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    And the 50th post ��
    More related to the work I do :)

    The Farakka story in brief

    Farrakka barrage was built on the river Ganga in 1975 at Farakka near Murshidabad to make our lives easier. On the contrary, over the decades the dam has emerged as hell for thousands of people and animals dependent on Ganga. It is blamed for devastating floods in the upstream Bihar and for increased salination downstream near Sundarbans due to reduced freshwater, leading to crop loss in West Bengal and neighbouring Bangladesh. Hilsa (ilish), the much loved fish, lives in ocean but swims upstream along Ganga to breed. Earlier found till Allahabad (Prayagraj), Farrakka barrage has restricted its upstream movement and messed up its ecology. In short, Farrakka barrage is but a huge concrete mass of environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic trouble.

    All this and we still barge ahead to build more dams
    This is an attempt to capture all this in Hindi

    @hindiwriters @hindipoetry @writersnetwork

    #environment #fish #farmers #fisherman #fishing #dam #destruction #floods #ganga #water #river #bihar #bengal #hindi #illish #nature #pod #hindiwriters

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    और कितने फरक्का?

    गंगा तो फिर भी मैली ठहरी,
    गाद कहाँ रोकी जाए रे,
    हर ठौर ठेलती इठलाती थी,
    अब हर रोके तबाही मचाये रे।

    तरकारी सूखी, झोल भी फीका,
    जाला खाली, सुस्त है नौका,
    मुर्शिदाबाद पार अब,
    इलिश कहा आये रे।

    यहाँ बस्ती कटती, गांव सैलाबी,
    वहाँ घूट घूट में खारा पानी,
    फसल भी घुट घुट जाये रे,
    मुआवजों पीछे गई जवानी, हाय रे!

    गंगा तोरी मैली ठहरी,
    गाद भरी क्या तेरी सोच भी रे?
    और कितनी नदियाँ कतरनी बाकी रे,
    अब और कितने फरक्का बाकी रे?


  • lunarwolf 37w

    Hope this makes sense


    I take my lure of thought and cast it into the waters of the cosmos. There I can wait on a bite of truth or maybe knowledge will nibble at it. As I sit on the banks of philosophy. My eyes venture up to the blue skies of time while the winds of nostalgia touch upon my skin. Peace and happiness sits down right beside me as they lay their head to accompany my shoulder. I found the moment I been searching for. The moment of pure joy. As the waters of the cosmos waves from the pressure of life. I wait. I wait for that bite of enlightenment. The fight it will put up will be extraordinary but I'm ready. Every fish of pain has led to this very spot. So here is where I will hope to find it. My faith and experience won't let me down as I sit upon the shores of life. I fish for what I search for. Myself


    "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." ‐Henry David Thoreau
    #marquill #writersnetwork #fishing #thinking

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    I sit upon the fabrics of time while my lure of thoughts present itself to the dark depths of self in the waters of the cosmos

  • fizahfiz_ 39w

    It's too much of a beautiful night to be strong at our fishing rods. We should also admire the rocks, the water, and the moon.

    #activity #fishing #wod #pod #moon #life #reality #hobby
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I've been fishing near this river all day long,
    But all I've caught is a minnow before calling it quits,
    Although I feel bitter, I should let it go,
    it's not easy to catch a big fish.

    Rig your fishing line and look up at the moon,
    The night has already befallen, I hear n owl's hoot,
    I'm still wide awake, so I shall stay here for a while.


  • loftydreams101 43w

    The Island in the Morning Mist

    Stillness at the break of day
    From the cool and coarse sand
    A line is cast
    And time unwinds
    Strangers weave into the soul
    In colorful flocks
    Their melodies preach of distant shores
    On the verge of darkness
    Adrift in the blue
    Stray fragments of the world
    Piece together at last
    Is it only a dream
    An apparition from the shapeless past
    Or the open arms of fate?

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • lunarwolf 46w

    Old poem I written about bass fishing in the spring.

    Wind blows upon the water like a lover
    as the sky uses the water as a mirror
    clouds are on vacation
    while Spring actually shows her presence
    the water ripples with life
    while mimicry is what I seek after throwing my line
    trying to trick a creature that what I have is not a lie

    The water gains goosebumps as the wind caresses
    frogs cry out to their crushes
    this warm day has gained the love of every creature
    yet I'm stricken with passion
    just hoping today I'll be doing some catching

    One sassy girl with attitude galore
    chasing little fish to make her meal
    while the day is so serene and peaceful
    I drop a line right at her front door
    she's furious at the intrusion so she swims near
    to be tricked by what she thought had appeared

    The water becomes at peace once again
    finally a cloud made its appearance
    the sky is an ocean of beauty
    I smile while I handle her beauty
    I let her go after the struggle
    then I'm off to experience a new lesson
    all on this day that was perfect for fishing

    #marquill #writersnetwork #wod #imagery #fishing

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    Fishing Day

    I caught that fish with all my wits yet I'm still looking for a bigger fish

  • kauthar 66w

    Shhh! Fish hunt on

    I saw a fisherman on his boat
    First angling...a fail
    He took a deep breath in tension
    Visible...was his frustration

    I saw a fisherman on his boat
    Second angling...still a fail
    He palmed his hand in aggression
    Visible...was his desperation

    I saw a fisherman on his boat
    Third angling...a success
    He just smiled in suppression
    Visible...was his repression

  • photographic 67w

    Taking pictures is like fishing
    or writing. It's getting out of
    the unknown that which resists
    and refuses to come to light.

    - Jean Gaumy

  • james_taumas 84w


    Nature holds her breath
    The lake placid
    Line and tension tightens
    A bite
    Adrenaline dials up
    Excitement seeps in
    A battle begins
    Aquatic versus human
    Tug of war
    Patience wins
    Loser released.


  • muzamilamin 102w


    There were some pieces of living matter and my toes crashed by them. They're flowing inside... A place where toes feel the walk without seeing image like a human lost his essence in world.
    Sheltered folks call us wanderer of piece but the south truly rock knows the thoughts of mind. Perpetual occasions of hope finding the glimpse of real beauty of nature..

  • temptedmoon 133w

    The Fisherman

    Wrinkled hands peacefully cast a line.


  • tazmanian_angel 140w

    Since moving to the north west part of the United States with my husband a little over a year ago, we have been the butt of jokes and criticism due to our southern accents and so called slang. Although we weren’t aware of how “we sound” given the fact that we lived in Texas our whole lives, I’ve decided to use the frustration as motivation . Besides, I refuse to let anything cause me to neglect my passions or my creativity. ❤️
    #poem #poetry #south #southern #Texas #texasproud #texan #fiery #loving #redneck #manners #rugged #tomboy #friendly #friendlystate #football #drinking #cooking #joy #bullies #patience #traffic #hurricanes #havoc #food #men #women #southernwomen #southernmen #accents #ladies #gentlemen #barbecue #fishing #tents #cars #affection #shoot #guns #courtesy #commoncourtesy #streetwise #enemies #allies #liquor #strong #tea #sweettea #heat #Cartier #cabernet #wine #sheltered #ivyleague #hardknocks

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    Southern Sass

    We come from the south
    We’re Texans and proud
    We’re fiery but loving
    And sometimes we’re loud

    You say “dumb southern rednecks”
    I say “at least we have manners”
    We’re seductively rugged
    Tomboys and enchanters

    We’re mostly all friendly
    But can dish out a whoopin’
    At football and drinkin’ and more...
    Even cookin’

    In the south, if you break down
    We’ll offer you rides
    If you’re lost or you’re new
    We’re your joyful tour guides

    We don’t stand by for bullies
    We have patience in traffic
    When hurricanes come
    We lend hands through the havoc

    We’re big fans of carbs
    And foods that are greasy
    Our women are hot
    But don’t mistake us for easy

    Your guys love our accents
    Your gals love our gents
    We rule barbecues, fishing and
    putting up tents

    Southern women know cars
    Southern men show affection
    We may know how to shoot
    But don’t need guns for protection

    Our courtesy’s common
    And we grew up street wise
    We can be your worst enemies
    Or your go-to allies

    We prefer liquor quite strong
    And our tea very sweet
    In the south we don’t cry
    “I’ll just die in this heat!”

    Don’t let this all fool you
    We like things you call fine
    Like Cartier town-cars
    And Cabernet wine

    Sheltered folks call us stupid
    But the south truly rocks
    You went to Ivy League college
    Well... we went to hard knocks

  • jonathanhunter 148w


    I spy with an attentive eye
    The calm cool river flowing by,

    Fish are jumping, birds sail high
    All are seen within my sight,

    I smell the salt, the sea, the sand
    I smell relief and it is grand,

    I feel the sun, I feel the wind
    I feel no pain where once I did,

    I hear no voices, only bees
    Only the forest, only the seas,

    This place I've found I'll never show
    You'll never see, you'll never know


  • shaunconlane_ 149w

    My Escape - As I cast a line

    With the wind on my face as the sun begins to rise there’s no perfect place it’s just that anticipation, todays potential catch that fulfilling wonder, accomplishment the element of surprise.

    That distinct salt air the aroma and taste it provides, A calmness an overwhelming feeling of tranquility, a tranced fixation an unbreakable focus willing it to nod not daring to miss that bite a desire to exclaim fish on so I can test my might, my knowledge my ability, that injection of adrenaline it can’t be easily explained it can never be replaced it’s my buzz it’s a love that I continue to chase.

    White horses charging in upon me so thunderous as they arrive, So effortlessly absorbed and broken by the shingle that noise and vibration to which I marvel, The wish I could capture it all somehow as that surf draws away that unsolicited explosiveness it’s exuberance has such an enchanting effect it’s one that all must experience.

    Time to think, process thoughts and worries without any hinderance, doubts and problems drift away to become a distinct clarity, completely immersed in a new reality of where there is no existence for judgement, anxiety or pain but life becomes so easy like almost everything just drifts away replaced with love, passion and hilarity it’s a completely acceptable kind of ignorance.

    Some will simply never understand the escape of which I seem to find. It’s quite unexplainable an almost perfect moment captured in time. It’s the combination of both the Moon and Tide which provides this shelter where from the rest of the world I can hide. It’s simplicity so effortless in which i find my emotional high and gives me no boundaries no limits on my thoughts and desires I find compassion, loyalty and self worth it’s my escape that allows me to transpire.


  • dbelles_writes 152w

    Lough Eels

    The May flies are out,
    they stick to my hair,
    get caught in my mouth.
    I’m better off eating them
    than spitting them out,
    but, I’m having Lough eels
    for tea tonight.

    A quota of cousins waterborne,
    bunch tight together,
    bare toes touching,
    eight small hands on oars
    paddling stealthily
    from adult voices
    on distant shores.

    Wet palms weaken
    grip, who will slip in
    mischief-making glee,
    feign drowning in
    Lough Neagh?
    Children are slippery
    creatures, like eels.


  • thewordofgabriel 163w

    A Spring Swim

    Your breath is art
    Your pulse draws lines
    In the sand
    Gives vibrations
    To the world
    Sounds of life
    Drawn blood
    Paint cans filled
    By the pint
    For us to brush
    And stroke
    And create
    New sights
    Sweat and tears
    Salty coastlines
    Plenty of fish
    Swimming in sea
    Waiting patiently for
    The right hook
    To catch me


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  • rickey 167w


    I'm sitting here wishing I was fishing.
    Fishing for crappie would make me very happy,
    To catch catfish would also fulfill that wish.

    To feel the tug on my line,
    Of a good fighting bass now that would be fine.
    To fight it all the way to the end.

    Oh, the memories I have made fishing on boat and on shore,
    Being with those I love and adore.
    Now it is time to take the next generation,
    To make memories with them.

  • ic97531 170w


    Reaching for you was just like fishing. I was the fisherman, and you were the fish. I was waiting for you to bite the bait. But when you did, you pulled it stronger than I could. Till the string reached its limit, could no longer stretch to the depth you swam. Now all what's left of me is a broken rod.


  • lj_brodigan 171w

    The Slimy Eel

    What would cause the Lord to make,
    Something lower than a snake?
    Whose slimy stink's almost unreal,
    What vexed him so to make an eel?

    I am surprised that people eat,
    Such a rancid choose of meat.
    Who is starved enough to feel,
    The need to eat the slimy eel?

    I truly hate to fish them out,
    They writhe and squirm and thrash about,
    They foul your rod and foul your reel,
    Theres nothing worse than slimy eel.

    Even dead they squirm and writhe,
    They don't look very un-alive.
    Even cats find no appeal,
    And turn their backs on slimy eel.

  • liamthorpie18 180w

    On the bank with grandad pirate

    I will never forget the times on the bank with you. Your silly humour and your

    nutty laugh really brightened my day. Even if I hadn't caught, time spent with 

    you was time well spent. We would arrive at the lake and you would always 

    call the corner swim, but never catch anything. The mornings were always

    funny, you would swear you caught a fish, but your net was always dry so we 

    knew you was talking rubbish. You always wanted a big carp it wasn’t hard to 

    see, and I will never forget that moment when you caught your 23, the hug 

    was amazing and I’m sure dad would agree. I will never forget the time, when 

    we all slept among the stars and me and dad covered you in branches and 

    leaves, you woke up and shouted ‘’has the tree fell on me’’. Yes the banter 

    was great and I miss it a lot who’s going to take the throne as the king of 

    bream now your gone. It's going to be hard, on the bank without you I'm going 

    to miss the morning coffees your grin your voice your company to, the funny 

    lies that we knew weren’t true, but we let it go because it was you. See you 

    soon I'm watching the moon forever thinking of you, sleep tight wait for a bite 

    I love you.