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  • madinah_writes 15h

    She wanted to fly up in the sky.
    With colourful dreams before her eyes.
    Not knowing why the eyes and sky,
    Are covered in black and white.

  • abhibd 2w

    Fly !

    Do you also hear the whispers of the stories?
    Did you hear of the couple who kissed ?
    Or of the homesick girl who gazes at the starry sky ?

    Perhaps of the father who misses antiques of his children,
    Surely you must have heard of the introvert ,
    Ritually finding his solace under the tree ,

    Ohh only if you could hear the whispers of these trees,
    The stories they tell of every moment witnessed ,
    You could too fly...

  • slaughtered_heart 2w

    I don't want to be your burden,
    Even if I am a small feather in
    your wings that help you fly,
    I will gladly accept it.


  • charithaburri 2w


    Life is much much greater than the clothes that you wear, phone that you carry, people who you hang around with, parents you have, issues you go through, sufferings you deal with, just set yourself free.....

  • claralynne 3w

    Rain And Tough Terrain

    I have grown tired.
    Tired of writing.
    Tired of fighting.
    I'm not even sure what I'm fighting to gain.
    Is it days filled with sun or rain?
    Do I desire smooth sailing?
    You don't really learn anything that way.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    That's what will cure this pain. That's what'll get me off this plane. This plateau of nothing.
    A purpose is what I seek; it's what I desire.
    I loath the day that I lost my fire.
    A perfect storm.
    It came and all turned to ash.
    Cold, wet ashes.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    It comes again and again.
    And now, I just sit back and wait to see what will transpire.
    But I already know that's not how it works.
    The answer lurks.
    I need to hold my head higher.
    The Phoenix cannot rise above and fly if I'm not holding my chin up high.
    Rain and tough terrain.
    It's causes me so much pain.
    How will the Phoenix ever fly from the ash if the rain keeps falling?
    I can't help but wish the sun would quit stalling.
    I'm so tired.
    I wish the skies would quit bawling.
    At least at night.
    So that I could write. And poor my feelings out on a blank page of white.
    As I understand it, storms come and go.
    This storm is slow.
    Its hard to remember who I was when the storm began, what seems so long ago...
    I'm missing that spark; that inner desire.
    Stagnant. UnInspired.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    It ought to clear up soon, I'm sure. It just has to....
    I know there's more to my world than just cold,wet ashes. So much more.
    So as tired as I am, I will conquer this tough terrain no matter how far it may go.
    And I will charge through the rain until it clears.
    Tired eyes with tears.
    Face-to-face with my fears.
    Fighting through the storm.
    My destiny.
    Trusting the universe.
    Finding my answers through time.
    Knowing the Phoenix will fly in due time.

  • extreme_case 3w

    She was shy,
    Little afraid to fly,
    But so wild
    To conquer all the skies.


  • drishty_das 5w


    To the one flying far away,
    I hope you see sunsets
    more beautiful than here.
    I hope the wind, rain and snow
    are kind to you
    when you fly to places
    you've always wished to go.

    I hope people love and adore you
    for your heart and kindness
    because they will be lucky to have you,
    as I am.
    I hope you fly and reach your greatest heights
    and build a nest on a tree with flowers.
    I hope when you get lost
    you always find your way.

    And when one day you visit me
    I hope you tell me
    all about your adventures
    around the world.
    I hope under your wings,
    with foreign smell of wind and trees,
    you still feel like home


  • rehena 6w

    In midst i become a prisoner to my past life.
    And thats when things get paused.

    And i try hard to open and fly from the cage.

  • _flow_of_words_ 6w

    Let them go!

    You know you are going to lose them, but all you do is be there beside them whenever they need you. Because you know that they matter to you, but you forgot that they might hurt you badly in the future. What if they don't choose to stay in your life and fly away from you? That will indeed rip your heart out, but this time you won't do anything except blame yourself for the crime you never did. You will blame yourself for being beside someone who matters to you, but is blaming yourself fair enough? Maybe not, but the heart beating inside you will force you to blame yourself; because that heart is the one who will be bleeding, not you, but don't forget to remind yourself that this isn't your fault. And this isn't the fault of your heart for loving someone unconditionally. Not getting love in return hurts, but what kind of love it is which doesn't hurt? Does that kind of love even exist in this world? Love is something that comes with pain and sacrifices, and thus, we can't blame anyone. Let some people go away if they want to because we can't force someone to stay. Let that heart bleed, but don't let that heart force you to blame yourself, because the happiness you experience while in love surely doesn't come for free. So, don't blame that love because at least you loved someone with all of your heart; at least you met someone who can fill your heart with love. What do you want more than this? Maybe someone out there doesn't even get to experience this, but you got! So, be happy in loving them! If they are going away from you, let them go because seeing them happy will give a strange satisfaction, which no one can give you.

    So, let them go! Let them fly! And don't hate them for not staying!

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 15 October 2021 @20:57 hrs IST

  • rika_28 7w

    Can I throwing out the burden in my chest?
    Kick it away so I can get that rest
    Got a space in my brain that constantly in a mess fest
    Tear apart what's drown me so I can free from these conquest

    Playing normal to make it sane
    Playing crazy to balance the pressure
    Playing dumb to make it easier
    Playing smart to get used

    Fly, fly, fly
    Let the bird go out of the cage
    Fly, fly, fly
    Let the bird sing her song with a pride
    Fly, fly, fly
    Cut the bound from the bird
    Fly, fly, fly
    Let she find her missed nest
    Fly, fly, fly
    She keep flying to the east

    ©Rika Febrianti

  • yours_trulyy 8w


    As the crows do fly,
    And they do go high,
    You'll surely arrive,
    As long as you strive.

  • rehena 9w


    And today
    When i lost myself from the zone
    If you would stay with me
    If i let go of your hand,
    Will you rewind the times
    And bring back things to normal
    And confess that
    It has never happened.

    I was scared
    That you will fly
    If i let go of your hand
    And break and fall.

    That's when i saw a shooting star
    And immediately made a wish
    Now and forever
    You will be mine
    Even if i let go of you, to fly
    You will be back to me.

  • nitinartani 9w

    I m born to Fly

    Wings can make you fly.

    When you don't have wings to fly , but a WILL to rise High .

    Manifest your Wings , True beauty shines from within .

    Feel your Wings and Rise to your Highest realm.

    Switch on the light within , tune into infinite.

    Find your tribe, Spread the light .

    Divine !!


  • nitinartani 9w

    I m born to fly

    I was born on a leaf , I couldn't see anything around , I couldn't walk , I moved and realized I could only crawl.

    I crawled in pain and never understood why was I born , was I born to crawl ?

    And the sun shined and I had wings , but I couldn't fly .
    I cried I cried I cried , but I didn't fly

    A courageous voice from within yelled FLY !!
    You are born to Fly

    I took the leap of faith and am here in the Sky ,
    I am happy I am happy I am happy

    I am born to evolve, I am born to shine , I am born to Fly !
    I am born to Fly !! I am born to Fly !!!

  • nitinartani 9w

    I am born to Fly


  • _flow_of_words_ 9w

    You flew away from me..!

    I was working as if it was just another day, but today, when I called my kitty cat happily, I felt my eyes getting wet and realized that I was hurt after you told me that you had moved on. How can I run away from reality when the reality is right in front of me? Yes, you are free to move on, but I was still stuck somewhere in the past, holding myself from moving on because it hurts to let you go away from me, but I have to, even if it rips my heart out. And there you are! Flying away from me, and now, I know it's the end because this time, you won't come back to me when the night falls. And the silence of the night will start creeping me, leaving behind the void who knows that I had lost myself while finding someone who will stay!

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 24 Sept, 2021 @14:25 hrs IST

  • nuiinuhara 10w

    Sometimes I wonder if we are like Newly hatched birds, Not knowing what to do with the Feathers on our Back, Thinking they are a Burden, Until we take that Leap of Faith and Spread Our Wings to Fly.

    "Those aren't Weights on your Shoulders,
    Honey They are Wings,
    they aren't Holding you Back,

    they are Here to Take You to
    Where you are meant to be.
    Spread Your Wings and Soar."

    The Mother Says to Her Confused Hatchling.

    #Freedom #Fly #Life

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    "Those aren't Weights on your Shoulders,
    Honey They are Wings,
    they aren't Holding you Back,

    They are Here to Take You
    To where you are meant to be.
    Spread your wings and Soar."

    The Mother says to Her confused Hatchling.


  • a_silent_orchestra 10w

    Love extraodinare

    love extraordinaire
    you and your exuberant habit,
    me and my detained personality
    like water to fire, I tried,
    to cancel you every single time.

    your wings I clipped,
    restraining you and your soaring.
    i have my ideologies to loath,
    for not seeing what you were,
    the bird that needed to be set free.

    you told me once, of your father,
    you showed me once, the lashes,
    If i ever met him in the flesh,
    but I only need look in the mirror
    to see the man I have become today.

    in deep remorse even, i snigger
    for I have lost you, and you have found yourself,
    now go on you free bird,
    set fire to the old tradition,
    Oh, love extraodinare.

  • inamoratos_voice 11w


    I want to fly high
    Like all of them,
    Touching the blue sky
    And reach HIS realm.

    But life isn't fair to me
    As I can't touch the skies
    These wings of glory
    Are nothing but lies.

    I live like slaves
    Without any personal will
    Do what my owner says
    His orders are what I fulfill.

    But one day I'll surely fly
    With my wings wide open
    And for that I need to die
    As in this life I'm already broken.


  • abmaria 12w


    Fly free like a bird and forget all the bad dreams following you
    Also, Fly high and achieve the heights you desire...