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  • unsung_seagull 13w

    Not literal.. but situational oxymoron. Summary of warped realities of my dreams.

    #oxymoron #pod #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill #humour #sarcasm #funpoem

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    Places and people
    Are fused.
    Twisted timelines,
    Mixed up realities.
    I punch someone
    In the face to
    Feel the same pain
    In my gut.

    Corner kick of
    Mine gets caught
    By the goalkeeper
    In me.
    The junkie I am
    Is chased down
    By the charade
    Of a cop.

    I drown in a
    Bucket of water.
    But the coastguards
    Fail to save.
    I become a ghost
    But no one is afraid.
    My fleeting soul
    Is a loser too.

    Einstein sentences
    Me to Auschwitz
    For violating,
    Newton's third law.
    The hangman
    Tightens the noose..

    And I wake up in
    My room.


  • eshasharan 116w

    My wish.

    The ink flowed
    but words denied
    I want to write a poem
    One which makes me feel
    Warm and fuzzy
    Hook the readers in,
    Carry a lingering fizz
    That thrills from core
    poem not little than ten lines
    I started from my heart
    Each eyes caught,thrilled
    Every lips read said
    "A fantastic poem"
    There I fulfilled my wish!

  • eshasharan 121w


    Whispers echoed
    In eerie night
    Chilled air waves
    Before me mocking
    My breath...
    Footsteps heard, closing in
    "Dont you dare steal ice cream
    In dead of night"
    "Oops, sorry Mom"
    I closed the fridge
    Sending my instant fire
    Of adventure fantasy
    Into gutter....


  • writtenbyme522 144w

    (Written in a time when only dark ideas come to mind. Please comment and offer your views on this one.)

    The Opportunist

    What good would it be than see
    Two people-intellectuals,
    Squabble over something
    Like a glass of water.

    Like two gentle-folk, quite brutally;
    Each placed their opinion
    But seldom had a culmination,
    Neither had the dominion.

    Half-full or half-empty:
    Loudest words in the province peppy;
    Along with some exclusive expletives,
    That's all what I heard...

    With the pessimist and the optimist
    Now at each others' throats...
    Oh, how much I pity the
    Poor glass of water...
    Just standing there,
    Waiting to have its purpose fulfilled.

    That's where I entered the scene
    Tiptoeing in the time of my turn
    As I lead ahead with soft steps
    Making sure not to alarm anyone

    The opportunist saviour
    Now holding the pint-sized pail...
    That old little glass of gold, finally in my hands.
    This adventurous thirst, all satisfied
    As I snarfed up the Adam's ale!

    Just then the ungentle folk noticed my greed,
    Raised their brows, pretty thick;
    "Problem solved!" I exclaimed
    As I sipped clean, the last of the treat:
    And vamoosed my way out
    Through a quick exit...

    -Written by me

    #water #pessimist #optimist #halffullorhalfempty #argument #opportunity #escape #funpoem #readwriteunite #poem

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    The Opportunist

    "Problem solved!" I exclaimed
    As I sipped clean, the last of the treat:
    And vamoosed my way out
    Through a quick exit...

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  • writtenbyme522 144w

    Story of a Journey Amusery

    Oh, a nice idea came into my mind,
    I was, to notice never so blind;
    I saw my city station started a new express train
    And I planned to plan a trip right away... (right away...)
    On the dawn of Sunday I bought a few tickets
    Not two or forty but never found one to be too many,
    And proceeded to pack my luggage right away!

    Monday morning went into shopping and preparations...
    Purchased a few bread and meat loaves for that day,
    Got all what would make me glad and gay,
    Oh, 'happy journey' was what I'd begun to pray!

    On the noon of Tuesday I bade them all goodbye,
    The countryside now preferred to the hustling-bustling citylife...
    Dreamt all kinds of cheese right beside the cottage,
    Enjoying my place in my sweet village
    As I thought I would enter paradise...

    The afternoon of Wednesday was the boarding time:
    I felt my happiness was at its prime...
    I got into the brand new train
    Hoping the travel would not be in vain
    Now wanted I to get really fast to heaven!

    Thursday evening I was all set in my vehicle
    As the caravan left out side the stations...
    Had a few fellow passengers by my side
    Who had the same feelings of thrill,
    So had some jolly time and conversations!

    The dusk of Friday was a husky little mellow,
    Saw through the window, a sunset that was intense yellow...
    The train in joy let out a sweet-smoking bellow!
    The ride as I realised was quite chirpy
    Sitting in my seat, the soup I had it slurpy...

    Then followed the quiet night of Saturday
    I looked out the hollow,
    To find myself in a land of mountains and snow
    The only thing I feel to do, is scream "Oh no!
    I ended up boarding the wrong train..."
    Now all can I do is wake up from this sleep
    And dream of another trip, yet again!

    -Written by me

    #train #journey #dream #weekdays #excitement #trip #funpoem #amusery #readwriteunite #poem

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    Story of a Journey Amusery

    Now all can I do is wake up from this sleep
    And dream of another trip, yet again!

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  • angelicface 159w

    I have something to
    Come closer Right away
    Today is our Day
    As it's Saturday
    Be My BAE
    Till we Celebrate My BUMP DAY

  • brpennworthy 189w

    Of surf and sand, I have always been a devotee.
    But I stopped swimming, when I turned seven.
    For no one answered my question, when I asked,
    there are so many fishies living in the sea
    but mumma, where do fish go and pee.


  • brpennworthy 191w

    I would drive an Aston Martin,
    If I ever became a spy.
    Protect state secrets and use cool gadgets
    while wearing a suit and tie.

    I would inspire Mr. Fleming
    to create another Bond.
    Shake a leg with Austin Powers,
    fly to the Moon and beyond.

    Go on a mission with Monsieur Poirot
    and compete with the posey Holmes.
    Eat carrots with Karamchand,
    uncover secrets in nasty tombs.

    I would rescue damsels in distress,
    fight villains with a fancy gun.
    When it’s all over, I would say...
    it is quite elementary, my dear Watson.

  • brpennworthy 191w

    She calls out in winter the lonely mango tree
    to come and give her some company.
    She doesn’t remember yellow mangoes,
    but she does remember a spritely young man,
    stealing kisses and playing footsie with me.

  • randy_moon 195w

    Dance With Me!

    Come! Come! Now is the time!
    Time I ask your hand in mine,
    Mine so timid, weak, and worn,
    Worn and torn, yet so warm.
    Warm my hand as I warm yours.

    You’re so fair, I can’t resist,
    Resist to ask, no I insist!
    Insist you take my hand, just one dance.
    Dance with me, give me a chance,
    Chance for me to hold your hand.

    Hand me one, no two steps more,
    More time with you I’m asking for.
    For just one moment come and see,
    See once I’ll ask, just once agree,
    Agree to lend your hand to me.