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  • nocturnal_enigma 8w

    * 9.10.2021; 3.46 A.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    #foreverc #fallingc @writersbay

    * #Katauta #wod @miraquill

    * Katauta. Japanese form of poetry.
    Side poem. Half poem.
    Emotional, intutitive verse. Not logical.
    As an address to a lover.
    Total of 17 or 19 syllables.
    5, 7, 5 or 5,7, 7 syllable count.

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    -ver ~

    Believe my words; Be...
    a believer; As they're words...
    of affirmations.

    I've become braver...
    as I'm falling in love for...
    you. I'm giving my love for...

    you, plus some gifts. I'm...
    a giver. Please accept them.
    Instead of return.

    I have lovesickness;
    Like a fever; I am a...
    lovesick-girl; Want to meet you...

    in real life; Only...
    met you in sweet-dreams, sweet-heart.
    Forever in my...

    heart; You broke my heart,
    though; You are not my lover.
    Wanna you be my husband.

    I wonder, whether,
    you ever really like me?
    Or is it just me?

    Never say goodbye.
    Don't leave me. Let me be the...
    leaver; I want to die first.

    My love for you won't...
    waver; My quest for your love;
    Can't get over you!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 9w

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    #brokennessc #almostc #octoberc #timetoleavemylove
    @milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake I ended same line !

    All Rights Reserved
    7 Oct 2021 11 am

    (Beatrice means - she who makes happy )

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    Beatrice to Beethoven

    I love night walks, I've always loved the streets stretching long and wide before me, luring me to measure the distance between my love and my destiny, which stays hidden amidst white lights, pink frames and pied piper's songs. Even tonight I'm walking, with half a mind to stop, just return back home and the other half urging to walk until I surpass this scenery. The one which will be engraved on my mind in bold tints of hues - a buried symphony of rain(tear)drops.

    Loud zephyr surged through birches lining the asphalt. Lonely footpaths are piling heaps of dried dreams, that once had palmistry of a prospering future. Just like the rosy lines on my pale palm, they are fading and blurring. Leaving mere marks that resemble scars of being alive. Maybe they'd never disappear. Maybe they'd stay forever on me. Reminding me that I once had umpteenth possibilities, all of which got flooded by unrestricted emotions.

    The ache in my heart is tracing branches of thunderstorms lighting the darkening night sky in flashes. It all started from a single drop, that leisurely rolled off my forearm, slowly. Falling, falling and then hitting hard on the concrete crossroad. Welkin left no raindrop orphaned. More of those tragic pearls fell like an ornament of the heaving clouds. 

    Fogged streetlights adorned divinity as if a halo, blessing otherwise pitch black way. With every step I took, I let some tear drops cuddle the enlarging puddles on my way. Some steps deliberately stomped on fallen leaves, unwilling to lock away my distress. 'It must be October', my hazy mind tried to reason, why my pathway is paint-dipped in crimson-maroons and amber-bronzes. Just like my red-rimmed eyes and scar-studded thighs. 

    A heart that once poured love like marvelling monsoons have now closed off with raging smoke, a clouded mind.
    It's almost impossible to believe that he's unaware of the ways he's transformed 'from beaut to beast'. His hands tremble so hard if he can't refill poison pools in the glass bottles. Mirrors showed him neither reality nor fantasy. Music is no more his high, notations are mind maps to hell, a trepidating trap. 

    Echoes have left him aeons ago, whispers can't reach him even within hairline distance. Trumpets and drumroll veiled silence, piano poignantly ponders, violins wail intermittently. Euphony unreachable, cacophony undeterred. All that left was a mirage of eutony, not even approachable. And caresses have withered as soon as winter bound him in frore, lending me blossoming whiplashes.

    I stayed by him like a shadow that has taken an oath of solemnity. But there's only so much I can do when none of my attempts could disclose his despair. He was hell-bent on pushing me away. Would promises wither if their voices travel back to their origin ? Would love disappear if the hearts unwind their own beats ? Would forever fall down to never-again if brokenness gravitied the fall ? Who is to apologize to whom, if both are hurt and keep hurting each other ?

    This wretched rain has drenched me depressed yet my heart is shielding a drought rooted in loss. This scenery is fated to fade in forlorn.
    And every foggy breath I exhale is chanting a farewell to my once-wished-eternal-spring -
    " It's time to erase this scenery.
    It's time to leave, my love..." 

    / I couldn't be a Beatrice to his Beethoven
    For I'm Betrothed to Brokenness /


  • _solitaire_ 9w


    I love how we look at the same sky miles away from each other and ask the same wish.

    Tell me. While you read this are you laying on a turqoise moon swing holding your laptop in your fine hands thinking to grab your black coffee from the table sideby? Or is it crimson sunset being painted by nature and you are laying on the cold sands of Seychelles on a break from your hectic work schedule holding your phone reading me? Tell me. Or is it around 3:00 a.m. Airpods plugged in playing Moonlight Sonata on loop. You can't sleep 'cause your subconscious is filled with me. (Maybe 'cause mine is filled with yours too)

    I got your e-mail. In fact Im happy that you sent. Im happy you remember me. Im happy you think bout me. Im happy you care. What I loved of you was that there was nothing you hid from me. You said all that was on your mind, what you thought of me. You were crystal clear. You are still. I was very bad at expressing things. You said thats what you loved bout me. Yeah that I'm mysterious is what you adored. You know what, there were dozens who stole my heart, but you were the one who made my heart mine. And when it got fragmented you loved every piece of it. We got so lost. Felt like a stalemate, I din't win, niether did you. But still we both lost. But still as you once said, people always change but what they have between 'em stays forever.

    I feel so torn between shells of nostalgia and sands of fear. I feel homesick. And you ought to know that you are my home <3

    ~Somebody who misses you alot.


  • amtupu_ 9w

    Thank You WN for ��(2)

    When birds escaped my city in awe,
    I began to imagine living in revere.
    So I pen soft sonnets every night,
    just to remind me that forever exists.
    You're every shade of reverie I starve,
    even if this sordid earth moved shaking,
    I know you'd carry water for me.

    - @amtupu_

    #wod #foreverc #kwansaba @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay @readwriteunite

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    i pen soft sonnets
    every night
    to remind me
    that forever exists.


  • bellemoon99 9w


    I'm safe by your side
    My heart doesn't fear loneliness
    With you I found forever

  • bellemoon99 9w

    Too long

    Forever was too long for rotten flesh
    Forever was too long for desintegrating bones
    Forever was too long for a heart that longs
    Forever, why did you promise me forever?
    When forever was never enough

  • wilmaneels1 9w

    There is so much expectation within this seven letter word
    Let me hold you forever
    Let me love you forever
    Yet; in these times forever has such a short time span
    That's why it's imperative that we hold onto what is true
    Appreciate what whispers to your soul when chaos roars on the outside
    We don't have a glimpse of what the future holds
    Don't look back on your past with regret
    You still have an opportunity to work on your forever today
    Many don't have that privilege anymore

  • aryaa_anand 9w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay @fromwitchpen @heartsease

    #foreverc #ceesreposts

    // the fallacies asked forever why was it so deeply loved by people, forever replied that I'm loved because they don't believe in your real presence in love, but they believe in my apparent being. //

    thank you for the ♥(6) @writersbay :)

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    f- fathoming the unfathomable fallacy of time
    o- ostensibly true yet fairly false
    r- rhetoric remains of memories questioning relationships
    e- extraordinarily ordinary promises wrapped in honey
    v- vehemently piercing pangs of pain
    r- realm of apparent realities


  • bonitasarahbabu 9w

    #foreverc #ceesreposts

    I wish our love story was one that was forever,
    You were called,
    And you answered.
    In answering,
    I lost the love of my life,
    And your loss, debilitated me.
    Our dream was for a forever relationship,
    But it became an almost relationship,
    Some days, the sorrow overwhelms me.
    I don't believe in forevers,
    The only forever I believe in is the love of God,
    His love and promises are forever.

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  • angels_halo_shines 9w

    Forever. It’s a heavy word. You can’t choose forever. Eternal life has been decided at your conception. Lifetimes granted again & again. Through learning, processing & lessons thrown upon us. Our souls know how much we can handle. It’s important to know that. For our souls only push us to become better. A better person as a whole. “You” work on yourself daily. It’s hard work, but doable. Results show at any given time, maybe you don’t see them. They are there, believe me. Don’t be so hard on yourself. That’s just an unnecessary set back. Seeing ourself in the light of how others see us, is difficult. I can’t even do that, if only. Forever, is a long time. Forever is lifetimes. I hope forever is lighter for you now. It’s not as complex as it may seem.

    #foreverc #writersnetwork #empath #empathmind #spiritual #eternity #ceesreposts

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    Forever Is...

    Forever. It’s a heavy word. Forever, is a long time. Forever is lifetimes.

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 9w

    F O R E V E R

    Forgiven myself, forgiven you.
    Operations full circle now.
    Rest assured, you won't be left behind.
    Even if even if you feel you should be.
    Violations all have been forgiven.
    Eternally show your gratitude.
    Reminding you of the truths we all should know.

  • silhouette_of_a_poet 9w


    Loses its sheen faster than lip-gloss
    Might as well be played in chorus
    Yet it lives on like cigarette stains
    And in every breath of a smitten soul

    Spilled so often it's now mundane
    Chained to the forked tongues
    Spelled out loud by lonely hearts
    Wearing scars of unrequited love

    Riding on the winds of change
    Under countless aliases
    On the lines of hide and seek
    Remaining impalpable

    Will you truly recognise it
    When it pays you an unannounced visit?
    It shall remain a mystery
    Living upto its name


  • pallavi4 9w


    When the leaves turn brown and begin to fall
    Refusing to live any longer
    When the air begins to bear the chill
    And the heat is duly conquered

    When the harvest in the fields stops waving
    And ground grows arid and cold
    When the green in the blade of grass is lost
    And the garden grows tired and old

    When the clock seemingly comes to a standstill
    Relenting to the slow passage of time
    When nature begins to prepare itself
    For the advent of a winter fine

    When the populace goes through weary days
    Deprived of the shinning sun
    When forests are filled with auburn trees
    And a change in the season has finally begun

    When you stand at a crossroad this fall
    Debating if you really want to be with me
    Know that like the brown fallen leaves and autumn
    We are forever meant to be


    5th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - Oleg Molchanov

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  • fizahfiz_ 9w

    Things end,
    but memories last forever.
    Temporary pain,
    But trauma forever.


  • blinganshu 9w


    Silent conversations also  sound sweet
    Our moments are all that matter
    Not the words, not the chatter
    Got a forever for those, let the silence talk for now.

  • ashamurali 9w

    The above poem is dedicated to my dear husband who has stood by me as a solid rock.
    @mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #foreverc #wod #pod #husband #foreverlove #ceesreposts

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    Our forever love

    Our eyes met when I was feeling low,
    As I recollect that day eons ago,
    Oh! You made my face, heart and eyes glow,
    Our love was for ever, little did I know.
    There were many a test and trial,
    Our relationship was far from ideal,
    I wondered if our love was even for real,
    Were we living a life of denial?
    But we made our decision stick to each other,
    Never did we let our arguments embitter,
    Nor did we let our ego bluff or blur
    our love and commitment to one another,

    we successfully crossed all hurdles,
    our troubles now look like mere bubbles,
    we can now laugh at our quarrels,
    that appear no more than mere squabbles!

    Boundless love and loyalty,
    Commitment and responsibility,
    Every moment spent in sincerity,
    Has made our love forever, a reality.

  • _sagarika18_ 9w

    In a world that changes whenever
    Stay constant forever ( ◜‿◝ )♡


  • penelope_ 9w

    This day and forever I am growing yes learning the basic idea of existence.I no more believe in desires and physical intimacy.It doesn't make sense to me anymore.Physical intimacy is meretricious, a low choice.

  • snehalv 9w

    Some want to compete
    Some want to compare
    Some want to cage
    Some want to care
    Some want to cherish
    Some want to be crony forever


  • stardust_writes 9w

    Inspired by If I could tell you by WH Auden, though this is nowhere close to it's beauty :-)
    @maiatamarain You made me write, thank you! :-)

    Time is our friend as well as a betrayer,
    It won't last when you need it the most,
    and when you're aching,
    each second is the slowest.
    Who said time is the bestest teacher?
    Did it teach you that forever is a lie?
    If I could hate anything in life,
    it would be change.

    What if nature loses it's sheen,
    when the leaves wilt,
    when the rivers run dry,
    when the flowers wither away,
    when the sun never rises,
    when wind becomes a dead sound,
    when the moon never shows it's luminous face?

    What if people's feelings change?
    like in the summers, when they no longer
    love the sun, like the freezing winters when
    they turn cold to you, or what if they abandon
    you like the fallen autumn leaves or like a
    fellow flower, jealous of your spring?

    What if I say this world you live in
    was never your home? You'll never feel
    at home as we don't belong anywhere,
    not even to ourselves. You may say
    you're a wanderer, but would you admit
    you're a nomad with no no home to go to?,
    for home is not a place, but a sense of certainty,
    of feelings and people you are certain of.

    If change is a kingdom,
    I'm the fallen prisoner,
    change lives on a throne,
    and forever is it's slave,
    change is death, change is life,
    and betwixt lives the momentary forevers,
    but if I could tell you one thing,
    even those forevers is a lie!


    #foreverc @writersbay

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    If I could tell you

    Time is a grave digger and
    change, the graveyards,
    housing those forevers
    that die a cruel death.