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    0171806 #place #ceesreposts #soulraabta

    The place where I was born.

    #Where my dad, my cousins, my grandma, and a young friend have turned to dust.

    #Now that my home and my garden is owned by another man, a friend of my dad, whose son was a friend of mine I lost so early in life.

    Don't ask me much, I'm already attacked by memories so devastating @will_o_wisp @soulfulstirrings @heartsease

    Thank you so much. You are kind and haven't forgotten a young struggling poet @writersnetwork @miraquill sending my love to you

    #filvantopz #mepod my 3rd

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    Would you recognize when my face appears
    As a fading footprint of some beast,
    When I have no teeth to brighten my smile,
    Would you let them spread before me
    Your green, lush grasses and take me like before
    When we used to stare into your ragged clouds.

    I pray to permit the careless air to play with me,
    Remind the both of us how I often chased
    The shadows of the clouds it slyly set ‘em in motion.
    Allow me to laze under your shade tree
    Like you did back eons ago as I await my father
    To come home with aroma of sweat and tobacco.

    Never will I forget you—you gave me a garden,
    Birds to add life to it, and flowers for colors;
    Your rain had flirted with us in the clear puddles
    Upon the grass as we danced naked and barefoot,
    Your winter too had teased us chapping our lips
    And coaxing us to smile with her warm winter tales.

    Never will I forget you—you’d given much,
    And in turn had devoured my loved ones too;
    Yet like a child I hope to be in your good graces
    When such a time comes when my lungs fail
    To invite a whisper of breath, for old times’ sake,
    Be considerate to lay me among my loved ones.

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    #like #ceesreposts

    I badly fail to make my poems visible to you #miraquill #writersnetwork i wonder how you close your ears to all the calls

    For dear @murryben
    @soulfulstirrings @lazybongness @hoezier

    @the_story_weed wish you were here. A gem who walks away.

    In the fashion of #filvantopz

    @heartsease forget me not like
    falling leaves on a windy day @ckfilvan

    We look before and after,
    And pine for what is not;
    Our sincerest laughter
    With some pain is fraught;
    Our sweetest songs are those that tell
    Of saddest thought.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley

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    Can you describe in a simple way
    The sorrowful dance of some goodbyes,
    Like leaves falling on a windy day -
    No bloodshed yet many a leaf cries.

    The trees bend to grab their flying shawls
    As leaves struggle to reach out their hands;
    Our bodies are but dwelling of souls,
    The flesh is nought but a house of sand.

    The lofty hills and the lowliest plain
    Keep watch o'er every fallen leaf
    Where the naked trees stand with no shame
    No will to bend, not a soul to live.

    Then comes the wind pipes in its hands,
    The fallen rises for their last dance -
    Yellowed or blanched, or crimson like wine;
    Rich in lament, yet their dance divine.

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    #silence @miraquill #ceesreposts
    To you
    @murryben @wind_chime7 @heartsease
    Missing old souls

    #sonnetz failed to come close to #filvantopz

    I am extremely pleased. You have cleared my sour thoughts (i have been harboring lately) @writersnetwork sharing my joy with you

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    The sound of your absence
    Is too loud a silence
    Too heavy a weight to bear
    Too gloomy a shawl to wear.

    Yes my home wanders away
    While my feet root in my room;
    My mind's a garden turned gray,
    My heart a cage full of gloom.

    The sound of your absence
    Is too sad a music to play,
    A melancholic silence,
    A nightly dirge to sink a day.

    Your absence is a river silent,
    The wave of which is a torment.

  • ckfilvan 12w

    #todo #ceesreposts #leaf #wod #start
    Hope you love this @murryben @heartsease 0213010

    Do not turn a blind eye to this piece. I'm just kidding. I'm serious. See.

    Praying this comes close to #muzic

    Pick your favorite in the list of #filvantopz and tell me.

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork

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    I will begin with quitting. Yes, quitting,
    Saying 'no' to all the prayers of my flesh;
    I'll pour no drinks to the doctors thumping
    Hard the tables in the chambers of my heart
    Clamoring for antidotes to banish my griefs.

    I will neither burn one end of a cigarette
    Nor build dark chimneys in my ruddy lungs;
    I will say no to what's been killing me in secret
    Which promises me heaven to my torment
    Only to leave me banging the walls of my coffin.

    No, I will not turn even my head to you;
    I can't go breaking many hearts, illicit lover.
    You spin the designs of my dreams, yes, you do,
    But I'll not make any dream my master
    So long as my head stands on my shoulder.

    I will not flow with the tide but rather against it,
    Neither will I vote with a confused crowd
    Going where the wind blows only to be robbed of wit;
    I'd rather stand firm with truth; come what may,
    I will stand like a lion surrounded by barking dogs.

    When the sun pulls the curtains and closes the day
    I will dream of you and sweep the leaves of a poem
    That reads: Tonight I can write the saddest lines.
    Then I'll close as I did open my hours with a prayer
    O' gratitude, confession and submission to my Lord
    Who became a man that I become a child of God.

  • ckfilvan 24w

    #time #ceesreposts #soulraabta

    Thanks for your kindness and love. You have not forgotten a drop in a sea of amazing writers @writersnetwork @miraquill
    0210508 my 2nd POD

    Tap here #filvantopz #mepod

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    I witnessed the fall, I devoured the flood,
    Beheld the first rainbow, and the Babel fall;
    I watched Abel murdered in cold blood,
    Counted casualties when war took its toll.

    A rebelling clock can't pin me on the wall
    Nor lengthy calendars can make me crawl;
    None stops my painting silver on man's hair -
    Neither riches' bribe nor orphans' prayers.

    I have been partial to none in history,
    I won't be when they write an obituary;
    You have me all when you care me not,
    When you need me most I couldn't be bought.

    When you enjoy me, I can not stay long,
    When I'm bad, I come with bad timing.
    Kill me, you'll learn nothing's more wrong -
    I gnaw iron, grind stones, and keep on flying.

  • ckfilvan 77w


    The rooms are empty, the courtyard aches
    We say our goodbyes and my heart breaks;
    We'd walked a walk before we bid farewell,
    The walk that made my heart in joy to swell.

    A woman weeps silently in her empty bed,
    She knows not this is how goodbyes are said;
    She talks to a memory that's been long gone--
    Times when you used to sing her back home.

    Life as short as it is, slips quietly like a whisper,
    Winter comes unannounced to steal your summer;
    Sad that some old letters of yours outlast you,
    Your goodnight kiss too outlives the morning dew.

    I dream of a place where we no more say farewell
    Where you and I shall meet again and ever dwell.

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    #mirakee #ceesreposts #julietscorner #tanzread #yamini #writersbay
    0201007 #filvantopz

    To all who feel lost: A diamond is a diamond lost or found.

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    Which of us is lost

    I wrote a little poem about you, indeed
    A trifle which lasted longer than you did;
    No sooner than the road bent you vanished,
    Now, tell me, which of us is lost?

    Seven months somehow got me new friends
    And I stepped out of the circle to multiply 'em;
    When I returned with a bunch of new ones
    I learnt that the old ones are found missing.

    So, I set out to search for you and for them
    Under the bushes, inside AC rooms, yet to no avail,
    And as I walked among quiet, towering power lines
    I heard: you're the lost one they're searching for.

  • ckfilvan 87w

    I smelt of whiskey, you smelt
    Of Sunday morning and its grace,
    Yes, we laughed yesterday,
    We shed some tears today;
    We pile history upon history
    And bring each other misery.
    You come with gasoline
    And I come with fire
    Now that you've flown away
    I stand like a lonely tree.

    Would you respond with wrinkles
    He who bestows you dimples?
    Doesn't it hurt for lovers to become
    Strangers in a strange land?

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    #julietscorner #tanzread #mirakee

    To read more #sonnetz #filvantopz
    Happy Mother's Day to all

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    Lines for mother

    I bless God, He who made you a woman
    That I found tender love inside your womb,
    Were I an angel, I would envy every man
    To receive such devotion in such a room.

    You have nursed five flowers before me,
    When I made a different entrance;
    My mischievous schemes drowned in the sea
    Of so singular a love you alone possess.

    A field of ripe corns, a miser's river of gold
    Now flows down by the land once full and fair,
    Yet what you have in your heart is not old--
    If I go inside my tomb I will hear your prayer.

    You are a jewel to my father who left early;
    Your winter too is come, I say I love you dearly.


  • ckfilvan 89w

    This evening is beautiful lulled by a country song
    A charm of smile lures me, with joy I near my snare
    I see the one who steals my heart--you, stealer of hearts
    You are indeed my temple of thought

    Yes, you hold my hand,
    Our eyes converse, wasting not a letter
    They land on my lips
    Your inviting lips and infectious smile
    That sky's blue that day, and the night lovely
    The day I made a dwelling in your chest
    Was beautiful

    While you traverse the room wond'ring what clothes to wear
    I suffer inasmuch as I almost lose my pulse
    You damn the slight swell of your belly and your dry hair
    The cords of the damned rather wind round me

    Pârngôt, celebrations have said farewell
    'Good night' around the corner, the town too
    Is off to bed
    And you whisper, today is beautiful
    My sweet darling, it keeps on ringing in my head

    0200705 #filvantopz

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  • ckfilvan 90w


    What are clouds for
    If they hold no rain--
    Link an ink that fears to bleed
    And salt that lacks saltiness.

    Songbirds deprived of songs
    A day without its sun and sagacity,
    A night devoid of darkness and beauty.

    Like a poem without a soul,
    Like Samson without his hair,
    And Shakespeare out of sonnets.

  • ckfilvan 90w

    #writersnetwork #tanzread #julietscorner
    Running out of ideas and creativity.
    I wish this comes close to your taste.

    Words used - cosmic, stellar, eclipses, blackhole
    0202904 #filvantopz

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    Cast away

    Let us keep ourselves quiet
    And say nothing about anything,
    Let us put our quill down
    And write not a line of things cosmic.

    Let our eyes do the talking--much better
    Let hearts extend hands of friendship;
    May we find this moment stellar,
    A warm welcome smile on each lips.

    You and I got to lift up the selfish blind
    That eclipses between two beating hearts,
    Let us dump this animosity into the blackhole
    And drink from the glass of friendship whole.

  • ckfilvan 99w

    Night comes without you

    I gaze at your clothes;
    Every child has stashed his toys,
    Dusk comes but you don't.

    Night comes without you,
    I spread your shirt to lie down;
    It hugs me no more.

  • ckfilvan 100w

    Ode to music

    There is music everywhere--in the trees,
    Where sweet notes drip from rustling leaves;
    Morning breeze carries lovely melodies,
    And the gloomy wind some sad threnodies.

    The vast sky hums pianissimos and her blues,
    By night, stars arrange notation on cosmic sheets.
    When at times the blue sky changes her hues,
    Throws tantrums and screams with angry beats

    There's a trickling conversation in the streams,
    Bass and major in the raging rivers and angry seas;
    When baritones are played in allegro,
    Who but the Lord alone can silence the choir.

    Flying strings of birds join the children's laughter,
    Echoing o'er modest village and proud towns;
    There's improper rhythm in the excited heart
    Of one who is about to make room for a beloved.

    A divine music which seraphs to a song had sung
    On the holy night when love in flesh came down,
    There's a sweet song which angels cannot sing--
    The sweet tune of salvation in majors and minors.

    A guitar to serenade, a piano to chat to,
    A violin to sob with, a flute to wet nightly pillows;
    Friends, I have fallen in love with music eons ago
    Ere I caress stringy hairs and kiss melodic lips.

  • ckfilvan 103w

    A soldier's return

    He walks the dusty miles all alone,
    His wife and children await him home;
    The sunny day has almost passed,
    Eagles wheeled in sky blue and vast.

    The trees whisper songs of innocence,
    In his head sound happy little feet;
    A fanfare of epiphany drums and dances
    As he anticipates his wife's wet kisses.

    She shall free him for once from warzone,
    Gentle words now shall banish harsh orders,
    The cry of his child to shoo his nightmares.

    Lo, homely lights disperse the weary miles;
    Dog and children rush, and lips land on smiles,
    His sweet home sleeps under a bed sheet of stars.

  • ckfilvan 104w

    Tit for tat

    Your laughter is music to me,
    We're like flower and a bee;
    I use my silly tricks to make you laugh,
    You laugh, and I keep falling in love.