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  • kingdomdelight 13w

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    Oh Lord,

    How I glorify thee
    For not giving us
    a dreadful spirit of fear
    And if we feel,
    the spirit of fear
    comin' like a devourin'
    hades lion near
    we can rebuke it,
    in Jesus mighty name!
    So precious and forever dear!
    The father of lies has to flee
    Jesus blood, the written Word, he totally fears!
    Holdin' the Lord's hand tight
    will not cause me
    to ever fear
    For it's the Lord's fight
    when I held Him dear
    The truth in my heart,
    God art forever near
    But the only fear,
    the fear of the livin' God
    not to fearfully tremble,
    but to know He is the livin' God!
    The fear not quenchin, the Holy Spirit, so dear
    but to be kept as the apple of His eye!


  • firozikalam 15w

    Hold me tight

    Hold me tight .....
    Count on me ...
    I will be there like feather carried by air ...
    People say ...I dont care ...
    I wish they could convience me ...
    Hold me tight ....
    Count on me
    I will fix everything
    Once I fix myself


  • slaughtered_heart 19w

    Love a broken heart at your own risk,
    You will either fix it or break yours...


  • meline18_hk 22w

    Sometimes it isn't about fixing but moving on and walking away from what's broken.


  • ishi0116 22w

    #my daily quotes
    #fix to be beautiful

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    Fixing relationship..❣️

    Sometimes in relationship there are complications and suffering but at the end all it need is someone who can say to fix it and making new memories ...❤️

  • lostsoul73 23w


    My marriage is broken
    I have tried for years to fix it
    Nothing I've done worked.
    It was a job for two people
    But me being alone
    It only got worse over the years
    There is no trust now
    This marriage will never work again.

  • magical_poems 23w

    ~ My Confused Heart ~

    Oh my heart is out of place
    Torn between amusement and worry
    Between passion and career
    And still you left me with just a SORRY?

    Earlier a garden of laughter
    Now graveyard of memories
    Cracked, destroyed, perished
    But now am trying to fix my treasuries

    Strands of love holding the pieces
    Trying to fix them out
    Giving them the shape they once were
    Renewing it's lookout

    Stitch it, mend it, renovate it
    Refresh it, oh someone please
    My heart has lost its way
    Bring it on path with a lovely breeze......

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    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • daunting_phoenix 23w

    #fix#rhymingdec lame, I knw.


    Sade: weary

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    Fixing a broken winter

    The nights stretch,
    And the colours fade;
    Snowflakes etch
    The ground with sade. 

    Familiarity lost,
    It's dark and cold.
    The smiles cost; 
    Brought when loneliness is sold. 

    Paint the snow in hues of warmth,
    Knit a sweater for the storm,
    Lend a hand to the star of north,
    No frozen feelings and it'll all be warm. 


  • muskaanbhatt 23w

    A bit late post��

    So, I just tried

    I have nothing which is broken and needs to get fixed, but I still wrote positive lines.
    Wrote it quickly quickly and now I am sharing, a bit late, as because Sundays are always full of busy things��

    From those coffee cups to expensive dinnersets, nothing ever fall from my hand and nothing ever breaks, I have a record��

    From those crayons to these pencil nibs, literally this stuff never got damaged in my hands��

    From laptops to cell phones, these things fall from my hands but never ever breaks, be that they fall from a tall height or just normally by hands, they never break neither I care for these things not like I will break and can get another but I don't care after these means I never wipe them never keep them (saj sawar kai types)��

    From wardrobe to every asset, I keep everything well maintained , new and keep them as I have bought it right now��

    I appreciate my every little thing, and there's no limit of thinking how much I value and appreciate my love relation, that bond, his heart and him, and only he can answer this and the Lord itself ❤��

    #pod #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #fix

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    My Nothing Needs Fixation

    I have nothing which is broken
    Everything is so perfectly woven

    The heart relation to blood relations
    Every bond delineates the close depth like a deep ocean

    Nobody ever break my sweet little heart
    As my soul is so ethical,and to my loved one I am a full fine art

    From small promises to some big oaths
    I never break my pledges,and never gets distracted from my paths


  • wilmaneels1 23w

    They say we are all a little broken
    That we need fixing
    If that is true
    Then maybe my broken will never talk the same talk yours do
    Your walk will never be my walk
    With everything in life
    What needs fixing is not the same

    So when I say I am broken in my broken places
    I acknowledge that somehow life has knocked me around a few times
    I got a little bruise here and there
    But I can never blame others for my scars
    Especially when they are invisible
    So you work through it
    Go down some roads you never thought you would
    Because acknowledgement is your starting point
    Denial is delaying
    Yet; not everyone want to hear the words that they are broken
    I am flawed, never perfect but always loved

  • 11maria 23w


    liquid silver lines of water,
    Sometimes blending in black Mascara
    Abiding flow, one might call it my aura.
    Lower eyelids, where they belongs
    Stays for a while, sometimes leaves
    Half of them are falling down
    Rest in front of iris are gathered around.
    Firmly the drops stopped falling
    Tears should fall altogether
    Not they shalt be Few
    Broken tears now Are United
    In the Eyes Forming a Dew!

  • aqdas_m 23w

    That boy in yellow raincoat

    Standing strangled in his own miseries
    At a corner with rain pouring on him
    That boy in yellow raincoat
    Reminds me of myself from the past.

    His eyes were immobile, so was his body
    As if he was standing in the middle of a labyrinth
    Waiting for someone to rescue
    But no, no one is there except him.

    There were people around including me
    Watching silently, yet we didn't bother
    About that boy in yellow raincoat
    Except for the attractive colour on him.

    May be we had our own miseries surrounded
    May be we were all getting late
    To go somewhere or nowhere, actually
    But that boy stood still as if he had time.

    As if he owns his time, he owns no explanation
    To be late or to be standing in the endless rain
    I stood still too, watching him, reminding myself
    About the boy I was in my past, confused, afraid.

    But then suddenly out of nowhere he looked up
    Towards me in my eyes, as if he recognised me
    Like a loop between the past and the present
    And that smile came from him, a big smile.

    Smile that shook me from inside
    Made me understand that "no matter how hard
    The life is, no matter how empty you are within,
    All is going to be alright one day".

    That boy, that little boy standing around the corner
    Gave me the best message of my life.
    And here I am writing this all on a paper
    That would turn "Yellow" one day!


  • jai 23w

    I said that , I messed up badly !
    She came closely, comb my hair gently!
    Asked me to look at mirror
    & She said "it's okay , I here to FIX it" !

  • kanikachugh 23w

    Fix it.
    The splintered intentions,
    baritone whining,
    saggy identity,
    and vinegar promises.

    Fix the swollen patterns
    that doesn't make your blood rush,
    that doesn't help make dream-tornadoes,
    that doesn't let your heart ripe.

    Fix it all,
    your happy star and rescue soundtrack
    and live.


  • stubborn_bull_7 23w

    By ravishment he took away her dignity,
    Not because she kept her honour in her cunt,
    But because she was never given the choice,
    She was not asked for her consent,
    It applies everywhere,
    In whatever genre of relationship you share,
    The horror of defeat in ways more painful than death,
    Causes her courage to tremble every single day,
    It's never easy,
    Time only heals pain,
    It can ne'er mend the cracks,
    It's hollow even to say you forget eventually,
    Nobody forgets the death of their soul,
    The trauma of harassment is more dangerous when fear arrives ,
    To tell you it might come again and you will be equally helpless,
    Because the one person who you happen to trust has withered your soul to eternity;

  • i_faha 23w

    Weekends are hectic
    work in progress.

    (Day 19)

    #writersnetwork #mirakee#miraquill #fix #wod #31posts

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    (Day 19)

    The world will often refuse to believe in you. That's not the real problem until you believe them too.

    The world will hurt in places you can't always reveal,
    the real problem is when you never think, only feel.

    The world will even break you and forget to fix,
    what an opportunity to redesign yourself with the broken bricks.


  • sumana_chakraborty 23w

    #pod #fix #broken #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you so much for the kind repost @writersnetwork ❤️��

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    My drafts are empty today
    Lines are long not written
    Though something I try to scribble
    But they are all in vain.

    Why life seems so dissonant
    When loved ones are no more
    Plethora of words still gather
    In an attempt to form
    a pulchritudinous row .
    Though ...
    Pen sways earnestly
    in search of gilded metaphors.

    My heart is not broken today
    Neither it's in mirth
    When slowly and steadily
    It's realizing life's so unpredictable.

    One day we all have to leave
    We all are guests for a while
    Nothing to fix here
    Our fate is very well destined.

    Rotating in times of wheel
    We're all giggling and smiling
    Once it stops midway
    There's no scope to rewind.

  • meenalochani 23w


    Once,I owned a beautiful mirror,
    It always portrayed me as charismatic as a rose,
    I love to stand before my mirror in different pose,

    My idyll didn't last forever,
    When my fragile mirror snapped with a bang,
    Making my heart quiver,
    Scattered shards of my mirror,
    Still showed my superimposed figure,

    However hard, I try to fix it,
    My fingers bleed with pain,
    Some broken things can never be fixed,
    My mirror has left me with a message,

    What matters most in life?
    to handle everything with care,
    I live my life only once so...
    I will ne'er break the heart of my beloved ones
    I will ne'er break the promise,
    I will ne'er break the trust that friends have on me,

    I will never break the bonding my family share with me,
    I will never break the present happiness with past bitter memories,
    It doesn't matter what others think of me,
    I will never break my hope,
    All I fear is breaking and fixing,

  • ambi_16 23w

    Fixing is the key!

    My thoughts keep wandering
    Some run and jump
    A few get stuck in a rut
    A multiple of them
    Keep sinking in a slump
    And in the process
    They hurt feelings
    The sentiments struggle
    To put up a brave face
    However certain relentless notions
    Try to tumble and squeeze the emotions

    No that's not the end
    There's always a choice, an option
    To pick a superior thought
    Out of that wandering lot
    One that commands rest of
    the annoying ideas
    To cancel, cancel, cancel
    And turn the struggling mind to Arcadian


    #fix #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Thank you @miraquill for EC❤️ and @writersnetwork for your ❤️

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    Fixing is the key

    No that's not the end
    There's always a choice, an option
    To pick a superior thought
    Out of that wandering lot
    One that commands rest of
    the annoying ideas
    To cancel, cancel, cancel
    And turn the struggling mind to Arcadian


  • emeraldjay22 23w

    I hender my soul But yet it is broken
    As you creeped upon me in the night
    You've damaged my soul with oh such frightening events
    For your fingers danced across my skin
    Creating my self hate and detriment of my soul
    I have searched along the world to ease my unsettled horrified memories
    To mend the empty you made me feel
    For no not any drug can numb the disgust of your touch
    But yet it's time I've pondered that I need to deplenish what you done to me
    I just can wait to be set free