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  • orenda 1w

    He was cursed with creativity and i was enchanted to the artistic soul in me.

  • only_for_biscuit 1w

    #first dose ����������������with beautiful nurse ��‍⚕️��

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    Vaccination Today

    Maine vaccination karwa liya

    Nurse‍⚕️mastt thai maza aagya uski aankhon main dekh bilkul dard na hua

  • minjipearly 1w

    #first comes loving yourself

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    First comes loving yourself...
    Then comes loving others wholeheartedly

  • ezylavenyl 2w


    Out of all the imaginations I have of you,
    the most beautiful was the one
    "where we build together, our livelihood"


  • _dheeru 2w


    जिंदगी जिसे कहते है
    चुनौतियों की कहानी है
    पास हो गए तो अच्छा है
    वरना मौत तो आनी है...!!

  • ezylavenyl 2w


    The eyes that has illusioned his presence when he is all gone are but the sole reason to make me happier on most days.
    And may kill me at once in the wake of reality.


  • ankahein_baatein 2w

    Dusron ke bare mein jaise soch rahi ho..
    Kabhi khudke bare mein bhi socha karo❤
    Zyada accha hoga

  • magicdelorean 3w


    A cliffs edge
    I walk but the drop walks ahead
    I follow along unwillingly
    the strings tied loosely as thread
    I watch myself waiting
    fear building itself up
    anxiety is a clause
    eerie senses breaking the calm


  • aayu17 3w

    Journey of a stranger.

    Met first time at the age of just 16
    In the moon light of cold November
    Still remember the day when you called my name for the first time. Wondered that I must be dreaming but you felt very real and amazing. Came beside me and looked into my wet eyes. Tried to hide the pain inside me but eyes speak more than tongue. Your hands were like the cotton candy. Very soft and sweet. Time flew. You became nature of my life. Can see you all the time and fell your presence. I became the first priority of yours. and you were my last lady and last hope of believing in people. Couldn't believe that you became so special to me and my heart was like you were only the one for whom I was empty. You came into it and fullfilled with beautiful memories and a lot of laughter. You literally become everything to me. But life doesn't want any one to let live happy. Things changed. Priorities changed. Atlast you changed and broke me into peices. When I hugged you for the first time my intention was only to make you feel special and comfortable. Yes I was wrong sometimes. You were at my back when I was about to giveup. Then a distance came between us that we couldn't bare to fight with. We understood each other and smiled looking each other's face like idiot's. And many problems came. Still I was ready to face them. People change at the time when they became cocaine to us. If they don't get us we lose control of our emotions. More harmful than any drug. Sacrificed a lot for many people. Once a thought of sacrifice myself but then a women who kept me into her body just to let me see this world came into my heart. stopped me from doing this. Tried to move on but hurted myself doing this. Emotions of the whole body and heart came out in the form of a smile which has an unsaid pain and harm. Every night I get lost into my heart that you filled with those memories and laughter. Realised that I was an just a option to you. It keep on giving me pain like a skin burning by acid and fire at a same time turned into a stranger again but this time with unforgettable memories and painfull journey. Praying for your happiness everytime ❤️

  • lollipop71 4w

    What Matters?

    What Matters
    - is to not die alone
    - to be true to myself
    - to always put my needs
    Before others
    - to always, always remember not
    Everyone is my friend

    What Matters


  • nandhinikannan 4w

    Dead Thoughts

    Something inside me was dead
    Not my dreams though,
    But thoughts about you surely were
    A final relief appeared
    After suffering for ages and
    suffocating myself with your thoughts
    It's all gone from me


  • jagruti_patil30 5w

    Pehli dafa tumko chupke dekhne ki gustaki ki thi,
    Ab har roz ye gustaki karna chahati hu,
    Dekh kar mujko aisa tum bhi muskuraye the,
    Ab har roz vo muskan dekhna chahati hu,
    Dua hai meri ki yehi pal hume humesha jeene mile,
    Yehi ada aapki hume humesha uhi fida karti rahe...


  • 13_prerna 5w

    Don't try complicating things, when it is so simple to understand.

    #crying #letter #story #twoliner #first #dearboys #dearsociety

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    Crying doesn't mean you are weak.
    It simply means you are hurt.

  • _strawberry_cupcake03 5w

    Why? Just why?

    When girls and boys are same?
    Why they diffrentiate between a girl and a boy?
    Does the same leaf of the same plant have to be criticized based on their different shape?
    Does it make any sense?
    Do you call yourself a educated person?
    When you can see the difference between boy and a girl?
    Do you see the future of a newborn baby boy?
    Does it sure he will make you proud one day?
    Do you see the future of a newborn baby girl?
    Don't you see the beauty of her smile rather than critizing that she is a girl?
    Having a girl who could understand your pain is she not better than that aggressive son of yours?
    Do you ask your son why he came so late?
    Then why you scold your daughter everytime she is late?
    Why you diffrentiate between them? Are they your children or you have adopted one?

  • nithyarajsri 5w

    புது உணர்வு

    இங்கு பலரும் பலவித காதலை உணர்ந்திருப்பார்கள்
    நானோ உணரா உணர்வை உன்னில் உணர்ந்தேன்
    நான் கேட்ட காதலும் கண்ட காதலும் படித்த காதல் கதைகள் இதுவரை பொய் என்று நினைத்துக் கொண்டிருந்தேன்
    உன்னைக் கண்ட அந்த நொடி அவைகள் உண்மை என்று அறிந்தேன்
    காதல் எவ்வாறு தோன்றுகிறது என்று வினா எழுப்பி கொண்டிருந்தேன்
    இக்கணம் தான் புரிந்தேன் நீ என் உறவென்று
    இப்போதும் சொல்கிறேன்
    நான் உணர உணர்வை உன்னில் உணர்கின்றேன்.., ❤

  • sehgall 5w

    Kyun Mere Jesa

    Khubsurt haseen log
    Hzaro kaynaat mein.
    Fir kyun chuna ,Ajnabee musafir
    Tune , mere jesa .

    Na nen naksh kuch khaas hai
    Na baato mein koi baat hai
    Na akal, na surat na bolne ka lehza
    Bata sehgal ......
    Aakhir kyun mere jesa

  • stubborn_bull_7 6w


    Love is a drink which gets you so high that you miss seeing the obvious

  • husnachikwela 6w


    First time geting my own bicycle,
    I was not with my uncle,
    Riding my bicycle I was enable,
    When holding I was not stable.

    My aunt give me a timetable,
    When we were at the table,
    It was like her new responsible,
    I feel myself in good confortable.

    Few days when she was responsible,
    Silance left me at the middle,
    I went myself with my bicycle,
    Without knowing she was not visible.

    Only tirning back at the angle,
    See that she was not available,
    Failing down and not be stable,
    Riding at home I was disable.

    After many days I become capable,
    Riding it was my best perishable,
    I could like to be famable,
    At home I was very distable.

  • zhayden 6w

    #poem #first

    A little late entry haha

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    The stories I've heard and read
    Came to life with your every movement
    Your voice is ringing in my head
    Each and every actions and expressions
    Holding unto my consciousness,
    Leaving me in awe
    Pulling me into the story
    Of the drama that's been playing
    Your stage play

  • _rutu_writes_ 6w


    It was the first time, I learned forever is sweet lie and eternity is a mirage future.

    It was not my sweet 18....
    I learned that you can't satisfy everyone everytime.....

    I learned for the first time, how hard the situation may be, your parents smile can change your whole world....

    It was not my first sweet 18...
    Came across hurdles and learned for the first time, the right person, even at the wrong time can make your day the best....
    Infact turn your life the best.