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  • rekhuu 68w

    Time was running out and so was my "love" for you.
    You made me believe that you belonged to me and deceived me into the labyrinth of unanswered questions. I started loosing my peace of mind, as you lead me astray. Alas, I couldn't see through your lies and all my dreams came crumbling down like a house of cards. Loneliness eating into my mind as the fear of time started giving me nightmares. Being in love doesn't give you a licence to exploit me. But that is what you had planned since the very beginning. From being friends to getting into a relationship, you rushed it all. Starting things with playful flirts to leaving me with scars for life, you did everything to destroy me. A teetotaler having smoked cigarettes, puffed hookah and even having drunk for your pleasure and at your convenience. Oh.! How I miss my old innocent little self.!

    Why do you "act" like being in love when you can't marry a girl or for that matter acknowledge your relationship.!? Why can't you just leave a girl alone and let her be "her" own awesome self. . .

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    Time was running out,
    and the ardent lover in me
    was dying an untimely death


  • pen_swirls 68w

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    I miss the old me,
    the joyful and the playful me,
    the truthful and the honest me,
    the lovable and loving me,
    I miss the best of me.

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  • angels_halo_shines 68w

    Missing You

    (M)y days are not the same.

    (I)cry, knowing it won't bring you back.

    (S)till I can't help but to talk to you.

    (S)tinging my heart, it's heavy.

    (I) don't understand why you were taken so soon.

    (N)obody, can take your place, EVER.

    (G)otta tell you, one of a kind you were.

    ~ ~ ~

    (Y)ou were ALWAYS there to listen.

    (O)ne night you closed your eyes, and you went peacefully.

    (U)nited with loved ones, fly with your wings spread, you earned them.

  • divyasegar 68w

    Tu me manques

    Yes, You are missing from me dear,
    As you were my pacemaker so clear.
    Your little feet which chirked me up to walk alone,
    Now its something which i disown.
    Your mollifiable smile was a painkiller,
    Today i can't hold that pillar.
    Your eyes were the answer for my question,
    Currently you left my lungs in congestion.
    Your kiss revitalised my dark night of soul,
    Am i so sinful! that rights you stole.
    Cushioning touch of your tiny fingers that i care,
    Presently the day i lost you is still a nightmare.

  • metaurelius 68w

    Sometimes we're together until daylight tears you away.

    But I know it's still real.

    I long for the next; whether it be cross-legged under a tree or tampering with a Hornby train set.

    Whether it be your gentle pat on my 5-year old head or your whiskers against my cheek.

    Anything will do.

    Until then.


  • 2write 68w


    Standing before a mirror, and my eyes are seeing a reflection not myself; my eyes still miss me.

  • livquotes 68w

    This is for the lot of us who stay awake at night missing that one person who broke us. This is for the lot of us who stay awake at night wondering what's wrong with us for thinking about a lost love instead of falling asleep

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    These nights, I can't help but think of you.
    Your touch, your eyes, your lips
    Your hugs, kisses and smile too.
    Your face. Oh, your face.
    Your face when you'd get mad at me
    Or wonder where I'd be.
    Your face when you'd fluster
    And then stutter
    Your silly jokes
    And how I'd be intentionally provoked.
    These nights, I can't help but think of us
    Wait, us? Were we even such a thing ?
    I guess I'm sidetracking
    Haha what is wrong with me?


  • phinaoma 68w

    I missed you

    It's sad that I can't change this feeling
    Mixed with regrets and passion
    I wish I could go back to being us
    I missed everything about you
    Loving you was lame and fun
    I missed the fact that...
    I could be whoever i want around you
    Your laughter blooms my day
    I missed the moments we share
    Wishing the day never ends
    I missed the fights and strifes
    but beneath our hearts lays love
    I missed you being you
    Being the you I fell for.

  • seaofglee 69w

    A New Tomorrow

    I miss hanging out in any library, and
    those open 24/7 even more. This
    was my vehicle to drive my energies
    on paper. It is difficult for me to write
    at home; my environment, feeling
    isolated and uptight, disables those
    intentions. I need books around me to breathe.. After all, the paper come from
    trees, and I love trees, their branches, their
    falling leaves feeds my soul.

    I miss going to the Mall, and the coffee
    shops, French, Indian, and Italian
    restaurants, and after a fine meal and
    champagne, opening up my laptop
    for a touch of polish on prose. I miss
    the hairdresser, my manicurist, the
    gym, the swimming pool. Swimming
    is such freedom, and water the
    reflection of a pool of life.

    I miss the proximity of my friends, taking
    the train, flying, touching my friends,
    hugging them. The heartbreaking
    scenario that provides no escape
    I pray will change soon for all of us.

    And last but certainly not least, I miss
    my family who live far from me, and
    Mother, missing you while my heartbeat
    seeks your beautiful smile, yet if you
    were alive to witness the heartbreak
    globally-- it may be too much. Certainly,
    this destruction to so many worldwide
    is a tragedy personified.

    I miss the former things-- when we all
    were in a much safer and happier world,
    yet pray for that day to return to each
    one of us. God will grant us a new
    tomorrow, and promise of hope. Let us
    never take one or anything for granted;
    life is fragile.

  • yadu_agarwal 69w

    Miss is Missed

    Those fluffy duffy cheeks,
    Playing with kinky pinky lips
    Those lovey dovey eyes,
    Hiding with curly wurly hair
    Miss is Missed !!


  • tiny_sparkle99 69w


  • gundeep_sahni 69w

    Hello Stranger,

    It's raining here today. Steaming cups of ginger tea are being passed on by cold hands. There is conversation and laughter, and the rain.

    Mohd. Rafi is singing in the background, asking his loved one not to leave just yet. His heart hasn't had enough just yet. The pitter patter of raindrops on leaves adds an urgency to his request. Apparently, rains and goodbyes are immiscible.

    I sneak out quietly to the terrace, while the same stories are being recalled for the hundredth time downstairs. You feature in most of them; we all do. Tales from the good old days. But nostalgia can only do so much.

    And so, I stretch out my palms to touch the rain. And that feels somehow more fulfilling, more exclusive. A bolt of lightning runs across the sky, and the wait for the thunder seems like an eternity. And in the meantime, cups of tea get cold, stories get retold, and songs get replayed on loop.

    As I write this letter, I stand in the rain, waiting for the thunder, ever so trustful, in the power of promises, and above all, the kindness of strangers.


  • wordsofsh 69w

    Long dead

    Missing someone is like searching a part of you that is long dead

  • jnaiwalker 69w

    How To Sing

    Raising my head, feet shoulder-width apart
    Hungee-Ah-Eees from the bowels-head-and heart
    Every place else is a reminder that I've failed
    This is the only thing I've learned to do well
    Talk about life, turn words into songs
    Assertive reproach when I'm flat and I'm wrong

    Been looking for tapes of those lessons I learned
    Unable to find them, like a bridge that's been burned
    Timing is crucial as breath control
    Lengthen your torso and belt from your soul
    Everyday reminds me, I've forgotten how to sing
    Rhetta would've never permitted such a thing


  • wordsofsh 69w

    A part of me buried in solitary

    What is it like to miss someone
    They ask me
    What is it like losing anyone
    They wonder..
    And I always remember this story ...
    The river born and brought up
    In a hope to meet the ocean one day
    Suddenly gets to know
    The ocean has all dried
    It's path all blocked
    Now you ask this river
    What it feels like?
    And it will turn cold and crimson
    And sob uncontrollably
    Lost and abandoned
    Desolate, devastated, broken
    Life as it was is no more same
    A part of you is taken away
    And buried into solitary
    For forever
    Never waking up again!

  • thebrokensoul24 69w

    I love you because you actually put effort into me.
    I love you because nobody has ever given me the love that you have given me, you are the only one that could ever love me in this way.
    I love you because you always make me feel that I am worth something.
    I love you because you always make me smile no matter what you feeling.
    I love you because you have a huge and honest heart.
    I love you and every little detail about you.
    I love you because you are simply you!
    I love you because there's no one like you!

  • thebrokensoul24 69w

    How can we measure life?
    Should it be counted in terms or breathe?
    Or through the candles in our birthday cake?
    Through the tenure of smiling days,
    Or through the days spent weeping in our beds?

    How can we define it?
    As a chemical complex,
    Or as a mathematical formula?
    Or should we say it's a lame law of physics?
    None can come close to it.
    It's far vast and deep,
    That can't be found in any written script.

    And if we try to define it,
    It's like an amazing journey,
    From one's mother's womb to the last nail in your coffin.
    Meeting people, sharing experiences.
    Seeing things that are hard to believe,
    Feeling emotions that no words can express.
    Falling in love and tasting the bitter taste of jealousy.

    The uncertain future, the secret recipe,
    That's what makes life so spicy.
    No one knows what is to come in future,
    Or who can prophesies the few seconds to come?
    So live life have fun,
    Make friends and do no harm
    Cause no one knows which moment may be your last.
    But when you close your eyes,
    And give adieu to this lovely life,
    May people bade you farewell
    With a smile on their faces.
    And say these words
    "That Man left with no regrets!"

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  • jnaiwalker 69w

    The Hard Time Preacher

    I remember my Big Daddy's eulogy. One of his minister friends and colleagues referred to him as "the last of the hard time preachers." I was struck by those words. I wondered what that meant.

    In this day and age I'm reminded that folks get into the gospel game because they think
    it's a con. Not my Big Daddy. Steel mill worker by day. Father and seminary student by night. Soon enough, a preacher every Sunday. A true apostle of his word throughout his life. I wonder what he'd make of the world today if he were still here to bear witness to it.

    He'd wonder what it was indeed that he was preparing us, his children and grandchildren, for. A world where the lessons of the Great Wars died with the good men who fought them. A world where the indignities he bore as a black orphan/farmer/father/preacher were all in vain, it would seem. A world where your average tv preacher isn't worth the reverence he showed for their forebear Billy Graham. A world where the president was still at least a good man trying his best.

    (He'd have been amazed that Obama managed to escape assassination while baffled that Trump still manages to do so as well.)

    This is the first time in my life that I miss him while being grateful that he isn't living through these dark days.


  • vidhya_prabha 69w

    His exit

    He was one I adopted
    He left me without intimated

    His exit left a empty void
    To keep other in his place is hard

    You been a loyal pet
    No one can be you I bet

    Some say you are black
    But I can only see you in dark

    I miss the way you wag
    Wish I could get you back

    Wish i could drag you from death
    I miss you all in every path
    Do you miss me?


  • karishmakapoor 69w

    Two hearts decide to fall together
    In search of love amongst each other;
    To make each other feel complete
    Yet one of them abandons the other in grief;
    They promise to carve memories together
    Yet another exists to imbibe with those forever.