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  • _raahee_ 3w

    तुम और मैं

    तुम्हारे बारे में क्या लिखूँ
    शब्द ही नहीं मिलते
    तुम्हारी शख़्सियत को बयान कर सकूँ
    वो लफ़्ज़ नहीं मिलते

    प्यार तो बहुत है तुमसे
    पर ये एहसास कुछ खास है
    सिर्फ प्यार तो नहीं हो सकता.. है ना?
    ये जो तुम्हारे मेरे बीच में है
    सिर्फ एक एहसास से तो बयान नहीं हो सकता

    मेरी आँखों में देख कर
    मेरी बेकरारी समझ लेते हो तुम
    तुम्हारे लिए कुछ करू और कहूँ की मेरा मन है
    तो वो झूठ भी पकड लेते हो तुम
    मेरा हाथ थाम कर
    मेरा हर डर दूर कर देते हो तुम
    प्यार तो बहुत लोग करते होंगे तुमसे
    पर इबादत सिर्फ मेरी हो तुम

    तुम्हारी सारी परशानी
    चुप चाप सुन लेती हूँ
    तुम्हारी तड़प
    तुमसे ज्यादा मुझे तड़पाती है
    बिना आवाज़ लगाये भी
    तुम्हारी आवाज मुझ तक पहुँच जाती है
    नाराज़ हूँ भी अगर तो भी
    तुम्हारी परवाह नहीं छूटती

    साथ तो हम हर मुश्किल पार कर लेते है
    हँस लेते है, रो लेते है
    गा लेते है और चुप भी बैठ जाते है
    नाच लेते है और एक दूसरे को नचा भी लेते है
    शिकायतें होती है तो मुस्कुराहटें भी
    तकरार में भी प्यार सरखों पर होता है

    पर पता है क्या?
    तुम और मैं
    साथ तो हम हर हालात में
    खुल कर जी लेते है!

  • _raahee_ 5w

    पहली मुलाक़ात

    ये पहली मुलाक़ात थी
    अंजान इस बात से
    ये तो बस उन मुलाकातों की शुरुआत थी
    अजनबी नहीं थे हम
    पर ये एक दूसरे को जानने की शुरुआत थी
    तुम वक्त से आ गए
    या ये कह लो की मैं देर से आई
    तुम्हे इंतजार करता देख शर्म सी आ गई
    साथ कदम बढ़ाये हमने
    पहले एक दसरे की तरफ
    और फिर एक दसरे के साथ
    कहा नहीं मैंने पहले कभी
    पर ये जो मुस्कान है न तुम्हारी
    हाय! दिल को सुकून दे जाती है
    काम का तो सिर्फ बहाना था
    मुझे तो तुम्हें करीब से जानना था
    क्या पता था की ख़्वाइश तुम्हारी भी कुछ ऐसे ही है
    काम के नाम पर तुम्हें कहानी अपनी सुनानी है
    हाँ, ये पहली मुलाक़ात थी
    पर लगा जेसे जन्मों का नाता है
    तुम्हारी नज़रों से नज़र नहीं हट रही थी
    सुन तो रही थी मैं
    पर बोल नहीं पाई -
    "सुनो.. मैं साथ रहूँगी हमेशा"
    वो क्या है ना, ये पहली मुलाक़ात थी
    तुम्हें तो पता ही है न कितना डरती थी मैं
    प्यार से, इकरार से
    कहीं न कहीं पता था की खुद को तुम में खोने की शुरुआत थी ये
    पर थी तो पहली मुलाक़ात ही
    वक्त केसे निकल गया पता ही नहीं चला
    कुछ मिनट कब घंटो में बदल गए एहसास ही नहीं हुआ
    चाहती थी वक़्त बस थम सा जाये
    तुम्हारे साथ कुछ और पल मिल जाये
    और वो पल कुछ और घंटो में तब्दील हो जाये
    और वो कुछ घंटे पूरी ज़िन्दगी में
    कभी कहा नहीं न तुमसे ये सब
    क्या करू.. हमारी बातें ही ख़त्म नहीं होती
    और हाँ
    जाते वक़्त यूँ जो गले से लगाया न तुमने
    मानो मेरे दिल की बात सुन ली हो तुमने
    कह नहीं पायी मैं
    "सुनो.. मैं साथ रहूँगी हमेशा"
    ये पहली मुलाक़ात थी
    "मुझे मौका दोगे पूरी ज़िन्दगी साथ चलने का?"
    "मुझसे यूँही मिलते रहोगे, हर दिन, हर सुबह, हर शाम.. हमसफ़र की तरह?"

  • kashtandon 6w


    रोज़ रात को एक सपना
    तकिये के नीचे रखकर सोता हूं।।
    जब ये सरहद की नुकीली तारें हट जाएंगी मैं वहाँ से अपनी सारी पतंगे ले आऊँगा


  • ashamurali 16w

    The above poem is dedicated to my dear husband who has stood by me as a solid rock.
    @mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #foreverc #wod #pod #husband #foreverlove #ceesreposts

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    Our forever love

    Our eyes met when I was feeling low,
    As I recollect that day eons ago,
    Oh! You made my face, heart and eyes glow,
    Our love was for ever, little did I know.
    There were many a test and trial,
    Our relationship was far from ideal,
    I wondered if our love was even for real,
    Were we living a life of denial?
    But we made our decision stick to each other,
    Never did we let our arguments embitter,
    Nor did we let our ego bluff or blur
    our love and commitment to one another,

    we successfully crossed all hurdles,
    our troubles now look like mere bubbles,
    we can now laugh at our quarrels,
    that appear no more than mere squabbles!

    Boundless love and loyalty,
    Commitment and responsibility,
    Every moment spent in sincerity,
    Has made our love forever, a reality.

  • _akshay_bond 16w


    “I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I dont know about tomorrow but I will try my best to love you forever'“

  • _do_lafj_ 18w

    सपनों का आसमान है,
    चाँद सा एक ख़्वाब है।।


  • steffy2110 19w


    Is that you again, sweet pie!
    Why do you go out of sight, pulling games on me
    It's ain't fun
    Can you see my stretched arms
    Yearning to hold you tight against my chest
    Can you hear me calling your name
    Can you feel my heart thunder rolling
    Can you hear my thoughts going haywire
    Come, put me out of this misery, can't breathe in here
    Aching for your croons and gentle sways
    Lost in the depths of your ambers, never could I take my gaze off you
    Gliding my fingers through your unruly hair making a mess
    Retaliating with your unforgiving rib tickles, I cackled off lungs
    Wished you could stay longer
    Or take me with you to the pristine gates
    Unfair is this pain and void you bestowed
    Don't know if this knife twist in chest will ever go away, nor do I know if I should
    Do you see me as I see you
    Or am I going faint to your eyes and far to reach too
    Know that I will always love you
    Come what may, I will hold you as always
    In your arms, shall I remain at ease
    Wait for me for sometime please, hold in tight until


  • _do_lafj_ 19w

    @anonymous_143 Hello friends chaii pii lo☕....

    #ChaiLover #ForeverLove

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    मेरी शामें अधूरी है,
    एक कप चाय के बिना।।


  • journeyingwithnomakha 20w

    Will you love me then?

    When the face that made you turn in awe shrivels.
    And the hair on my head turn a shade weaker.
    My sleek curls fall off to a mere strand of hair.
    The skin that once clung to my bones
    Hangs lose.
    The legs that once carried me to you,
    Grow feeble.
    When the same legs that moved swiftly as we waltzed through the confines of our melodic love
    Barely move.

    Will you waltz with me then?
    Will your eyes shine with the same awe?
    Will you bathe me with warm kisses that jolt sensations of joy in me?
    Will your hand still stroke me tenderly?

    Or will you turn away in repulse?,
    Repulsed by how much of an eye sore i have become .
    Will you gag and your stomach churn at my sight
    So much so that you resort to adultery.

    Will you love me then,
    When all reasons to love me fade.


  • beauny 23w

    Hello people����

    I don't know who have to hear this. But,
    Hey you!
    Why are you bothering about your flaws?

    Why are you afraid of all unfolded flaws ?

    Why you make yourself bleed because of half filled flaws?

    Why are you trying to cover all your flaws instead of letting people know your flaws?


    Are you afraid of losing someone who only focuses on being perfect?

    Darling,then you have to hear this~

    When a person cannot accept your flaws how can you even imagine him/her as your soulmate who connects to your soul which is being called unique cause of same flaws?

    Soulmate connects the soul with his/her perfections into your flaws so is your perfections!


    《The right person consider your flaws as ornaments which decorates you and makes you look unique in a unique way ����》



    #explorefeed #soulmate #soulmates #soulmatelove #reallove #reallifelove #reallifesoulmate #souls #flawsmakeyouunique #flawsmakeyouuniqueandbeautiful❤❤ #flawsarebeautiful #flawsareok #flawful #flawlesslove #beauny #lovequotes #loverquotes #lovelyquotes #lovelylove
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    Don't be afraid to show your flaws

    The right person see them as ornaments,that makes you look unique in a unique way
    ©beauny :)

  • __ek_wada__ 25w

    Mujhe nahi pasand
    tujhe kisi orr ke naam se bulaya jaaye,
    Tu mera hai sirf
    toh mere naam se hi jana jaaye.

    Jo khudse kia hai

  • _do_lafj_ 25w


    Pyar ke liye,
    Khayal ke liye,
    Darne k liye,
    Sath rhne k liye,
    Himmat dene k liye,
    Bs ek naam kafi hai"Papa"��...

    Betiyon ki jaan hote h unke Papa❤️��

    #ForeverLove #Papa

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    मुझे डाट के,
    खुद आराम से नही सो पाते है।।
    मुझे खिलाएं बिना,
    खाना नही खाते है।।
    जिनके गुस्से में भी,
    बस प्यार नजर आता है।।
    जिनमे बसती मेरी जान है,
    जिनकी मैं जान हूँ वो है "मेरे पापा"।।


  • monikakaushik07031993 25w

    Vo baatein

    Vo baatein aadhuri si thi kuch iss trha hum khne ko waqt dundhte rhe or vo durr jaate rhe

  • __ek_wada__ 26w

    खूबसूरत ये दुनिया नही,
    मेरी पसंद है।

    Jo khudse kia hai

  • yourarmy 31w

    Years after, when I will open my heart
    Still You will be there , not as a memory
    But as a fresh rose blooming forever.

    My wrinkles, can hide my love towards you
    But not my heart beating, according to your breath.
    My lost eyesight, can hide my love towards you
    But not my nerves filled with your music.

    I might have lost, valuable physical structure
    But still, I can love you the same as in youth.
    I may not be able to walk properly, without support
    But trust me, I will never let you fall holding you.

    I know , these things are bit difficult to trust.
    But try me once though you will be in the worst.
    I purple you i,e." I love you till end" you coined......
    With no doubt I can say " I love you" , even after my end

  • blend_of__thoughts 31w

    लफ्ज ❣️

    वैसा मोहब्बत अगर मुकमल कर ली होती तो.....
    हमें दर्द का कैसे पता चलता
    जो मेरे ही जैसे लाखो का

  • cutegirl02 32w

    I'm so sensitive you could literally text me in a different tone and I'll get sad✨

  • cutegirl02 32w

    Having you in my life
    Gives me wings to fly
    Higher than the vulture...my love
    I am always with you forever ✨

  • steffy2110 32w

    What do I, know about Love

    The cold breeze by the shore, fluttering her sundress,
    caressing her wild curls in the air.
    The sun kissed her goodbye,
    before dunking into the horizon,
    making a silent promise to come again tomorrow by the dawn,
    making her cheeks pink and her eyes smile.
    Like this was how they made their pinky promise each day.
    An emotion so strong beyond words, the faith to let go and wait to return, the faith in his return, the faith in her wait.
    Charmed by the keeper colors, wondered I, 'Is this what Love looks like ?'
    May be it is or may be not, for what do I know about Love.

    "Its not all roses and kisses", whispered Apollo*.
    Says He, there'll be days, they won't meet , when the dark clouds glooms over the skies.
    Sometimes he'll go behind the fluff playing hide,
    Sometimes her sad face doesn't want to wake up to his ray of sunshine,
    Sometimes it's just a bad day, so just take a raincheck!
    Not everything is black and white, it's the grey times testing your waters.
    You see, the beauty blooms when the Greys are embraced, because as rightly said,
    'Even with all your freckles, I'll still love you.
    Even with all your goofs, I still want to keep our promises.
    Even with all Greys I'll still come back and kiss you, for it is the Faith that runs the course.
    Forgive me, for I'll mess up and so do I when you do.'
    Hooking our pinkies we vowed,
    "I'll come for the morning kiss in your waiting arms by the dawn, for I need to see your beautiful smile to start my day".
    And that's my silent prayer as I kiss you each time,
    for You are my forever agápi mou*.


    (*1: Apollo is the Greek mythology God of Sun, Logic and Reason, also a fine musician and healer.

    *2: agápi mou means 'my Love' in Greek)

  • mrunalome 33w

    In this Autumn fall.
    Like all seasons
    I'm out in the wild
    Looking for you.

    To see you one time
    The leaves are coming,
    With the cold winds.
    The land has become cosy,
    With nature's scenic beauty.
    The night's are darker, for you to
    Gleam in the moon's light.

    Knowing you are far
    I chase you still
    To the day, I lay by your side
    With all the Love and

    #Autumn #Fall # Her #Love #Nature #Foreverlove #wod #Mirakee #Scribbles #Random #ArTh #Again #Faraway #LoveandLoveonly @writersnetwork
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld


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    In this Autumn fall.
    Like all seasons
    I'm out in the wild
    Looking for you.

    To see you one time
    The leaves are coming,
    With the cold winds.
    The land has become cosy,
    With nature's scenic beauty.
    The night's are darker, for you to
    Gleam in the moon's light.

    Knowing you are far
    I chase you still
    To the day, I lay by your side
    With all the Love and