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  • ritik_19 2w

    Every penholder isn't a writer, every reader is not a scorer,
    Same way every person is not a friend.

  • its_ghazalarais 3w

    Tu hi afzal mahina sab mahino me hai ,
    Tere jane ka gham sab ke seeno me hai ,
    Jab Guzar Jayenge Mah Gyarah ,
    Teri Aamad Ka Phir Shor Hoga ,
    Kya Meri Zindagi Ka Bharosa ,
    Alwada Alwada Mah-e-Ramzan Alwada....

    Dear Ramadan we Meet Again Next Year , INSHA ALLAH...☺️♥️


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    Almighty. On this last Friday in Ramadan, guide us towards doing good deeds for Your sake only. Give us the strength to be steadfast, enduring the trials You send our way. Grant us a soft heart, always content with Your Decree. Grant us sincerity, success & protect us from harm.

  • unbeknownst 4w

    you can never understand,
    because you have never been through it.


  • propheticsinner 5w

    Most people die at
    aren't buried until they're

    Don't be most people!

  • pen_speaks 8w

    #miraquill #mirakee #loversofmirakee #writersofmirakee #Friday #love

    Its me again��
    Me and inconsistency ������
    I'd hoped I'll get feedbacks on this one ��

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    I'm ready to try this love thing again
    The one I'm ready to try it with is somebody's son whining about how the past has being unfair to him

    Dude if the past has been fair to me I wouldn't be here with you having this conversation
    If I kept on dwelling on the past..I would still not be here.

    You're meant to use the present and the future to create memories not thinking or regretting things you cannot change.
    If you keep on thinking about things you cannot change you're torturing yourself mentally and physically.

    I've passed that stage thankfully and I'm not letting you drag me back into the hole I just crawled out from.
    I am Paula, Paula is spontaneous and has learned to sometimes throw caution to the wind, living my best life and not a life of wishes.

  • alijah62 15w

    You may not entirely understand this piece, it is straight from the heart and not a poem or prose, I just needed an outlet. #writing #Friday #TGIF #Saturday #reflect #poem #prose #sad #motivation #writeup #drama #play #Mirakee #Miraquill.

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    Honestly, for someone who seems so confident, I struggle with a sh*t load of inferiority complex. I call it that and not "perfectionism" because I understand that nothing can be perfect; at least when it starts out.

    Lately, I feel like I've been riding on a wave of bad luck, nothing is just going right, not even the therapy I enrolled in. But luckily and quite ironic if not unfortunate is that I still know how to rely on my strength.

    I lost loved ones to my hesitation and fear, and my overbearing need to protect them, I've blamed God for what I couldn't control and what I could have, I've cried when I shouldn't and smiled when I should.

    I understand what it means to carry your own cross, but never really had to face the context until recently, a friend of mine told me about how there was no such thing as luck... He said

    "You just look for things to blame, you carry way too much and didn't realize you weren't strong enough to fight two major battles, one was for love the other was to survive... You lost cos you didn't share the burden and the person who could have shared that with you is gone, the weight is too much and you're sinking, so you blame God and pretty little, adorable lady luck"

    I am currently destroyed, but not requesting help, for some reasons, I know pain fits me, sadness keeps me going and anger fuels me, and that, that is enough for me till I can find someone to share them with.


  • be_sweet98 16w


    Friday means actually a funday...A thought which comes in everyone mind.. how will we spend our weekend... ⭕❤️

    What's your plan???


  • 28mras28 16w


    Falling for you
    I can drop
    I passed out
    Freezing in
    Never to pop
    And oozing love
    Falling for you
    I can drop

  • kauthar 18w

    No matter how positive/negative it is, just look at it at the end of the day, where did it...take me to?

  • ouch_theseoneliners 18w


    What's excites me the most about office is "off".


  • teijojussila888 19w

    SUNDAY - Sun 1,8,15,27,28 - Dimanche
    MONDAY - Moon 2,9,16,21,29 - Lundi
    TUESDAY - Mars 3,10,17,22,30 - Mardi
    WEDNESDAY -Mercury⚪4,11,18,23,31 -Mercredi
    THURSDAY - Jupiter 5,12,19,24 - Jeudi
    FRIDAY - Venus 6,13,20,25 - Vendredi
    SATURDAY - Saturn 7,14,21,26 - Samedi

    Every month. First Monday is always starting between numbers 1th-7th. If first monday is 7th then last monday is always 28th. 1th then 29th. 2th then last is 23th or 30th. 3th then 24th or 31th. 4th then 25th. 5th then 26th

    After the sun is always moon.
    After the moon is mars. Mercury is
    Always before Jupiter and Venus
    Is after Jupiter. Saturn is always before
    SUN. Thats how your calender is done.
    When the month is gone. The other start
    So this order never broke. This is not a joke.

    Month first day is starting from new moon to other How long moon is taking time
    Around a world. Every new month first monday is starting from the new moon day

    T. @teijojussila888

  • dixitpriya22 20w

    2021 Last Day

    साल का ये अंतिम दिन ये दिन तो फिर आ जाएगा
    पर ये साल वापस कभी नहीं आएगा..!

    4:25 p.m. 31 Dec 2021❤️❤️

    कुछ अच्छी तो कुछ कड़वी यादों के साथ
    ये साल 2021 हम सबको हमेश ही याद आएगा.!!


  • officialhimanshu 26w

    #Goodmorning #morning #friday

    Pattharon Ke Shahar Men Tum Apni Hifaazat Rakhnaa
    Yahaan To Aadat Hai Logon Ki, Buri Aadat Rakhnaa

    - Himanshu Shrivastava

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    पत्थरों के शहर में तुम अपनी हिफाज़त रखना
    यहाँ तो आदत है लोगों की, बुरी आदत रखना

    - हिमांशु श्रीवास्तव

  • k__s__s 26w


    Old walls had only ears
    But the new ones have an eye too
    To secretly see what we all do


  • geniuseene 28w

    So I’m trying a 7-day challenge of writing every day. Would you please tell me what you think in the comment?

    If I succeed, I’ll do a 14 days challenge next.

    #geniuseene #7daychallenge #insecurity #insecurities #poetrychallenge #pod #friday #miraquill

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    My insecurities are tearing me apart,
    And I constantly have an ache in my heart.
    I told my body once till death do us part;
    And now my body is changing, and I feel like dying.
    I used to think I had it all figured out;
    Make my big break at 18 and have a lot of money.
    Now I’m 22 with nothing to show,
    Just 2 degrees and many ideas untold.


  • officialhimanshu 29w

    #Goodevening #evening #friday

    Chaaku Bandook Aur Talvaar Sab
    Aajamaa Lo Mujh Par Yaar Sab

    - Himanshu Shrivastava

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    चाकू बंदूक और तलवार सब
    आज़मा लो मुझ पर यार सब

    - हिमांशु श्रीवास्तव

  • karannnn4 29w

    The first day at college was not like a first day at school, obviously I was more paranoid, hysterical and nervousness was running through my veins. And the excitement was at the peak too, to see more people, to live a new journey, to gain more experiences.

    The beautiful part about life is you don't know what comes next, you are clueless of whom you gonna meet, who will make a space in your heart. Life always gives you a lot of shocks. That's what I have been going through since I've come into my consciousness. A lot of unwanted events, people and memories have been attached with me now.
    Similarly my work place was treating me like that.
    But amidst of all the bitter and sour circumstances. I came across an alluring face. The face which is too hard to forget now. I'm bad at quoting love phrases but when I see stars or moon at night, it reminds me of her, when I drink my "Chai" in the morning it reminds me of her. Every damn precious thing in this universe reminds me of her.
    The "Hijab" on her head was not less than a crown. And when she smiles, all the painkillers would have get failed infront of her gracious laughter.
    I wanted to compare her beauty with all the magnificent things I have read in the fairy tales but then I realized she can't be compared.
    I could hate many things about my job but there was only one thing that I love about my workplace, and that was to come eveyday and see one glimpse of her. Just saw her for 2 minutes and felt better for 24 hours. And who says magic doesn't exist, you just need a right pair of eyes to look into, and her eyes were like a sea, deep sea where you gonna lost forever. But the hard part about life is it takes your everything one day and now only thing I have been left with her memories and thoughts, her perky and red face like a kashmiri apple is still visible when I'm writing this.
    The only thing I wanna say is "I miss you crush" and I hope we meet again. and you're gonna be my forever crush and fresh in my heart till the end. ��

    - Karan Singh (@Karannnn4)

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    #karannnn4 #microtale #scrawledstories #scribbledstories #emotions #poetry #corona #writersofinstagram #love #hate #tears #happiness #micropoetry #mirakee #miraquill #Friday

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    "Dear Crush"

    Read the Caption!

    -Karan Singh Bhadouriya (@karannnn4)

  • entanglednerves 30w


    It ij Fridey - not a fruitfool dey for Me, My Bhaisiya aind my Joru
    My loan applikation phar the new Paan Sop got rejected by Bank
    My Bhaisiya couldn't go phar dokumentary soot due to looj motion
    My Joru did not get ainy phresh Laddu orders phar the weekend
    So I decided to do something kool and ordered 3 Bihari Lunch online
    Aind I subskribed to Netphlix so we all can watch Naughty Patna together.

    - Paanwaale ka Poetry

  • yikess 31w

    Morning wishes

    I hope you are blessed
    You are given by the best
    To God, it's my request
    Don't need to be stressed
    I pray for you, with full zeal and zest


  • elchosen 32w

    Your love

    I can't remember all the things I have ran after.
    Seeking after comfort, peace of mind
    If only I had known rather
    That all was just but a waste of time.

    Found gladness in friends
    Last only till the affair ends
    Tried drinks but it never blends
    The broken heart only You mend.

    In that confusion,
    And and minds illusion
    I stumbled on this confession
    In Your Love's possession

    *" You're the hope in the morning.
    You're the light when the night is falling.
    You're the song when my heart is singing.
    It's Your love!"*

    Your Joy in someone else's heart
    The question my heart kept on ask
    The possession of no task
    Just my heart the needed part.

    "You're the eyes to the blind man.
    You're the feet to the lame men walking.
    You're the sound of the people singing.
    It's Your love!"

    Now my eyes can see through yours
    I can keep on walkings with you
    The sound in me is
    The Joy you bring.

    If only I have known
    "All I ever needed is Your Love"

    Inspired by Brandon Heath's "Your Love"