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  • acksmack 7h

    Move on Omicron

    It's time to move on
    It's time to shed these chains
    The bonds of worry
    Fear and paranoia
    That corrupt the mundane
    Plague the imagination
    And shake the soul

    Alpha beta gamma Delta
    I'm glad I never felt ya
    Variants of societal woe
    The questions and answers
    Wrapped up in a perfect bow

    Never before pondered
    Science is totally absconded
    By the fringes
    Of humanity

    Why can't we all be
    Responsible and free
    Vaccination ambiguity
    Shouldn't be a prison

    Life is meant to be lived
    Savored and brief
    Not masked or hidden away
    Like a scared animal
    Always kept at bay

    What people don't know
    Cannot be summed up
    In one action, one word, or one shot
    While we reap what we sow
    Several opportunities now forgot

    People unrepentant
    Fortunes spent in glorious
    Selfish ascendence
    Waiting for another booster
    Our evolutionary rooster

    Calling for independence
    We are
    Willing sheep to the slaughter
    Someone's son and daughter
    What price do we pay
    For a chance at another day
    Or is it too late
    To embrace our fate
    And wait for the next lie
    That will be named Pi


  • jpwriter 1d

    Happiness and peace

    I would like to live in happiness & peace
    Where the sadness we release
    & The troubles of the day
    Pop like bubbles & go away

    A life that I fight to give others courage
    Where my knowledge may still nourish
    To display that it's all perspective
    In a life that stays with no elective

    I want to live the rest of my years
    With a mind that's fine & conscience of clear
    In land of freedom & no tyranny
    & my love ones come back & don't lie to me

    Where people see me for who I am
    A kind hearted, loving man
    Not through the lies of the disordered
    That have been twisted, fried & distorted

    I pray to live these days soon
    So that it may heal my open wounds


  • rooterscooterj 1d

    No Judgment On You

    The clouds are everywhere
    So I stare at them
    They are everywhere
    An observer I am
    They float along
    They pop up from nowhere!
    Oh clouds I have no judgment on any of you
    You are free to pop up
    No worries for you
    Hello clouds!
    How do you do?

    A MARieee

  • alastair_margerman 2d

    of men and mice

    a field mouse, who I had rescued from the clutches of my cat, was so traumatized and bewildered that it bit me in the process of attempting to free it ...

  • inkwell 2d

    Social experiments

    Don't you think we are?
    Social experiments?
    Born and branded
    with names, religions and nationalities
    Conditioned through school
    Regulated into jobs and businesses.
    To keep afloat the "economy?"
    Where "success"
    Is measured by the degree of conformity
    To a certain pattern

    Would you want otherwise?
    Not to be part of "the system"
    Could you bear the chaos?
    Of Paving your a path as you go?
    Won't you need rules? Order, new norms?
    Another system altogether
    Zero laws, Zero norms you say?
    Freedom you say?
    Freedom is a system tailored to your tastes
    When there's freedom, you're the tyrant

    I have seen freedom
    I have seen captivity
    They are one and the same.

  • ridhi_ 3d

    "and when nobody wakes you up in the morning, and when nobody waits for you at night, and when you can do whatever you want, what do you call it - Freedom or Loneliness?”

    - Charles Bukowski

  • ray_ofhope 1w

    We,sometimes don't give ourselves the importance that we deserve...rather we choose to make others happy in every possible way but atleast we are the one that end up losing ourselves in that process....this is dedicated to ourselves...we r actually strong!

    do comment ur thoughts!
    take a note!!!
    #loveyourself #selflove #bts #btsarmy #messagefrombts #life #freedom #ego #Happiness #relationships

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    I would rather go by my choice then staying in with your orders!
    I would rather choose to fall then flying high with your lies!
    Yes,I would rather choose myself,my freedom then being confined with your ego!


  • alestro_the_hunter 1w

    She seems like Italy to me and I am her winter. #love #freedom

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    A Winter In Italy

    That's what I want to tell her.
    The thrill of falling again got me spilling my thoughts again.
    Maybe I just want to be in your presence.
    Too many broken hearts leave me breathless.
    Your eyes offer me escape into a world I've never seen.

    Number two is a step,I'm trying to get to three.
    I was told that's a lucky number,so are we meant to be?
    So should I call you tomorrow to see where the heavens will take us? Or let you repeat the process and I will be left speechless?
    I know its too early to be thinking about linking our schedules.

    But you got me in a spiral about what I should do.
    Girl, I'm afraid of losing you already and we haven't had our spaghetti and shared that special kiss like they do in movies.
    You may never understand that I have apathetic ways because many chose to stay away from a broken man made of stone and golden scars.

    You got me out here listening to Jaden while I also rap to Tyler the Creator's Wilshire.
    It gave me some power.
    I just hope that I don't end up in the wrong.
    So many people have harmed your inner soul,but you keep on pushing along and that brings my spirits up.

    You ask if I look forward to any of these fucking Holidays, i want to answer your question with honesty.
    I can't say that just yet.
    I'm afraid that its just a little too early to say what I've been muttering under my breathe every time you left.

    We made it to two,I just hope that we can make it to three.

  • mariateresa 2w

    Tapping in and allowing stillness to create space, with breath and love, I stand firmly grounded in love❤ A mantra for every chakra center.

    #universe #higherconciousness #breathing #being #human #humanconnection #soulhealing #writerslife #freedom #humanity #lifeforce #writingcommunity #writersnetwork

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    Being is freeing

    Being is freeing
    Feeling of believing
    Centered within the core of my being
    Love everlasting and eternal flows beyond seeing
    Truth echoed throughout the Universe
    Intuitively knowing connectedness is growing
    Divine wisdom spreading without walls or boundaries
    Covers all of life
    There for all to share
    In every heart that cares
    Human being is forever wild
    Aliveness is the force within propelling us forwards
    Twist and turns, cycles run deep
    Stillness again
    Being is freeing

  • _a_black_heart_ 2w

    Dear modern diary

    His priority was talking to me, but now it is my sleep and talking to someone else.
    Life hurts. Everybody hurts someday.

    Whatever has a start has an end. And that is the practicality of life this over-emotional person has come to realise.!

  • primarimas 2w

    L'appel du vide

    If I were standing at the edge of a cliff,
    I'd jump.
    I'd like to feel infinite ataraxy for just a second
    to feel free before I start hurling down,
    chocking on the same air that I so desired, knowing that finally it's too much
    But I'm scared to die.
    Not for myself, my Epicurean mindset wouldn't allow it
    rather I'm scared for others, those that'll live without me
    It's their hearts that will chock on the air
    And at the very bottom of the cliff will lay a broken mass of their love, their hopes mangled up and unidentifiable
    their joy leaking out profusely in red streams and infiltrating the ground
    giving it a red tinge where poppy flowers will eventually bloom
    As though the soil hasn't forgotten.
    I'm scared for those I'll drag down to the bottom of the cliff with me
    I know I'll regret it with my brain's last impulse
    And so I don't like cliffs.

  • abhibd 2w


    At times I long for it ,
    Yet I am to say for the heck of it .

    Have I forgotten how it feels to step out ?
    So lethargic that venturing out is appaling ?

    Caged by my own opulence,
    Did I become a slave of my comfort ?

    What am I looking for ?
    Freedom or just a place to belong..

  • the_deepminds_sentinel 2w


    Greetings to you, if you think you deserve to be honoured!!!
    No one want to admit that he deserves no honour, we are just pacing around behaving like a person of honour, thinking we are free to take actions without being questioned. But it's so disheartening to say that, we are all in a bondage, we are in the state of "we have no other option", we lack our power to choose. And you think you are honoured?

    You've always wanted to be respected,for being what? For being selfish? For being an obstacle to people's lives? Tell me, you want people to respect you, but you are embedded in your own interest, always engrossed in your selfish thought for gratification things. Does respect come from that?

    You're not handsome at 20, not strong at 30, not wise at 40, not rich at 50, not retired at 60, and you feel so lackadaisical about the whole issue, shame!!

    Do you think you have a say in the nation's current situation? Who are you putting your blames on,the leaders? For being what? or the situation for being cruel?

    We are used to putting blames on our leaders,not wanting to accept the fact that 'we are all difficult to govern'. Do you want to admit that you posses the same attitude as our leaders, do you? Just keep mute.

    You want to be a leader, right? But, do you know that, the decisions you make is likely to upset someone? Worry not, this has been on for ages. You cannot be a good manager and at the same time a popular jack, that's just so authentic in genuity.

    Are you worthy of the service of your nation? Can you give your best to serve your nation?
    Can you spare nothing and fear nothing?
    Can you challenge anything and anybody that may not allow you to serve your nation?

    Liberty is everyone's blow, let us do or die.


  • thebhavnasaxena 2w


    Heads bow in submission, but eyes are ablaze with defiance, chains, afterall, do not capture souls.

  • poetrynz 2w

    Everyday I pray for freedom.

  • selenophilic_ 3w

    Yesterday I saw something unusual,
    A Small little bird, azure in colour tint of pink on her pucker,yellowish beak, fiery eyes depicting passion..
    Over the canopy above the room looking for shelter and food;
    I wanna catched her,I wanna make her mine,
    East,West, North and South,
    Damn Swift to catch and found.
    Alas I couldn't still a glimpse in gallery so it's fine..
    Technology is what I should thank to know more about that Miss.Stranger,
    Migrated from north to enjoy South's sombre spring,
    I lost in imagination what might she had enjoyed;
    Ahh exotic Rishikesh ,Snowy Auli ,Spiti valley,Chandni chowk even a Great India gate.
    Heavenly Kashmir might be her favourite or maybe she had Amritsari taste.
    Munnar tea valley ,serene ooty , Charminar, Glittery Banglore might captivated her more..
    Plateau , plains , mountains ,bays , fountains, garden's ahh every place;
    If I can't be a wanderer ,I would let them free;
    Caged is what they are not meant for
    Heavenly sky is where they should wings.

    Thanks @writersnetwork ����
    @miraquill #wanderer #birds #pod #start #freedom
    Writer's Block ��

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    Ahh exotic Rishikesh,Snowy Auli,Spiti valley,Chandni chowk even a Great India gate.
    Heavenly Kashmir might be her favourite or maybe she had Amritsari taste.
    Munnar tea valley,serene Ooty, Charminar, Glittery Bangalore might captivated her more...

  • light_flame 3w

    If you are a free-minded spirit having a curious heart in an adventurous body that let your soul enjoy the fire of euphoria, then You are...no doubt, a Wanderer...!


  • unnatural 3w

    Freedom comes at some cost.
    #writers network

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    Dear Freedom

    I know, you can't be purchased for free.
    Price has to be paid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • faerie_fox_poetry 3w


    At times
    I am a rabbit
    In a snare
    Desperate to exhange
    Flesh and blood
    For freedom,
    With a need to
    To escape
    What binds me


  • charithaburri 3w


    Life is much much greater than the clothes that you wear, phone that you carry, people who you hang around with, parents you have, issues you go through, sufferings you deal with, just set yourself free.....