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  • ankitachaudhary 3d

    Will acting cold melt your hot words?
    Will acting polite make your uneasy moves settle?
    Will acting needy make you stay for a momentary night?
    Will acting yours make you mine?
    Tell me it's us - flowing like a midnight river.

  • ct_and_skylines 5d


    I don’t know what my soul is or what it’s trying to say.
    All I know is this passion and ambition I’ve had in my veins since I was a young-thing.
    Driven by my heart after the decision, sticking with my higher-self to proceed with the vision.
    Feels like ecstasy when I’m flowing with the Tao.
    I feel resistance when I leave aspects of my soul out.

    -Christian Taylor

  • ct_and_skylines 1w

    Storms and love. Lovely storms.
    #poetry #flow #writing #poet #fantastic #story

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    Hungry For Love

    I am thirsty.
    I am hungry.
    I am seething and half believing
    in a future that is coming.
    I am driving to conclusions wishing
    I could see a clear road.
    Someone take my hand and tell me there’s a place on the other side,
    a safe haven for lovers to coincide.
    It’s time to make love in the storm.
    I want to believe in a world that’s whole even though I carry a heart
    still torn.

    -Christian Taylor

  • ct_and_skylines 1w

    No Coincidence Sins

    When I am out to destroy everything that’s good;
    God reaches out to show me all I’ve misunderstood in loving guidance, in the form of kindness, compassion overflows, and I am at a loss for words.

    -Christian Taylor

  • raman_writes 1w


    तेरे बालों में उलझे और तेरी ख़ुशबू में बह गए ।

    तुझसे मोहब्बत इस दिल ने मुझसे बिना पूछे कि ।।


  • jpwriter 4w

    My Final Fate

    My motivation is innovation
    Of inhalation
    And in a nation
    Of integration
    I've been a waiting
    For Validation
    My pen fading,
    As I'm debating
    Invading crazy
    But lately my lady
    Maybe acting shady
    I'm half of eighty
    And fascinating
    Like acid baby
    I'm Calculating
    The path I'm taking
    The math is making
    Me Agitated
    I graduated
    They're mad I made
    This man will make it
    He handled Satan
    His hands were naked
    In the lands of fake and
    The non awaken
    Am I mistaken
    Is an honor taken
    So I will take it
    If I don't make it
    My time was great
    Till my final date
    It's my final fate
    And I'm wide awake


  • 2truedrew 6w

    Too True
    The Drew

    If you don't act right, you get left.

    Thats whats up because its going down.

    So don't get it twisted, what goes around comes back around.

  • jpwriter 8w


    This shit is no joke
    I've been to hell and back
    And back again
    Lost a hundred racks relaxed
    And every lasting friend
    Then they taxed on that
    Then maxed my ends
    But I'm back with impact
    It'll pass again
    Empath that's a fact
    Going fast again
    With cash as my stash
    And a man best friend
    Will it last or I crash
    I won't ask again
    My task is to pass
    All the tests I guess
    I'm like damn to the man
    Moving past this mess
    Lost my fam in a jam
    Causing lasting stress
    I am, just a man
    Who has massive depth
    As I stand with my hands
    And my last two steps
    The lands where I stand
    Will crack & flex
    Every plan is just damned
    It'll snap your neck
    I can understand
    So ask me then


  • jpwriter 8w

    New Perspective

    I feel that it's time
    For a new perspective
    To heal my mind
    With a new objective
    Will the real I find
    Got tools to check this
    I'm killing time
    While I'm moving reckless
    I deal with life
    Like chain to necklace
    When I'm feeling high
    I feel connected
    The real in I
    Will never let this
    Feeling die
    You can get this
    Appealing why
    It fills like breakfast
    Concealing lies
    I never get this
    The deal in life
    Just another step it's
    A wheel in time
    That's my perspective
    My zeal is fine
    Like the room in Texas
    Will I strive
    Best not forget this
    Kneel to sky
    God please just let this
    Revealing eyes
    To a set objective
    The realest type
    Like a new invention
    Who am I
    The new projected
    That's true inside
    So soon directed
    Influence guys
    With cries electric
    Do you decide
    Your own electives
    The truth combines
    Till you accept it
    Are you through with life
    Are you effected
    Pursue Your life
    Is my suggestion


  • jeetspeaks 8w

    Life should be like a river

    Life should be like a river, how many obstruction may come on the way, it should never ever stop over there. It must keep flowing. If there's life, ups and downs are there. It's not anything unusual. But those who are inexperienced and ignorant about these truth of life, they tend to take the bold step. If you look at these phenomena in our life, they are just nothing. Nothing happens whether you succeed or fail because it has hardly any meaning. What more can one achieve in this ethereal world? We are all travellers. No one is here to stay forever. Everyone has the same and fixed destination. Therefore, never get worried about a petty failure ☺️live your life like a river☺️

  • darared 8w

    The Violence

    Drop cloths.
    Turquoise through the window.
    A million pots, a million dots,
    streaks, splashes, splodges,
    splurges, irruptions, coffee rings
    and biscuit crumbs
    and discarded butts
    and orange peels.
    She waits
    and feels.
    She opens herself
    to the thing. And listens.
    Listens. Listens.
    Her ear is bent to the whispers of her soul.
    It comes and she sees it and she knows.
    She knows. She knows.
    Alizarin. Cadmium. Cerulean. Phthalo.
    Seizing the beasts of colour,
    her war cry lets them know she is coming.

  • warriorofthenight 13w

    So she let it slip away like so many blossoms in the river, that dream she dreamt in the night, and she smiled for that little piece of divinity that she could've kept here on earth, but instead let flow back to the folds of heaven

  • andrewgayle 13w

    Y Do I Wonder Y?


    Why Do Eye Wonder Why?

    There is nothing left on this mind, of my soul.

    So I put myself into question & unveil others darkness.

    Its the same as what mine once became...

    I try as I might to retain the truth, untill its tame.

    Tame enough to be the same.

    Time is but a measurement, a language that is heaven sent.

    Only if your quiet enough with yourself to hear it.

    To be aware & here in spirit brings me strength to never fear it.

    Communicate your truest passion & seek it in relentless fashion.

  • jpwriter 15w


    Alright, I write this just for the righteous
    Site on the lightness
    Don't hide from the brightness
    The night is when I'm the hypest
    Making words like a typist
    With verbs of the tightest
    From Titus, to Revelations
    The revocation, we're tasting
    To better days we're facing
    From Haitian to Hebrew
    They're saying what he knew
    So let's ride like a sea Doo
    The creator of the sea too
    Llamas & the emu's
    The drama i see through
    No commas or read-throughs
    It's common I'll meet you
    At the halfway
    Rather have it that way
    Fathom of the last days
    I had it with them bad days
    Like callus that my hands make
    Man-up with the handshake
    Mannish till the sun makes
    Vanish in the sun ray
    Ran it like a runway
    Dammit there's just one way
    No Handouts like on Sunday
    I standout like a thumb makes
    Done with all bunt cakes
    I show one, the home run
    Till you're coming home son
    Ok, this flows done


  • faceless90 16w

    Thoughtless Subconscious

    With memories forgotten and the present day unwanted I reflect on why the clock ticks incessantly for all men.
    If seconds offered pauses would everyone be thoughtless or dead because our conscience expects us to be conscious.
    Our temples would be spotless and spells of periodic digression would befall with our sensories concoctions.
    While conceptually preposterous I've dreamt and even processed that death to correspondence with everything is solace.

  • ifyouwantpeace 20w

    Ode to Austin

    It's only 1:00
    I thought it was 2:00
    And I'm missing you.
    So lit it feels late,
    Utopian altered state of mind;
    All the memories I can rewind
    In the sweet smell
    Of the close to city air.
    Do I even dare to recall
    My ultimate fall and fail?
    Yet it never grows stale...
    I find it exhilarating!
    These hills don't have eyes,
    But they hold a prize
    That's beyond comforting...
    It's humanizing, rectifying, frail.
    But I'll hold on as long as i can to this feeling,
    I feel something real and alone that is healing
    My fragile soul that is constantly
    And searching and hoping for life more appealing
    Than what I've experienced this far; I've hit the ceiling of pain,
    But I'll carry along just the same
    Just as long as the ones that I love are okay,
    Then I'll take the blame and I'll rearrange
    Because what is existence
    Without some assistance,
    Without the control of refrain?


  • therapisttales 20w


    little fish,
    I cannot promise you a better world
    or happily ever after
    your best luck is to stay alive
    so when the waters rise
    rise with the flow
    when the waters fall
    stay low


  • thatwanderingsoul 22w

    Trust the Flow

    Conversations between a boy & a girl is like Dancing. It can range between many forms & styles. Both have to just find a middle ground & go with the flow.

  • devdevil 24w

    Somedays I love myself a little more that I laugh alone so hard, dance alone madly,sing out loudly, kiss myself in the mirror, record myself being weird and watch it on a repeat mode.

  • deepikasarma 24w

    They dont spit fire, but salt. #tears#monsters#flow#grief#writersnetwork

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    All those monsters in you,
    I think are tears that
    never got to flow.