunday morning and get ready to eat breakfast.

    A black car arrives in front of our house, I take a peek from the window having breakfast and someone older steps out probably it's dad's friend they seem very friendly.

    As I continue looking at dad's friend I get a notification on my phone, it's from a horoscope app, "you are gonna meet a important person today who would add value to your life" says the horoscope. I wonder what value would dad's friend add untill he waves back to a guy to park the car.

    I look at the car and a guy with silky hair in white shirt comes closer to dad's friend saying "dad parking is little tough here". I keep looking at his shirt he seems to exercise daily and he has a nice butt wait what are you thinking ria.

    With my heart pounding a bit to get a closer look of that guy, I hear the doorbell ring. Mom says ria can you get the door, I hold the door slowly opening it and hear the voice, "Hi". I kept staring and after sometime realizing the akward silence I smile and reply "Hello!!".

  • mariswritings 6w

    Her & Me

    And now,
    She bravely weeps,
    Over my painstakingly made coffin,
    Declaring her undying affection,
    While the December's wind forces her home,
    And the Earth pushes us apart,
    More than the six-feet we can bare-
    Her & Me,
    We were forbidden.


  • odysseus_2 7w


    I've read hundreds of
    books yet failed to learn even
    the most basic things.

    I think I've wasted
    all those years and sadly I
    can't undo that now.

    "A stupid bookworm"
    is what my "well-wishers" call
    me behind my back.

    Countless heartbreaks and
    betrayals have failed to make
    me any wiser.

    But now I have made
    up my mind and told myself,
    "Enough is enough."

    I'm desperately
    trying to learn the subtle
    art of detachment.

    #learning #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #haiku #senryu #fiction

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    I've read hundreds of
    books yet failed to learn even
    the most basic things.

    I think I've wasted
    all those years and sadly I
    can't undo that now.

    "A stupid bookworm"
    is what my "well-wishers" call
    me behind my back.

    Countless heartbreaks and
    betrayals have failed to make
    me any wiser.

    But now I have made
    up my mind and told myself,
    "Enough is enough."

    I'm desperately
    trying to learn the subtle
    art of detachment.

  • dosbambi 8w

    Have you ever seen such a beautiful girl?

    ������ don't lie, you haven't!

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #beautifulgirl #nigerianpoet #fiction #girlpower #blackskin #blackgirl

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    Come see the girl that caught my attention
    You need not to look elsewhere
    to look for an art masterpiece
    once your eyes behold this God's masterpiece
    you won't even doubt, God took His time on this masterpiece
    Nowhere in her body lacks behind
    a lot of man has lost it because of her behind
    Her hand once landed on my shoulder
    like an aeroplane landing at the airport
    and my body was electrified like
    the Apostles on the day of Pentecost
    Immediately I saw her, I got numb
    like a man battling with paralysis
    for some minutes, I was lost in my thought
    trying to fathom if an angel came to visit me on earth
    Her legs, her legs are in a class of their own
    they carry her around like everywhere is her own
    she has these beautiful chains on their necks
    that make them step out in styles like royalties
    The beads on her waist sings songs of solomon
    they help her waist makes beautiful silent sounds soothing to the eyes
    All day, everyday the sun does nothing but worships her black skin,
    the moon is always happy to show the world her pretty black skin
    but the flowers can't stand her 'cos they're almost dead with jealousy
    Everywhere she effortlessly gets all eyes on her like...

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    #marvels #mcu #superheroes #spiderman #peterparker #fiction #spider
    Please share and comment.
    @readwriteunite #readwriteunite
    Please repost guys!! I need your help

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    The wrong bug!

    Growing up in the early 2000s
    The era of comic books and GI Joe toys.
    I saw Spiderman, the movie released.
    Would catch spiders or any insect to bite me
    But none did, I was crazy
    So I made the worst possible prayer.

    Then, 20 years later, my dream came true!
    The so-called love bug bit me
    Ah! Not this bug
    Stop about saving the world,
    I couldn't even save my poor soul
    And all my self-respect and dignity is gone begging for replies and calls.
    And I am crazier than ever before.

  • pallavi4 9w


    In the midst of the clouds somewhere
    Hanging on to every pluck of each string
    A little fairy sat listening
    To a magical harp in the middle of spring

    It wasn’t a mystery why
    With the fair weather around
    She sat so mesmerised listening
    To the melodious mellow sound

    The magical harp kept playing all through
    Spring, summer and the rains
    Even in the chilly autumn it didn’t stop
    For it to start playing once again

    So taken by the mellifluous notes was
    The little fairy that she didn’t move at all
    While the summer flowers wilted away
    And an end came to the fall

    Come winter in the middle of the miserable cold
    The harp suddenly stopped playing one day
    The little fairy was astounded, then angry,
    Then saddened with nothing left to say

    She cried tears of pain and misery
    That became snowflakes as they fell
    No one had seen snow on earth so
    What it was they couldn’t tell

    The little fairy kept weeping tears relentlessly
    With the stoppage of the heartbreaking sound
    So the little white flakes like crystals laced
    Their way slowly but surely to the ground

    Folk wondered how this had come to be
    For all they could really know
    Every year when the spring harp stops playing
    The little fairy cries and there is snow


    14th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #wod #myth #snow #stories_in_poems #fairytale #fairy #fiction #magical @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • she_wrote 10w


    It seems to me that a sickness has gripped me. I have become part of a spiral where thoughts come and then bead by bead the spiral keeps on increasing , layer by layer to a point from where I fail to find the beginning.

    My brain has stopped taking this, the pressure, the pain, the suffering I go through in each moment when I should be resting and I have become reckless with my memories.

    Memories of yesterday,today and coming tomorrow . Why?
    You ask me why?

    Because it's unbearable to be in the limelight and pretend to be alright. Not being able to scream out, show your joy, sorrow, anger,hurt and pain.

    Fear grips the heart yet the smile doesn't flicker.
    Do you know how that happen?

    Practice . Practice. Practice.

    But it's enough. I am exhausted and I sincerely hope for the earth to stop moving and my ethics to stop talking .
    Kanchan Balodi

  • man_of_joy 11w

    Yes, my love
    The heart wept for real,
    Yes,for real
    the glimpses of salty moisture
    Felt like an arrow through it
    As the moisture
    precipitated to a drop
    It Screamed in silent dying agony
    Sorry love
    It could not see the next drop
    Cos it was dead already.


    #love #life #fiction #heart #mirakee
    #thoughts #her #him

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    Those moist eyes in sadness,
    the murderers of my innocent heart.


  • bouncy 12w

    11:40pm 28/10/2021 #fiction #bb_umb

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    Unsent message to my mom on bed #5

    It's been a while uh?
    Well, I tried writing to you ma. I did and that made me realize I haven't just shut myself vocally but also through the words, through writing, the easiest escape of all. And now, it's like all the doors are shut and I'll have to live in this darkness forever.

    "A narcissist cannot love."
    I'm still trying to accept this ma. He gave me trauma instead of affection. His love came with a tag which says, terms and conditions applied. The silent treatment he gives me is worst than anything ma. He ruined my teenage. And lately, I've been missing myself. I miss singing out loud in kitchen, telling you "I hate you" just because I want to talk, all the time. But talking drains me now. I'm sorry I don't talk much these days ma. The words keep lingering in my head but I can't figure why don't they just come out.

    Well, you know how I always sleep because I love dreams right? But ma, now the dreams are as scary as the real life and there's no way to escape. I hate sleeping too.
    Amidst all the chaos and the suicidal thoughts that has resided in my head, it's you who keeps me alive.

    So ma, as I always request you,
    Please don't leave us ma.
    Stay for a while. Take a later flight.

  • shruti_bhatt 12w

    दूर जाने के बाद पता चला है..
    मेरे बहोत करीब थे तुम।

  • chinahorom_ 13w


    Your smile is a lie in response to my greeting. Your lips drawn up so high I see the picture reflect on your glistening white teeth. You lie in silence. You lie through your teeth. You do not remember me, I know.

    I hand you your medicine and a red half-full plastic cup.

    "Here you go, Annie." I say. "Drink up."

    Yesterday, I called you Zuko and you responded with that lie of smile.

    You receive both with leafy hands, spilling water on your pink dress. You mutter a thank you then call the pills; Rhea, Luca and Blue.

    You have told me before that they are your best friends in the whole wide world. I know this is true to you even though the "whole wide world" is just this building you will never leave and that your siblings in the other rooms share those names. You haven't completely forgotten them...yet.

    You wolf everything down.

    I take back the cup and leave the room, pushing the heavy bolt in place. I walk away, whistling.

    Your best friends make you forget.


  • chinahorom_ 14w

    #fiction #combination #wod #confessionc

    Set A: Feet
    Set B: There is a river flowing inside

    Each section describes stages of grief:
    -Beneath my feet: Denial.
    -Ankle deep: Pain and anger
    -Knee deep: Bargaining
    -Chest deep and -In over my head: Depression and reflection.
    -Washed ashore: Acceptance.

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    //Beneath my feet//
    I am numb. I have pinched my skin as putty to cover the holes but the water keeps seeping through. I rip more of my skin and wad it up as a thick rag. I mop. I mop. I mop. But the ground remains wet so I pretend it isn't there. I go away to somewhere dry. I travel to a dream with nothing, not even the skin on my back.

    //Ankle deep//
    Pain serves a rude awakening and anger surges in me, sparks around me. I am angry with the water, the box that holds me, him and me. I am angry at him for leaving and at myself for wanting the impossible; having him here. Here, I am prisoner and warden and even the one that comes visiting. I scream. I yell. I wail. I burn in anger with such intensity that astrophysicists mourn the event of a dying star as I emit frustration stretched taut for what seems like billions of years.

    The water hisses below.

    //Knee deep//
    The wish to go back in time leaves a bitter taste on my tongue, why repeat the inevitable, to put him through the pain of dying twice.

    Yet what I wouldn't give for one more second of his cinnamon eyes gazing longingly at me. I would give up my sense of taste for this.

    Who do I bargain with for freedom when I will not let my self go? When I must complete the cycle. Is it a loop. What scale do I use? Is it a loop? When I must complete the cycle. Who do I bargain with for freedom when I will not let myself go?

    //Chest deep//
    I cannot see my reflection when I am in the water. Especially this one. Grief is denser than water. Murkier. So I reflect inwards. There is a mirror in each of our minds, it is called memory. I reflect in recollection and marinate myself in memory. I soak up every flavour of its confessions in inertia. This water is colder than ever. This water has frozen my heart.

    //In over my head//
    There is a river flowing inside now. I gulp in air before I am covered. Engulfed. Submerged. Baptized. In my own tears.

    Crash over me. Crash over me.

    //Washed ashore//
    Then I am on my bed flipping the last page of Chimamanda's Purple Hibiscus.
    Wiping the last of my tears and realizing that the river did not come to drown me but teach me to float. I may not get over this loss but my head is now raised and my mindset is in a way, rinsed. Reformed.

    I see a rainbow bent in an arc,
    a still dance of joy.
    My smile is a keystone
    To my heart's arch.


  • rapha_lodeon 69w

    Breakup On A Full Moon

    Her eyes glistering, reflecting the stars above us,
    Lips tender and soft, remembering how it tasted last.
    Her words so fragile and moody, turning this night unsafe and creepy.
    The world around us starting to close in,
    I could sense it coming but I ignored cos I was sure to win,
    Eager to hear those comforting and warm words,
    To feel her touch which would break my eternal curse
    But then it happened........
    It reciprocated to my despair with tears in her eyes,
    Telling me it was time for the goodbyes.
    I looked up cos I knew the tears would flow soon,
    And turned away sadly cos I had been broken on a full moon.