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  • abmaria 10w


    Kya hai dard?
    Woh ek ajeeb sa ehasaas hai
    Jis jis ko yeh ehasaas pahunja hai
    Woh sab ka dil har ek pal tootha hai

    Yeh hai dard
    bohoot ajeeb hai yeh
    Kisi ko nehi pata kab yeh aati hai
    Aur nikalti hai
    Aise ye hai
    Jaisi ki , jab hamara rooh hamse juda hotha hai
    Uss pal uss vakth hame dard hotha hai...


  • abmaria 10w

    The burning heart

    You've burnt me in ashes. But haven't you heard the Phoenix tales ?
    Let me narrate it for you
    In the form of a poetry..

    Each day, each second I miss my love
    But thinking of what he have done to my mind
    Makes me loose my temper and calm..
    The more sweeter I was, the more I suffered
    The more I tolerated everything
    The more he keeps playing with my mind
    My sweeter version made me weak and weak
    But I'm not
    My loving and caring nature is dead
    All gone for now...
    Each day I have forgiven and continued to love you
    Inspite of all Warings from my close ones
    And stop signs from nature
    I decided to love you with all my heart.
    But now I realized forgiving someone all time
    Thinking that one day or the other would change that person
    But not
    All these time I was wrong
    Nothing in this world can change someone
    Unless and until the person wants to...
    No more forgiveness, no more sweetness
    All compassion is gone away with time
    Time had made me realize my faults
    Now I only have hatred for you
    I don't trust nor believe anyone anymore
    The old sweeter version of mine have gone
    far miles away with time
    Now you see the new me
    with a much more stronger heart ...
    Nothing melts me now, not even a storm
    The bad storm of my life had gone now
    Now my heart don't hold any softness for you
    Only hate that will last till my whole life
    That kind of hatred, which no one have ever seen
    Cause you only deserve my hatred not love
    Now I'll rise like the Phoenix bird from ashes
    To start a fresh new journey of my life


  • beensn 22w

    F M K M C

    He was born in the land of Kavery,
    In eighteen ninety nine, 28th day of January.
    Joins the British Indian Army into Carnatic Infantry,
    Becomes the first officer to attend the staff college, Quetta from military.
    Serves in different regiments before settling on Rajput,
    Successfully leads the troops during world war II & Indo-Pak conflict.
    Order of the British Empire & Legion of Merit decorated his name,
    One of the two five star Generals, is his great fame.
    The first Indian Commander-in-Chief becomes the Field Marshal,
    Son continued the legacy to raise to Air Marshal.
    Remembering our proud F M K M Cariappa on his birthday,
    Hope to see many more generals and Marshals on the way.

  • jaryal 44w

    From admissions to jobs,
    And every little thing the govt served.
    Why some were left out,
    While some others preserved ?
    I wished to break limits,
    their restrictions conserved.
    Straight path I chose,
    They made it curved.
    And for everything that I truly deserved,
    They denied saying
    "you were unreserved".

  • raman_writes 72w

    मोहब्बत के बाज़ार में मेरा दामन ख़ाली ही रहा ।

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    तेरी बात भी मान ली जाती है मेरी दरख़्वास्त भी नहीं सुनता ।

    देख कितना फ़र्क़ करता है ज़माना तेरे मेरे दरमियाँ ।।


  • jotitdown 83w

    It is easy to be a critic but not easy to be criticised.

  • randalthor 88w


    A true army general needs no formal rank. People around him will naturally want to serve him.

  • randalthor 88w


    "Show me your chess pieces in exchange for my trump cards." - Politician to army general.

  • outofleague 101w

    In General

    Till now only thing that makes sense,
    feels like soon will be proved otherwise.


  • mysticalthoughts 110w

    Be mature rather than playing politics with the image of a person.
    There are million layers of a single emotion.
    Shade doesn't matter.
    Looks of a person doesn't matter.
    They are just a mirage created & polished by the world & its dynamic pattern.

    Don't let these fucking tags be polished in your mind & life.
    As the connection need no face but the presence of a human with real emotions & an open heart more than the dealing of combination phases of the level of interest & the judgement.

    Old treasure will always be gold.
    In the same way some layers will always be basic & highlighted in their natural filter only.

    #decoding #reality #facts #unknown #unspoken #general #repressed #emotions

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    A case of mental politics..

    Let's make it straight
    Direct words with no shade of fantasy.
    As it's a court of life
    A reality or a bundle of some unexpressed facts of life.
    A soul has no face
    All it has a sense of touch & just want to be expressed in a certain way.
    People talk about beauty
    But we imagine a face in our mind in terms of therapy.
    Do you really think that you are really connecting?
    We all afraid of rejections & heartbreaks in life.
    I agree with you
    But have you ever tried to know the person with their vibes?
    I mean no expectations
    No prison of insecurities or the pressure of common theories.
    Just you & that human together
    Accepting all the imperfections of each other.
    Beauty is just a perception of yours
    Not a definition that is always related to the reflection of looks.
    If you dare to know the person's heart
    You will be loved in all the seasons.
    Always remember these short phrases
    As they can save million relations.
    Love is not temporary
    But looks are.
    Emotions are not a deal of passing moment
    But they could be turned into scar in a second.
    Not because of insecurities
    But because of people politics.
    Sound funny or senseless?
    Let me give you a reality check.
    We humans have our own experiences
    We all are claimed as "individuals".
    So who we are to judge other person's character?
    When we have our own shield of insecurities
    So who has promoted you to pass the comments with no good dictionary.
    Clear your mind
    Detox your heart.
    You will be at peace
    And you will be loved & respected in every perspective.

  • 000arshishaikh 112w

    #said shayeri#general post

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    Said shayeri

    Aaj bhi tere intezaar main baithe hai,,
    Kash wo pal fir se laut aye jab hum dono sath the☹️

  • alxita 114w

    -- Virtual Chasms --

    On top are the innocent ecstasies of many people
    Full of joy, sadness, or anger that won't stifle
    As it's fueled by their openness in sharing
    Their thoughts around the Internet, circulating

    All the scintillations seen thanks to sunlight
    Indeed, as it's exposed to the public so bright
    But, how can we explain the beclouded parts?
    In which surreal enigmas surround, we can't start

    It is another unknown chasm of the Internet
    Only ever seen so rarely by the innocents
    But once they step onto the abysmal darkness
    They won't come back the same, as they too, will be the illness

    A virtual chasm unbeknownst to the society
    Marked by its hidden escapades and unsafe synergies
    You'll fall off from the ground if you ever slip off
    Or make a mistake even once, you'll regret it a lot

    #poetry #dangers #risks #risky #life #society #foolish #general #mirakee #thoughts #beclouded #surreal #unknown #chasm

    Poem no. 42
    Apr. 23, 2020, 6:18 PM (GMT+8)

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    Virtual Chasms

    "A virtual chasm unbeknownst to the society, marked by its hidden escapades and unsafe synergies"

  • james_taumas 114w


    Old general
    Weary bulldog
    Worn and vigilant
    Veteran and survivor
    Scarred by death's signature
    Warrior spirit still strong
    Domestic and foreign battlefields
    Victory and losses
    Comrades and enemies finale
    Peace a wish ignored
    Warhorns a sweeter song.


  • sumedh7 115w

    एक एहसास!

    दिल कितना टूटा है,
    इसका अंदाजा तो रात में ही लगता है,
    जब आप उस दिल पर हाथ रखते है,
    और टूटे टुकड़ों की आवाज़ आती है,
    वही जो दिन के शोर में कहीं खो जाती है,

  • ammypunjabi2 115w

    Me ' how my eyes lit up , loving it '
    Mentor ' Daaru pee ke sbi ki aesi ho jati h ''
    Me ' bc kaun kambhkat daaru peeta h hm to liquor peete h '

  • sulgati_kalam 116w

    मोहब्बत करने वाले ही जानते हैं इश्क़ का दर्द
    कर के देखो, नहीं उतार पाओगे जज्बातों का कर्ज ।

  • ammypunjabi2 116w

    Mental power

    Mental power ' how you define it '
    How your mind is responding to the body , in what way
    Yeah it should be 100% true na
    Mentor ' bete tu abi bacha h ..tune abi bahut kuch seekhna h ..ye baalo pe aise safedi ni aayi
    Me ' hahaa kehne ko to.m v sabi ko aese kehta firu ..Meko apne pe brosa jo m keh rha hu, krta hu ..tera chela v koi cheez h ..peg bna
    Mentor ' Kudrat ko to pta h na sekha to tu mujse hi h '


  • arquotes 134w


    All men aren't harassers.
    All women aren't the victim.
    Must speak and give a verdict for the particular issue.
    Don't accuse in general.


  • rafikhan 141w

    O'one in the clock

    Weary Day,
    Stagnant Thoughts,
    Mesmerized Feelings,
    Nostalgic Mind,
    All in a single pipeline, rushing into the heart.


  • kadoshgeneral 179w


    The morning sickness
    Wraps delicately around my body,
    Like how a weed weaves around a plant,
    Burns my intestines slowly,
    Clings to my head so tightly.
    And there are days
    When I have sprawled
    On the cemented floor of my room
    Helpless. Hopeless. In protest of life—
    I detested the thing that makes me breathe.
    There are days
    When I find myself in the dark,
    Clinged with the shadow of evil.
    There are days
    When I have grown accustomed
    To the prison of pain.
    There are days
    When Job's wife enters into my mind
    And says "Foolish man; cuss God and die."
    And I did cuss God, but I didn't die.
    God did not kill me.But still
    God speaks through a living Legend,
    Expresses through a Humble Spirit,
    Today, the voice of a General reminds me
    Of verses in the Bible I buried behind our window,
    Tells me "God has healed you.
    God has broken you off pain's shackle.
    God has cured you of this malady".
    And somewhere in my heart,
    I know the morning sickness
    Will walk out of my body today.
    I know faith has risen in my heart.
    Somehow, I know I will walk on water.
    Somehow, I rise on my feet
    And I begin to walk with joy.
    I shout: "I am healed! I am healed!"
    Cause a General loves my Life(Ministry)
    And I realize it is not God
    That wants to kill us;
    It is our agreement with pain,
    With depression, with the sickness—
    It is our agreement with darkness
    That brings death into our bodies.
    For Light Comes,When
    Light is seen and believed."O'General Obie Jason,what
    A Glorious Light to behold,what
    An Endorsed General you're.
    Dedicated to GENERAL OBIE JASON