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  • yinminblue 3d

    To be forgotten

    Will you cry for me?
    If I die for you
    Will you miss me too?
    If I said I love you
    Or would you leave me stranded?
    Like those others do.
    Would you?
    I think you do.
    Cause I give up on myself.
    And the love I had for you.
    I know I deserve better.
    And so do you too.
    Things don't go my way.
    It always ends up like this.
    Where did I go wrong.
    Was I a liability all along?
    Had a dog named, spikey.
    He'd always stick beside me.
    But now he's gone.
    Can't go to where he belongs.
    My days are black.
    And nights are grey.
    I write my poetry.
    But something doesn't seem fit.
    Is it me?
    Or I don't know how to speak what I feel.
    I am lost.
    This is what I feared all along.
    This is what I don't want.
    To be left out.
    To be forgotten about.

  • rhymester_udit 1w

    भूल गए तुम

    तुम्हें हिचक न आई
    मुझे छोड़ जाने पे।
    मेरी जान पे बन आई
    तुम्हारे ख़त जलाने से।

    कितनी आसानी से तुमने
    मेरा वजूद मिटा दिया।

    मेरी उंगलियां कांप रही
    फोन से अपने
    तुम्हारा नंबर मिटाने में।


  • munnazahjavaid 1w

    We always hold on to people who tend to change with time, when instead we should hold on to memories.
    They never go away
    They never change
    They are yours to keep
    Always and Forever❤

    #wod #pod #people #memories #forgotten


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    Forgotten Good Memory

    When the people you hold on to give you pain
    Make them a forgotten good memory to break the chain

  • haare_huye_lashkar 1w


    तुम्हारे हर्फ़ जो अब मुझे कागज़ पर नहीं उकेरते
    मैं भी आहिस्ता आहिस्ता तुम्हारे हुनर भूलने लगी हूँ

  • rhymester_udit 2w

    जाने - अनजाने

    'वो मुझे नहीं जानती',
    ये आख़िर में कहा उसने।

    सच ही कहा होगा।

    अगर जो जान जाती वो मुझे,
    तो मुझसे दूर न हो पाती।


  • ep_poetic 3w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 8 of 8)

    Just another forgotten sinner.

    i've never felt complete 

    to the furthest i can remember.

    And i remember 


    holding tears

    through the night

    And me laying there


    what it was

    that i didn't do right?

    Enoch Piankhi (EP) 

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • _kawaiiyuki_ 6w

    The weather wants to free the poets whereas the wind rushes them in the opposite direction. The cuts on their hand isn't deep to make them bleed but the memories of the past, makes them drench in melancholy. I wish the world was a free place from the comparision with the other kids for I wish, I could see you today just like any other day. Its so cold in the guts, it's freezing in the blanket, the warmth is all gone, all gone far too away. I heard a news - ‘A girl on my block had killed herself' and was being called an idiot, isn't it a coincidence that tommorow is your death anniversary and the same day when my ears bled with voices whispering “A fool, she was a fool". Ah! This shit is so tempting when you can understand each and every reason behind one's killing themselves. I guess december will be the most painful period of time for me for I hate seeing you as an empty room with only one painting, Yes, there's only one , A picture of yourself painted in the red. I have already bid you farewell but doing it every year makes me angry. I am not angry with you but the ones who pushed you beyond yours limits. Isn't it funny , the people calling you and the other girl a fool don't even know that the girl next door is making multiple cuts on her skin in the bathroom.
    The day is coming, the day is coming home.
    #pod #wod #lost #forgotten

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    White Moon

  • kp_singh 7w

    मुझे याद है तुम्हारे साथ बिताया हुआ एक एक पल,
    और एक तुम हो जो मुझे ही भुलाई बैठी हो!
    I remember every single moment spent with you,
    And you are the one who has forgotten me! -Kps©2021

    #kpsshayari #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #forgotten #memories

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    मुझे याद है तुम्हारे साथ बिताया हुआ एक एक पल,
    और एक तुम हो जो मुझे ही भुलाई बैठी हो!
    I remember every single moment spent with you,
    And you are the one who has forgotten me!

  • sameen_ 7w

    Forgotten Memories

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Dwelling in your happiest subconscious
    Pushed behind by naivety of priority
    Of transient episodes of euphoria
    Deluded by idiosyncrasies of life

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Defining the opportune moment of your existence
    Where impediment made the impending animation
    A celebratory composition of rhythms
    Otherwise known as breaths

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Carefully devising your shenanigans
    To sculpt a mannequin of saudade
    Where you hide your arcane thoughts
    Of intimacy for permanent exulansis

  • kaydeedubb 11w

    #start #wod

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    stuck in a phase of insomnia, lost in cloudy
    spaces of regret and a multitude of despair.
    Forgotten, such inadequacy of what lingers,
    the forgotten one sadly never forgets.
    Those long night conversations,
    laughter by the bonfire,
    hanging together at games,
    being the go-to person...
    Such beautiful memories.
    It's terrifying to be at midnight!
    But if not me, then who?
    And not at midnight, then when?
    Who else remembers the "good" old days?

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories,
    a collector for things that have passed.
    Well past the trilogy and deep into the night,
    insomnia plagues my body and rewinds
    the time-sucking me in an inescapable whole.
    Forgotten memories only wish to be seen,
    to be loved, to exist once more, to be cherished.
    Many memories have gone neglected,
    but the forgotten memories will not
    go away for good, it always has a second wind.
    That dense wind blows in me.

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    put away to rot away in a photo album,
    removed from the surface of what matters.
    Midnights are my time for basking in sweetness.
    Too bad that the memories are only a short dream,
    one that has restored even what others forgot.
    It's at midnight that insomnia strikes
    and there go the wheels of years past.

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories,
    reflected through dark clouds and dense winds.
    Trying to become whole again, but stuck in a hole again.


    #memories #forgotten

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    Forgotten Memories

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories,
    reflected through dark clouds and dense winds.
    Trying to become whole again, but stuck in a hole again.


  • pallavi4 12w


    I still own the old dusty books that house
    The dried roses that were once alive
    Kept as a token of your supposedly true love
    From when I was young and naive

    The book of poems you’d given to me
    I still flip through from time to time
    Sometimes it makes me weep tears of grief
    Sometimes I just keep staring blankly at the rhymes

    Why is love like an endless loop
    A hamster wheel I still can’t seem to get off of
    Like rusted iron chains around my neck
    Was it dependence that I mistook for love?

    Your betrayal and its pain still fuel my soul
    Making me the person I think I am inside
    I fear if I someday finally shrug you off
    I will lose a grip on my anger stoked life

    Words now seemingly flow out of me
    Compelled by my torn and fractured soul
    I doubt there will ever be a cure for my heart
    You’ve left such a enormously gaping hole

    You were such a big part of who I was
    Your reality was such a massive lie
    I am still amazed at my tenacity to cling to it
    While life quietly passes me by


    29th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner
    - “Mosaic Path” by Erin Hanson

    #poetry #love_poems #love #love_gone_sour #forgotten #unforgotten @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • akgautam 15w

    Ab kismat ke bharose nhi hu,
    Usne mujh pe bohot sitam dhaaye hai.
    Mohabbat ke bharose toh bilkul nhi hu,
    Kyunki jisse bhi pyaar kiya baad mei unhi se dhokhe khaye hai.


  • sharmilajuliet 17w

    It's Raining Outside

    It's Raining Outside
    Falling every droplets
    Singing our forgotten
    Love song once again
    My Love!

  • brisky 18w


    It hurts to know that you will never look at me the way I look at you

  • pallavi4 21w

    Abandoned Art

    A layer of grime and dust has gathered
    And mingled in the crevices of my brush strokes
    The once bright colours have faded terribly
    That used to strong emotions once invoke

    Abandoned and forgotten I lie in a corner
    Of a forsaken and desolate house
    No longer am I the painter’s pride
    I’m dirty and filthy- my biggest grouse

    For companions I have spiders
    And dormice that keep squeaking away
    Dried and wilted flowers are kept rotting
    On a nearby rusted iron tray

    The moulding furniture that surrounds me
    Upholstered in golden baroque style
    Lies torn and in shambles just like I do
    Looking unfriendly, dark and hostile

    There was a time when my being was admired
    And celebrated and revered by all
    My deep burnished red and brown colours
    Were representative of the beautiful fall

    With the death of my owner came the abandonment
    Of the palatial house in which I resided
    A will that was unacceptable saw to it
    That my fate was already decided

    Away from the adoring public and guests
    Who would stand and stare at the adorned walls
    My life has come a full circle now that I’m
    No longer the centre of dances and balls

    What is the life of an jilted artwork like me
    We are the forgotten pages of a neglected book
    What we wouldn’t do to been seen or noticed
    Or simply to be given another look


    27th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Staircase” by Suzanne Moxhay , James Freeman Gallery

    #abandonartc #abandoned_art #art #forgotten #jilted #sad_poems #stories_in_poems #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • jmaj161914 22w


    We only go to sleep, have a good dream, and wake up
    The sun only rises on a great day just to set
    That's why I'm scared to be happy, knowing it will fade
    Loving memories only to be foreshadowed by the bad
    A newborn child, a graduation day, promotion from all the hard work you've made
    The excitement, the thrill of getting something you've never had
    I'm happy, and I hope that won't end, and if it will, I hope it ends slowly
    Even if it leaves a big hole in me


  • madinah_writes 23w

    Let the dead flowers you've once planted, raise again and fill your nostrils with sweet fragrance.

    Let the eyes you've once lightened blossom again in sun's essence.

    Let the fallen tears you've wiped away send you kisses of smiles on your tasty lips.

    Let the wishes you've given up on make you dream again in your pearly eyes.

    Let the hidden prayers you've forgotten be accepted by the Lord, Almighty.

    Let the words you've said and written be an inspiration for others to pick seeds of knowledge from your autobiography.

    © Madinah_Writes

    #miraquill #mirakee #writes #forgotten #start #wod #share #Let #Almighty #wishes #dreams #pod #writersbay #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #today #poetry #poem

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    Wishes To You


  • a_franteen_writer 23w

    #forgotten #autobiogarphy #wod #miraquill
    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts
    Hey well this is something totally different from the challenge but I knew I had to write this one down like at all costs. So I did .. honestly it's still very vague to me .... But I'm trying hard . Very hard to be better. So here you go:)

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    I have a tail.

    I have a tail.
    A tail has huge as me, filled with lust and animosity. Trees burn.
    Vivid in lilacs dream
    When I go wagging it with me.

    Austere empires smitten
    Wail in a rant
    That they chant through me
    And I wish to be broken, blaze
    In a fire to be set free.

    The feathers of peacock
    Stare with ridiculing eyes
    Wanting to be on my tail
    Cushiony soft; rose, lavender,
    They keep burning.

    The flames are coloured in stark oranges, green and blues
    Beholding me in doom;
    An invisible spectrum of flames;

    The invisibility of fires
    Is not a curse, but a gift made in heaven
    To armour oneself from the world
    In poetries of dystopia,
    To be applauded for the disguise.

    People piped screams on paper,
    A dark abyss shown some glitz, glamour
    To be turned even darker,when they went away; vanquished.

    Once all over, you are welcome to the underworld of the begone, where light wished to conquer, but cannot.
    A forgotten season of the undefined, where tails tailed people away.

  • lalitha_l2 23w

    A sip of #coffee with #fragrance of #pink #roses,
    The #twilighted #eyes, with moving #waves of #shores,
    The #lines of #poems, with #lavender of #love❤️
    Never be #forgotten, and #desired to be #experienced.
    #love #wod #saranghae @miraquill

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    A sip of coffee with fragrance of pink roses,
    The twilighted eyes, with moving waves of shores,
    The lines of poems, with lavender of love❤️
    Never be forgotten, and desired to be experienced.

  • lunarwolf 24w

    Dried Ink

    I'm conjured by his pen
    his emotions were the sacrifice that brought me forth
    he lays upon me his soul
    one which is in a state of turmoil and pain
    yet he smiles as he perfects me
    I grew numb to being erased and reborn
    like a cycle of his twisted vengeance
    but I grew fond of this creator of mine

    He stares deeply into me
    branding his very own image upon me
    every line is like a wrinkle upon my face of parchment
    as he scribbles with me his story
    I become some kind of friend that he confided in
    even as I grew closer to my end
    yet I'm at his mercy
    so I dwell in the moment of my usefulness

    I'm now a finished product of his will
    he written upon me the secret door to his heart
    with the most beautiful and ugliest parts
    he smiled that last smile as he places me away
    never to see the light of day
    yet I regret not my existence
    for my being will forever contain a piece of him
    even though now I'm just dried ink

    #marquill #writersnetwork #abandonedpoem #forgotten

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    Dried Ink

    He lays upon me his blood of emotions that becomes my ink and soul