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  • suhaaaaana 31w

    the glittery soul

    i once had a doll,sleeping beside me..rolled up in the velvet ; into deep sleep already ! free from all boundations ,she slept like a princess..it felt like she's been sent by the holy spirit ,crafted carefully and sinless ! it was a magical moment, to feel her this close; seemed like the universe is smiling seeing me uprose!
    i wished the time to freeze, it was all i ever dreamt which had got me chills ;wanting that miraculous feeling to never end,i was having mixed feelings gushing down me through the scends; engulfed in her innocence i saw her without a blink , to me she was the angel without any sins !
    the whole night passed until it was dawn ; i expérienced magic flowing , around me after so long! for years i longed for the happiness , was recieved seeing her then , and i wished the night would never end !
    i have her in my veins , in my soul and heart ;distance has never done us apart ! for she was the one in which i saw the golden light ✨heart made of gold defined her right ! making me forget my dreadyness for instance .. she was bright , maybe the best thing happened to me but still to fright !
    frightened it would be to feel her away , breaking the distance barrier i always wanted her with me ; glittery soul was her name✨just like her golden hairs tinkling her angelic face and the power to tame , she was the perfection .. to the imperfections !
    all i could ever have is her reflection ; my wish to the holy spirit remains the same ,to never let us apart and beframe ; beframe and hold the feelings forever ,until .. its never ! she was the delicate doll of my dreams ,
    which i had beside me ! for one night i was the luckiest in the aurora ;
    as she was the purest then....
    and i wished the night would never end !!


  • pareshsarkar 34w

    From loving eachother unconditionally
    To not being able to tell I love you anymore
    Things changed time passed we moved on

  • iam_vaibhav07 34w

    चाय और सुट्टा

    तुम अंग्रेज़ी Whiskey का खंबा हो,
    मैं देसी ठर्रे की बोतल हूँ,
    तुम DU की शहज़ादी हो,
    मैं विद्यापीठ का लोकल हूँ,
    तुम घाट इस पार की भीड़ हो,
    मैं उस पार का सन्नाटा हूँ,
    तुम लक्ष्मी चाय की चुस्की हो,
    मैं तलब लगा एक सुट्टा हूँ।

    तुम Girls Squad की leader हो,
    मैं लौंडों में भौकाली हूँ,
    तुम रात की प्यारी चाँदनी हो,
    मैं ढ़लते सूरज की लाली हूँ,
    तुम Domino's में लगती Tax हो,
    मैं कपड़ों पर मिलता बट्टा हूँ,
    तुम लक्ष्मी चाय की चुस्की हो,
    मैं तलब लगा एक सुट्टा हूँ।

    तुम बड़े Restaurants की Chilli Potato,
    मैं सड़क पर बिकता समोसा हूँ,
    तुम McDonald's की burger हो,
    मैं Kerala Café का डोसा हूँ,
    तुम राजभोग सी मीठी हो,
    मैं इमली जैसा खट्टा हूँ,
    तुम लक्ष्मी चाय की चुस्की हो,
    मैं तलब लगा एक सुट्टा हूँ।

    तुम Zara की Shopping हो,
    मैं Sale में मिलता कपड़ा हूँ,
    तुम आपस में होते समझौते सी,
    मैं लौंडों में होता लफड़ा हूँ,
    तुम James Bond की Pistol सी,
    मैं मिर्ज़ापुर का कट्टा हूँ,
    तुम लक्ष्मी चाय की चुस्की हो,
    मैं तलब लगा एक सुट्टा हूँ।

    तुम बहती गंगा सी शीतल हो,
    मैं एक झरने का पानी हूँ,
    तुम किसी लेखक की उपन्यास हो,
    मैं ख़ुद की लिखी कहानी हूँ,
    तुम हरिश्चंद्र सी सच्ची हो,
    मैं भोला सा एक झूठा हूँ,
    तुम लक्ष्मी चाय की चुस्की हो,
    मैं तलब लगा एक सुट्टा हूँ।


  • muskan_dayal 48w


    माना की काफी दूर हो लेकिन
    दिल के सबसे पास हो तुम,
    सुबह की पहली और रात की
    आखरी याद हो तुम!

  • anantay_12 60w

    #millionsoffeeling #Tnny #forsomeonespecial
    Tag the person who is not with u but still love him or her....

    Love is a beautiful feeling but when it get reattached it gives the pain which can't cure by any medicine in the world except that one person....

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    Million's of feelings

    16 years of life, 16000 new people I meet every year but still can't get over one face, Your face haunts me and clam me down at the same time,what magic u did that I left everything and ran into you...

    Gods wish was to keep you away from me he would never sent you in my life just to teach me a lesson.....

    I moved through each way I could, but found your trace everywhere, I ran,I ran harder but felt the need of your more than anything else when I was tired.....

    I don't have you, out of ambitious, out of dreams, out of goals....

    Silent night,my heart throat chokes.
    Silent night,my eyes get filled.
    Silent night, my heart beat faster.
    Silent night, my voice sounds nostalgic.
    Silent night, my soul praise you...

    Life brought us here there's must be a reason, and you just walk away being afraid of dark....

    I am no one to force you to LOVE me, if you're happy with your life....

    But My Dear Why
    Why did my destiny took my peace away with you,
    Why am I made as a overthinker...
    I tried to forget you,then why did your memories made me cry.....

    I hear verses and hooks of nowhere which I wrote a few months back....

    I had the new friendship with night lost is nothing, not you, nor my love but yes it's me.....

  • anantay_12 66w

    #memory #forsomeonespecial Tag the person with whome you want to enjoy every single moment...

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    Live in present

    I really wanted to enjoy every single moment with you before it becomes a sweet memory .....

  • lucelence 82w

    He was sitting on the last bench, solely
    Don't know!!!
    Waiting for me or somethin' else
    Then I abruptly came
    Saw the sir perched on the chair
    I felt jolly!!
    Ultimately, we are like a highly goodly friend
    I told him very frankly
    Sir, please get off
    I need to meet mine brand new bud
    Afterward he left.
    Then I talked him
    Perhaps, he got good vibes from me
    Because I got..!!
    M new to him
    Obviously me as well
    Lets hope for the best
    I consider him my BFF soon
    And for ever
    I hope I got my real Friend

  • lucelence 84w

    We are contented to be with eachother,
    I consider you my bird
    And M like your feathers
    As far as I can tell
    We are reborn
    To me was child
    Wherefore you were my mother
    We are comparable two in one
    Cognate, you're my climate
    And I'm your weather
    I promise!!
    I'll not leave you forever

  • sarthikpandey_ 111w

    She is so agreeable
    Everyone loves her.
    She is so generous
    Everyone cares for her.
    Definitely there is something magical in her
    May be that'y first time when I saw her
    I couldn't resist myself for falling in love with her

  • cute_psycho 113w

    Prominently study well
    To prove them wrong

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    Be determined
    Be happy
    Be focused

  • dip_ki_poetry 113w

    Birthday wishes for loved one

    You are a special person for me♥️
    Happy birthday to my special person
    For your birthday, I want to give you cuddles and soft kisses under the stars
    Sending you ocean of love on your special day, my sweetheart
    Yara, Yara, Yara love you dher Sara endlessly~~~


  • vedantvasu 114w

    agr mein saal 2020 hu,
    tho tu mera corona tha..

    #lovepoerty, #forsomeonespecial..

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    Agr mein boond hu,
    tho tu mera sagar tha,
    agr mein payale hu,
    tho tu meri chankaan tha,
    agr mein nadi hu,
    tho tu mera bahav tha,
    agr mein din hu,
    tho tu meri shaam tha,
    agr mein koi kaam hu,
    tho tu usse karneka dhang tha,
    agr mein vish hu,
    tho tu mera shiv tha,
    agr mein gulab ki seek hu,
    tho tu mera gulaab tha,
    agr mein ek pyala hu,
    tho tu uske andar ki madhira tha,
    agr mein koi pyada hu,
    tho tu mera sathi tha,
    agr mein ek badnaam ashiq hu,
    tho tu meri badnami ki wajhah tha,
    agr mein ek kitaab hu,
    tho tu mera kalam tha,
    agr mein ek mithai hu,
    yho tu meri mithas tha,
    agr mein ek badal hu,
    tho tu ussme bhari har ek doond tha,
    agr mein ek chiti hu,
    thk tu usski mehnat ka phall tha,

    aab bas jaldi wapas aaja,
    isse pahele ki lagne lage ki,
    mein hi mera aaj hu,
    aur tu mera kal tha..

  • pareshsarkar 116w

    Teri in sharabi akhon me dub jaun to chalega kya?
    Tumhe thodi der aur paas betha lu to chalega kya?
    Acha der ho rahi hogi jane ko lakin thodi der aur rok lun to rukogi kya?

  • farheen_iqbal 117w

    She looks like a red rose,
    She is super cute, sweet and kind.
    She has always been the most supporting one.
    In the world of monopolize conversation ,
    She is my listener.
    In the world of judging others ,
    She always understand my point of views.
    In the world of harmness,
    She is my safe place.
    She can never see a tear and never let anyone cry.
    Words to be less , for me to express how much she means to me.
    She is my cutest girl , my happiness .
    She is my soul sister , my friend.
    She is MY BEST....

  • shreyakheal 125w

    Hi guys
    It's shreya again

    Not gonna right a lengthy caption��
    But gonna say that when you love someone you love them unconditionally ❤️
    You want them to be happy with you and without you. ❤️ #nature #love #life #inspiration #friendship #poetry #thoughts #diary


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    Little Bit Of Everything

    It's alright
    Take your time
    Lit the candles
    And think about the nights.

    Winters are never ending
    Our love has
    Drowned in vain.

    I couldn't ask for a lifetime
    I couldn't ask for a big life
    This life has been copied
    And pasted
    From that young girl
    Who went before the end.

    I loved a boy
    And he never looked back
    He has this bright smile
    That lit my life.

    It's hard to resist
    And it's hard to avoid
    The fact that he was never mine.

    Broken heart
    And shattered sky
    Life is just like this
    From the day
    You came into my life.

    But still
    This life is not all tasteless
    It brings me peace
    To know that you existed.


  • wo_hume_shayar_kehti_hai 144w

    "I'm fine"

    Udaas to bahut rahe
    mager kabhi jaahir nhi Kiya
    sab thik h bs isi lafz ne
    sambhal liya

  • tanmaysri9721 145w

    For someone special

    Ek tu hee to hi jise main apne pure din ka kissa sunata hu

    ek tu hee to hi jisse mein itne late late tak batiyata hu

    jis din phone ni lagta tera ye dil ghabra hee jaata hi

    kaha hogi kaise hogi bas inhee cheejo ka anumaan lagata hi

    pata nhi kya rang chada hi tere naam ka iss dil ko

    pata nhi kya rang chada hi tere naam ka iss dil ko

    ab to dil ki dhadkan mein bhi dhak dhak ki jagah tera hee naam aata hi


  • kiansh_ 148w

    ऐ शख्स तेरा साथ मुझे हर शक्ल में मंज़ूर है,
    यादें हों कि खुशबू हो, यक़ीं हो कि ग़ुमान हो।

  • _lishyk_ 153w

    I loves the way you speaks me
    The way you smiles
    The way you treats me
    The way you make me feel you're by my side and everything else about you...whether you loves me the way i does or not,my heart will always keep loving you unconditionally..

  • shivani_agrahari 154w

    किसी ने,मुझ पत्थर को भी तराश दिया है,
    उस खुदा ने मुझे भी एक दिया है...!!