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  • jeetspeaks 15w

    Be selfish!

    At times, being selfish is necessary. Yes, i mean it. Because only when you become selfish, you can achieve more. If you are not, you will be regarded as incompetent and failure. You can be generous, the world is not. There's one more advantage of it that you can get a chance to prove your mettle and calibre to others. Therefore, enjoy being selfish.

  • knrz333 29w


    At the point when you treat a young lady well, regard her, tell her how great consistently is, and show her how great consistently is, you won't ever do that.

  • affansajid 41w

    To succeed,
    One must be generous and
    Able to send Arrogance
    For a walk.

    ©Arab Affan Sajid

  • stevenlgoosby 51w

    Generosity a priceless treasure
    To give of ones time,thoughts,
    wealth,health,and kindred spirit
    is indeed bountiful fruits

  • kajalpawar2911 57w

    The 9th of December'2020

    "There was no match to the generosity of that little boy selling snacks, serving more to those who smiled at him"...

  • bclark2681 62w

    Cascading Generosity

    Generosity cascades endlessly from
    My bleeding heart as I share fortunes
    With those who require more than I,
    Helping ones with their necessities
    Blinds evil selfishness from my soul

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 65w

    I feel like you helped yourself to a generous serving of my heart, squeezed the emotions out of it and then grated it against a rock.

  • shiekh_aasif 67w


    How Generous He Is
    For he has gifted me a Bouquet of Flowers
    The Flowers plucked of my own Park
    So what, if he Deserted my Beautiful Garden

    How Generous He Is
    For he cares for my Beautiful Future
    The Future with all the Elite Luxury Elements
    So what, if he Snatched my Identity

    How Generous He Is
    For he wants me to be in Environment of Peace
    The Peace where there is no Fear at all
    So what, if he Silenced my Inner Voice & Emotions

    How Generous He Is
    For he has given ample of Jobs
    The jobs of being Obedient Slave to him
    So what, if it costed me the Rivers of Blood


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    How Generous He Is
    For he has gifted me a Bouquet of Flowers
    The Flowers plucked of my own Park
    So what, if he Deserted my Beautiful Garden

    How Generous He Is
    For he cares for my Beautiful Future
    The Future with all the Elite Luxury Elements
    So what, if he Snatched my Identity

    How Generous He Is
    For he wants me to be in Environment of Peace
    The Peace where there is no Fear at all
    So what, if he Silenced my Inner Voice & Emotions

    How Generous He Is
    For he has given ample of Jobs
    The jobs of being Obedient Slave to him
    So what, if it costed me the Rivers of Blood


  • n_i_m_o_1 77w


    Being generous is our charatcher but it should not be our weakness which is used by others.

  • kosatli 79w

    Not in all cases . But some cases can be found only after we experience it��. Even though , we can't stop ourselves from being kind to others.
    #generous #people #kind #telugu

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    Gnyanodayam...just for a day

    అందరూ మంచి వాళ్ళు ఉండరు అని తెలిసినా....ఏమో వీళ్ళు మంచి వాళ్ళు ఏమో అని మాట్లాడడం మన మంచితనం . చివరికి మన మంచితన మే మనల్ని మోసపోయే ల చేస్తుంది.

    Knowing that not all people are good...we talk with them thinking that he/she might be a good person . This generosity of us may one day drown us.


  • themessedink 83w


    It can take you really high and also can drop you really hard.


  • random_nandy 84w

    Tick tock,
    Tick tock,
    Trickster time,
    Was running out.
    Biased was he,
    Towards his mistress work,
    He would not part fast.
    Cold he was,
    To everybody else,
    Except for learn,
    Their only son.
    Possessive he was,
    Towards his son,
    And his lady love,
    That he would not,
    Give another chance,
    To develop a relation,
    More than once.
    Generous he acts,
    In front of his love,
    But he runs away,
    From beggars of time.

  • sanjanarajagopal 86w

    #As she sat there crying.... she looked at herself and wondered what was wrong with her..... nothing was wrong... but the intriguing personality of hers was too much for the world to take and made her believe she was wrong.... life goes but it depends up us weather we take it or not.....be humble and generous until the day u breathe no matter where u go...

    #motivation #love #dontstop #humble #generous

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    There is always two lives for a person.... one keeps going but the other one starts when we realise that we have only only one... keep fighting....


  • d_anie_99 96w

    Being #kind, #humble and #generous is not enough to live #life.
    Sometimes you have to be #selfish , #rude .. Then only #society will stop #judging you.

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  • ciara1 97w

    A nice guy vs. A nice person

      A nice guy vs. A nice person is a complete difference and you men are going to learn all about it. My dating coach explained this to me, and it was confusing at first. When she had broken it down to me, I had got the concept of it. When people say nice guy, they would say, "oh he's just a nice guy or this is a nice girl." 
        I am going to explain to you all about what girls do not like, and the reason why I say girls, is that a lot this situation is what girls do. If a woman is in a place where she is motivated, that has a good mind, and she is by herself. Also, that woman is independent, self-aware, and self-confident. She is not going to fit in this category at all. In the sense, she is not looking for a boy, she is looking for a man that is an alpha male.
         Bad boys are what girls like these days. I have a lot of girls in my family that like bad boys. They do not like a nice guy. A few years ago, I asked one of my cousins why did she prefer bad boys over nice guys? Her response was, "I don't like a man being nice, I like a man that looks mean and careless." 
        Most women today like careless men. If you were born and raised in a ruff environment known as the "hood" or "projects" this is what African Americans call even in the ruff Latino communities as well. Those girls in those bad environments prefer bad boys over nice guys because that was how a lot of girls were used to growing up and still are.
         A girl likes bad boys, not bad men because if you are a bad man, you will not fit into the category of what these girls love and want that does not require you to be a nice guy. With the nice guy situation, there are certain things that can come off way too strong. A nice person revolves around a kind-hearted person. A person with a good soul, and has good intentions. But when it comes down to a nice guy, and there is a female put right in front of that nice guy. It becomes a nice guy thing because you are doing things that are stepping out of your character. You are doing things that are bringing you down because you are supposed to be at the top of your game. That is what I used to do towards my boyfriend, I would always wear him down. I would want him to do a lot for me. He would take me out every week instead of just taking me out twice a month or even once a month. I was expecting him to do that for me all was time, but I found out that were not in his character to take a woman out that often. What I am informing you all men is that you do not have to do everything your woman tells you what to do. Just be yourself. You do not have to impress a woman. If you are doing things for a woman that is not in your character that you would not do for anyone else, do not do it. When you are doing those things, you are trying to get that female and now you are becoming a nice guy instead of a nice person. That will make a woman manipulate you.
    When you are doing things that you would just do for a female that you would not do for the same sex if you are a straight man. That it is because you are doing it for the female most likely. Like opening the door for a female. You would do that for another person because you are a nice person. If you are in front of someone, you would hold that door back for them to grab it. That is you being a nice person. You can do that for a girl because that is what you would do for another person. 
       In 2018, my mother and my other relatives used to always badger me about why my boyfriend does not hold the doors for me or why does he always blow his car horn instead of being a real man and ring the doorbell? I am the type of female that likes to always be honest with myself and with others of what I like and what I do not like. I informed my mother that I did not have a problem with him blowing his horn. My boyfriend does not have to ring the doorbell if he does not want to. As long as he let me know he is on his way to pick me up. My mother and my older relatives are baby boomers. That is what males used to do back in the 1900s. A lot of men today, do not hold doors for women or ring the doorbell. The men either call that woman on the phone, blow his car horn, or text her to let her know that he is outside waiting on her. My mother would say that is not being a gentleman. If a man does not want to be a gentleman, he does not have too. As long as he respects me, and lets me know that he is on his way to pick me up. My boyfriend is not a gentleman, but he is a nice person. This may sound a little confusing but it is a difference. He may hold the door for me sometimes, but not all the time. He does it when he feels like it, and I do not have a problem with that. That is letting me know that he is not treating me like a queen on a pedestal that makes me his priority. I do not want a man that put me first before his purpose. Put your passions and goals first before a woman. I always put God first before man, as I mentioned in that other informative poem I wrote yesterday called "Stop Simping." That is up to a man if he wants to do those things towards a woman. Beta males impress and act desperate towards women, alpha males do not.
        When you are staring at a  female all day long, and you can not take your eyes off of her. There is a difference when you are looking back at that woman a few times, or giving her that look and you look away. The reason why you gave her that look is that she is very attractive, or she is what you have been looking for. Your eyes are fixated on that female, but it will never be for another human being because you are not a nice guy, you are just a nice person. Keep remembering that if you are doing things because of that female. That means you are trying to ease her mind that will fill up her eagle. That is what you are doing when you are doing these things. Not every female, but most. That is what you are doing when you are staring at her all day. You are giving her verification, you are validating that female with too many compliments. If you are pleasing that female, doing things for her that you would not do for another human being. That is because you are a nice guy that is trying to impress her and that makes you put your all into the relationship. You are doing it because of that female, which makes you become a nice guy. If you can not figure out what you are doing because you are a nice guy or a nice person. Take this advice, would you do this for another human being? Would you do this because you are a nice person or are you doing it because of that female? Ask yourself those questions, and if the answer is because of that girl. Then you have your answer. And of course, it is not every single time, but it is the majority of the time. A nice person would do things of the kindness of their heart as far as opening up a door for a female. That is not something I would ever say to stop opening up a door for a female. But when you are giving a female too much attention, that makes her become spoiled by all the attention you are giving her.  
        Men that are apologizing to a woman too much, need to stop because that is letting that woman know that you are weak. It is okay to say "I'm sorry" sometimes, but not all the time. Stay on top of your ground. You know when you are actually wrong and when you are actually right. Do not impress a female. The nice guy thing you are doing is why you are not getting the girls you want to have for your future. 
         Girls keep going to bad boys, and it is never going to stop because that is the society that we are living in today. If you actually did something that was disrespectful to that woman, you are supposed to play that role as a grown man and apologize. Do not apologize if you did not text that woman all day. Do not feel bad because you can not text her 247 because you have a business to handle. That is where the insecurities come in within a female, and a man as well. That is why everyone should find a purpose in what they enjoy doing or keeping yourself busy. If a person is always busy working, creating artworks, writing books, writing poetry, or doing activities with your kids every day. Doing fun things every day or making money. Doing those things will not make you feel insecure about a man or a woman.
       The men that are reading this. Do not feel bad because you are at work making money all day and not worrying about a girl. If she was a woman she would understand you are a real man and that is what you need to do as a man by handling your business and being on your purpose. 



  • ciara1 97w

    A Nice Guy Vs. a Nice Person

    I am going to explain to you all men about what girls do not like as far as a nice guy vs. A nice person.


  • thoughtsprocess 100w

    Whenever you find
    something better than
    what you are doing,
    appreciate it.
    But for that
    you have to accept
    that it is better.
    Be generous.
    You don't lose
    anything while
    complimenting others.

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    #shrihari #mahalakshmi #narayana #seeking #refuge #devotion #help #charmer #shelter #grow #niche #perfection #virtue #true #love #bestowing #feet #mind #kind #heart #deserve #generous #one #terminate #distress #discus #never #forsake #surrender #ways #cumbersome

    Seeking Refuge
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh ShriHari, I need thy help
    For thy grace surpasses
    All kinds of wealth
    I need your mercy
    My Lord, my Charmer
    For am poor and I lack
    Thy perfect Shelter.
    Oh Lord let me grow
    Under thy Feet
    No other niche,
    May my Heart seek!
    Oh perfection of each virtue
    My Lord, My Hero,
    May my love be true
    Towards only thy bestowing Feet
    Nothing shall my mind
    Neither I do seek!
    But Oh Lord am poor
    Neither humble by Heart
    Then what do I deserve
    Oh kind at Heart?
    I deserve punishments
    Of every hell
    For I am deficient
    Yet much reckless
    But Oh Generous one
    I believe in you
    That you won't forsake me,
    My Heart says so
    Hence Oh lovely one
    Wielding a discus
    Give me thy refuge
    And terminate my distress
    I trust you much
    So be it wholesome
    For Oh Vishnu, sans surrender
    Every path's cumbersome!

    *Cumbersome- slow and inefficient

    So what was I seeking till now? Yes, that's devotion! Devotion to ShriHari's and ShriVaishnavas' feet. But how may I achieve it, for one who achieves such devotion without any effort becomes the Greatest and is revered everywhere- ShriVaikunth or Earth. Therefore, when Krishna speaks of three yogas in Bhagwat Geeta as means to attain Moksha, in the end shloka 18.66 which is the Charam-Shloka in our tradition, he speaks of forsaking all ways and surrender unto him, He will take care of everything else then. Hence, from now ask nothing from him, but simply surrender! Simply HIS REFUGE! He shall deliver you! This is his promise!
    ❇Om Namo Narayanaye!

    And ShrimadGeeta 18.66, the Lord Promises:
    ❇sarva dharmān parityajya mām ekaṃ śaraṇaṃ vraja |
    ahaṃ tvā sarva-pāpebhyo mokṣayiṣyāmi mā śucaḥ || 66 ||

    66. Completely relinquishing all Dharmas, take refuge in Me alone. I will release you from all sins, grieve not.

    Pic credit: Pinterest, to the original owner.

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @garima_jackson @vandi123 @mayank_02

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    Seeking Refuge

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • poornimagowda 110w

    You Are Strong
    You Are Courageous
    You Are Capable
    You Are Generous
    You Are Deserving
    You Are Brave
    You Are Competent
    You Are Beautiful
    You Are Light
    You Are Glorious
    You Are Epitome Of All

    ©Poornima Gowda

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    Give a chance but do not fool yourself by giving a chance.