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  • claralynne 12w

    Rusted Fork

    Her heart had become hollow; she felt a bit mad.
    Cage door open, yet she would wallow.
    What she thought would heal her had become hard to swallow.

    Existing in space, yet not alive.
    Reality would sting, she dare not leave her hive.
    A soul sweet as honey. A mind like a flower.
    Neverending storms; she could not fathom their power.
    Her battered blooms in battle to survive.
    The light of the sun within her she desperately tried to revive.

    Spectacles of illusion rest upon her face.
    Clad in chains, she danced; in dangled locks and lace.
    Among diamonds, she thought she was. Like Lucy in the sky.
    The moon watched her perish at night. The stars watched her die.

    A perception resembing a kaleidoscope of gloom.
    Heart shaped leaves and white blooms had adorned her tomb.

    What she thought would heal her had become hard to swallow.
    A rusted fork in the road, to the universe, she pleaded, "Please tell me which path to follow."

  • wifey_suicide 87w

    Food Wars

    The fork is empty
    But the plate is full
    The spoon has not touched
    The savory creamy soup on the side
    That mom makes best
    It’s probably the best dish in the house
    The knife
    Nothing but cold and bare
    So clean that you can see your reflection off of it
    Everyone else around you is almost done
    Or onto a new plate
    While you’re just sitting there
    Watching the mashed potatoes run into the corn
    As the corn starts to invade the cut up chicken
    As the chicken becomes mad
    And gets up to run into the mashed potatoes
    As they collide, the mashed potatoes begin to bleed gravy
    Beef gravy
    The cries from the potatoes become silent
    As the smell of the gravy, is suppose to tingle your tastebuds and make your mouth water
    But it doesn’t
    Instead missiles begin to strike your emotions
    As your thoughts begin to yell at you
    Don’t eat it!
    Like a curse, even a touch and you could be facing hell forever
    Your stomach starts pacing back and forth
    As your mind shoots a missile towards it
    In panic, your stomach does a flip
    So it could dodge a sudden death
    Yet, it gets hit by one shot
    Of the chicken
    As your emotions are holding onto dear life
    You’re trying to win this war
    But once the chicken hits a part of the stomach, it starts running again
    Making the stomach go into, Mayday!Mayday! We’ve lost all control of our ship captain!
    As to think things could get worse
    An atomic bomb lands straight into the toilet with the chicken inside of it
    The chicken throws up the white flag
    In surrender
    We’ll get them next time.

  • eshasharan 110w


    Fear casts a lingering shadow
    On my vision of life stretching
    Reverberating anxiety boiling in the
    Kettles of My Heart.
    Fork on the road

  • rey_iyer 183w

    #meat #pork #murderby #fork

    @feedingmyheart - vegetarian sister
    @__seh__ - vegetarian friend

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    sometimes, the devil resides in the tongues of people,
    his commands are spicy and delicious.
    the cries of innocent souls add to the taste,
    the dishes exemplify, the humanity's malicious.


  • wordhub 185w

    Fork and Knife

    The relationship between you and me Darling..is what u can call is between fork and knife ..

    Maybe our conversation have meaning
    But they miss out one thing..feeling

    Probably we move in rhythm with each other..
    But not necessary we need to be together

    We talk, we are humans with voices
    But it looks nothing more than noises

    Think about it dear, there is no hurry
    But is our relation that compulsory?

  • jalebi_fafda 262w

    Perfect two!

    "Hey, you know what, even though you hurt me with your sharp features, I'm glad that when we work together we satisfy people's hunger!"
    Said a spoon to a fork.