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    And the 50th post ��
    More related to the work I do :)

    The Farakka story in brief

    Farrakka barrage was built on the river Ganga in 1975 at Farakka near Murshidabad to make our lives easier. On the contrary, over the decades the dam has emerged as a hell for thousands of people and animals dependent on Ganga. It is blamed for devastating floods in the upstream Bihar and for increased salination downstream near Sundarbans due to reduced freshwater leading crop loss in West Bengal and neighbouring Bangladesh. Hilsa (ilish), the much loved fish, lives in ocean but swims upstream along Ganga to breed. Earlier found till Allahabad (Prayagraj), Farrakka barrage has restricted their movement and their ecology. In short, Farrakka barrage is but a huge mass of environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic trouble.

    All this and we still barge ahead to build more dams
    It is an attempt to capture the problem in Hindi

    @hindiwriters @hindipoetry @writersnetwork

    #environment #fish #farmers #fisherman #fishing #dam #destruction #floods #ganga #water #river #bihar #bengal #hindi #illish

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    और कितने फरक्का?

    गंगा तो फिर भी मैली ठहरी,
    गाद कहाँ रोकी जाए रे,
    हर ठौर ठेलती इठलाती थी,
    अब हर रोके तबाही मचाये रे।

    तरकारी सूखी, झोल भी फीका,
    जाला खाली, सुस्त है नौका,
    मुर्शिदाबाद पार अब,
    इलिश कहा आये रे।

    यहाँ बस्ती कटती, गांव सैलाबी,
    वहाँ घूट घूट में खारा पानी,
    फसल भी घुट घुट जाये रे,
    मुआवजों पीछे गई जवानी, हाय रे!

    गंगा तोरी मैली ठहरी,
    गाद भरी क्या तेरी सोच भी रे?
    और कितनी नदियाँ कतरनी बाकी रे,
    अब और कितने फरक्का बाकी रे?


  • porcupine 14w

    Koi fish pond

    I can see orange and white Koi
    Over there in the pond swimming
    Together many girls and boys
    In the water is where they're living

  • madinah_writes 16w

    This poem talks about people, wishing to be in another country, finding better posture and forgetting their hometown instead of appreciating what they have. The bird represents life, rain represents unexpected help we get in difficult situations.

    Sometimes, our wish to get back home is always a narrow escape from the hands of death.

    #travel #bird #fish #death #life #journey #lifejourney #miraquill #fall #today #pod #wod #writersbay #writersnetwork #writerscommunity

    12: 14 p.m.

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    The Fish And It's Wish

    I wander in this loneliness like a fish,
    Flying in the depts of it's sea-like sky.
    As it flows to make a wish,
    To get outside, to fly.

    Wishing to be a bird,
    It peeps a little, a little higher.
    Just then, a bird eats it's head,
    It's breathe cuts, a little shorter.

    Nature sings, death calls.
    Life swings, and it falls.
    Almost eaten by the bird.
    The tree bows, shooting arrows,
    Rain pools, then it fled.
    Leaving the fish in a lake, so narrow.
    The fish again made a wish.
    To be home, not as someone's dish.

    Stretching for it's life;
    Tossing it's head to make another breathe.
    Along side the glance of the ocean, it strive.
    But scared if it was the sky, laying wide and blue, or the sea.
    Lost in the travel of life is the fish.
    Wanting to make a wish.

  • _n_khan_ 21w

    No expectations
    No desire
    No want
    Just go with the flow...


  • shaabie 24w

    I always struggle to write on oceans and seas. So why not start with writing about not being able to write about oceans?

    #hindi #ocean #sea #hindiwriters @hindiwriters #fish #fisherman #crab #birds #shell #waves #poem #pod #writersnetwork #hindiurdu #river #kavita #sher

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    अब तलक

    कल कलाती नदियाँ निकली कितनी सारी अब तलक,
    निकला नहीं कोई समंदर इस कलम से अब तलक।

    रेती रेती करते करते सब रेती को ही मिल गए,
    वही बंद एक सीपी थी, देखा नहीं किसी ने अब तलक।

    भोर के सुनहरी राहों में डूबे या मछली पकड़े मछुआरा,
    फ़लसफ़े पकड़ने से भला पेट भरा किसी ने अब तलक?

    भरती लहरें, झुलसाती रेत, ऊपर से चील की आँखें तेज़,
    बीच ज़मीन केकड़े मुहाजिर, कैसे खैर मनाये अब तलक?

    वो कैद आवाज़ शंख है 'शाबी', लहरें तो आज़ाद होती है,
    लहरे बटोरे ऐसा कोई पैदा हुआ न इस ज़मीं पे अब तलक।

    - शाबी

  • questioning_life 33w

    What once was sweet now tastes bitter in a twisted turn of fate.
    The green of nature became the green of gruelling sickness in this summer late.
    A lake of flying fishes and swimming swans were coloured in a horrendous haze.
    The uprooted trees of trying times lying in the cold heat of the sun's gaze.


  • rahul_govindan 36w

    Under the shades of pacifying green,
    The woods arranging themselves to their convenience,
    Relishing the droplets of their liberty, which
    Multifarious souls are yearning for.

    A mystical zephyr along the meager space,
    Metamorphosed the animality.
    A new dawn, brand-new regulations & shades
    Inhabited the minds and arena.

    The pelvic fin of the fish elongated,
    Mighty boughs of the rich brown trees,
    Established a throne for the petite sea creature,
    Where he perched with the sceptre.

    Snakes and spiders, baneful as humans,
    Creeped underneath, poisoning the pond.
    The nanoscopic ants and worms grew big,
    For the very first time, world seems to be tiny to them.

    Lion, the preceding king of the wilderness,
    Grew wings and tapered limbs.
    The echoes of its roar frightened the skies,
    Shattering the pitch black imprints.

    The tweets of the birds were now a clamour,
    Monkeys swang along the rims of cloud and
    The hefty elephants transformed into climbers,
    Tusks are now a succulent radish.

    In an undying woodland, he will remain the baron,
    Until he takes a sip of this viperous water.
    Transformation is inevitable in an abiding orb,
    Known for its unsolved riddles.

    © G Rahul

    BG Credits : To my very own soul.


    #transform #wod
    #jungle #pets #king #lion #fish #human
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    Thanks WN for the ❤️ and repost ⭐

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  • _desaiagraja 43w


    I always wanted to experience what it is like to breath inside water...
    The rule is simple strap the tank on your back and just BREATH
    In first go you feel your every single breath and then you adapt to it.
    The feeling of breathing inside water is incredible..and then the world inside water is what I can't get over till date.
    It is all colourful and mesmerising in there.
    I did scubadive at Dwarka, gujrat for the first time and that makes me more prouder..
    And the experience is what you can't discribe in words.. I was literally smiling in the sea while I watched the plants and fish and corals...
    I walked 40ft inside the sea on the sand...
    And it was experience like never before, the happiness was out of the world...
    I didn't wanted to come out.. I wanted to keep diving. But it was beautiful and best feeling.
    As the say, Ocean is pretty itself on the surface, but dive down the depth of ocean, you will find beauty most people never see..
    And the sunset in the boat after the dive.. isn't it a cherry on the cake!!!!

  • lucifer_says 44w

    And a 'Fuck You' goes to everyone who took advantage of my Kindness


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 45w

    A Life Underwater

    She was a fish,
    And I was a reef,
    I would keep her safe,
    And dance to her joy,
    Seeing her happy,
    Made my life worthy.


  • kauthar 48w

    Shhh! Fish hunt on

    I saw a fisherman on his boat
    First angling...a fail
    He took a deep breath in tension
    Visible...was his frustration

    I saw a fisherman on his boat
    Second angling...still a fail
    He palmed his hand in aggression
    Visible...was his desperation

    I saw a fisherman on his boat
    Third angling...a success
    He just smiled in suppression
    Visible...was his repression

  • halonadreamer 49w

    If I were a fish in ocean , i swim deep into ocean to escape from the land...


  • deepflowsoul 50w

    I find peace knowing we came from fish.
    Interviewer: well that's just outlandish!
    Me: well think about it. We came from fish.
    We are conscious beings that started with
    Slimey cylinders curious about land.
    We are damn lucky we can even understand!
    Interviewer: Well of course we can we are superior.
    Me: HAH! No we're not just like them,
    Any moment we can be struck by a meteor.
    Interviewer: well aren't you an optimistic one.
    Me: I'm just grateful to not be done,
    We are given this wonderful gift,
    And sometime we have to learn
    We only have one that can and will shift.

    To calm myself I remember how small we are, and how lucky we are to even have consciousness.

    #philosphy #philisophical #humans #Earth #love #grateful #shift #hope #humble #peace #fish #origins #understand #peace #small #conscious #curious

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  • hk55555 50w


    I am living in human world
    As I truly belong to animal kingdom
    I have animal soul inside & mere human shell outside
    World of human is illusion of happiness & useless rules
    They want fish to climb & jump at the same time
    Every person is walking death in this concrete world
    My qualities of animals made me loyal to this false world
    I am like panda little bit lazy
    I am like monkey full of crazy energy
    I am like bull punish you if hit my nerves
    I am like wolf taking care of my packs
    I am like duck full of love in my heart
    I am like a penguin follow real rule of world & keep everything in order
    I am like a lion full of courage to stand up against wrong
    I am like a snake poisoned you to death
    If you try to play with my heart
    I am living in human world with soul of animals
    As I truly belong to animal kingdom

  • seaweed 52w


    You stood by the Ganges and dipped your hands in the water. I saw it swimming in your hands, hope, that was a tiny blue fish. You told me to watch it until you were back.


  • silent_killer2111 57w


    If I were a mermaid,
    I would love to explore humans,
    Their habits, their way of thinking, their world.
    If I were mermaid,
    I would love to play with jelly fishes all day.
    If I were mermaid,
    I would love to explore dreamfishes.
    If I were mermaid,
    I would love to make friends.

  • seaweed 57w


    Fish out of water,
    in unfamiliar terrains.
    I die everyday.


  • james_taumas 59w

    Sea life

    Into the big wet
    Beneath sea waves
    Wrapped in life support
    Breath bubbles
    Turquoise vision
    Further down I go
    Marine life abundant
    Technicolor in stereo
    Just a visitor.


  • mmbftd 60w

    Winter(or notes on a Fish)

    It was winter
    When I stopped sleeping.
    A switch
    A change in my body
    Kept my mind racing
    Magnetic waves
    Strewn about from our sun
    Reached me
    Without my notice
    Without an announcement
    And so here I was
    Upright in the dark room
    Listening to the sounds of night
    Fishtank bubbles
    In their patterns
    And then none at all
    The fish himself
    Who liked to jump at night
    And splash through the surface
    With such force.
    He is a fast fish
    Bright yellow
    With faint black stripes
    Vertical on his strong body
    That darken when he gets
    I've had this fish; Coupe
    Since he was tiny like my thumb
    And a bright flash
    Of electric blue
    He was so beautiful and small
    But always alert
    And friendly
    To me at least.
    He ate every other fish
    He was ever housed with-
    Even his sisters.
    A brother and a Chinese Algae
    eater, a Plecostemus, an aquatic frog, assorted snails, two goldfish, and probably a few others I can no longer recall.
    Trust me when I say, this fish wants to be alone!
    He was so aggressive that once we thought we'd put him outside in our tiny pond to live free and have the chance to swim with bigger fish. Our once tiny goldfish, purchased as food for our Red-Eared Slider Turtle, had grown into 8 year old giant and beautiful want-to-be Koi.
    When I gently set Coupe down into the pond so he could get adjusted to his new freedom, he would not swim away from me. He stayed at my side, me with my hand in the water for his comfort.
    And he refused to go. In the end my heart was breaking that I had put him in the pond. I sat there petting this beautiful yellow bully of a fish and was in wonderment that he seemed to enjoy this.
    I brought him back inside and returned him to his tank. That was years ago, and I can't remember how many years we have been together now? Seems like at least 5. I talk to him every day, sing to him, kiss him through the glass, wave from across the room, and feed him. I look forward to seeing him each morning and have grown accustomed to his splashy night sounds.
    He builds elaborate nests of gravel, moving each pebble in his mouth and spitting it out with all the precision of an architect. There are vast hills and valleys in there, and ever few months he rearranges it all again. Recently he pulled part of the filter tube off ( it is about his size, 5inches) and pulled it to the bottom of the tank, into his nest, where he sleeps with it next to him. He confounds me. Is he lonely? Or not?
    Well, I am lonely, and he makes me less lonely, so there's that.
    I have such compassion for this fish. For all fish. I've always loved fish but he is the first I call my friend.
    Ah, and now here is daylight in through my window. Night has gone, and I see the yellow flash of Coupe waking up. A gleam of quick -yellow zipping and zapping about. His day begins. I wave. He looks, straight on at me, staying still but for the gently wagging of his tail to suspend him. We aknowledge one and other.
    And so it goes. An old woman and her solitary fish. A tale of two creatures co-existing. He is an African Cichlid fish, for those who got this far reading me random babblings on my precious Coupe. May you meet and befriend s fish someday. It can absolutely happen. I wish you well!

  • quotescribe 61w


    मछली जाल में फंसती नहीं ।
    वो कुर्बान हो जाती है।।
    इश्क किसी को डुबोता नहीं ।
    हर शह मिटने को तैयार हो जाती है।।