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  • the_boy_who_overthinks 45w


    In my book of queries and complaints
    in the sheets where your name is articulated
    I have often wondered and pondered
    Why do our hearts amalgamate trivially ?
    When even our destinations are
    seperate from the point it began !

    -The Boy Who Overthinks

  • the_boy_who_overthinks 47w

    Death of a Lover

    Its a feeling that I wish upon no one
    because its wrenching to the core
    you adjusted them moving away
    but never the loss of a loved one.

    yes they might be your first crush,
    your first love, the person you
    planned your future with but
    whatever whosever fault it ended.

    might have cried and been depressed but
    then you built yourself up again because
    if you truly love someoneyou want them
    to be happy whether its with you or not.

    be happy and be genuinely happy for them
    then atleast you know the love wasn't faux
    because once you cared for them , the care
    stays as long as you forget them.

    the death of that somebody with tear apart
    the frail inside of the heart and send the mind
    on a sojourn of the past together,
    it triggers the emotions buried deep.

    So hope not all has to go through this wretched pain
    for the sights aren't pretty a lot had yet to be said.
    Because not everyone is blessed to seperate in
    a good terms and this forever goodbyes hit harder.

    -The Boy Who Overthinks

  • akib_k_r 199w

    When someone you feel special
    Treats you special

  • dashoramahimn 206w


    If one dream would come true
    I want forever to be with you
    The one who is my selfi queen
    The one who got a super gene
    My partner for all the crime
    For me the happiest mime
    The safest safe for all my secrets
    With whom I always get gigglets
    One of the most beautiful writer
    But for me still a fighter
    Her style is always glossy
    Take her out and she becomes bossy
    The person who gives the finest creation
    Must be sure made by devotion
    The level of sights you have for boys
    Don't go that close, they will make a noise
    You are my life's handle
    Your words really make a scandal
    To tell at last I love you a lots
    You are the best made in human lot
    A very happy birthday to the most beautiful girl
    Let's celebrate this day with flowers and fril .

    ©The. Lost. Child

  • dashoramahimn 209w


    Her eyes carried a beauty
    Talking to her felt my duty
    Her hairs were so pretty
    Rest in their shadow made me witty
    Her face was like a bright morning
    Her specs always made her frowning
    I really dreamed about her
    But another girl pinned my firl
    If she could me mine
    That would be really fine
    She didn't spoke to me by chance
    Her eyes showed me that glance
    But I wish I can get her back
    As her sight still makes my mind hack.

    ©The. Lost. Child

  • mahima_jayaram 212w

    For someone

    Be with someone who accepts the
    way we are.
    And to feel like in a heaven .

  • shreya_z 242w

    He pushes everyone away. Not because he is anti-social. But he is hurt. He is hurt deep inside somewhere where nobody managed to reach. Somewhere where the right one would get into and fix him. He needs something he doesn't even know himself. Just someone to battle his fights for him and take him away from the dark side of his life to the beautiful part of the life he missed.