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    N O S T A L G I A.

    and then as we took right from under the cold lamppost, he unhurriedly brought his body near to mine through his sweatshirt as if, he was trying to put me close to his breathing, and his hands trying to search for mine in the intense darkness of the moonlight.

    He with leisure in his eyes looked at me and murmured to sit with him on the lonely bench by the corner of the town park under the silhouette of cherry blossom,

    The mild drifting zephyr was touching my cheeks and then his as if was enabling us to touch.

    My Heart and My Breathe were running and my eyes couldn't find a sight to rest, I was all that one may call as anxious and this wasn't only me, he was sweating too and then summoning all his courage he offered me his pair of earphones to share with him over his favorite muse, I held them and put one into my ear he played a song and I couldn't resist looking at him, maybe my eyes finally found what they were looking for.

    Then slowly he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to his heartbeat, I could hear "our" hearts beating, they were as if in synchronization, and with this, he made his lips meet my cheeks and then shifted towards my lips, I closed my eyes telling him that I was ready and then he slowly pressed mine against his.


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    I tried @starrdust

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    ~@starrdust here you go. Guess I've written a cliché story :)
    10:30pm 22.01.2021
    #bb_tale #firrstkiss

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    11.11.11, 11:11pm

    Red is his favourite colour and black, mine. I was wondering if I should put on the red colour dress or the black one? I thought, if I choose red he might think as I'm a people pleaser. So I went with the black one, only to change myself to red dress at the last moment. I sort of liked this guy for no apparent reason on the first sight. Perhaps, I was drawn towards his smile or was it because I found a sparkle in his eyes? Blah. Never mind. It was already 5pm. I took the cab and reached the café within 15 minutes. He was already there waiting for me. Guess what? He was in a black shirt. I smiled to myself, blushed actually. I felt happy for choosing red over black dress. I headed over to the cabin where he sat, pretending as if he didn't see me coming.

    We both greeted each other and we gave our orders. We had a formal conversation, while sipping the coffee. We talked about our favourite cuisine and ice creams, poets and books, songs and singers. We both share same interests. We both were so lost in each others words that we failed recognise how fast the time has passed. It was 10pm, the evening has ended and the darkness took it's shift but our conversation hasn't ended yet. We ordered food and the food alone made it possible to stop us from talking for a while *wink*.

    He was about to leave the place and I, hesitatingly asked him If he could walk me home. He agreed immediately as if he was hoping for the same. I still wonder if he would have asked it if I didn't. We walked under the streetlights, getting a bit closure and a little bit more closure, rubbing our hands and intertwined our fingers. It took half an hour to reach my place. It was already eleven and we couldn't let go of each other. We fell silent, only sticking with staring into each others eyes. I have no idea about what he was thinking but all I could think of is how his lips could taste and how his hands could feel on my skin. For some reason, he kept looking at his watch every couple of minutes. I guessed he might want to leave.

    It started to drizzle. So I bid him goodbye, starting to walk away from him. He grabbed my waist, all of a sudden and pulled me close to him. Even before I could recognise, I felt his lips on mine only to realize, he wanted our first kiss to be special.

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    Disclaimer: Just for fun (._.)

    On our second date, Ivy and I decided to spend our evening with a long walk in our local park. It was spring. The flowers were freshly bloomed and the trees resembled the ones from a beautiful painting. It felt like Earth had rushed through all the seasons just so it could rain petals on our second date.

    The park bench where I used to see her resting during my daily morning walks was now holding me beside her. Although it was wide and spacious, she sat a little closer to me and our bodies would've been touching if not for the layers of clothes between us. The space left on the bench could have holded 3 more of us.

    Her right hand was clasped into mine and her side of the head was resting on my shoulder. I could see her dark brown hair from the corner of my eyes, and she could see her left hand resting on my palms. But both of our eyes were fixated at a couple of ducks swimming in the near-by pond. Both of them white as clean teeth, floating above the surface like lotuses in a dirty swamp. It was an innocent sight until they started poking their beaks into each other's.

    "Look" She tapped on my hand, quickly but softly, and pointed towards them. "They're kissing!" She announced it with a childlike excitement.

    "No" I shrugged." I'm pretty sure they're having a fight". I tried to mask my awkwardness with more of it.

    "No, you dumbo" She laughed. "That's how they kiss."
    She relocated her eyes at my face and asked me with utter curiosity, "When was your first kiss?" She held her gaze with patience, waiting for a beautiful first kiss story.

    With zero kisses under my belt, I chewed into my words and gargled them out. "Never had one." And then a few more, "but.." I paused. " I know it's near. It might visit me any moment, maybe this year. Surely this year!
    Or even this month. Hell, it could be arriving at the end of this week. We never know."

    "Or even at this moment" She whispered in the softest of voices.

    And between her silence and voice, I always preferred to be washed away by her sweet words but this one particular instance, I opted for her silence. This time I wanted her lips to move but not with the intention of making a sound, but with the objective of forming an alliance with mine. But this was all going inside my mind, outside it was a complete different case.

    "I...." My heartbeat ran so fast, I could hardly gather words and throw them out across my mouth. "I....uhhh...uhmmm" Then I started acknowledging I had a cute girl sitting very close to me. "huh?"

    Veryyyyy close to me. "Uhmmmm...yeaa..."

    " Heeeheee." She giggled under her breath. "You're so cute!"
    She stood up from the bench and leaned over to me. "Come here, let's award you with your first kiss!"
    And those were the last words that came out of her mouth before she pressed her lips against mine.

    "Is..it..strawberry?" My immediate response. I liked strawberry before. I liked it even more now.

    "Shhhhhh." She pulled her lips out and smiled. "No more talking" And then she pressed them back in.

    Upon touching her lips, I felt a rush of warmth blazing out of her mouth and piercing straight into my heart. Her gentle lips were caressing my innocent pair and teaching them how to unfurl love. I couldn't resist stretching my hands around her and wrapping her in my embrace. And she took the cue and completed the hug.

    I believed her lips were destined to sit on mine in that very moment just like the petals sitting on the park soil. And it really felt like it was spring; on Earth and in my mind.


    the prompt was by @starrdust

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    Her lips were destined to sit on mine in that very moment just like the petals sitting on the park soil. And it really felt like it was spring; on Earth and in my mind.

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    #fiction #temp
    (Not really my genre xd
    I'm trying ._.)

    Well, you may use it as a prompt to write about #firrstkiss (fiction or not xd)

    Note the tag has 'rr' xd

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    Not all firsts are good,
    some are


    A hundred butterflies in my stomach and even more in the air. Pretty, colourful, nervous, confused, excited, ecstatic, damn these butterflies were driving me crazy when his hands cupped my mouth and our lips touched each other and everything made so much sense and no sense at all at the same time.

    It didn't just happen, there was some foreplay (couldn't get another word xd) involved of course (xd)
    *background music playing* *violin(?)*
    It was just the two of us, long hall, beautiful twilight. We were ready to leave with a quick goodbye hug, he came close to me and blessed me with a gentle kiss on the cheek, I hugged him and moved to reciprocate with a sweet little kiss on his cheeks, to my amusement he had the same in mind and my lips just brushed past his lips. *oh crap* , embarrased, I pulled away , closed my eyes and turned my back, there were a hundred awkward phrases in my mind but just one image, him, standing there smiling, beautiful , so damn beautiful. He turned me around and yes, there he was blushing and smiling, god, isn't he the cutest thing ever!! He switched off the light and took my face in his palms. My heart was racing at 7556 butterflies fluttering their wings per second and I could feel my stomach twisting in desperation(?) , euphoria(?) , anxiety (?) and my mind uttering 'this is happening, like really, like really really really'.
    For the first 5 seconds, I could not believe it was true, this dopamine rush was so new, so exciting and this time I gave in. I kissed him back and all my mind could focus on was the pleasure , the way our tongues touched and his soft supple lips caressed mine and I felt so relieved, so alive. When I thought it ended, it actually hadn't and I was so pleasantly surprised by the way it feels..to be so lost and so present in the moment all along.
    I did fantasize my first kiss before but the surreality of this moment was better than all my fantasies combined.