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  • disha_sikka 4d


    कुछ साल पहले तक,
    अजनबी से थे हम एक दूसरे से
    कौन जानता था
    इन्ह अजनबी क्लासमेटस् के साथ,
    दोस्ती का ऐसा गहरा रिश्ता बन जाएगा,
    कि इन्हें अलविदा कहना मुश्किल हो जाएगा।

    कितना आसान था पहले कहना,
    कि जा यार मुझे तुझसे बात ही नहीं करनी,
    पर अब देखो,
    सोच कर ही डर लगता है ,
    कि यार अब फिर ऐसे स्कूल में मिल नहीं पायेगे,
    फिर कभी ऐसे बेफ़िक्र
    एक दूसरे के कंधों पर हाथ रखकर चल नहीं पायेगे।
    ना ही फिर कभी ऐसे मिलना होगा।
    ना ही फिर क्लास में बैठ कर ऐसे पढना होगा।

    याद उन्ह टीचर की भी आयेगी,
    जिन्होंने इतना काबिल बनाया,
    याद आयेगी मुझे आप सभी की।

    कैसे बताऊ मैं आप सबको और अपने यारों को,
    बताना भी मुझे मुश्किल लग रहा है,
    कि आप सबको अलविदा कहना मुझे बहुत मुश्किल लगा रहा है।

  • bhavyatarun 3w

    The games we played

    The badminton which never happened
    The racquet that was always broken

    The cricket ball always lost
    And the wicket too is broken!

    The "kit kit" special stone
    The "gully danda" special stick
    The "pitto" special skills
    The "ao milo silo salo" special trick!
    And the Ludo thing!

    Ah the games we played,
    Never have time to play now
    Somebody take me back to the good old days
    Where I can play happily

  • charanee 5w

    Trade Cards

    Let's trade cards
    I'll give you my attention
    You can give me your pain

    Then I'll trade you for your time
    But your hands are bare

    I then give you my love
    And you now have my all

    But I'm left bare...
    You don't really care

  • raman_writes 10w


    खेल में हारने क्या लगे सब ने जश्न मनाना शुरू कर दिया ।

    महज़ एक ही बाजी से मैंने सब अपनो की पहचान कर ली ।।


  • piyashah 12w

    Memory game

    Something new and exciting....

    Please fill the below details and let's see how much you are able to recall and remember .

    1.colour of your 1st standard school dress =

    2.The food in your lunch box during school timing =

    3.Name of the first friend in school -

    4.Name of the first enemy in school -

    5.Name of the first crush during schooldays -

    6.which was your first toy ?-

    7.your birth time and day and birth place ? -

    8.your first favourite dress colour other then school uniform -

    9.your first favourite subject in school ?-

    10.Your favourite school bag colour?-

    11.your name in your school attendance register -

  • ouch_theseoneliners 16w


    Nope, not good at this version of Rant either.

    PS. Valorant is a pc game.


  • mandah88 17w

    The Game

    Is scoring another point all that matters to you?
    What happened to honesty, to being real, being true?
    I am not deserving of being viewed as merely a win
    Of all the evil in this world, you must hold the greatest sin.
    I thought you were different, you played your part quite well
    You were just another player set on showing me the depths of hell
    Does it not bother you when you are alone at night?
    The truth of how you're killing me as you force to me this plight?
    What makes me deserve this? Because I am so naive?
    Doesn't make it fair, or right for you to deceive
    I had enough to deal with without your sudden introduction
    But game on, play your role so you can earn your induction.
    © Manda H.

  • realityvision 22w

    Games Vs Life

    All games has set of rules pre defined, we happily accept it and play the game with full enjoyment, in the same way accept the set of rules defined by our ancestors after many experiences, live the life in a disciplined way and enjoy the life. Have a nice day

  • scaredycat2222 22w


    It's like i can feel you anxiously waiting for the moment
    i decide that ive had just about enough of this waiting on you, and decide that im not going to spend my days wedged in between being patient and quieting my aching heart that wont stop crying cause its grown tired of longing for someone who is completely content, happy even, with missing someone they know damn well is not content and is very unhappy missing them.
    If i wanted to suffocate in this lonley and ice cold room where my lips have been neglected so long theyve become frost bitten by the icy words i scream into my pillowceach night half hoping you'll hear them and bgg the other half wishing my brain will finally fucking listen to my tongue and leave your sorry ass who i know is only playing games. Who is only allowing me to slip into your world when you feel me slipping away. Amd who i know isnt going to fullfill me because you dont fullfill anyone but your own selfish needs while issuing future faking promises of a brillant future where some day, soon you always promise itll be just nnb you and me, if i just hold on a little bit longer. Have just a little more patience and have just a little of hope.
    What kind of a dumb fuck do you mistake me for?

  • wordsoftheetwilight 35w


    Comment more games that you'll played!

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    Sometimes all we 90's kids wanna do is play

    1.Dumb charades
    3.Pakdam pakddai
    4.Dog N the Bone.
    5.Chor Police Raja Rani
    6.Hide and Seek

    And numerous other games that used to be fun and laughter sources with our close friends !


  • _harley_ 39w

    Until the Stars All Burn Away

    You and I, one in the same
    Polar opposites
    Players in the game
    Neither you, nor I are to be tamed
    So, I'll Love You Wildly
    From a distance
    Until the stars all burn away


  • bharathkoli 41w

    You got it.

    The eyes interlocked, heart synced and the breathe got intense. Then came the signal press R2 R2 and I swiveled around those keys and ended victorious with a finisher.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 43w


    The pendulum of time never retires to swing,
    With every set of 'to and fro', it has novice culture to bring,
    With the floaters of modernisation on to survive the global ocean,
    We are constantly being trapped into the whirlpool of devastation.

    The Skipping ropes and Spinning tops are like long lost species,
    Aren't found anywhere, those Chess and Ludo boards and their attractive pieces,
    No tiny fingers count the stars, chase the birds, build castles at the sea shore,
    The jigsaw puzzles lie unsolved, marbles don't seem to be interesting anymore.

    The sea saw, the swings, the slides and butterflies, the lilies and daisies in the park,
    Yearn but find those innocent eyes that beheld them once, with an amazing spark,
    The remote control of television sets, smart phones and laptops are controlling our kids rendering them inactive,
    Games like hide and seek, lock and key, hopscotch and catch - catch have none to hold them up, cease to live.

    One of the biggest markets of the world trades childhood and innocence,
    We throw our hard - earned money just to buy these addictions, utter nuisance,
    Enwrapped in happiness is the poison of depression, stress, anaemia and anxiety,
    In the attempt to raise techno competitive horses, we are breeding donkeys, in reality.

    The tug of war between the traditional and modern games is being won by the latest,
    Still as parents, jointly we can turn the table, serve our children's interest,
    Enlivening ancient games and deviating them from the very begining,
    May help us win the battle, throw these traders out at once, out of the ring.

    #mirakee #mirakquil #children #games #machines #writerscommunity #writersnetwork

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  • porcupine 45w


    Don't tell me your lies
    Don't tell me your stories
    Don't tell me your problems
    Because I refuse to feel sorry

    You would just bring me down

    I will not listen
    I do not dare
    I will not bother
    I do not care

    You have only yourself to blame

    For getting caught in your games

  • doctorpoet 48w

    No body knows the exact meaning of LOVE ....

    Love is something which cannot be defined by words ....

    The word LOVE has been USED from centuries for their benefits...

    I love you , a simple word using by many people for temporary attractions

    Love must be shown by a person from every part of body with pure thoughts

    Love don't see caste ,religion , colour, height ,personality, rich ,poor

    Love can be only seen through ACTIONS of a person shown towards another

    Think many times before entering into a relationship


    Love is not a GAME ....Love is LIFE




  • sheikh_huzaifa 50w

    Tamasha bana diya hai logo nai pyar ka
    Khaila toh humnai b bohat hai bachpan mai khilonu k sath
    Maloom huwa hai yahan log dilu say khail jatay hai.....

  • sheikh_huzaifa 51w

    Rooz ki parayshaniyu say tang aa chukay hai
    Nahi jeena ab aaisay emotional ho k
    Bohat rooh liya logu ki baatu say
    Bohat seh liya, bht chuba b liya
    Nahi rehna ab aaisa baan k
    Dekh liya humnai ab achayi ka phaal
    Nahi jeena yahan kisi k liyai
    Jeena hai bs aapnai Raab k liyai
    Aur oon k liyai jin nai zindagi qurbaan kar diye humari khushi k khatir
    Nahi jeena duniya k liyai
    Bohat seh liya, bht rooh liya
    Bohat khail liya aapni emotions k sath
    Bohat khail liya aapni zindagi k sath
    Itne sastay nahi hai hum
    Kisi b keemat pay bik jayai hum
    Nahi jeena duniya k liyai
    Bohat hogaya emotional black mail
    Ab Raab k liyai, Aapnu k liyai aur Khud k liyai jeena hai humko........

  • udavee_dissanayake 52w

    The Angelic Devil

    An angel in a devil
    A god in a monster
    A human in a robot
    Was all that i saw in thee.

    The devil and the demon
    The monster and the robot
    Went blind to my eyes
    In awhile baby.

    Embraced thine love
    With heartiest warmth
    Till I slipped from
    The vile reality.

    So i never figured out how
    You tricked and flipped out
    In a split of a second now
    Or just in a heart beat.


  • mitesero98 55w

    Love games

    He loves me, I love him , he loves her, she loves herself.
    Will this so called game of love ever end before it ruins all of our lives ???

  • sharls_glad 56w

    You have to learn the rules
    of the game.
    And then you have to play
    better than anyone else.