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  • faerie_fox_poetry 10w


    I lost all of my desires in the gutter
    To wash away into the sound,
    Along with all of the other forgotten things
    Dropped into streets shaped like the lines
    Weathered into my shaking palms,
    Crooked and empty

    I was looking for someone,
    To fill the empty spaces
    That were left behind by those
    Who chose not to handle me with care

    When the nerves are frayed,
    All edges rough the the touch,
    How do you make yourself
    A comfortable place to inhabit?


  • shreyacat 30w

    Desperate to be Myself Again

    I am afraid of all I am
    The person I've become
    Letting a single mistake worm into my life and become a nightmare
    It makes me gasp for air in the middle of the night
    Crying, panicking, clawing at my own flesh

    Have I become a monster?
    Or is this simply, as I desperately hope it is, still a mistake; and not my entire being?

  • anonymousquill 35w


    The firefly in the jar beside my bed
    Is but a dream of your smile
    To warm myself tonight;
    An afterglow of things left unsaid.

    A spectacle to behold
    Of freeform flow;
    Tell me how you like them,
    The songs we sang of old.

    I do not seek in my solilouqy
    To be too deep,
    And sink beneath melancholy;
    The despair of antiquity.

    The firefly beside my bed
    Flutters and hums;
    Its light turned low.
    Our silent songs must already be dead.


  • brokeninfinity 40w

    अजब सफ़र था कि हम रास्तों से कट रहे थे ,
    फिर इस के बाद हमें लापता भी होना था ।
    ~राजेन्द्र मनचंदा बानी

    (एक आरज़ू है तेरी, एक तलाश अपनी बाकी है)
    #freeform #nofilter

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    किसी रोज़ तू कहीं पर तो आ मिल मुझे,
    सदियों में, बरस में, कभी तो मिल मुझे।

    तू ढूंढ थोड़ा मुझको,
    ज़रा मैं तुझको ढूंढूं
    के हम मे से कोई तो रह गया है कहीं।

    मैं खुद में तू निहारूं,
    तू देख खुद में मुझको,
    इक पल मैं तुझको पा लूं,
    और थाम ले तू मुझको।

    क्या गुम है तू किसी में,
    या याद में है मेरी,
    मैं याद भी हूं तुझको,
    या भूल थी मैं तेरी?

    हूं आदतों में शामिल,
    या हूं किसी ग़ज़ल में,
    हूं ख्वाहिशों में जिंदा,
    या हूं ही मैं नहीं?

    आ ढूंढ ले तू मुझको,
    और मैं तुझको ढूंढूं
    के हम मे से कोई तो रह गया है कहीं।

    मैं दूर हूं जो तुझसे,
    खुद में भी मैं नहीं हूं,
    क्या पास है तू तेरे,
    या है खफा ख़ुद ही से?

    एक रोज़ तू तलाशे,
    मैं लापता हूं कबसे,
    तू खो गया है जबसे,
    मैं भी नहीं हूं तबसे।

    मुझको तू ढूंढ ला दे,
    और प्यार से लौटा दे,
    दिल कर रहा है बस ये
    फ़रियाद आखरी।

    आ ढूंढ ले तू मुझको,
    और मैं तुझको ढूंढूं
    के हम मे से कोई तो रह गया है कहीं!

  • sclera 47w

    Catch Me

    The stuttering of my fingertips marks the path of my failures.
    The one constant in the rocky terrain of my life be that,
    My words shall always fail me when I need them most.
    The sentences shall always choke me on the way out my throat.
    Such is my curse.

  • orangeb0lt 47w

    Smiling failure

    A life time of memories yet to be made
    Mistakes of the past hunting the now
    Move past the problems of yesterday
    And make the mistakes remembered tomorrow

    The road to success is paved in failure
    And a human must pave it themselves
    Mistake after mistake until a success comes
    Focus on the motions of a win and reenact it

    Neither success nor failure is the end all be all
    The apocalypse will not come with your state
    Life is to tough to take seriously
    Try to find the smiles between the work


  • sclera 47w


    If I trace your legend in the sky,
    Will you come and tell me how it ends?
    Will you bless me with a kiss?
    Can I send my love up to your outline
    And have you reach for my hand?

    What good is loving a god, a legend,
    When all they do is leave you for the stars?

  • orfayus 52w

    An Errand

    Enjoying a brisk breeze about me
    Rumbling about a
    I stumbled into a skeleton of red tarots
    I was but another kiss upon thy cheek, a kiss of death to us

    The red red gasoline
    Of yesterday soaks the walls and halls of our memories
    You wore sleeves like paying for parking in
    dimes- expendable wishing

    I wasn't crumpled
    paper in the trashcan
    of your love


  • funeralcake 53w

    #ramblings #drunken_ramblings #freeform #freeform_poetry
    Some days all we hear is grinding metal and rubber screeching across wet asphalt.

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    The world is uncaring,
    People sit high upon their thrones,
    Ever moving, ever shifting,
    Chasing after a road only they can see
    Regardless of who they trample along the way.

    The world is screaming.
    It's there in the screeching tires.
    In the million footsteps, like heartbeats.
    In the clack of keys and drone of voices.
    A steady cadence we've taught ourselves to ignore.

    The world is dying.
    It's there in clenched fists and muffled sobs
    In the hidden monsters behind polite smiles
    In the rain drops falling down shattered glass panes,
    Stained red, red, red..

  • funeralcake 53w

    Ramblings of a tired sky. #wordvomit #freeform

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    Do stars mourn those which come to pass?
    Do they forget those who lose their light?
    Do they keep shining despite their grief?
    Or do they slowly lose their shine?

    How little are we in the eyes of stars. Our lives like mere flickering candles, in the wake of their brilliance.
    Yet we are woven from stardust, and walk the world with the wefts and weaves of the cosmos running through our veins.
    We who last for but a blink in the eyes of eternity hold within us the same breath of life that has hewn planets and shaped galaxies.

    And if we, living galaxies, breathing eternity,
    If we who walk the ever shifting world of constants
    Find not joy within ourselves,
    We but fleeting candle flames and puffed breaths that fade forevermore,
    It matters not in the grand scheme of this endless eternity
    We are but fireflies standing before the heavens

    We are stardust, you and I.
    Woven with the same breath that shaped galaxies.
    Through our veins run eternity.
    The world aligned and the stars moves in certain ways and certain patterns to create you. The never ending march of the stars have tickled for billions of years to create something as wonderful as you.

  • funeralcake 56w


    The roar of a thousand hearts,
    the beat of a thousand voices.
    Ringing and shaking,
    Mindless, blinding

    A white hot knife, a burning streak
    Carving, digging, slicing
    A blink, a cry, a ringing shriek
    So goes lightning.

    A storm and a fury
    in a blink that lasts through forever
    In a single beat that never ends
    In rage and song
    The whisper of a thousand prayers
    The plea of a stuttering heart

    The deafening roar of anger
    And then, silence.

  • horrormeetspoetry 57w

    Go For It

    Every time I consider sharing a piece of myself, a weight like the hand of an oppressive father pushes me back inward. I am scared to tell people what I love. I am scared to tell people what I hate. There is nothing I am not afraid to say.

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  • horrormeetspoetry 57w

    Hoping to be untouchable

    When you encounter total devastation, your options become to either turn away and become something new that the devastation cannot touch, or to let it consume you until you are nothing but devastation yourself.

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  • orangeb0lt 63w

    The problem of blame

    What is your problem
    Becomes my problem

    The blame does not matter
    Just pick up the pieces
    Learn what you can
    Move on

    But what happens
    when the blame
    Becomes all that matter

    How do we continue from here


  • lydiamarie 63w

    For a friend

    My mind designed to rest at some reasonable hour
    To set aside my books and "learned" thoughts
    It seemed so sweet to let my brain
    Recover from its labor
    After a week of strain to win a letter
    I wrote the final word with a flourish of my pen
    And turned to dim the unforgiving light
    Instead I found myself in conversation with a friend
    Whose eyes I deemed more needful of sleep than mine.
    "I thought," she said, "you'd be awake... you usually are.
    How are you? Do you have much left? Will it take you long?"
    I soon surmised that what I'd finished moments just before,
    she had yet to begin and had hoped was not alone.
    "I... haven't," I replied, "tonight's going to be long.
    Would you mind a friend to work with? I can help guide you along."
    And so my plans were tossed aside. The night soon turned to day
    And sleep deprived we went to class and fought to stay awake.
    And though I lost the chance to rest
    What I gained proved sweeter
    For friendship lasts much longer than a single night of slumber.

  • moonautica 65w

    Back then
    I thought I was your greatest creation
    Leaned against the brick wall
    The city surrounding me
    Your painting was coming to life
    You hung me up inside that museum
    Talked with the critics strolling by
    You told them
    You could fall in love with the color of the sky
    The cars driving by
    The texture of the trees
    The detail of the passerby’s knees
    I wish I could tell them
    I fell in love with the painter
    But I don’t think he’s falling in love with me


  • burgundyblack 91w


    Crossed hares,
    Lay me down.
    Before the dead son rises,
    Moves beyond the rock again.
    Before the eggs are stowed.
    Before the rabid children feast.
    Eagar maws drool
    At the sight of false-god flesh.
    More tempting than a brick of yeast.
    The decorous, wreathed, and sanguine
    Replaced by a mammal carved in chocolate

  • lingualremedy 92w

    This virus
    Has ravaged a planet
    Causing fear and desperation
    And forcing people to take action
    In some places enforced by law
    In some places enforced by self
    Prolonged solitude
    For an unknown length of time
    Trying to curb this illness
    While we still can
    To preserve life and health
    For ourselves and those we love
    And for strangers
    A weapon to flatten the curve
    To quell the number of infected
    Stomping out the sickness like stray embers
    So many words for it
    A temporary sacrifice
    For the greater good

  • moonautica 93w


    I want to sit on the empty building tops
    Empty auto shops
    Look at the stars
    While the galaxy looks like she’s falling apart
    There is something so lonely and clean
    About invading spaces
    Where engineers should be
    It’s foreign, so alien
    No translation
    About how broken mechanical parts
    Settle warmly into our hearts
    It’s not a language we need to speak
    To feel the comfort of the world
    as our abductee
    Did our ancestors feel this sound?
    When the world started off as bushes and bumpy ground
    Like a lonely we created
    Scared off the creatures in their haven
    Plowed around
    Until the monkey was famous


  • moonautica 93w

    We work
    Not because
    We are factory products
    Vertically laid
    We are magnets