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  • nokuebby 1w

    #for him tht broke ur heart.

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    My life

    I was like the earth once,I was without form and filled with void.
    And then you came in me lyf and u became the light I needed.
    With you every moment was never dull,even the fights we perfect ♥️.
    I even thought there was a happy ever after and one day it all became a far away memory

  • holybible 4w

    Psalms 34:8

    O taste and see that the LORD is good:
    blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

    © HolyBible

  • nandhinikannan 4w


    It feels so good to hear
    from some people that
    I have changed
    Yes, I have but I did it
    only for me this time
    and that's why I am proud
    of what I have changed into


  • holybible 5w

    Proverbs 25:3

    The heaven for height, and the earth for depth,
    and the heart of kings is unsearchable.
    © HolyBible

  • holybible 5w

    1 John 2:1

    My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:
    © HolyBible

  • stina444 6w

    #for my hubby # anniversary ❤

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    Let's Just be in Love

    What would you do for her?
    What do you have to offer?
    If but only for her sake
    I'd not only cross the line it'd break
    To exchange love in her currency
    You'd have to afford her security
    Would you be willing to adjust?
    Kindness is a must
    I would offer her advice
    That everything comes with a price
    Make sure you are willing to pay
    Or you will hate yourself one-day
    Give her shelter from the world’s cruelty
    Be mindful of her sensitivity
    How different a world she sees than you!
    The insurmountable beauty and the pain too
    The intricacy of a new look in your eyes
    To the simplicity of an old compromise
    These things can give her unsurpassed joy or torture
    For the way things are now and the way things were
    Administer words that offer inspiration and life
    Remember why you made her your wife
    Don't pressure her to be alright when she's not
    The battle you're seeing has been wagered and fought
    The conflict she let's you see is nothing in comparison
    To what is going on inside her behind her garrison
    Hold her when she can't stand on her own two feet
    Love is the bridge between where you two meet
    Here she will show you happiness
    For her strength comes from experience
    She will show you respect and care
    For you have shown her you are always there
    She will love and honor you
    For all the good and bad times you've been through
    She will be your comfort in times of sorrow
    For you gave her the hope for tomorrow
    She will be your bliss and merriment
    For she has a smile just for your amusement
    She will be with you in your old age
    For your provision was more than your wage
    She will be a grandparent beside you
    For a new generation will start through you
    She will be with you one day in heaven above
    For now though let's just be in love
    Stina Louise

  • faithwisdom 7w


    I danced with this monster as he stepped on my toes with each turn
    My friends couldn’t help me because they too were getting burned
    We turned each corner as He laughed over my shoulder
    This is the longest, saddest dance, and the nights are much colder.


  • nehaverma1 8w


    Chaar din bhi koi dushra...
    Nibha nahi sakta......
    Jo kirdar maa❤️baap....
    Puri jindgi nibhate hai.....

  • ursanonymous_ 14w

    #for otaku lovers

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    Whenever I find my mind whirled,
    I think of vanishing into the fantasy world .

    There I see all the fictional characters together,
    Then realising these are the imaginations I had to gather.

    More than people they connect with us ,
    More closer to our heart and feelings ,
    They distract us from all the filthy fuss.

    Sometimes they teach us more ,
    And make it clear that life's hard and sore.

    And their absence is unbearable now,
    For they teach us when and what actions to take and how.

    Their presence in real is just like a dream ,
    But the thought of them being in reality is itself as sweet as some cream .

    And finally they are like some guardian,
    They help me become a survival and a champion.

    :~) The shape of voice ✨

  • caged_inks_ 16w

    कुछ पल को ठहरा था,
    यादों की उन पुरानी थैली में।

    उस अलमारी के,
    उन तस्वीरों में,
    किसी शमा की तरह।

    शाम के डूबते सुरज जैसि
    तुम्हारी यादें कुछ ऐसी है।

    न भूली जाति,
    बस हर पल अपने होने का
    एहसास कराती ।

    उन मुस्कुराहटों में
    उन नयन में
    खूबसूरत सि उस मुखड़े को
    हम भी देख मुस्कुरा लेते है

    फिर भी
    सब मालूम है ,
    पर भी है कोई ,राज कहीं।

  • shk_huzaifa 16w

    Loog pyar agar jismu say kartai hai
    Toh wo pyar nahi
    Pyar k bahanai tumhara fayida uthaya ja raha hai
    Pyar agar hota toh tumharai sath hi reh kar khali khush hotay
    Na ki tumhari cheezu say
    Sucha pyar toh kisi kisi ko milta hai
    Bohat mushkili say milta hai
    Bohat intezaar b karata hai.....
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  • biti_sanjh 17w

    Accha suno...
    Wo artist kaha milega
    Jisse tm apne itne chehre badalwate ho...

  • annatimes 17w


    I am enough for myself...
    I am enough for giving support
    To myself....
    I am enough to give strength
    To myself....
    I am enough to protect
    I don't need to trust anyone,
    And then give them a chance
    To break my trust....
    I Am Enough For Myself

  • moody_scribbler 17w

    We've met not long.
    Just 3 years, yet it feels like a lifetime.
    He feels home.
    Damn.. everything seems so dreamy.
    He cares, he loves.
    We fight, we mend again.
    Just the two of us.
    Life's real.
    & with the perfect other half it's beautiful.


  • iamsatyajitrout 18w


    You never Left me...
    I felt your presence while you called out my name...
    And I replied...

  • moody_scribbler 19w

    I'll rather be a cocoon in your arms forever,
    Than being a butterfly flying alone.


  • moody_scribbler 19w

    Sleep wasn't peaceful till he had invaded my dreams.


  • kvwrites 19w

    #For haters

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    Wo kehte hai na..
    Ki kuch dusro ki bat ko ek kaan se suno, or dusre kaan se nikal do..
    Pr kbhi-2 bate yad rkhni chaiye taki shi time p us insaan ko Jawab diya ja ske uski khi bat ka. Tb unhe ehsaas ho ki kuch bate kitna dard deti hai jo sun k bhulaya nhi ja skta.

  • parulsetia 20w

    I hope you are making a lot of mistakes.
    I hope you get your heart broken.
    You can't win at life without losing so I hope you are open to losing a lot.

    I hope you remain beginner forever.
    That you are a participant.

    I hope that you see the beauty that is in everything.
    I hope that you feel lost sometimes.
    That you enjoy your own company.
    That you are the one that loves more.
    That both trusting and forgiving comes easy.
    That you can see competition is a fallacy and that you are enough.
    That you ignore fights and drama and know how to stand up for yourself.

    I wish all these things for you, because I know no other way to win at life than this.

  • poetryconquers 22w

    #For every Girl out there.
    Repost to the woman you are!
    #mirakeewritings #ownit

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    " come on , you girl!
    With oil parched on your hair,
    pimples on your cheeks,
    castraphobic dark circles under your eyes,
    and a burdened heart --
    you still are the QUEEN!!!!"