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  • annieveroni 13w

    I just felt like writing something _●_/ #freeverse #freewrite #IknewhowIwantedtoendthisbuthatedmyownwritinganddidn'treallywanttolookatitanymoresoItookthelazywayoutsorry.

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    I grew up on an island, wide and beachless.
    The winds brought naught but seeds.
    The sea brought naught but debris.
    There was the island
    And then there was me.
    I cursed the island that plagued me, the bane of my existence.
    I cursed the empty land and solitude for making a vast expanse claustrophobic.
    I cursed the air I breathed for continuing my empty existence
    But curses shaped the world around me,
    not at all.

    When suddenly upon the muddy shore
    There appeared a ship.
    Its mast hung upon a rock in the east,
    Its hull lay upon its side,
    I approached cautiously with fear in my heart.
    Could someone be aboard?
    My emotions twisted like snakes in the pits of my stomach.
    A scratching could be heard from the cabin of the vessel.
    A scratching on the door of the cabin of the vessel.
    A scratching like a rabid dog on the cabin of the vessel.
    Sound caught in my chest like a weight fell upon it.
    My breath stopped like a timer'd expired.

    An involuntary step forward lurched me from inside out and I was again aware of the situation.
    Aware of the dread kindling, knowing it was just.
    But the sound of my foot,
    (That one small action,
    That action I didn't take consciously,)
    Cracked through the air like thunder.
    And whatever behind the door stopped scratching.
    Stopped scratching.
    And started snarling.
    The island air was dense with the vibrations.
    The few trees shook as if in fear, and rightly so.
    What's behind the door I still don't know.
    But I know I'd feel safer if I'd stayed alone.


  • amyers 18w

    Who I used to be.

    My soul used to laugh out loud without shame.
    My mind would carry me through hard times.
    Rebellious, free spirited, alone in a field of flowers.
    I was someone who could take it or leave it.
    I was quick to tell you who I didn't need.
    Quick to turn down help the first time.
    Quick to accept it the second.
    Flirty, bubbly, giggly, country.
    I am alizabeth.
    I am my own.

  • amyers 20w

    When was it?

    When did you stop loving me?
    Was it when I fell apart in front of you?
    Was it when I told a white lie for the first time?
    Was it the first time we had bad sex?
    Was it when I made something awkward?
    Or when I overreacted?
    When did you fall out of love with me?
    How long have I been lying to myself?
    How long have you been lying to me?
    When did you stop loving me?
    When was the point that you'd had enough?
    When did you give up on us?
    When did you leave our bed~ where dragons fly?
    When did you check out?
    When did the stallions stop running and fall to the ground?
    When did we run out of steam?
    When did you stop loving me?

  • amyers 20w

    Whats the problem?

    Was it because I opened up?
    Was it because I told you I was damaged?
    You said it wasn't true. I told you it was.
    You said you'd love me anyways.
    Was it because I "lie" too well?
    You said I was an actor.
    Because im so good at pretending.
    Was it because I cried to you that first time?
    Was it because I believed you when you said I was
    The only one?
    Was it because I trusted you entirely?

  • jordynbrower 20w

    I've grown so accustomed to reality, I fear that I have become one with the others in this robotic world. Slowly, day by day, I can feel my soul begin to wilt. One petal, two petals, a corpse composed entirely of wilted petals. Perhaps in another lifetime, and in another society, I will get the chance to live the way that they do in the movies. If not, then I guess I will have never lived at all.

  • amyers 20w

    No idea.

    Let me watch you weave my pain into a basket.
    Hold my tears in your calloused hands.
    Turn them into beautiful wicker pattern.
    You'll tell stories and talk.
    I'll sit calmly and never look away.
    You simplify things for me.
    You make it worth not thinking about.
    Bees buzz around us, as you drink sweet tea
    The blue wall behind you, setting the tone.
    You give me no ideas.
    I could sit here forever.

  • amyers 20w


    I talked with her. She changed me.
    I've stood with her long enough.
    She told me her name was anger.
    She reflected an image of myself.
    So believable that it became me.
    The reflection was bitter, weird, and cold.
    Unsure of itself. Unsteady.
    Working with shamelessness.
    Someone who creeps silently.
    Someone who can pretend so well,
    That they fool themselves too.
    On the worst days it is open to feeling.
    On the better days It turns away.
    Swayed to accept yet another scar,
    Than to accept the help and love
    Of those closest to it.
    It was a someone but I called it "it".
    Anger told me her name was grief.
    People told me the ' grief ' didn't happen.

  • amyers 22w


    Stab me.
    Use me.
    Block me.
    I've always been there for you.
    You knew that i cared for you.
    You're so hurt but strong, a fighter.
    You fought me. I fought you.
    But you didn't stop stabbing me.
    Lie to me.
    Cry to me.
    Die to me.
    You're no good to our friendship.
    Our friendship is dead.
    You say Im a different person,
    You're mad that I'm ahead.
    You couldn't be happy for me.
    You're fucked in the head.

  • amyers 22w

    Deeply in love.

    To fall into the love of one man alone.
    The arms of someone who is imperfect.
    But also an angel, protector, provider, and lover.
    A love so smooth, solid, and steady...
    It's full engulfment into pink water and diamonds.
    A love so certain to succeed. To heal. To last.
    Souls wrapped around one another.
    Where does one end and another begin?
    To grow into each other instead of apart.
    Apart we are us individually.
    Together we are one in the same .
    An ever moving, changing, and growing love.
    Waves crashing against a green, cold cliff.
    Sitting on the bed, tickling each other.
    Laughing until our hearts are content for the day.
    Fast asleep, with no change in mind.

  • amyers 22w

    From bad to good.

    The half dead bushes cast a broken shadow
    On the orange brick wall.
    It's all I can see from my bed, couch, or corner.
    A horrible, ugly colored hue.
    Making my living room white-orange, but not in a good way.
    Orange and wear green bushes.
    But in the winter it makes the cold air feel warmer.
    The grey clouds and slow white sky makes the difference.
    From bad to good.
    All I needed was those "gloomy" clouds i crave so much.

  • amyers 23w

    Our meal.

    Our meal is the symbolism of home.
    You cook, I cook.
    We walk around each other in the kitchen with unsteady grace.
    Teamwork in action, to show we work well together.
    You know which spoons I like with each meal.
    I know which ones you like for every meal.
    To feel the excitement of reaping the rewards
    Of what we've made for ourselves.
    We sit down and smile at one another.
    Let's eat.

  • amyers 23w


    A disease that rips and tears flesh, fat and muscle stuck
    In it's teeth.
    Sunken on this place like my eyes tonight.
    It devours everything in it's path, not realizing the pain
    Left in it's wake.
    The innocent victims, who live more naturally than even I.
    The dwindling ember of hope for the survivors.
    Out of place, out of balance.
    Everything could go wrong, and everything will.
    Not enough air for the microorganisms.
    Things will fall so quickly, starting at the very bottom.
    Funny, they always watch the top.
    I can't expect this to stop.
    This place will turn to ruin.
    We are our own disease.

  • amyers 23w


    Forever seems longer to me than most.
    Forever isn't something scary or psychosis inducing.
    It's an object that never feels the time pass.
    Inanimation is immortality.
    Forever is something I can have to myself.
    Hold onto the time and memories like treasure.
    I wish we could have our forever.

  • amyers 23w

    I still remember you.

    I still remember the first time I picked you up.
    Your eyes were barely open.
    I knew you were the one when I saw you eat so much you couldn't stand. You were fat.
    You always looked in my eyes, you never felt afraid.
    I saw wonder, hope, and love in your eyes.
    Those pretty green and gold eyes.
    You were the perfect shade of blue.
    I'll always love you.
    You saw every tear, cut, bruise, and scrape.
    You never looked at me differently. I always looked in your eyes.
    I adore you. I still talk about you.
    You laid next to me on my darkest nights.
    You let me hold you tight and cry while I hugged you.
    You were the gentleness I needed.
    I'll never know another love like that.
    Your love was true, painless, and endless.
    You were perfect in every way.
    I still think of you. You're a household name.
    You stayed there for me.
    You left me when I was ready to bloom.
    But I'll never forget you.
    The lump In my throat grows, because I miss you.
    A best buddy never came in a truer form.
    I love you.

  • amyers 23w

    Can't sleep

    Getting ready to sleep.
    Anxiously looking for something.
    Something is missing.
    What is it.
    Why do I feel like half of a whole.
    Theres gotta be something wrong...
    Oh wait..
    I'm not with you....

  • amyers 23w


    Trembling body in a cold dark room.
    Fingernails bloody with desperation.
    The worst eye bags you could imagine.
    Not screaming, but whimpering in pain.
    Silent, mouth open, air screaming~ no sound
    A pain so silent tears fall without expressionism
    Or wince.
    Desperate for touch. Any kind.
    Walking down the long dark hallway
    Bags cutting off circulation, turning my hands purple.
    I turn to see him, standing calmly, but firmly.
    Barely opening his mouth as if he's about to speak.
    Over and over.
    But he never mutters a word.
    "Say something.." I think.
    But he never said a word.
    It haunts me.
    Do you know?

  • amyers 23w

    Over and over

    These words of beauty and hurt flow out of me like blood.
    Over and over.
    Again and again.
    I start from scratch
    And make myself proud.
    A new part of me is beginning.
    Here we go.
    They're notified when my words are known.
    Am I being appreciated..?

  • amyers 23w


    You are the epitome of burning desire.
    You are the fire, not in my loins, but in my eyes.
    If the burning desire of love could show on my skin
    It be red like my cheeks when you call me good girl.
    I've never wanted another like I want you.
    What does our love sound like I wonder.
    I think; a raging water fall.
    The deep growl of slow thunder.
    Hail on the ground.
    It is constant, overwhelming, and surrounding.
    You engulf me in your many kisses.
    God. you take my breath right out of my cherry lips.
    When I see you undress, your body...
    It's like a dancing silk in the wind on a clothes line
    In slow motion.
    The slow curve of your sides down to your hips.
    Your strong shoulders and tall stance.
    God I love a man in power, you are that.
    Look me in my eyes.
    Tighten your grip.
    "Who's my good girl"
    ~ w❤️

  • amyers 24w

    Our bed

    Our bed is a place where dragons fly.
    Fires are lit and love is played out
    In a theatrical display of bodies and blankets.
    You hug my thighs in a way that feels secure.
    I'll go nowhere.
    You wrap my hair around your finger tips.
    But you pull so good that your knuckles are tight
    Against my scalp.
    You make me so wild. I want to whimper.
    Ive never been the kind of girl
    To submit to a man.
    But you make me weak.
    I want you to take my control.
    If I could hand over my soul on my breath
    He'd have every ounce.
    Sometimes I apologize for making a mess
    Just to hear him say it's okay.
    You have always had me.
    Every time Is better than the last.
    You make me hold my breath and close my eyes
    When you're in between my thighs.
    ~ for w ❤️

  • amyers 24w

    My vibe?

    I am.....
    Sunshine over the clouds
    That you can see while it rains
    ~a little out of place, but it's welcomed~
    Josh Turner playing in the car
    My dad singing low.
    My young eyes at the time in awe.
    Seeing the highway lights,
    The tall ones with eight orange bulbs.
    Sunflowers in a fresh warm field row.
    Climbing hay bales.
    Academic slacker
    Hard headed and rebellious .
    Soft like running water
    Over black round stones.
    But wisdom surely isn't lacking.
    An artist of odd but appetizing.
    Maybe a writer.
    The smell of garden, herbs, and earth.
    A little more human than I was then.
    I'm a blind lover, yes I know.
    But I prefer it that way.
    My heart when I love him...
    It's like low, lustful thunder.
    Heavy rain on a three layer tin roof.
    Overwhelming and wild.
    A woman