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  • gutfeeling 11w

    One day you will look back onto your life and wonder, 'how have I done it!'.

    That will be the best feeling!

  • anuradhasharma 21w

    हम लिबास की लंबाई तो बढ़ा ले ,

    पर सोच के छोटे कद का क्या करे ।


  • feelflyfree 31w


    Roti khana sab ko aye
    Magar banaye sirf ladki
    Haath to sab ko diye
    Magar jale haath sirf uske
    Roti chahe ladke bhi bana sake
    Magar ye kam sirf ladki ka
    Ye soch me kyo ho akir?
    Hum bhi manushiye tum bhi manushiye
    Fir kyu akir roti wohi banaye?
    Kyu itna bedhbaaaw?
    Kyu itna gira hua Samaj(society)?
    Mamta ✨

  • the_tyrants_pen 32w

    Push! the midwife said
    Her sharp voice piercing through the thick night
    The exhausted woman musters all her strength
    Dangling on the thin line between life and death she is

    Finally the baby emerges
    From it's 9 month old oven
    The man rushes in, ignoring his weary wife he asks
    "Is it a boy or a girl"?

    Does it matter? the midwife asks
    It's a girl if you must know
    With disgust on his face the man says
    "You've made a failure of me woman"

    And indeed a failure he is
    He who thinks one is better
    And favours him over the other
    His eyes blind to see that all are equal

  • mrunalini_04 34w

    So this happened a few days back. One of my male friends and I went shopping. And it was just a coincidence that I ended up holding all the bags which I didn't mind of course. After a while, we noticed a lot of people, staring at us, some of which were actually turning their heads around to look. And giving a judgemental stare to my friend. It struck a few minutes later that this was happening because I WAS TAKING ALL THE BURDEN, while my friend who is a man, was walking freely. Of course, my friend had asked earlier as well to share the load which I declined because honestly, it wasn't much, but after this staring contest, he asked me again, to which I asked a simple question, "are you worried that people might be judging you because I'm holding all the bags?" And I could see an affirmation in his eyes.

    This whole incident made me understand how we somehow enable toxic masculinity, subconsciously at times, and how it affects men. We have been propagating this whole idea where a man is supposed to take the burden while hiding all his emotions to appear tough, and we immediately make fun of those men sometimes, who have breakdowns and who do express all the human emotions. As of 2019, the suicide rate ratio for males to females stands at 70.2:29.8. And while I'm not implying that the primary cause is this propagation and enabling of toxic masculinity, but you have to agree that it somehow plays an important role here.

    While I support feminism and women empowerment, I do stand against gender stereotyping because I have seen how it affects my own father and my brother one way or another. And it's high time to discard these outdated beliefs that only men should be responsible for holding all the responsibilities and burden all this while not expressing anything. 


  • janvi_barnwal 41w

    Do your bit, Include them.

    While talking or mentioning genders we used to forget all genders other than the binary ones.
    Include them the next time you talk something.
    It's a small step, but it will matter a lot to every non-binary genders existing.

    Do your bit, Include them.


  • cosmicpoet 48w

    If we really talk about gender equality then open your arms and let it come.
    #genderequality #men #poetry #equality @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    They won't say anything but suffer inside,
    they do have feelings and it's true as wise.
    no matter in how much pain they are,
    their face will show a beautiful smile.

    Burdened under responsibilities,
    not even allowed to cry,
    The society considers male as a
    painless fly.

    Are taught since childhood to be
    tough, strong and sincere,
    they have to earn for their family
    and become a best father.

    "Be a housewife or business woman?"
    a woman is always asked.
    Why men are left with only one option
    let them have their rights and decide
    what they want to do,
    they are men and not a lion of a zoo.

    Ask them what they feel inside,
    let them cry and just normalise.
    Men are also human beings,
    Let them be prioritized.


  • _optimist_ 51w

    Gender Equality.♂️♀️

    Every child deserves to reach her or his full potential, but gender inequalities in their lives and in the lives of those who care for them hinder this reality.
    Wherever they live in India girls and boys face gender inequality in their homes and communities every day – in textbooks, in movies, in the media and among the men and women who provide their care and support.

    Girls and boys experience adolescence differently. And so both have to be guided well.

    Some Indian women are global leaders and powerful voices in diverse fields but most women and girls in India do not fully enjoy many of their rights due to deeply entrenched patriarchal views, norms, traditions and structures.
    India will not fully develop unless both girls and boys are equally supported to reach their full potential.

    In our society whenever someone talk about gender inequality they always address women problem which makes it sounds like female fight against men .

    Actually gender equality is not a female fight but a human issue for equal right. Because it affects all of us.

    Gender inequality is an issue for men too. ��Because some Indian stereotypes stops them to express, what they are, how they feel. They have to act like macho man, thought it is not necessary that all the men love to behave like a hard rock.
    Some are soft, they cry when they are hurt, they also have pain. But this society stops them to do these things publicly.

    Also harassment doesn’t have any gender, and one is often ignored as a victim while the other is ignored as an abuser.
    When a man is abused by a woman their cries fall in deaf ears, they are casted aside like broken parts. No one believes him, until he drowns in his pain.
    Always men are asked to be gentleman but it is bad for them to be gentle, because they have to save their so-called honors.
    Peace and harmony is meant for both genders.
    If we talk about female rights and equality then we also need to talk about men’s rights and equality .
    We need a society where both gender can get equal respect.


    Solution is very simple that is ACCEPTANCE,❤️♀️♂️
    Only when society’s perception changes, will the rights of all the girls and all the boys in India be fulfilled.

    Today’s youth can help to eradicate this by –
    -Offering high level education
    -Social integration
    -Increasing women employment
    -Involving them in active politics and social activities
    -Arranging social protection programmes
    -Generating awareness among parents
    -Giving scholarships to girls and boys both
    -Spreading awareness against child abuse and violence
    -Stopping gender identification and abortions
    -Social welfare developments by politicians
    -Promoting NGOs to eradicate Gender Inequality

    -We need to understand and accept this fact that there are many differences between man and women and this differences are beautiful, but I think to discriminate is the biggest sin.����

    ‘’Men and women have roles –
    their roles are different but their rights are equal ‘’

    Credit: @theunconsciouspen ✨����

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    Men and women both have roles-
    Their roles are different but rights are equal.

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    @writersbay ❤��thanku for giving your time &kind like .. I m so glad you left me a comment �� means a lot..

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    In spring of love, hope was born in mother's womb
    Before its blossom, girl child was called burden soon
    No celebration marked her birth,not they did happy dance
    She was secluded in cradle, neither father took a glance
    In barren terra of love, she lived ages scribbling in dark
    Crumbled in mother's laps, she Camouflaged all spark. .
    Pious love of warrior ma ,protected her right from foetus
    Cloaked in mud of patriarchy, she bloomed like the lotus
    Facing all thumping of prejudice longing her decline
    She rose to surface with aspiring heart seeking sunshine
    Slowly she painted her dreamy sky vanishing blue face
    Under moonlight she conquered survival her biggest race
    Like the petals she stretched her wings of burning desire
    Chasing her utopia her soul embraced strength as attire
    Seldom she unleashed her ocean eyes in that filthy pond
    With ink dipped in metaphor, tells all story without sound
    And when the clock hits 11:11,she recites wishes to stars
    Hoping for world without swords of bigotry giving scars
    Gentle touch of equality, no breezes forcing her to be coy
    Let the child flourish without fears, be it your girl or boy..!

  • not__so_poetic 52w


    My mom always said Boys and Girls can never be equal,
    I just thought she was old school,
    But lately I realised she was always right,
    Why be equal when we can balance it out,
    May be He can even out her odds,
    May be She can cancel out his negatives,
    It's never about being equal actually!
    It's always about the balance!!

  • __sni_pan__ 54w

    Dear Mothers/ Future mothers and all the women who wanted to be a mother but could not.. and those who opted NOT to be a mother..

    You are all deeply flawed and that's the best way to be..

    You all have desires, ambitions, dreams and pet peeves and that's the only way it should be..

    DO NOT LIVE your life catering to what others perceive you to be..

    DO NOT LET ANYONE.. elevate you to God/ Devi status and demand you live upto their expectations..

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND LIFE being anything you don't want to be..

    Dismantle all labelling..
    Shun all glorifications of your sacrifices
    Trash pre-assigned, prescribed Gender roles.
    Crush the clichés surrounding your Super powers in being "Selfless"

    AND shut those up.. who try to feed you your virtues and tell you to cover your flaws..

    Be gloriously, uproariously flawed..

    Be a flesh and blood woman.. and a role model for all the little girls who look up to you.



  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 56w

    THOSE JERKS . . .

    The other night
    heart felt heavy
    all the inhumanities around

    It felt as
    most parts of this world
    is being inhabited
    with all these parasites
    of greed for the power
    and insanity for the lust

    The devilish
    seemed to be capturing
    the free spirits and
    enslaving all
    in the cages of fears

    It felt questioning
    where the power
    who made this world is hiding
    Or is there really any power
    who made this humane cosmos once?

    It felt as if there's no control
    over these malicious associations
    of all the collective evils
    oppressing humane dignity to live
    all around safe in this cosmos

    Let this world perish
    if there's inhibition of rightful justice
    and only inhabitation of the wrongs

    Did that power
    who made all failed us then?

    Did that power let the control go off
    from her?


    I said "Answer"


    And the next morning
    she answered with

    "Heavy Jerks"

    I got my answer

    Only the power of karma
    rules this world !


  • leakingheart_ 57w

    #like the quote ��
    #Take it casual ��
    # Nooffense

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    Like the quotes because of the message conveyed by the writer,
    Not because of the gender or because of the profile picture ..

    As all Writers need support,
    Doesn't need favour

  • bellemoon99 58w

    #timesup #wod #pod #genderequality

    Harassment doesn't have a gender, and one is often ignored as a victim while the other is ignored as an abuser.

    When a man is abused by a woman their cries fall in deaf ears, they are casted aside like broken parts. No one believes him, until he drowns in his pain.

    Another man lost his life, when will we understand evil comes in all shapes and all victims are important ?

    Peace and harmony was meant for both genders, the god and the goddess together as one. He needs somewhere to hide, to feel safe, but these are only for his sisters. He's on his own.

    If she hits him he has to endure it, if he defends himself he is seen as the abuser. When did equality equate to abuse the other side for history's sake?

    Open your eyes, understand that some are looking for privilege and superiority rather than helping. If they really wanted to help, more would be offering a hand to male victims and throwing stones at the female abusers.

    He's a killer, she's a killer, but he gets more time and she gets an excuse. That's not just or fair. She is an abusive mother almost killed her son, his father saved him, but she keeps custody.

    Harassment is always wrong, don't make up excuses for one, and do just as you say others do...blame the victim for being male.

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    Time's Up


  • himanshibajpai 59w

    @mirakee @writersnerwork #genderequality #pod
    This Article is inspired By Emma Watson Speech.

    And one more thing this article might have some grammatical errors as this one is My exam Answer ��.But I thought to share with you all. ��

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    Gender Equality For Men

    Gender Equality is an issue for men too. Because some Gender
    stereotypes stops them to express,What they are, How they feel.
    They have to act like a Macho Man, Though it is not necessary that all the men love to live like A Hard Rock.

    Some are soft, they cry when they are hurt, They also have pain. But these stereotypes stops them to do these things Publicly.

    So if There is Gender Equality then men not have to suffer from depression, they don't suicide, If they can express themselves,Just like women do. This one is crucial Reason that the depression and Suicide rates in women are less than Men.


  • neha_netra 63w

    मैं उन्नीस ना रहूं ,
    मुझे बीस भी नहीं होना ,
    मैं चाहती हूं बस ;
    तुम्हारे समान होना.!

  • sanka_ 63w

    Woman's day

    Free to roam they said.
    Girls are equal they said.
    Are they living so I said.?
    It's non of your concern boy,they said.

    I dare not mingle but its a age old jumble.
    This age old war the dominant genetic rumble.
    When women themselves cage their freedom.
    What can we do, if they themselves want to be randsom.

    Don't listen to the world its not their life.
    Wear what you please and drink, party with delight.
    Your god given life why listen to other judgment despite.?
    Fuck tradition and morals start living life without trife.

  • smitsy 65w


    My guru helped me get the books
    Thankful to my mom for teaching me to read
    I struggled through it stumbling often
    One small Tv set was my window to outside world
    But my will to succeed kept me going

    Since under the Guru's shadow,
    I was allowed exemption from the daily charade
    Many did envy my special privilge
    And was taunted and teased relentlessly
    But that was not new, I had learnt not to feel

    Years passed in a hazy blur
    I completed my matriculation, with distinction
    My Guru was the happiest,
    She plotted ways to assist me
    Tapping resources to get me into college

    I got admitted to a night college
    During the day I spend reading books
    Sometimes guiding younger kids
    Who too like myself was abandoned by their families
    Some were brilliant, some I needed to browbeat

    Taking psychology as the subject
    I went on to complete my masters
    The first of my clan to do so
    Never did I try to hide my identity
    I attended all my college head held high

    People still sniggered behind my back
    Calling me names, laughing at my feminine grace
    But I still had some sincere friends
    Who loved me dearly and defended me always
    Helping me many a times from shattering

    Completing my master's in psychology
    It gave me immense pleasure
    To learn about the human mind
    How it works and all its intricacies
    If I had to change it I need to understand it

    It was now that my real struggle began
    To bring before the world we too were humans
    To change the mindset of the masses
    Clear the superstiond making round since ages
    Bringing about a transformation much needed

    Wiping the cobwebs of fear and stigma
    That seemed to have grown roots deep
    Into the heart and mind of people
    That were like shackles preventing them
    From viewing the world without tinted glasses of discrimination...

    Krishna , the name became quite formidable
    I started standing up against injustice
    Not only against my own clan but all wronged
    I got a platform to voice my views
    We came into limelight and highlighted too

    Many of us worked hard to acquire formal education
    Found jobs worth their skills not attributes physical
    Slowly we too were embraced into mainstream
    People began to look at us with reverence
    Some grudgingly still was worth it.

    My disfigurement or rather deformity
    For which I was unfairly judged
    Which cost me the love of my family
    And deprived me of my childhood
    That curse became for me my greatest boon...

  • smitsy 65w


    We boarded a bus at the depot
    People stared at us with naked contempt
    Those with me started clapping
    Some averted their gaze
    While some fished out coins to give
    Murmuring obscenities, under breath

    I was ushered into a window seat
    Where I was grateful to look out
    Hiding my tearful eyes from all
    I missed my mother dreadfully.
    But then, with me out of her hair
    Her difficulties would be far less

    She would mourn and be inconsolable
    But , ultimately time would numb her pain ,
    And with my father's care, she would move on
    May be another child will help forget me
    Tears flowed from my eyes,
    I bit my lips hard to contain my sob

    Clutching my bundle of meagre belonging
    Lulled by the rocking motion of the bus
    And the cool wind blowing,
    I slipped into deep dreamless sleep
    I felt as if my mom was jerking me awake
    I smiled rubbing my sleep worn eyes .

    Another pair of brown eyes smiled down at me
    Bringing me back to reality with a harsh thud
    I looked out of the window
    It was almost nearing sundown
    The beauty of the twilight sky went wasted
    For I was too engrossed wallowing in my sorrow

    Of my future I had no inkling
    Totally resigned I was about my life ahead
    I followed my new guardians, like a lamb
    With loud clap, swearing obscenities
    Leading their way towards their locality
    It was like a small village, in cities heart

    Every where I looked , i was transfixed
    Clad in bright gaudy sarees and lot of ornaments
    Faces painted with mascara , lipstick nd rogue
    I was led to the eldest of the lot
    They introduced me as krisna,
    that was to be my name from now on

    She looked at me with a critical eye
    Called me near, I shivered in fright
    Yet she was gentle and sensing my reluctance
    Asked a younger member to take me under her wing
    Her name they mentioned was kamala
    But she asked me to call her akka.

    Akka led me to her room , quiet cramped
    But she cleared off a portion for me to adjust
    Slowly guided by akka and the rest
    I blended myself I to the lifestyle
    But to fully get me accepted as one of them
    I was needed to get emasculated

    What transpired was too grotesque to mention
    The pain the trauma, death would have been easier
    But it was their custom, I had to be castrated
    Then when I was healed, dressed upas a bride
    Married to their godess Yellamna ,with great aplomb
    Only to be widowed the next day, grieving in real

    I was slowly tutored in their ways of life
    From holding my posture, to dressing up loud
    Even their trademark clap, need to be perfected
    Soon I too was travelling with them demanding alms
    Days passed in a flurry of activities,
    But nights still brought back painful memories

    Though I was as much a part,
    I still resented every minute
    The way obscenities were hurled at us
    Still fearful of evoking our wrath
    For it was a common age-old belief
    That our curses and blessings both are equally potent

    It was sickening to see how society treated us
    Their high handed yet diabolical attitude,, revolting
    On one hand we are abhorred and ostracized
    Not allowed education or job opportunities
    On the other invited royally to offer blessings
    Dance and rejoice on births and weddings

    On one such occasions I too was included
    I was now quite good at clapping and dance
    When I neared the house , my heart thumped
    It was the house where my parents lived
    We were there to bless my sibling
    Holding my tears smiling and laughing I danced

    Blessing my brother with all devotion
    Wishing him and my parents all happiness
    I danced with full fervour
    I could see the torment in my parents eyes
    My mom was happy for one, heartbroken for another
    I made a resolve then and there ,to alter our status

    It sometimes seem degrading when one of us
    To threaten people into paying us
    Lifts up the saree to flash their castrated genitals
    on the faces , scaring them to part with their money
    The first time I witnessed this obnoxious scene
    I nearly threw up, leaving me scared and sick for days

    Slowly I recovered, numbing my senses
    Looking desperately for a way out of this maze
    I needed to do something in life
    Irrespective of my deformity, a curse..
    Trying my hand at winning favour of the Guru
    Was for me now most important

    Slowly I became her favourite,
    Spending most of my time under her watchful eyes
    Gauging her mood I approached her
    And put before her my nervous plight
    I wanted to get educated,
    And use it to try uplift them

    Giving my proposal much thought
    And seeing my sincerity & passion for books
    She finally relented and promised to help
    Pulling some strings and reminding favours
    Even some bribing, threatening and brow beating
    She got my education started

    Not wanting to waste this opportunity precious
    Clutching at it with both hands
    I chanelled all my frustrations into it
    This was one chance I didn't want to waste
    I wanted to prove to the world ,
    That we too were no less than anybody else.

  • smitsy 65w


    Watching out of the window
    Seeing other kids at play
    How I longed I could join them
    But , my parents never let me
    Ever since I was born ,
    This house seemed like a cemetery

    My mom was my only friend
    When dad came home she would go silent
    He forever sported a scowl
    Always ignoring me,
    As if trying to convince himself
    That I didn't exist at all

    I never knew ,what my fault was
    But at night when they think I'm sleeping
    I often hear them fight
    My name mentioned, proving myself being the reason
    I would silently weep and pray
    For some magic to change my plight

    One day when mom was out
    I couldn't resist joining the kids on street
    Playing and laughing the joy I felt
    Though enormous ,but was short-lived
    A few elders ce barging in
    Pulling their kids away while hurling abuses at me

    My mother frantically dragged me home
    Locking the door hugged me and cried a lot
    I just couldn't understand what conspired
    I was just an innocent kid of four
    When dad came home, he trashed me hard
    Leaving red angry scars on my legs and back

    That night we all went without food
    All lost in their own misgivings , silent as a tomb
    Another heated argument sparked
    Mom wailed and wept but dad stood his ground
    The verdict was passed, I somehow overheard
    I was to leave and join my own "clan"

    Mom not being very educated, could just read
    So she undertook the responsibility of educaing me
    Many a time I did ask , why school was not for me
    Every time they gave me some vague response
    Nobody ever visited us, nor were we invited
    But strangely enough,on a child birth, I was asked to give blessings

    A year passed slowly , nothing much changed
    I still dreaded the time I would be send away.
    To forget my worries, I found solace in books
    For now I could read fluently without much help
    I would read anything i could lay my hands on
    Mom brought me some from the scrap store

    One early morning, my dad nudged me awake
    I really was stunned, I thought I was dreaming
    Mom was still asleep, so he quietly asked me to dress
    Putting a my merge belongings into a bag
    He asked me to follow him, not to wake mum up
    I managed to gather a few of my previous book

    Silently we walked, along like two strangers
    walking a little ahead, as if I was an embarrassment
    He did steal glances at me every now and then
    Fleeting mix of emotions of anger, pity, guilt
    Self loathing frustration all playing in loop
    I wish I could offer some sympathy, but dared not.

    When we reached the bustop , a group awaited us
    They all looked quite queer to my childish eyes
    They looked like men but dressed as women
    Some were quite decked up and beautiful
    One came to me and smiled, lovingly petted me
    Dad hesitated to meet my eyes,his filled with guilt

    I knew I was on the threshold of a new life
    Seeing my dad walk away without a backward glance
    My heart broke , but I did not cry
    I knew destiny had other plans
    It's now up to me to blindly follow
    Or pave my own path , however tough it may be....