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  • eccentric_eesha_06 12w

    Moon taught me to be gentle
    even at my worst phase of life.

    © Eesha

  • the_matchstick 16w

    The Verdict

    Love was Intense to last an Eternity,
    Life was not gentle in that split second.


  • mouthpiece37 18w

    Sometimes we get annoyed with others. It can be family, friends or even strangers. It is easier to get angry and match energies but that doesn't make it right. Everyones emotions and feelings are valid but there is a proper way to let them out. Let's be kind to each other and show love.
    #Humility #Gentle #Patience

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    What it takes

    What it takes, is hard to do
    Being humble and gentle too
    In a world where kindness is taken advantaged of
    It's hard to see the world through lens of love

    Be completely patient, humble, gentle and kind
    Bare with your neighbour in love and maybe you too shall stand the test of time

    REF: Ephesians 4:2

  • deepikasarma 37w


    My tears wouldn't wait any longer.All this while,they've been yearning for that feather like touch of yours.They rush out of my eyes the second they see you,only for you to slowly trace them with those slender fingers.And the very moment you collect them into your warm palms,they disappear,penetrating deep into your honey like skin.Perhaps my tears have found a home in your skin,for none but you have treated them with such love and such tenderness.

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 43w

    Consumption of You

    I wake up, I think of you next to me. Looking into your intense set eyes.
    I can't help but to pinch myself.
    Wondering if you are real this time.
    All the times before, it was just a dream.
    You were just a dream.
    The most intense dreams, I have.
    You are in them.
    Consuming my mind.
    Our bodies intertwined
    Consumption of you,
    Oh my my
    I don't ever mind
    Or let my mind wander elsewhere
    Only thoughts of you.
    And the consumption of all of you.

    Licking your lips, rubbing your body
    Leaving every last touch on my fingers.
    I get up, kissing your sexy chest.
    Looking into your eyes,
    The sparkle alone in your eyes.
    That's what makes me so weak.
    One look in your eyes.
    Making it so hot
    Going down more my hand knows
    As my tongue follows shortly after.
    Licking you up & down.
    Consuming all of you I can.
    Oh, I taste it.
    Already, licking my lips for more.
    You have me on fire now.
    Damn, damn its so hot in here I can't hold back any more.
    I have to, sit down on you.
    Slowly, up and down.
    Slowly consuming you, all of you.
    We both feel the fire, as you grow more
    And stiffer, oh bae fill me all the way up
    You see now what I mean.
    How much I need you.
    And still need you.
    Mmmmmmmm you may have an idea
    How much I wanted you,
    To feel you.
    To consume all of you.
    I knew how damn good you would feel.
    From the moment I set eyes on you,
    I knew that the consumption of you would be like no other.
    No other man, is as gentle
    Pure loving & so easy to love.
    I could not help but to fall.
    I fell so fast.
    It just happened.
    Amazing me at the end of the day.
    I didn't mean to consume you.
    It was the gravitational pull,
    Irresistible force,
    I could not walk away from.

  • lazywriter__ 43w

    Set A: moon
    Set B: What is the color of hope?

    Aim for the sky,
    There's hope
    Colored in blue,
    Saying, "You can do it!"

    Look through a spectrum,
    There's hope
    Colored in white,
    Functioning in unity.

    Look at the moon,
    There's hope
    Colored in darkness,
    Making way for new dreams.

    Look at the brightest Sunray,
    There's hope
    Colored in yellow,
    Preaching your soul.

    Look into the mirror,
    There's hope
    Colored in magical colors,
    Within you!

    There's hope in all colors,
    There's hope in everything,
    You are a firefly,
    Carry your shine of hope along.

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    #flashes #light #sound #cosmic_drums #monsoon #palanquin #clouds #earth #gentle #gentle_tones #seedlings #mirakee #mirakee_assistant

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    There's hope in all colors,
    There's hope in everything,
    You are a firefly,
    Carry your shine of hope along.


  • we_are_not_beautiful 49w

    I want to be as dreamy as the sky turns when the ocean is about to swallow the sun whole.

    As content as when the flying creatures are drowsy and tired, making a trip back to their home with their stomach full and their mom already singing lullabies to them.

    As calm as when the zyhper of leisure hits the crumbled bones and splintering the dying passion to an awaken hue of cascade, falling with the force of atonement and mending the broken home of brutal words.

    As brave as when the night darkens and the beastly looking silhouettes pressed against walls are doing nothing but helping the helpless ones to walk back home safely.

    As carefree as when the fireflies dance without the care of reaching hands to grasp them, without the care of moon shining brighter than them.

    As enticing as when the music sinks into my skin and nourishes the dried and shrill symphony of bearings, composing soothing tunes for swirling life.

    As gentle as when a mom carries the new born, eyes shining and watery with the whole world in her arms.

    As breathtaking as when the poetries weave the torn emotions of poets into a mesmerising fabric of metaphorical landscapes.

    As ceaseless as when I make you immortal with the words I write and when I utter your name with the eternity of us following behind.

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    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    I want to be

    I want to be as old as when the half torn and wrinkled book succumbs to the beautiful agony of words with the fading stories lingering in the threshold of distinct memories.


  • uzziah 58w


    My hearts rapid beats
    Are cause by your gentle smile
    My lovely angel

    I am filled with joy
    When you greet me with your soul
    I am a statue

    When I walk by you
    The aroma you put off
    Manipulates me

    I've been watching you
    I can't take my eyes off you
    You're so beautiful

    I took your photo
    Every time you was sleeping
    Resisting to kiss

    I saw you're "boyfriend"
    We had a little Scuffle
    Our issues "resolved"

    I cut off your hair
    Just to have a piece of you
    You slept next to me

    I need to have you
    I am nothing without you
    You make me complete

    You make me complete...

    ...You know I love you
    The ties are to protect you
    From the outside world

    They won't find us here
    We can finally live life
    ...You love me don't you?

  • benamak 60w

    जीवन मेरा सरल था ,ना जाने कितनों को चुभ गया,
    बहुत लोगो ने मुझसे पूछा ,अभी तक इस ज़िन्दगी में
    क्या किया ?
    मैंने भी मुस्कुरा कर जवाब दिया - बस कभी किसी को
    पीठ पीछे से वार नहीं किया ☺️

  • beulah_nightcub 62w

    When she Dies

    Sweet death shine
    Upon my pup, dear,
    Upon my pup, and
    Kill with gentle hand
    So to bring no tear
    When she dies.


  • iloveher 69w

    The night was scary,i was frightened.
    all sort of negative thoughts were coming in my mind.
    never do this again,i worry a lot.

    i am not well but surely i will be...
    i love you and need you.
    i want you to be here.

    O God! Please listen to your child.
    Please bring her back near me,rolling her hands in my hair.
    i want to get the gentle kiss from her.
    Please Lord.

    #mirakee #feeling #love #kind #moonstar #gentle #kiss

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  • fireflynarratives 71w


    When love happens,
    It just comes like a gentle breeze,
    That even makes your bad hair days, good.

    It comes like a tranquil tide,
    That sweeps you off your feet, literally ❤️


  • pal_lavi 74w


    I always liked me,
    in the rear-view mirror,
    with you embracing me,
    with your,
    big blue eyes.

    I always liked my,
    long untied curled locks,
    with you caressing me,
    with your,
    rose plump lips.

    I always liked me,
    in the front seat,
    with you canoodling me,
    with your,
    ambrosial in the back seat.

  • mmbftd 74w

    Love (notes on my experience)

    Some reasons why I love you and will always love you ❤️

    The way you caught the snake in our backyard, bravely, with no hesitation to protect our little dogs and me. And most importantly, the kind way you drove to a vacant field to release it unharmed. Similarly, the way you trapped the mommy, daddy, and baby rat and drove into the wilderness and released them unharmed, and with some food to start their new lives together.
    The way you look at our first born doggy as if she owns you (which she does). The way you spend money we don't have on a tiny tiny parrot so she will have all the toys, houses and foods and vitamins and vet care she needs. How you lay there patient ly letting her pull and tug your beard hairs as she preens you with adoration.
    The way you help me when my body fails. Bring me ice packs or rub my head, back and neck in absolutely all the right places without me saying where.
    How you let me stay home while you work to support us. This is huge and so selfless of you. The way you stayed with my Abuelita, in her kitchen that year the family was screaming and scaring her. How you held her hand and comforted her and then on top of that, you stood up for me and got me out of harm's way. No one had ever stood up for me before. I will never forget those loving gestures.
    The way you drove me to all my doctor's appointments after I could no longer do it myself.
    How you told me everything was going to be ok, and it was.
    How you used to hold me through the night until your arm fell asleep and still you kept on holding me. How you hugged me and let me cry into your chest after my night terrors took my mind and wouldn't let go of it.
    How you accepted my brokenness, even though you had no understanding of the how's or why's.
    How you called me a rockstar each time I clumsily plunked out a 3 chord song on an out of tune guitar. How you then would faithfully tune my guitar because I refused, stubbornly, to learn. Maybe because I wanted that connection with you.
    How you dance with my son, the rescue pigeon, to the radio and coo at him so he has joy in his day. Or how you tenderly, and carefully trim his beak when it overgrows. Talking to him so he isn't scared. Or how you worked so hard to build him his two giant houses so he could still fly without the hawk taking him.
    How you used to run your warm fingers up and down my back to comfort and love me.
    How you never ever leave without saying you love me. How I never need to worry that you might abandon me. How you tell my insecure mind that you aren't going anywhere, you are here to stay.
    How you used to throw the ball for the puppy in the yard and watch her race to me and then back and forth. How you cared and loved my soulmate dog when we first started dating. How you still love him even though he is long passed. I never thought anyone else could love him as much as I did, but you did. How you lifted him up when he couldn't jump, snuggled him inside your sweatshirt when it was too cold in our rented room with no heat. How you woke early to lift him out the window so he could have his morning pee.
    The way you love the animals I love has made me love you more and more each day.
    The way you forgive me for getting angry sometimes. You forgive so easily. The way you have never screamed at me. You've never raised a hand to me, never once called me a cruel name or even cussed at me.
    You take care of me when I can't care for myself and encourage my creative ideas.
    You keep me surrounded with my animals because you know that is my happiness in this world.
    You listen to me ramble about the jumping spiders I love and look at photos I take and compliment me. Even though I'm aware they all must look the same to you.
    You are kind, gentle and loving.
    You are so strong, smart and handsome. You are a puzzle solver, thinking outside the parameters set by others.
    You are a creator.
    You are a lovely person. I wish we had more time to have adventures in nature. A hike a sunset or stars.
    You bought me a motorhome, my absolute dream. You worked so hard trying to fix it up. It's my bucket list. Without you I never would have been able to get it.
    Thank you, for being yourself. Thank you for sharing parts of you with me.
    I love and appreciate you sharing this life with me for these past 11 years. I could not have survived without your tender care. Thank you, with all the gratitude I have. I love you.
    For M.K.C.
    My partner in this world.

  • n_i_m_o_1 76w


    Being generous is our charatcher but it should not be our weakness which is used by others.

  • baba__ 76w


    When you first touched me,
    I felt the shivers within.

    I feel so complete when you hug me tight,
    I miss you when you are not in sight.

    That tender kiss which you give on my cheek,
    The gentle touch of yours makes me go weak.


  • zuivereandmadalsa 77w

    No river can fill the love of my heart,
    Which I hold for you, oh beloved!

    My love is so deep, deeper than the oceans I dare say,
    Higher than the skies of midday,
    And sweeter than nightingale’s tunes!

    Delicate it is, as it is stolen, from the beam of the spring full moon!
    Don’t break it my dear don’t shake it, to you I request!
    As I love you so much forever, and shall love you even better after death!

    By Madalsa

  • de_ife_7 81w


    Dear kind soul, be kind to yourself too
    dear sore spirit, be fare to thyself
    Perhaps it's a joke, or life prized men
    He has lost his life to society's big bad wolf!
    Remember him now that he's gone.

    ©de_ife_7 @_de_ifee{TWITTER} @_deife_xp{I.G}

  • sbmdby 82w

    Happy Diwali

    Good is everywhere,
    Someone just needs to find it,
    Someone just needs to do it,
    And someone just needs to pray for it.
    This diwali let us find good, do good and pray for good.


  • nocturnal_enigma 83w

    * Updated: 4.8.2021; 3.38 P.M (Malaysia)
    I get back my deactivated/deleted account, just now!

    Killer-Mermaid ~

    Don't you try to...
    understand me;
    You'll be drown...
    in the vast ocean...
    of my deep soul.

    Unless, you know...
    how to swim �� through;
    By going along the flow;
    Instead of goes against...
    the currents of wild waves.

    If you want to ride;
    Surfing �� just for fun,
    beware of the sudden...
    rise of emotions, when...
    you play with my heart. ��

    Then, my hideous hidden-side...
    is shown; Killer-mermaid; Run...��
    for your dear life; You only see... ��
    me as a boring creature; 'No fun' ��
    Like schools of fishes ���� in the sea.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma



    #deep #ocean #drown

    * When a #gentle mermaid turn into a killer-mermaid, a #sweet #fantasy becomes ones worst #nightmare

    * As my zodiac is #Pisces ♓, I've read that Pisces is known as a #Mermaid . So, I thought, what if Pisceans get #mad & become like #killer - #mermaids ?

    * 13.10.2020; 7.51 P.M

    * 567th post �� at #Mirakee @mirakee
    (It's been 2 years + 9 days since I joined Mirakee.
    The date was: 4th October 2018)

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    Killer-mermaid ~

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    * Photo Credit:
    To it's righful owner