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  • puneetkumarpk 7w

    तू ही है

    हर शुभ हर शाम
    हर दिन हर पल
    हर बार बस तेरा ही
    बस तू ही हर जागा
    हर घड़ी दिखाई देती हैं
    तेरा बाते तेरी याद
    हमे हर पल ऐसे
    घेरा लिया करती हैं
    तेरा ये उदास होना
    तेरा यू मुझ से दूर होना
    ऐसे चुप चुप कर रोना
    तेरी हर मुश्किल हमे
    भी महसूस होती हैं
    कहने को दो जिस्म है
    पर जान एक है
    ये खुद को दोषी मानना
    हालातो के आगे ऐसे
    हर मानना खुद को
    ऐसे हर रोज तडफना
    क्या यही साथ होता है
    हर मुश्किल में साथ
    देना यहीं समय तो
    बताता है तुझ से दूर होकर
    भी महसूस करना हमें हिमत
    देता है तेरा खुद को
    वापिस पाना यही तो
    हमें जिंदगी देगा
    तू इतनी खास है
    तुम हर मुश्किल आसान
    कर सकते हैं और
    हर उस ख़वाब को
    वापिस पा सकता हैं।


  • _yuku_08 12w


    When you truly opt for something you will surely get it. You just need to be dedicated to your work and be true to yourself.

  • holybible 15w

    Matthew 19:4-6

    And he answered and said unto them,
    Have ye not read,
    that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,
    And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife:
    and they twain shall be one flesh?
    Wherefore they are no more twain,
    but one flesh.
    What therefore God hath joined together,
    let not man put asunder.

    © HolyBible

  • raman_writes 18w


    ख़ुश रखना आसान था उसे वो बस मोहब्बत चाहता था ।

    तो तय किया गया मोहब्बत के अलावा हर चीज़ मिलेगी ।।


  • poet_holuwatoseen 24w

    # SANKOFA # Africa # Culture #Nostalgia #Get the past back #read, like, comment and repost

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    SANKOFA; The wailings of the drum

    Here comes the prosody of the night
    of complex and sonorous meanings
    It is time to embrace the beginnings
    sunken in the bosom of our mothers
    pregnant with remedies to mend the broken ladders
    Only in unison can we raise our voice to fight.

    Here comes the awakening of the gong
    clamouring for healing with a revival song
    whose echo rumbles in the hearts of the forest
    shrieking and wailing in the labriynth of unrest

    Our elephants has their teeths on the sour fruits
    Are we to pay for the pains as the root?
    The foundation is an obsolete destruction
    How do we embark on its subtle reformation
    Do the pillars remain unscathed or driven back to the roots?

    Here comes the beckoning call from the past
    Have we soon forgotten our roots?
    Deep into the soil with a nourishing cast
    Not even the mystic ways of the white can soothe
    Why then do we find solace in the piano's hoot.

    Here comes the lament of the drums
    Woe to the moderators of the culture
    who paved way to the alteration of the hums
    who gave claws to the vociferous vulture
    what ears shall listen to our wailing tongues?
    what prophecy do we speak to our future?
    Who shall tarry when danger comes?


  • sobiya_amin 25w


    Zindagi Ka Hrr Din Akhri Smj K Guzaro!

    Zindagi ki raftar bdhti ja rhi h
    Dur ka Sonchna rok dou
    Gunahu ki TOBA aj hi Kro
    Wqt abi bht h ye khyal nikalo
    Kya pta kb kisai apki Janai ki khabr ayai
    Kya pta kb logu ko apki uss azan ki namaz ada krnai ka wqt ayai
    Kya pta kb sfaeed chadar mai litai dai ap kai bdan ko!
    Moet toh ani hi hai kisi din ayegi ye lmba sfar na jano tum
    Roz Tumhare ghr pai dstak daiti h
    Kisi bhanai ki tlash mai h wo
    Kya pta kb khali hath naa jaye
    Loot aww sahi rah pai khi dair na hojaye
    Mokai dubara na dega wo jb ankhai anderai kmrai Mai khulai gi
    Ae gumrah log! Chod doh kafiru ki dunia
    Wqt nikal ta ja rha h ye jan loo
    Sajdai mai roho kya pta konsa sjda akhri ho
    Lmba sfar na jano, tum ye glti naa krna

    Zindagi Ka Hrr Din Akhri Smj K Guzaro!

  • slaughtered_heart 26w

    Why me ? I ask you again..

    Was it because I was easier to get ?
    Or because I was easier to let go ?.


  • chiku_642 29w

    #true friend never betray..����
    Life has many surprises for u just stay patient and u will experience d best side of life...
    There 's a Paradise that couldn't capture ��
    #U R MY UNIVERSE ������
    Kehete hain khuda ne is jahan mai sabhikeliye kisi na kisiko hai banaya harkisikeliye.. ������
    #BTS ARMY ����������

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    True beauty
    Episode 14

    Tae then jin said rose is only made for u but before that first u must get well and come back to ur home.
    (After 3-4 days)
    Jin and jimin got tae home and jin said rose to take care of him and he went to his hostel dorm and as he was living alone in one room he threw everything and sat started to cry very hardly then namjoon herd his crying voice and came inside his room and said jin what happened why r u crying then he said hyung i lost my life my soul again after so many years rose was atlast was going to be mine forever but look at my destiny i don't have her in my destiny and it would be good if i die but then i thought if rose will know this all things she will never be able to stay happy with tae then i cancelled my plan....
    {Time skips}
    After around 2 months now tae and rose r married and happy in their life and now jin has also moved on and he is getting married to lisa, jennie and jimin r also married. All d BTS members have came go attend jin's wedding and Jennie and rose also came as lisa was their best friend they all reach in d venue all d members were wearing black suite and brooch given by rose on their 9th anniversary they all were looking really handsome and Jennie and rose were also looking very good they came in and sat all d members went to jin and congratulated him and atlast they got married and jin promised that he will always keep lisa happy and never let her cry.....
    {This was d happy ending of this "love triangle"}…........

  • shk_huzaifa 32w


    I am very much happy!
    Mine life showers with the royal happiness as I have maintained my patience... Yes! Patience works... It takes time... It makes you emotional sometimes... It breaks you from inside but patience works... The more you be patient.. The more good you get... Wait and be patient... See what happens after having a patience.....

  • shk_huzaifa 34w

    Zamanai ki aag mai na jal tay raho tum
    K zamanai ki aag mai na jal tay raho tum
    Jal tay raho gay toh aur jalaya javo gay tum.....
    #jealous #burn #in #fire #of #generation #the #more #you #feel #show #jealousy #most #get #fired #people #with #success #life #World #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • raman_writes 40w


    मेरा दिल नहीं चाहता किसी को मोहब्बत नागवार हो ।

    हम चाहते है जो जिसको चाहता है उसे वो मिल जाये ।।


  • jasiri 43w

    # dreams#get up and go

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    Get up

    Getting up has the power to really push you towards your destiny

  • anuradhasharma 47w

    हर रोज़ ,

    थोड़ा जीतें हैं , थोड़ा मरते हैं ।

    इक रोज़ ,

    अमर हो जायेंगे ।


  • isid57 49w

    ... Be Worthy ...

    If you can't inhale the darkness down in your heart...
    Then... You are not worthy to wander in the wake of a bright day!

    © Siddhesh Sawant

  • anubhavjha 50w


    Ego Won't Help You Grow,
    All You Will Get Woe.


  • slaughtered_heart 56w

    There's always a greater
    energy that decides what
    we get no matter how
    much energy we spend
    on working to get what
    we want or need.


  • deepika_j 57w

    #get off the ground - begin, start, initiate .
    #reciprocating - exchange , trade off , return.
    #15th April 2021

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    So let's get off the ground not to do things just for reciprocating.

    Be the giver not always a taker or in mutual relationship of give and take.

    Kindness above everything.

    Do you guys agree?


  • maitreyisawant 57w

    #short mysteries #love ur life #get me through breathe-@@- a sweet gesture for all those who have lost somewhere-@@- you will find ur ways-@@-because your epiphanies are setting your shares ☀️��

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    My heart skipped a beat,
    My amorous fond made me slip briskly into an intimacy-- from which I would never recover free.

    I knew I was wrong, I knew it was me,
    My world of stardust shooked under my feet
    Little do I know i was loosing my breathe.

    Suddenly, my life was ever wandering- everyday was a fairytale, everyday was bail.
    Every moment was on flair, little do I know my epiphanies were setting my shares :-)

  • w3ston 66w

    "Life in the game is not a place to play games"

    What it is,
    is what it is.
    And it's gonna be what it's gonna be.

    (Rough draft, right off the top of the dome)

    I have three questions to ask the reader.
    If you answer yes to one of them. Then you have experienced life in a similar way as we have. But for the purpose of those who have not been through the "most" I have to add examples of real life situations. The feelings during and the outcome.
    Also I know that the "most" in my life maybe not the same as others, and don't deny that the "most" could be opposite situations but the same lessons learned and the same pain felt. With that said.

    1.would you help a person who needs it even if they stole lied or hurt you?
    2.have you slept outside or had nobody in your phone contacts to call
    3.have you been spiritual awakened or experienced things that people call you crazy for speaking about?

    This GAME is a serious thing to be involved in. 9/10 people are gonna get the worst outcome. Death. Prison. Waisted time. Kids become users and thugs. Cheating. The
    Look of you changes. Money gone. Respect gone. If you are in the game and still wet behind the ears... My only advice is this.
    Learn chess and apply "those principles to all aspects of the game. The rest is understood and does not need to be said". And then everyone assumes there positions and awaits there outcomes. If that's the choice you want to make and the chance you are willing to take. Respect. I don't knock it. As long as you get the most from it. And I'm not meaning money or jewelery or women or clout . I mean the wisdom from the knowledge you get from the life lessons and experiences. And don't become a Savage in the mix of savages. The worst of the worst. As dark as you can get. From loosing weight maybe your biggest problems all the way down to covering up murders. To demonic entities coming physical and angry. To snow to heat and total absence of God....

    I'll finish this "rant" and "lesson" and my life's experience if there is any interest. In this one.. no point to blab about personal life when it's not relivent to the life's around me. I'm used to being alone. If u want my storey share and like and when it touches 50. I'll go into depth and truth about the reality that is shared among us all. Only from my perspective. If you choose to recognize you will see. If you choose to ignore and leave that door shut then I guess your ignorance is your bliss. Much love and respect to my friend out there

  • lifelessons14 67w


    Hope you accept the fact,
    Instead of arguing,
    Like you always do...
    Like you say that
    I didn't get your taste....
    Like you change
    Today as tomorrow
    Every other day...
    Life is
    To accept and move on ...