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  • ticklekink 1w

    He disappeared, lost, gone from her life in the blink of an eye..
    Time passed slowly, she pined, she cried, she longed for him..
    Then one day by chance, he searches for her too..
    Reunited once more, like time stood still..
    Her beautiful blue eyed wolf..
    Her incredibly delicious gorgeous man..
    He came back to her..


  • deepoemic 2w

    I Found a Love

    I found a Love
    I found a companion
    I found a friend
    I found my soul
    I found a smile
    I found it all at once
    I found it all in the mirror

    *This poem I just wrote. Talks so much about self love , about something am currently feeling and you should feel it too. What you think ?


  • aesthetic_lad 4w

    I wasn't myself for months and no one noticed


  • pyro_sagen 7w

    Find Me

    I became you to not lose you
    I became you to survive
    I became you because I know you love yourself more than anything else

    How blind my poor eyes where
    I threw myself away
    Tossed the pieces into the chasm of the pit
    It didn't matter did it?

    I'm so glad I lost you
    You would've killed me
    You wanted to didn't you?
    You don't want me to see the truth
    Me and everyone around you
    You're afraid we will flee
    And we will
    Because I lost you and found me

  • poojachoudharydedha 10w


    When u stay
    ..calm u got peace

  • claralynne 10w

    LOST AND FOUND: Fair, Feral Feline

    You would not have found my face on a flier stapled to a pole on some road somewhere...
    Or on the side of a milk carton.
    But you should've...
    No one was looking for me though.
    No one wanted me.
    I was so lost when he found me.
    Wandering. Aimless...
    I knew I had made a wrong turn or two. But I had no idea how lost I actually was.
    I was dirty. From the inside out. Unkept. Malnourished.
    I hadn't had a bath in God knows how long.
    . .I mean actually HAD and ENJOYED a bath.
    Felt the warm water soothe my muscles and wash my bad days away.
    I tried to act like I knew where I was and that I was fine.
    He saw right through it.
    He took me in. Kept me warm.
    I could not remember the last time I had eaten.
    I could never find food wandering in the dark.
    I would always wait for the sun to come out, but it never did.
    It was like I fell asleep one night and just never woke up. And the nightmare never ended.
    I kept asking myself why he would want to help me.
    I was a feline on my ninth life, and I had come to terms with it at that point.

    Afraid to live.
    No longer a spunky cat that climbed trees.
    No twinkle in my eye.
    No more did I sunbathe and watch the birds fly high.
    To be blunt and honest, I was waiting to die.
    I was timid when I saw him at first. But I could tell his intentions were good.
    Scaredy cat.
    I thought to myself I didn't have anything to lose.
    The smallest little piece of me thought an angel had crossed my path.
    I had lost hope on that ever happening long ago.
    But Maybe...
    Just maybe ...
    I was saved?
    I just couldnt believe someone wanted to help me find "home "
    He made sure I ate good.
    He would rub me at night.
    I had forgotten how good it felt to actually purr.
    I had been in the wild for so long...never again did I think I'd be dreaming dreams in a cozy bed.
    Not that leaves and mulch couldn't be cozy, but I didn't miss it.
    And to think I always clowned on them domesticated kitty cats.
    I felt like a lucky dog.
    But you see, I had been in the wild for so long, it had somehow become part of me.
    Feline so fair, yet with a feral side.
    I had it so good, but I shamefully found myself longing for that sense of freedom the came with the wild.
    My heart had become so full, and these thoughts world come.... And they ruined everything.
    Absolutely everything.
    And here I find myself wandering in the dark again.
    He just wanted to give me a home.
    He showed me that a filthy alley cat could be loved again.
    I had felt lovable for the first time since I could remember.
    I was mistaken.
    I knew nothing of freedom.
    I was only just learning what love was.
    and what it felt like to actually be loved.
    I had never felt anything like it.
    It was almost scary.
    More scary than the wild could be.
    Scaredy cat... that I was...
    And now here I am...
    The darkness I find myself roaming in once again is not freedom.
    Only the strong survive out here in the wild.
    Winters coming; it's already gotten so cold.
    There's not enough shelter for us all out here in the wild.
    If only I hadn't acted like such a child.
    Sometimes I wonder if he misses me and our night time cuddles.
    Does he look for me?
    Did he stapled my picture on a pole on a street somewhere?
    I miss how he'd give me those saucers of milk...
    All I know is that this is my ninth life. My last life.
    And I hope I can feel that feeling of home again before it's over.
    In the meantime, I will nestle in this mulch and leaves and find comfort.
    I will pretend....
    and reminisce on a happy time that I'm so very grateful to have had... no matter what.

  • slaughtered_heart 11w

    I lay there on that lonely and cold rock,
    The water flowing on either sides, my eyes closed, the sound of the flowing water singing me lullaby, the cool breeze
    caressing my hair, the voices of nature and its creations in all directions hinting me that I am in one of the safest place on earth, whispering in my ear that I am part of this beautiful place, telling me that it's okay to be lost, tired and clueless, it's okay to let go of everything that is holding you back, it's okay to relax and rejoice, it's okay to be part of the world that you truly belong....


  • naqsaif 15w

    You were only ten
    And I was your favourite
    You had me hidden
    Under your brown curls
    Smiling like an idiot
    From ear to ear
    The stories inside me
    They made you smile
    At night when your
    Friend's couldn't

    Another trip around the sun
    You knew my words
    I turned a little weary
    But you kept me closer

    You turned thirteen
    Chaotic hearts and
    Exaustive friends
    But you still had me
    In your windowshelf
    You still quoted me
    In your diary
    Three years and
    Still going strong

    Then you turned fourteen
    And all your curls were gone
    Made new friends
    But I was the one you lost
    My words noticed it all
    Kept silent
    Had a great fall

    One day you turned
    To me and complained
    Ignorance was a bliss-
    I had attained

    But I was a storybook
    And I had a ...............




    "You can't blame me, darling
    Not even a little bit
    I just hope you see me in a little better light
    Do you think it's easy being of the jealous kind?"
    ~ to be so lonely

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    Then you turned fourteen
    And all your curls were gone
    Made new friends
    But I was the one you lost
    My words noticed it all
    Kept silent
    Had a great fall

    But I was a story book
    And I had a ...............


  • giridhar1529 17w

    And don't worry,we will always be the brand ambassadors of 'lost and found'.


  • myinkyfingers 23w

    #life happens

    Recently I realized a big mistake I made was to cut off contacts with old friends and people, in order to build new relationships.Losing touch with people (other than family) who have seen my journey and who had known me for years so well, who know me who I am and why I am the way I am, made me forget my self worth. I thought I have to be devoted to the new relationship for it to work. But that is completely opposite of what a good relationship is. If a relationship demands forgetting your own individuality then it fails there itself. You need to know and remain who you are and it's usually reminded by the ones who stood up for you, who never left, who saw you fail and get back up, who witnessed what you went through and your worth, helped you no matter how caught up they were and cared about you. So today, pick up a phone or text or email and don't hesitate to contact someone who mattered. To give you a boost, I unblocked almost 38 people who I thought, my current relationship might have issues if I continued to be in touch. And there they were still present as if I never left. Most of them asked no questions. They simply got happy to have their person back in touch and most of them's reaction was, "Its ok, life happens!".

  • inside_out 24w

    मिले खोए

    तुम मिले
    हम खोगए

  • yash_shivam 25w

    Lost & Found

    I have come to the end
    I struggled and found the dream
    But I lost something unknown
    For which my heart still scream

  • seraiah_smiles 28w

    ... Meanwhile, somewhere by the same lake, I found a lilac rose budding.

  • luvkitten 32w

    Forever home

    Coincidentally I found the shore,
    The one where I can finally rest.
    Forget the past storms
    And the monsters I came across,
    When I was submerged in the sea.

    At last I found something to adore,
    The one to cherish and never let go.
    Making it magnificent.
    A beautiful mutual connection
    That's gonna be forever home to me.

  • paranoidismarie 32w

    Blind, bound, deaf, lost, yet found
    #Writers #poetry #life #pain #suffering #loss #found #proud #love #hell

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    They let me see but they took my sight
    they said I was free
    yet I'm trapped inside
    they let me breathe
    but watch as I drown
    they let me speak
    yet no one can hear a sound
    they take what they give
    making this life very hard to live
    I asked you this
    why the hell are they keeping me around?

  • dissapointed_panda 33w


    Everything that I have gained in life is because of all the things you lost.

  • journeyhale 33w


    I am not the same as I once was.
    My body does not contain the same cells
    This heart is different.
    This mind is different. Look again.
    This presence, once stagnated and suppressed,
    Allowed to rise up, to see the sun once again. To fight for itself and the soul it contains.
    Something was there, just under the surface - power, strength, will, courage.
    All it took was some digging
    Like a treasure buried.
    And I was found.

  • samdavid19 36w


    The DeepeR YoU Think
    The DarkeR It GeTs
    TrutH Is AlwaYs FounD In Darkness
    SaM DaviD...

  • writers_calligraphy 36w

    "Have you lost it?"
    "Naahhh, I just found myself..."


  • eccentric_eesha 36w

    I went in search of
    life and found you.

    © Eesha