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  • siyaquill 24w

    #firstattempt it's very messy and unedited, I just want to start somewhere and this was how I was feeling, please be kind

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    There's people around me with filters of kindness and smile
    Covering their agony, mischief and lies extremely vile
    Who do I trust? Who do I not?
    There's people around me who project their inner demons upon others
    They shout, scream and disregard, why do they care if it bothers?
    Who says connecting with people is all that defines you
    When all you can connect with is a made up projection of themselves
    You smile back, a smile you know the world loves realising your own hypocrisy
    There's souls and there's people
    and you know they don't mean the same thing
    Touching a soul is touching their true raw self passing through all their guards and masks, love, touching people is easy

  • lucifer_77 28w

    ♔︎She is a Queen♔︎

    She might not have a crown but she was a Queen,
    So what they pushed her into the abyss of darkness,
    I fell for the beautiful soul who she hides within,

    When I saw her, I was enthralled by the scene,
    Lady loves playing with orphans spreading happiness,
    She might not have a crown but she was a Queen,

    We became friends as visiting orphanage was our routine,
    She felt a connection too but choose to pretend heartless,
    I fell for the beautiful soul who she hides within,

    She refused to accept her feelings as her past intervein,
    At teenage, they forced her to sell her flesh pushing her into darkness,
    She might not have a crown but she was a Queen,

    To love or not was the situation and she was stuck between
    I surrendered my feelings leaving her no choice but to confess,
    I fell for the beautiful soul who she hides within,

    Silly she was who thought her past matters for me to move her in,
    I accepted her as a wife with much more respect and pride as a beautiful soul deserve happiness,
    She might not have a crown but she is still my Queen,
    I fell for the beautiful soul who she hides within.

    #poem #firstattempt #villanelle #love #queen

    - Lucifer


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    She is a Queen


  • denchisss 29w


    A distance perhaps
    like a long road, and highways that you need cross by
    But it is the feelings do we have;
    a feeling that I cannot reach and wanted
    your heart that never been the same as i long for it.


  • wordsoftheetwilight 33w

    Mean Words

    What they say
    What they say


  • wordsoftheetwilight 54w


    Be grateful for the blessings around you,
    The lord has showered his grace indeed!
    The grace that is unconditional for humans.

    Yet, We bend towards Cruel & Cowardice,
    We,The utterly shameful and unfilial beings!

    The eyes and heart ,mirrors of Good
    Dwelled and reflected on evilness Instead!


  • gooddonewriter 76w

    A girl who could never write a line of poem
    Poem has become her lifeline
    Lifeline like a lover
    Lover thinks whole day about their beloved
    Beloved has been poem to me now forever.


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  • dedestined 84w

    My spouse ☺️

    Believer -
    In "forever"
    Won't let go of


  • moira_valleyofsilence 85w


    ‘Running across the woods like my life depended on it, I was unsure of where my feet were
    heading, but all I wanted was to go away from that horrible creature. A situation of flight or
    fight had occurred, but I wasn’t that strong to fight it, no one could, no one had the audacity to
    even stand in front of it for more than 30 seconds. So I made a run from it.
    I could still hear the howling sound, the sound that made shivers run down my spine. And those eyes, like molten gold that could scorch you entirely by just looking at them. I made no attempt to look back even
    though I was tempted to, but I was sure that it was following me. The thumping sound of its
    paws on the ground could be heard, crushing every little leaf and twig beneath them. Yes, it was
    coming fast, for its prey. Yes, I was the prey.

    The forest was dense and dark, and eerily quiet, with only the moonlight guiding my path. The
    only sound accompanying was of my heavy breathing and my unsteady feet. I was tired, every
    muscle in my body was screaming to stop, but I did not, for I knew if I did, I am dead. So I kept
    running. My vision was also clouded partly by my own fear. I could see a clearing to the road a
    few meters away. Before I could succeed, I heard a snarl right behind my back. I knew who it
    was, but I was rooted to the ground feeling shit scared. I made no movement, couldn’t scream
    nor could run anymore. Suddenly there was no sound of snarls or growls, but only the rustling of
    trees due to the heavy wind. I thought for once I may have been lucky and the monster must
    have decided to leave me alone, so I dared to turn around n look.

    What I saw, was nothing compared to any animal ever existing on this earth. I was stunned
    more than scared, to see what was in front of me. There he was, in his fearful glory, standing
    just a few steps ahead of me. The size of a big horse but form of a hound or wolf. But not any
    mountain wolf. His eyes slicing very inch of my skin staring at me. I thought this is my end, this is
    how I am gonna die. Mauled by a dog/wolf. I didn’t twitch a muscle and stayed completely still.
    The wolf snarled once more in a challenging tone, as if to remind me that if I run he will catch
    me in no time. I started trembling and unknowingly hot tears were running down my cheeks.

    Slowly the wolf crouched a little, appearing as if he was about to charge at me and tear me to
    pieces with its claws; or at least that’s what my mind was expecting. So I shut my eyes tightly
    and whispered “don’t hurt me”, for which I received another growl. He bared its teeth and there
    was some strange dangerous aura surrounding him, engulfing me. That’s when I screamed on
    top of my lungs callin for help while the wolf howled in excitement towards the full moon ....

  • krislyn 89w

    Life is hard

    Life is hard
    Life can crush you like shards
    It has a tendency to make you feel low
    Like you're worthless
    and many a times worth of nothing but a fist blow

    There's you
    And you are power
    You're more than what the world defines life
    You're capable of taking over
    And driving your "Life" into a starry night!

  • anonymous68 100w

    Hello everyone,it's my first attempt to write a motivational shayari. It would be really great if you could give some reviews about it.
    Thank you ☺️
    #firstattempt #firstshayari #mirakee #writersnetwork #motivation #hindin#urdu #nevergiveup #water #fire #carefree #pure #compassion @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    इन हवाओं से सीखा है मैंने बेबाक होना,
    झरनों के पानी से जाना है पाक होना,
    मै हार नहीं मानूंगी इस ज़िन्दगी की डगर में,
    क्यूंकि आग की लपटों से समझा है मैंने अशफ़ाक होना।

  • ruchi_m 111w

    हाय अब क्या होगा

    सारे चाइनीज ऐप में दुःख का माहौल। अब तक भारत में शासन जमाए बैठे टिक-टॉक ने देश निकाला की खबर सुनते ही आंँसू गिराने शुरू कर दिए। उसके बाकी के दोस्त जैसे शेयर इट, यूसी ब्राउज़र, क्लब फैक्ट्री, ब्यूटी प्लस आदि भी घोर सदमे में चले गए हैं। उन्हें न अब दिन की खबर है और ना रात की। उनके सारे रिश्तेदार उन्हें सांत्वना देने उनके घर पर पहुंच रहे हैं।
    ब्यूटी प्लस ऐप के जाने से कुछ भारतीय महिलाएंँ भी सदमे में हैं आखिर उनकी खूबसूरती का राज जो था। ऐसे ही थोड़े उन्हें फेसबुक की पोस्ट पर 100+ लाइक्स और कम से कम 50-60 टिप्पणियांँ मिल जाती थी। उनका अलग ही रोना है रे बाबा। ख़ैर,
    टिक-टॉक ने अपना बोरिया-बिस्तर बांँधना शुरू कर दिया है। "दिल है भारी सा, लगे किसी बीमारी सा" यही पंक्ति हर चाइनीज ऐप के मन में चल रही है। भय बस इस बात का है कि कहीं इनमें से किसी भी ऐप की मौत हृदयाघात से ना हो जाए। इन्हें सकुशल इनके देश "चीन" वापस पहुंचाने की व्यवस्था की जा चुकी है। हालांँकि, इनमें से कुछ ऐप्स में रोष एवम् आक्रोश की भी प्रवृत्ति देखी जा रही है। लेकिन अब कर ही क्या सकते हैं! वही बात है "खिसियानी बिल्ली, खंभा नोचे"।
    हम भारतवासियों की तरफ से एक ही गुजारिश है कि चीन एवम् उसके प्यारे-दुलारे ऐप्स अपना मानसिक संतुलन बनाए रखें वरना इसे खो देने से उनकी इससे भी बड़ी घोर बेइज्जती हो सकती है। हमारी ओर से बहुत बड़ी प्रसन्नता के साथ अलविदा।


  • incommunicado 116w

    अचानक ज़ोर से बिजली कड़कने की आवाज़ से मेरी नींद टूट गई ।
    शाम ढलने को थी या कहो की रात होने को थी , मेरी नींद का हाल भी कुछ ऐसा ही था, आँख तो खुल गई थी पर अब भी थोड़ी नींद बाक़ी थी । दोपहर में कुछ देर सुस्ताने लेटे थे कि आँख खुली तो दिन बीत चुका था ।

    हमेशा की तरह उठते ही सबसे पहले हाथ mobile टटोलने लगा , पर देखा तो मोबाइल बंद पड़ा था । शायद मेरी तरह थक कर थोड़ी देर सुस्ता रहा होगा । उसे नींद से जगाने के लिए भी बिजली के कड़कने की देर थी । मैंने दराज़ से charger निकाला mobile में लगाया और ये क्या घर पर तो बिजली ही नहीं थी । यह जानते ही मेरी बची हुई नींद भी उड़ गई ।

    Mobile ना जाने कब विलासिता से ज़रूरत हो गया,पता ही नहीं चला ।मोबाइल के बिना मानो हमारा जीवन अधूरा सा हो गया है।ख़ैर , अब बाहर जो तूफ़ान आया जो आया , इधर बिना बिजली मोबाइल के, जैसे घर में भी तूफ़ान आ गया था ।
    कुछ देर तक तो समझ ही नहीं आया कि अब करूँ क्या। थोड़ी देर mobile के पास बैठा रहा जैसे कोई मातम मना रहा था फिर सामने की बेरंग सी दीवार पर ख़याली चित्र बनाने लगा , जब उससे भी ऊब गया तो उठकर कमरे में टहलने लगा । टहलते टहलते थक गया तो फिर आकर बैठ गया , फिर बैठा बैठा थक गया तो सोचा लेट ही जाता हूँ , बची हुई नींद ही पूरी कर लूँ । पर नींद कहाँ आने वाली थी , जीवन में तूफ़ान जो आया था ।

    इन्हीं सब के बीच मन में एक ख़याल आया कि कुछ देर की मामूली सी अव्यवस्था ने मन को कितना विचलित कर दिया था ।जबकि, अगर ग़ौर कर कर सोचे तो ये तो कोई दिक़्क़त वाली बात थी भी नहीं। और यह तो बस एक वाक़या है , lockdown में इसी तरह की छोटी छोटी परेशानियों का रोना हम रोज़ रो रहें है । नए कपड़े ख़रीदे थे पुराने हो गये, ना जाने कब बाहर का खाना मिलेगा , कई दिन से पार्टी नहीं की , girlfriend से मिले महीनों हो गये , बाल बहुत बड़े हो गये , घर में मन नहीं लग रहा अब , ना जाने कब तक चलेगा ये lockdown ।

    शायद हमारे ऐश ओ आराम ने जीवन में दिक़्क़त की परिभाषा बहुत छोटी कर दी है । हमारी आँखों के सामने कई ऐसे कई लोग है जिनकी दिक़्क़तें सुन ने की क्षमता भी शायद हम खो चुके है । पहन ने के लिए कपड़े नहीं है; ना जाने कल खाना मिलेगा या नहीं; ना पैसे हैं ना कमाने का कोई ज़रिया है; कई दिन से पैदल चल रहें है ना जाने घर पहुँचेंगे या नहीं ; सुबह से शाम घर की चौखट तकते हैं कि आज किसी का भाई ,किसी की माँ, किसी की बहन ,किसी का पिता शायद घर लौट आएगा, और कई तो अब कभी लौटेंगे भी नहीं, ना जाने कब तक चलेगा ये lockdown। बाहर आया तूफ़ान घर से होता हुआ अब दिमाग़ तक जा पहुँचा था ।

    यह सोचते सोचते काफ़ी वक़्त बीत गया , और आश्चर्य की बात थी कि कब बिजली आयी पता भी नहीं चला ।मैंने तुरंत mobile on किया , सोचा दिनभर सोता रह गया तो दिनभर की खबर देख लू , एक news चैनल लगाया तो देखा headline चल रही थी कि जानिए मोदी जी आम कैसे खाते है । मन में ख़याल आया, बिजली ना ही आती तो बेहतर था ।

    अचानक ज़ोर से बिजली कड़की और मैं नींद से जाग गया ।


    #shortstory #firstattempt #mirakee #wakeup @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    अचानक ज़ोर से बिजली कड़की और मैं नींद से जाग गया ।

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  • sarithapillai 117w


    Ye woh Dost hai - Jinse judi mohabbat ko tum shabdo me sameth nahi Sakte.
    Ye woh Dost hai - Jo kitabo ke kahaniyon me nahi balki dil ke dahalij par paaye jaate hain.
    Ye woh Dost hai - Jo tumhari parchhai ki tarah har pal tumhare sath hote hain, aur
    Ye woh Dost hai - Jo durr rahkar bhi tumhare sath rahte hain.
    Haan, ye wahi Dost hai - Jo dil ke har ruh me samaaye gaye hai, jisse shabdon ke sahare samjhaya nahi jaa sakte....


  • bearded_wanderer311 122w

    Dark World

    The World around me was dark and cruel,
    I tried to walk away from it hiding my Scars,
    To be Happy in My own Dream world,
    To be Colourful and Joyful Like the Dress I wore,
    But Like I said the World was Dark and Cruel,
    All they Said Was My Shoe was Black and Dark.


  • elzabe 130w


    We are enough you once said
    Do you grasp the lie?
    as you leave?

  • karunaaaa 130w


    It's always the moon,
    who had been always with me in the darkness giving the light and hope,

    And disappeared by giving the strength
    in a bright days,
    Yet ,again moon will be there for me in my darkness


  • penlanguage 130w


    Tu mera vo pal hai
    Jis pal ka mujhe har pal intzaar reheta hai

    Msg kisi ka bhi aaye mujhe tera hi ahesaas hota hai
    Koi ho na ho sath mere pr mera dimag tujhe mere sapno me sath leke sota hai

  • penlanguage 130w


    I don't know how and why...
    But I have seen a slight difference in talking to a person face to face...
    And talking to the same person online

  • penlanguage 131w


    Hum sab log naa jane kese hote jaa rahe hai aapno ko chodke jo , aapne liye pyaar bahar ke logo me talashte hai

    Toh isse aacha yehi hai ki aap aapne aap se pyaar krein or aapne maa baap ko pyaar karein jo aapko tarashte hai