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    I'm going to describe an experience, which I count in my prized possessions and sore topic altogether.

    2020 was wrecked year, not because covid came in but that year changed lives atleast for people connected to me.
    But that year didn't had a bad start at all.
    On the very first day of that year I got two tokens of love rather angels in fur. Two puppies.
    They were a month old when they stepped in the place I call house. And the day they just tapped their little paws at the entrance, they rendered it home.
    I was astounded and enthralled by their presence. As any other family and friends, we were celebrating arrival of new year and along with it new hopes and new battles to fight.
    And when almost every friend left. Dad brought packages of happiness. He called me at the door where I stood when they arrived. One that he brought first was black, all black with not even a single tint of white. He was terrified beyond measure. I played the part in my mind wherein I was forced to sleep away from mom just for a day and how I cried and slept. They were taken away from their mother for the rest of their lives. That felt bad, but looking at him made me forget that within seconds.
    He was placed in my room. He without even wasting another second ran to the nearby chair. It had space beneath, he went under it and sat there. Then the next one was brought in, he was white with few brown spots. Something that drew me towards him was a brown little spot on the centre of his forward, which was shaped as a heart. The black one was sitting under the chair, and when the white one spotted him, he joined him too.

    Both of them sat under the chair because they were altogether in a new place. While me, my sister, dad and mom took to different spots in the same room. My dad ordered sister to bring in some warm milk. They must be hungry and frightened. And just as the case with a man, their heart's way was paved through stomach, the only difference was they were not really having any treat foodies developed by them. So we relied on milk. They were a month old and born to the same mother, making them brothers. It was all so exciting for me to wait for them to make their way out. But they were terrified beyond measure. Refusing to come out. Refusing to play. Even eat or drink more precisely.

    My sister brought them milk, served in two different containers, just as his color- the bold black, he came out first, dipped his tongue in warmness of milk and gulped it down. Followed the white, but as peaceful and tranquil the color signifies, he was not so bold, and horrified till death, he immediately choked on it and spitted whatever he had drank out!

    While they both ran under the same chair, where they fled from before, I caught the glimpses of their little paws. Black one's paws were pure pink and the white one had his paws drained in black.
    They rested there, while we the four adults in the room, officially carried out the naming ceremony.
    The black one, all bold, explorer, represented explorative Brook, and that name was on my mind since long for a dog if I ever owned. And that night seemed perfect to put it to use. So I named the black one Brook. As for the white, I chose Dodo. Rather a caricature but pure.
    They seemed to be opposites in nature, color, as well as in what their behaviour signified. Just like we all have an angel and devil to play along in our brains.

    Leaving them to their exploration and getting comfortable with the room, my dad ordered me to leave the room for the night and that too without attempting to play with them. All because it was a new place for them. They were going to take time. But I believed in their spirits, and therefore I knew that time was not gonna be a long time. My first meeting with my two packages of hope went in a Nick of time, I hope the moment stayed. But it's best captured first in heart, then in memory and lastly in words.

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    Moments are best captured first in heart, then in memory and lastly in words.

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    I am a nervous wreck to say the least
    Now that the day to meet you has come along
    I’ve tried while failing miserably to quieten
    My racing thoughts by singing a song

    Three months of having known you could’ve
    Never prepared me for what has to come
    This clandestine meeting is simply waiting
    For me to become unmade and undone

    Moist palms and rapid breaths while feeling
    The sweat drip down my back like tears
    I realise I am dealing with an anxiety attack
    Giving way to all my fears

    Much to my horror all I can think of is nothing
    I’m as blank and white as a sheet
    Little did I know I would turn into a bundle
    Of desperation just when we were about to meet

    With shallow breaths that refuse to deepen
    And ease the illness I feel inside
    My mind wants me to pick up the pace
    And find a comfortable place to hide

    I’m usually mentally strong and composed
    Calm and patient most of the time
    With you I feel I’m waiting for you to
    Give me of approval a positive sign

    Your comforting voice and compassionate manner
    Do nothing for my racing heart at all
    I feel weird and spaced out ,
    Dizzy as though I may at any time fall

    As you sit beside me and start talking
    Take my hands into your warm palms
    My pounding heart finally slows down
    I’m left with no anxiety laden qualms

    I’m able to focus finally on what you’re saying
    You’re saying you wish we’d met sooner
    I shyly smile I for I know now I needn’t worry
    Anymore about ever being a loner


    11th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture credited to its rightful owner

    I think I’ve died and gone to heaven !!
    Thank you so so much for the repost @miraquill 😊
    Thank you for the kind repost @writersnetwork 🥰

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  • d_stranger7 108w

    I Still Wonder !

    "When I first met you, you were like the summer, you were warm and easy and simple.

    The last time I talked to you,

    You were like the winter,

    you were cold and harsh and grey, yet beautifull."


  • himanshuchaturvedi 138w

    Her Illusion

    It's... it's a day of Feb
    the time which I want to grab
    The month when I met you
    how stupidly I smiled and greet you
    The moment I never want to loose
    The past over the future which I want to choose
    Whenever I use to think about you
    your thoughts makes my mind blew
    It's seems like the tales of fairy tells me about an angel
    n the way I saw you is different from all other's sight of angle
    The happiness of that moment is still in my every breath
    which I never be able to forget till the end , till my death
    It was the sweetest moment with the pleasant time
    which always helps me to write the chunk of rhyme
    Why your thoughts always bring a smile on my face
    And how they calm me down , gives me peace and slow downs the life's pace
    Is it a illusion or a magic of yours
    That gives me the memory's pleasant tour
    Whatsoever it is , it's a happiness for me
    And a part of mine will always reside in you , in form of we.


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    पहली मुलाकात

    मिलना तो एक बहाना था,
    हमे आपको देखने जो आना था ।
    वो मुस्कुराहट वो अदाएं जो आपकी थी,
    भूल गए हर बात जो पिछली रात याद की थी ।
    अब बस याद अगर कुछ है तो वो आपकी आँखो की चमकान है,
    और उन लाखो मे अब हम भी आपकी खूबसूरती के कद्रदान है।।

    यु तो हम सबसे आँखें उठा के मिलते है,
    लेकिन आपको देख कर ये आँखे ही शर्मा गयी तो हम क्या करे ।
    बड़ी मुश्किल मे बोला आखिर मे की अब हम चलते है,
    लेकिन थोड़ा भी दूर जाते देख जो घबरा गयी तो हम क्या करे ।

    जाना तो था घर दोनो को देर हो रही थी शायद,
    जाने का बस दिल नही था  कुछ था तो वो पल शायद,
    कुछ बातें और भी होनी थी कुछ कहनी थी कुछ सुन्नी थी ,
    पर वक़्त वो था जो कह न सके हम उनसे कुछ उस पल शायद।।

    उठ खड़े हम चल दिए फिर अपनी अपनी राह को,
    पर मन मे था की थाम ले उस साथ को उस हाथ को।

    दिल मे था इस मुलाकात की बात को आगे बढ़ा,
    तो हिचकिचके दर दराके पास उसके मैं बढ़ा,
    हाथो मे लेके हाथ उसका हक़ से मैंने ये कहा,

    तुम शान हो तुम मान हो तुम्ही मेरा अरमान हो,
    बात ये सच है की अब तुम्ही तो मेरी जान हो ।।

    शर्मा के उसने छुड़ा लिया इस हाथ को उस हाथ से,
    और फिर बदल दि चट से उसने बात को उस बात से ।

    चेहरे को मेरे देख कर समझी वो मेरी बात को,
    और फिर थमाया उसने मेरे हाथ मे अपने हाथ को।।

    उस पल से बस ये तय किया अब रहना तेरे साथ है,
    और अपने जो ये पड़ी वो हमारी पहली मुलाकात है।।


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    7 नवम्बर

    हल्की गुलाबी shirt में था तू
    हम भी कॉलेज dress में आए थे...,
    तुझे पहली दफा देखने की ख़ातिर
    कॉलेज से bunk मार के आए थे...।

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    The day when we were going to meet for first time , I was so nervous and excited . It was difficult for me to believe that I would get an opportunity to meet the person whom I met virtually . I felt that one of my sweetest wish was going to be true .
    Before that , I had never been so excited to meet anyone and I really want to thank God for that single chance .
    I had a lot to say to you , a lot to talk aboutbut still , don't know why I was preparing for the day , maybe because of nervousness or excitement .
    I wanted to share all those excitement but all excitement was juggling in my stomach like those little butterflies
    And from that night until the next day when we met , my heartbeatswere not under my control .
    Well, I always remain confused in the case of clothing, but I was more confused about the next day
    I had to prepare myself better in every way after all my dream was going to be true.

    And on the day , I was trying to be okay .
    Everything in my mind was messed up
    and I tried to be well-dressed up.
    I thought to buy a bouquet ,
    but only bought a little single flower , and encourage myself take a long breath "all is good n okay "
    I was in a hurry to meet you,
    was excited to see my dream true
    And when I reached and saw you ,
    I felt I already know you
    Heart was saying it's not your first meet,
    go come-on hug her and greet .
    You came , shook the hand , said hello , with a little smile
    And it took away my senses for a while .
    I was very happy n excited
    but I forgot what I had to say that all I decided
    And walking with you is like walking with this world ,
    your cute smile looks like a beautiful rose pearled.
    Your expressions
    attracted all my attention
    And you are totally unaware
    how people go crazy for your scattered hair
    When you tilt your eyes while smiling
    it increases your beautyby more refining
    And It's like a peace when I heard your voice
    between so much of noise .
    The time with you seemed like a flying bird or flowing water❤️.... relaxing , cheerful , joyful and peaceful but too hard to hold
    Before this , I had either imagined such or had felt the moment in dreams only ,
    it's still hard to believe that I was living it slowly
    Your happy and smiling face gives me life
    But sadness in your eyes is like sharp bloody knife
    which gives me the pain☹️,
    like a strain in my brain.
    So plz it's a request to always be happy
    the days will pass , those are now so crappy

    And when you said it's time to go now I felt that those few hours with you , they seems like a moment
    And my wish to adore you more , remains unfulfilled
    I didn't want you to go , but...
    ........ I didn't have any right to hold you
    I was sad as well as happy .
    It was a mixed feeling
    And I'm really very lucky and blessed that I got a chance to meet you , to spend some time with you , to adore you from more closely , to feel your positive aura❤️❤️❤️

    I had never met such a purest souland I'm also damn sure that I'll not find such another person in this whole life again

    And when you said goodbye my eyes was full of joy and a hope....that it's a startingand want to always be with you.
    "how someone can be so pure n humble❣️"I mumbled
    This first meeting of ours will always occupy a special place in my heartand in my mind
    And I'm sure whenever I'll think about that moment.... it'll surely bring a special smile n that awesome feeling I could never ever be able to express


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    In their first meeting he said
    "I never had toys all my childhood"

    He made it very clear, "now You would be one"...


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    #mirakee #random #dedicated #an_unforgettable_memory #a_true_moment #a_god_gifted_friendship #first_meeting @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld
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    ❣Just a moment is enough to reflect all those untold hidden emotions of the awaited yester years.❣

    A letter to her friend :

    Dear 12:49 friend,
    Its 4th feb and 12:49a.m.Just look back a year ago.Could you remember ?Let me remind you if you have forgotten.
    You know for me this is not just a date placed in a calender ,this is an unforgettable memory which I can't express in words.The same date ,the same time just a year ago this was a moment full of mixed emotions. Yes, obviously today this has just been a memory still everytime I close my eyes and start thinking about it the same excitement, same happiness and feelings I experience ,just like I am still living the moment in the present.
    Two years of waiting ended with a two minutes of blank mind and silent faces with lots of words inside. Yes finally we met and the best part was we met for the first time.I felt the happiness in your eyes that day,even I was too happy to surprise you like this.But do you know how did it make me feel ?
    That day I found new definitions of happiness. The happiness of meeting someone for the first time,making someone wordless,staying silent when there are millions of words inside to tell.The surprise was not just made for you , but also for me.

    I was surprised at myself. At that moment I have realised a new me.
    I started smiling for someone standing infront of me like I have never smiled before.
    I stared at someone without even a word like I have never stared at anyone before.
    I wanted to stay at the moment,like I have never lived any moment before.
    I started admiring you,like I have never admired anyone before.

    I was really confused whether I wanted to give you thanks for finally coming infront of me or to scold you for being so late to meet me.I couldn't understand that how two opposite things I wanted to do at the same time.At the same moment I wanted to slap you but to hug you too.Because the one who had broken my silence everytime seemed as the most silent person of the earth at that moment. So, I was in a dilemma whether to be happy or sad for that.I literally had goosebumps ,I would started crying with happiness if you remained silent even a second more.

    I am really thankful to the time 12:49 ,when for the first time I met a person who is a great stupid as well as the most caring friend of my life.I would thankful to my lord to allowing us to meet.Till that moment you were the imaginary part of my complex number but that moment I found out the real part and then the friendship seemed a complete one.I couldn't believe that you were really there infront of me ,but yes I was in the reality,even that day I found a beautiful reality of mine.
    Sometimes I wish to have those time captured in a camera ,but not all memories are made to be captured.Because just we need eyes to imagine,minds to remind and a heart to feel and I do it everytime I miss you .So, I am not sad for not capturing that wonderful moment in camera though I love to keep memories as frame.Because to imagine it gives more pleasure than to have it as frame.That was God's plan and God's plan are not meant to see but to feel.The one whom I used to imagine before ,to have him infront of me was like a prayer being finally granted.

    I love the time '12:49' that made a silent girl more silent for someone with whom she used to talk the most.
    I love the time '12:49' that gave me a great satisfaction though I was in a dilemma.
    I love the time '12:49' that brought a beautiful soul I have always admired infront of me.
    That was the moment I realised how much I have valued my friendship,
    the care,concern,respect,love,affection towards our friendship started growing more when I found my dear friend standing infront of me with a cute smile on the face and lots of words inside.

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    12 :49

    Dear '12:49'
    Thank you so much for being the happiest time ever happened to me.
    & presenting me with my most awaited gift.
    I promise I will keep the gift in the safest place with all my care forever.
    (The girl wrote this much in her diary and started writing a letter and it was exactly 12 :49a.m.)

  • speak_ur_mind 214w

    Can you remember me ,
    Like I remember you .
    Every minute of our first meeting,
    You looking at me
    Trying to start a conversation but couldn't stop looking at you.

  • kissa_ 232w

    Chapter 01

    A limousine stopped at the door of a night club. All eyes shifted towards the car. All the boys went mad at its sight. And waiting to see the person who gets off from the car. At the same instant, two more SUV stopped and men in security dress ran towards the limousine and opened the door. A girl came out of the car. Dusky skin, open curl were hanging on her shoulder, nude lipstick. Her brown eyes twinkling like a dewdrop in the presence of the first ray of the morning. She was beautiful than anyone can ever wish. Her diamond drops were matched with her bracelets and were complementing her black dress was till her mid-thighs. Boys who were single got confused whether to watch the car or the lady. And the committed ones were just explaining that they were looking at the car. Even girls were shocked to see a girl in a limousine. In such a small hill station everyone almost knew each other, but no one knew who was she? She walked down towards the entrance of the club. It was Saturday night, and the club was full with 16 to 22 years old. She said something to one of the bodyguard’s ear. Maybe she asked them to stay out and not to disturb anyone for security measures. She went inside the club.
    She entered the club and waved to a formal-looking group of employees who seem to be waiting for her. The group was the quietest, and she was looking calm. I noticed she did not gulp a single drop of alcohol while others were nowhere near stopping. It was an office party, and they were gulping the free alcohol. Our group was just pushing each other to go to her and approach her for dancing. And I said I will go. I knew it was formal get together but I have to go to her because there was no chance I would regret my whole life for not approaching the most beautiful girl I ever had seen.
    But will a girl like that will ever even throw a gaze at me? Will I be even visible to her? With all these thoughts I moving my steps towards her and I was at a distance from her where I was feeling lucky to breathe in the same air with her. I was standing near her. She looked at me and smiled and then again looked at her employees and asked: “would you guys like to order something?” What! She thought I am a waiter! I was embarrassed but in front of her employees I did not want to correct her and asked whether she can come with me to the manager. She agreed, and she came with me. At a distance from where her employees were not visible, I stopped and leaned towards her ear and whispered: “I am not a waiter, I want to approach you”. She was a bit awkward and then I couldn’t control my laughter. Her face was like a puppy who got caught by his owner for doing something.

    “I am sorry and thank you for not telling this in front of them” she replied in a very soft tone and in such a loud music her voice was crystal clear to my ears.
    “You should go to them now”. I tried to sound as normal as I could. I hope she didn’t notice that how hard I was trying to control my smile.
    She nodded and walked towards her table. I watched her going. Not her looks but her walk was also too graceful for anyone. I wish I could stop the time and can watch her still as long as I want. After about two hours she bid goodbye to her employees and was sitting alone at the bar counter and I saw everyone looking at her and I wish to recoup their eyes. My friends were dancing, so I had time to go to her. She was sitting with orange juice. As soon as she saw me, she got cautious. The waiter at your service Ma'am. I teased her.
    I am sorry again. She said sighed.
    It’s okay. But I want a compensation. I said.
    And she agreed. It was like I won a lucky draw.