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  • hope95 2w

    A Blip of energy

    Let me pay attention to this tiny blip of energy that is causing havoc in my body, mind, spirit.

    It comes and goes they say, but it seems so real and overpowering that i forget, that it's there, as blip of energy.
    Vroom vroom goes the motor of the head, waah waah goes the vocal chords, voicing in the spicy and chilli tone, all that comes to the mind, unfiltered.

    I eventually wake up and observe the massacre that this onslaught leaves behind, mind in tattered pieces of both, her and mine.

    The surrounding quietens and the guilt seeps in, the words that shouldn't be thought of bombard from the mouth, leaving disaster and fumes, and sadness as it mounts, the other side and hit the delicate spots, hurting where it shouldn't, but it's only a blind ball of mass.

    The blip of energy then dissolves on having done it's job, nowhere to be found, when you want to hold, and strangle it for doing you so wrong.
    A world so frenzy, it creates as it swirls through the peaceful quiet, but little does one realize that, it can't show it's might, if only one could take it in stride.

    It's only a blip of energy, beautiful and divine, worship it's power, and it's invisible control over our lives.

    It's only a blip of energy, but oh how wonderfully sublime!

  • _shambhabi_ 2w

    We were in a fight and i was texting my male bestie. He was pretty understanding and tried to motivate me to do better and not overthink it all. I was a stupid emotional and sensitive little girl. I cried for hours today. But my boyfriend didn't really care.
    My male bestie knew about my bad asf headache. He told me to take medicines but as usual I refused like a kid. He told several times but who would make me understand to take medicines? My boyfriend knew how to bribe me to get have medicines. But this wasn't my boyfriend.
    Why did some of his texts look like my boyfriend's? Was my boyfriend texting my male bestie and he just copy pasted? I don't know. I hope it is. I miss him. So much. But does he? I don't know.

    #love #relationship #fights #headache #pod #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill #bestie #malefriend

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    And suddenly my male best friend started behaving the way my boyfriend did

  • _shambhabi_ 2w

    He would always text me before he went out for any important work.
    Today he has his major entrance exam. We are on a fight so he didn't text me if he reached or that he was nervous. But i did text him good luck and told him all the necessary things i should.
    As usual he texted with a cold 'ok' and 'hmm'
    I knew he needed that message.
    He didn't tell me whether he reached or not. I wanted to know. But as i opened whatsapp, i saw a status update. From a guy who doesn't really update his WhatsApp status.
    It was a picture of his exam center, with a caption penned, "nice college".
    That's when I knew that he reached his exam center. It was his way of updating me while we were in the middle of a fight.
    Love is cute. Isn't it?
    #love #couples #miraquill #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #fights #cute #exams #pod #mirakee

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    Love is cute. Isn't it?

    But as i opened whatsapp, i saw a status update. From a guy who doesn't really update his WhatsApp status.
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  • tarah1625 6w

    You are a cute little miracle in my life, which I never expected this would happen.

    You are a kind of addiction to which I'm addicted too very badly.

    You are a kind of happiness, no matter what whenever I see you make me smile.

    You annoy me a lot but still I will be happy because I don't have anyone else to trouble me like this.

    You might go mad at me, but I can never go mad on you no matter what nor fight with you for any reason.

    In short you're an amazing bliss which I never wanna loose it no matter what.

    - Tarah

  • omkar_ranveerkar 10w

    Love and Fights

    Love involves fights. Serious ones. But we stay put. We are neither done with one another nor are we done with ourselves. Maybe, that is what it means to be family.

  • saumoshri 11w

    She always thought that they'll just be "childhood sweethearts" forever. But she never realised when in the course of growing up together, they themselves crossed the "childhood sweethearts" boundary. They knew each other inside out. Being her childhood sweetheart he knew things about her which she wouldn't ever share with other guys. There was an amazing sense of security whenever she was with him. Their comfort level was commendable. They could share anything and everything about each other to each other. They were each other's best friend. The journey from childhood sweethearts to best friends was actually an interesting one. She really doesn't know when they became so close. Since when they started loving each other so dearly. The small things they do for each other's happiness, the crazy and silly fights that they have nearly every day, the deep midnight conversations and the secrets that they share. For her he was always the one who stayed beside her through her ups and downs, through thin and thick and always supported and motivated her no matter what. And all these traits of their growing up together and friendship bloomed into a flawless relationship. They still share the exact same bond that they had before, but this time with an unusual spark. The spark is called love. She found soulmate in her "childhood sweetheart". Indeed she is lucky enough. <3

  • barshasharma 16w

    Was I

    Was it me or you?
    Were the fights more or the tears less?
    Was it misunderstanding or less communication?
    Were we unable to express ourselves or hard to understand eachother?
    Was I too demonstrative or you too reserved?
    Were we both fond of each other or it was just an allure?

  • hazel_nut_sucks 25w


    The comfortable bickering after a long simple smiled silences are the best phase.
    Fights sometimes are really a good solution

  • thefangirl 25w

    ഒരു മനുഷ്യനെ എത്രകണ്ട് ആഞ്ഞു പരിശ്രമിച്ചാലും,ഉള്ളുതുറന്നു സ്നേഹിക്കാൻ കഴിയാത്തത് ദുരന്തങ്ങളിൽ ചെന്ന് കലാശിക്കാറുണ്ട്.കാരണം സ്നേഹിച്ചു തുടങ്ങി എന്ന് ഉറപ്പിച്ചു ഇരിക്കുമ്പോഴും ചെറിയ ചില സംശയങ്ങൾ പോലും പഴയ പലതിനെയും ഓർമിപ്പിച്ചു അവസ്ഥകളെ വികൃതമാക്കും.

  • arv_iceberg 27w

    Sweet Rebuke

    When your freind starts scolding you badly,
    Because you are not available when he needs you. The importance and value of yours in his life you get to know.
    That feeling is much sweeter than his reprimand.

  • emotionsbyshar 30w


    I wana be alone means dont leave me alone.. I really need you...


    I dont want to say anything means I want to cry my heart out...


    I have nothing to say means a lot is there storming my head...


    I am fine means I am not fine.. I am totally lost.. plz fix me..


    don't worry, I ll be ok means.... I really really need you .... plz don't leave me ever


    Bye..talk to you later means... Hold on to me... talk to me right now... this much I need you..


  • sayuki 31w

    Sometimes it's better to find out the reason for your unhappiness even if you fear being rejected... Or so life has taught me
    So face your fears though your heart might be preparing for rejection, the real outcome might be better than you imagined
    #lifelessons #faceyourfears #fights #siblings #love

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    Guilty lies

    All the lies you keep feeding yourself,
    All the sadness that needs justification..
    The loneliness that never received an explanation,
    All the excuses you knew were never true..
    Convincing your heart that there's a reason for their actions,
    Which...Might have never been true..
    Which might have been a hidden box of happiness that had never been opened..
    Because the fear of being rejected outweighed the suspicion..
    Ruled by our hearts rather than reason,
    Might not always be the right way to live...

  • my____feelings 32w

    Don't argue with her, just say,
    "Now I know why your ex cheated on you"
    then walk away !!!

  • lifeistooochota 40w

    Saturday/sunday fights/arguments in house

    Is it only mine or other's family too ?


  • mayank3396 42w

    सोमवार की सुबह

    चुभने लगा हु क्या ?
    मैं कोई सोमवार की सुबह तो नही...


  • mayank3396 42w


    इस इतवार भी वही हुआ
    झगड़ा फिर से शुरू हुआ

    रणयुद्ध में दोनों ओर से तीर कमान की रेस लगी
    स्वाभिमान को पहुची हानि ,मन में उसके ठेस लगी

    फिर क्या था, वो शुरू हुए और रूकने का ना नाम लिया
    सुनते कहते उन दोनों ने अश्रूओं का घूँट पिया

    कौन है दोषी ,कौन है पापी कौन यहां पर अपराधी
    दोनो की ही नही थी गलती ,समय ही था उनका बाधी

    सोचा दोनो ने मिलकर जब तब उनको एहसास हुआ
    एक दूजे के लिए थे वो तो जैसे कोई जल और कुआं

    दोनो ने ही रणभूमि में अस्त्र जमीं पर डाल दिए
    कौन है जीता कौन है हारा, इस पर चिंतन नही किये

    लड़ना झगड़ना प्रेम का हिस्सा, इसमे कोई पाप नही
    प्रेम बहुत है दोनों में और इसका कोई माप नही

    फिर आया एक नया इतवार
    दोनो भिड़ गए फिर एक बार

    इस इतवार भी वही हुआ
    झगड़ा फिर से शुरू हुआ....

  • night_admirer 51w

    A relationship is like the heartbeat of a person, there is always some sort of ups and downs in a relationship just like the heartbeat ��
    And when a relationship have no fights no ups and downs it is considered as a dead relationship! Just like a plain heartbeat indicate "no life".

    Also a relationship doesn't need any certificate of perfection, the thing that is important is that, two souls willing to stay together. ❤✨

    #love #relationship #fights #upsanddowns #heartbeat #perfectrelationship

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  • appahere 51w

    Regardless of their numerous skirmishes,
    so deep they were in love with
    each other
    everyone found out except for
    both of them


  • _do_lafj_ 51w

    Uffffff vo❤️...
    Aur unkaa ruthnaa Hayyyyyy����

    #Foryou #Love #Fights #You #AlwaysUs

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    एक बार मे ही सारी बात मान जाता है,
    जब भी वो मुझसे रूठ जाता है।।


  • feel_through_kaushal 52w


    1 picture = Thousands of memory, laugh, cry, emotions, illness, fights, bromance, besties