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    The flood of your memories
    faded with time.


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    "Tears are designed to FLOW
    If they don't or can't(flow)
    -wes mbanje

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    Flood in Chennai.

    I welcomed the second day of rain,
    I never knew it would cause such strain.
    Everywhere everything everyone could see was only water flooding,
    Flooding from streets to streets as rivers.
    Duty is to take care of each other,
    The best responsibility ever.
    Cutting down trees isn't only your fault,
    So was mine!
    Wonder how nice it would be when there's trees to absorb the water in line
    Ever look at the way,
    Flowing with the cans and tray,
    And those expensive things hanging with the tears of pain.
    Due to the ever flooding rain.

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    It is our folly to think that crying is unhealthy. It doesn't matter how strong we are or think we are, the greatest of people that have walked this planet, have had moments where they were emotionally tested. Even if its a personal moment, holding on to negative emotions will only cause more pain. Misplaced pride isn't ever worth unproductive unrest. Its best to learn to let go, move on and stride on to a brighter future.

    #flood #emotions #cry #respite #relief #moveon
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    The Great Flood

    I feel like the sum of the tears,
    That I should’ve let out,
    But let pent up.
    I know this,
    For my throat aches,
    When my emotions want out,
    But stay bottled up.
    I crave inner peace,
    I crave physical respite,
    From the immense weight,
    That I feel from head to toe.
    Perhaps its finally time,
    To open the flood gates,
    Let my eyes well up,
    And just let all the pain go.

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    Deep Flood

    Wish the ocean to flood me
    Deep within the damp cave
    Come on me, flow around me
    Drenched by excitement wave

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    Dark cloak descends
    Nature unleashes its dam
    High calibre liquid salvo
    Everyone seeks shelter
    Waters rises
    Lakes into oceans
    Houses torn from foundations
    People swallowed by currents
    When rivers recede
    Muck and mud remain
    Clean up begins.


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    You are the heat that summer hides
    You are that cloud that bends rainbows
    I name your big, breathless love
    and it drizzles, then rains and
    later floods the entire language.


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    Myself, " The Flood".

    Monsoons started slowly by May-June.
    People glorified the rains in the beginning as it gave them a relief to the scorching sun.
    The dams,which had dried up,were starting to fill with water.
    Crops started to grow properly.
    Dehydration and skin diseases of people started to reduce.
    But, when rains started to become heavy by the beginning of July, people started to get threatened.
    And so, I started suddenly by the onset of August.
    Dams were overflowing with water,
    Water from dams reached houses upto 10 Km.
    Water level rosed upto 1st floor of houses.
    Crops were completely immersed in me and damaged.
    Pets and cattle fell dead due to my heavy flow.
    Furniture and equipments in home flowed away under my force.
    Vehicles were moving here and there.
    I made the small boats to occupy the roads.
    People moved to safe places in those small boats.
    Fishermen with their big boats were actively involved in rescuing people during my arrival.
    People who asked for help by showing hands in terrace, were rescued by the forces using helicopter.
    Necessary food,goods and medicines were delivered in relief camps using helicopter.
    People stayed in those camps for months.
    Those who returned home after my destructions, were struggling with depression for long time.

    All these things had broken my heart too.
    As I was not able to resist myself from forming due to heavy rains. I didn't had any other options.
    With all my heart and soul I want to apologise to people.
    I am happy that everyone irrespective of their caste, religion, gender united to help each other.It showed the power of humanity.I brought major transformation in the life of many . People learnt very important lessons in life for I was the darkness, that came into their life before light.

    I was described as "The biggest flood" that came after 3 decades.

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    दरख़्वास्त थीं, मुश्किलें असां करने की ।
    बाढ़ के पानी, स हाल किया तुमने ।
    प्यास तो नहीं मिटाती,
    पर तबाही ही हद जरूर पार की उसने ।


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    #assam, #brahmaputra, #flood
    तु डुब न जा नदिया के सैलाब मै ।
    तु मेरे घर आजा बहना "मेरी पुकार है"
    साथ मे रोटी पकाये ।
    तू नमक की तरह ,स्वाद मिला दे ।
    तु मेरे घर आ जा ।
    तू कौन-सी जाति की ?
    फिक्र ना कर ।
    तु किसी पॉलिटिकल पार्टी का जिक्र न कर।
    मेरा दिल बता रहा है ,बहना ।
    तेरा दिल साफ है ।
    रिश्तों से नहीं, खून से नहीं ।
    इंसानियत से आजा ।
    सुन रे, हर साल बहे ,ये नदिया लेके गुस्से का झरना ।
    ये धरा नदिया भी है तेरी ही बिटिया ।
    तू प्रेम के मंदिर की गंटी की धुन बनके बह जा
    तु ही रोक दे बर्बादी के मंजर, है मालिक।
    तू सागर में विलय हो जा।
    ना तू रौंद जा ।
    तेरा बहना ना उफान, न हो तुफान ।
    तू लहराती फसल बन के खिल जा ।
    तू ब्रह्मपुत्र है ,वरदान ।
    तू लक्ष्मी लेके आजा ।
    सुंदर आसाम है हरियाली से भरा ।
    तू बाढ बनके मौत का टीका न लगा ।
    तु जो हंसती हुई बहती ।
    तेरे बहने से तो कलियां ही खिलती ।
    तेरे सफर चलता रहे ।
    ना किसी की सांसे रूकती रहे ।
    ओ नदियाँ तेरा बहना ही जीवन है ।
    अगली बार मौत की उदासी बनके ना बहना ।
    खुशी बनकर खिलखिलाते हसती बनके रहना ।
    ओ नदियाँ "हम सब तेरे किनारे"

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    "हम सब तेरे किनारे"

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    Prayer for Homeland

    O' merciful creator!
    Oh, seamlessly kind God!
    You can't be this cruel
    to your creation; who are defenseless from your rage.
    Indeed it is us who brought this wrath to ourselves,
    But it is you who are our ultimate saviour,
    It is you who can snatch away deadly clouds from sky,
    It is you who can stop water from washing away our homes,
    it is you who can calm down flood from damaging our homeland,
    and it is you can calm down
    flood of eyes, overflooded with pain of becoming homeless
    it is you our heart calls
    for redemption and relief.
    it is you who can be kind
    even to the sinners like us
    for you are Al- Rehmaan and Al-Raheem


    #hyderabad #flood #hometown

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    Flood 2020 has caused enough damage! Yet we are too blind to see the future 🌊 #globalwarming #flood #climatechange @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Water wrath

    They screamed
    “Water! Water! Water!”
    Then they cried
    “Water! Water! Water!”
    What have we done?!
    Then they said
    “Climate change is just a phase”
    And now
    “Global warming for god’s sake”
    What have we done?!
    Who to be blamed?!
    You and I, He and she, him and her?
    Ruin is the land and lives!
    Missiles are not the next era,
    We are!
    You and I, he and she, him and her!
    Many sank thirsty to death
    More struggling to catch the breath
    And few fighting to save this wrath!


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    #faces & facts
    #flood of faces

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    Fascist & Faceless

    पता है मुझे हवाओं से ही अस्तित्व है मेरा
    फिर भी अक्स‌ को अपने मुस्तकबिल में जगह देने कि आदत है,,,,,,२
    अपनी सल्तनत में गुलाम,,,, चेहरों को ही बनाऊं मैं,,,,,,,२
    ये किसी और कि नहीं मेरी ही सदाकत हैं

    कोशिश तो थी इन हवाओं को भी अपनी मिल्कियत दिखाई जाएं
    पर जब करीब गया इनके तो पता चला
    इनकी सुगबुगाहट ‌से मैं ही नहीं कोई और भी आहत हैं

    वक्त आने पर मिट्टी में मिल जाऊंगा पता है मुझे,,,2
    लेकिन फिलहाल इस चेहरे को तेरी हवाओं में ही सांस लेने की आदत है।

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    अपने पास से गुजरते बेलों को देखा,
    टूट चुके थे वो,
    टूटे तो हम भी थे,
    पहली बार इस मायानगरी के विचित्र खेलों को देखा।

    किसी को बचाव को कराहते नहीं देखा,
    मैं स्तब्ध था, और विस्मित भी,
    क्या मेरी श्रवण-शक्ति भी गई ? 
    क्योंकि पहली बार अपनी ज़मीन पर अपने हीं घर को तैरते देखा।

    विशाल भवनों को एक क्षण में ढहते देखा,
    चहुँ ओर सफेदी किसे नहीं भाता !
    पर पहली बार इस सफेदी में, 
    अपनों को हीं बहते देखा।

    चुनाव प्रचार में नेताओं को चरण वंदना करते देखा,
    सब मिथ्या था,
    मिथक जो कभी टूट नहीं सकता,
    क्योंकि उन्हीं नेताओं को उपाय नहीं बहाने ढूंढ़ते भी देखा।

    अमन में सड़क रूपी गड्ढों को देखा,
    कम से कम चलने को ज़मीन तो थी,
    अब तो वाहन हीं नहीं,
    सड़कों को भी बिना ईंधन चलते देखा।
    #poetry #flood #world #india #failure #nature

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    मुखर था फिर भी स्वर का विकल्प देखा,
    प्रकृति शांति बहाल करेंगी,
    पर उस इंतज़ार में,
    बेजुबानों को इस कदर उमड़ते कभी नहीं देखा।।

  • alxita 92w

    ~~ Shall I compare thee to fire? ~~

    Shall I compare thee to the fire?
    When meadows go beyond desire?
    Hath gone igneous, and thy hills
    Turn to trenches and deluged wills

    Shall I compare thee to the fire?
    To gain wisdom as you grow dire
    Power, thistles gain with swiftly
    Thy face seeps the blood raucously

    Shall I compare thee to the fire?
    See the light and thou may admire
    Pitied by the old self quaintly
    Hath become the devils so free

    Shall I compare the fire to thee?
    Brumous yet true, now pay the fee!
    Thou art astray from the green hills
    Turned to trenches and deluged wills
    -- SUMMARY --

    This expresses the eventual self-realization among people who've been led astray from their morals, and have turned immoral in the long run because of situations.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | thou - archaic form of "you", as the sentence's subject
    2 | thee - archaic form of "you", as the sentence's object

    3 | thy - archaic form of "your", used before words starting with consonant sounds
    4 | thine - archaic form of "your", used before words starting with vowel sounds; also used as "yours"

    5 | art - archaic form of "are"
    6 | hath - archaic, third-person form of "have"
    7 | igneous - related to fire
    8 | deluge - to overflow with water; flood
    9 | raucous - being noisy harshly or high-spiritedly
    10 | quaint - different in a way to cause curiosity
    11 | brumous - foggy

    #fire #realization #archaic #flood #truth #reality #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 11, 2020, 1:02 PM (GMT+8)

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    പുഴ നിറയും കാലം
    വഴി നിറയും നേരം
    കലിതുള്ളി പ്രകൃതി
    തൻ പേമാരിയിൽ
    വന്നിതാ വീണ്ടും
    പ്രളയം മഹാപ്രളയം


  • alxita 92w

    -- NOTE --

    "Noitulove" is "Evolution" spelt backwards. This is also the first full poem I've made for 32 days now.

    I have also heard news of a plane crash in Kerala, India, perishing at least 18 lives! Deepest condolences to the families affected by this! ��
    ~~ Noitulove ~~

    Classify our skin colors by our shade
    But never will all rodomontades fade
    All eyes maudlin as it slyly leaks pride
    Now viral online, now viral worldwide

    Seek for lavas, and algid words you seek?
    Unctuous enough, everywhere to speak
    Others candid; expect their vile rebound
    And all storms a day to hot rocks all bound

    Affairs and disharmony grows by us
    All night, and limelights we carelessly lust
    To dusty minds, spiders dangling along
    And disaster leaks like the dams gone wrong

    Now serves right when our places all explode
    The poor's poorer; corrupt stays in abodes
    Look how dollars all float in gasoline
    One spark, and set ablaze solely unseen

    Let's go back to where colors are classified
    And a death for scorn is identified
    A system encoded within our minds
    Hard to break off, but easy to speak blind

    To end, we are just circling around where?
    The lines wearing off to show; we don't care
    Evolution goes backwards every day
    And what else to excuse, what will you say?

    Accept the fate, but we are just blank fools
    No peace applied, we go by our own rules
    -- SUMMARY --

    This expresses the fact that we get more divided and disharmonious as more situations unfold globally. This exacerbates the already divided society, caused by our own wrongdoings.

    I can only cite a few examples of real-life events I implied in the poem:

    The third stanza's ending lines are a reference to the the Three Gorges Dam situation and floods in China; the fourth stanza is about the Beirut explosion, while the fifth stanza is about George Floyd's death.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | rodomontade - boastful speech
    2 | maudlin - showing emotions obviously or tiresomely
    3 | algid - cold
    4 | unctuous - hypocritical
    5 | candid - showing truthfulness
    6 | rebound - a reaction to setback, frustration or crisis
    7 | affair - matter; concern
    8 | limelight - a center of public attraction
    9 | scorn - open dislike toward someone/something

    #society #situation #global #pandemic #racism #flood #beirut #lebanon #georgefloyd #divided #disharmony #peace #mirakee #alxita_august_twenty #alxitadailythoughts #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 8, 2020, 5:50 PM (GMT+8)

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    #Disasters #Kerala #രാജമല #കരിപ്പൂർ #കൊറോണ #Flood #PlainAccident

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    കേൾക്കുന്നു എങ്ങെങ്ങും
    ദുരന്ത വാർത്ത ആശരിരിപോൽ
    എത്ര കാത്തു നിൽക്കണം നമ്മൾ
    ഈ കാർമേഘങ്ങൾ മാറി മാറി
    മാനമൊന്നിങ്ങു തെളിയുവാൻ
    മാസങ്ങളും വർഷങ്ങളും വേണോ....


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    Just Listen Pt2

    All it does is rain
    Sun shine No
    Good morning
    Good night
    But I won't give you
    A flood
    A river
    A ocean
    Because it seems like my pain
    Makes you happy