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  • ct_and_skylines 7h

    In my body, I will find Home.
    #books #author #hope #mirror #wod @miraquill #gratitude for the #gift of writing.

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    Looking For Home

    In the mirror I am floating, floating along. A million pieces dissipate into thin air, but the flaws stare back at me, I cannot hide from the mirror.
    They pause in time I cannot run and this partial person can find ways to soothe but I hope these pieces will come back. Other people are whole masterpieces in my eyes and I see a discombobulated figment in my imagination, in the mirror. Always floating, floating yearning to come home, not to be an empty house; to be whole and warm.

    My own home inside.
    Wherever I go I am always home.

    -Christian Taylor

  • yamini123 22h


    Sex is complimentary gift of Marriage


  • bismaaaanis 1d

    Idk I wanted to write!
    Completely random
    #gift #blessed
    We all are gifted
    aren't we all? some with sols to fight the demons some without sol to search for the light they need ...some with faith to live a life some with existence with a hope they can live...some with the agony some with the power of breaking a heart.. some who can heal others some who never yearned to be healed... some to resist the pain some to test the sufferance limit of others. some to be kind some to use that kindness..... And the list never ends we all are gifted! ✨��
    Sol= sun
    i @miraquill @writersnetwork thank you for liking
    @mirakeeworld @writerstolli

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    We All Are Gifted

    unearth the gift, uncover the gift,
    if drift weakens you, go against the drift
    the twinkle of faith, Keep it safe in your fist
    strengthen it nurture it, it'll be your gift
    it'll unfold like fire, bright and Swift
    liberating paths, grief will be lift
    unearth the gift, uncover the gift

  • laconic_words 1w

    No jewels needed

    Bring me shells,
    If you visit ocean,
    Pine cones,
    If you visit hills,
    If you visit river,
    A twig,
    If you visit snow,
    A clover, a leaf, a petal, a flower,
    If you visit the woods,

    Bring me the assurance,
    That you missed me,
    That you thought of me,
    When we weren't together,
    We were together in your thoughts.

  • senaashita 1w

    Is your love still a gift from God if it's poison disguised as a blessing


  • mithirocky 1w

    God gives us gifts so that we can personified the gift in others.


  • pulkit_miglani 2w

    For the love of life. Even if it's all a mirage.
    #life #gift #precious #PulkitWrites #Miraquill #destiny #happyending #hope

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    A Gift?

    It doesn't end this way.
    The start of something beautiful,
    But the very end of it.
    For there's more in the safe.
    For there's a destiny,
    With a happy ending.
    Not bad,
    As what it feels inside.
    For there's a story.
    A story meant to be explored,
    A story meant to be lived.
    Lived through with all its phases,
    The good, the bad,
    The beautiful, and the ugly.
    For there's a supreme power,
    Seeing you sailing through life.
    Blessing you with life.
    A gift of life!
    A gift meant to be unwrapped
    And not abandoned.
    For what if it contains something,
    It can't end this way.
    It doesn't end this way.
    Even if it's all a mirage,
    Dear heart,
    Let's just believe it for once.

    - Pulkit Miglani

  • meraquill 2w


    Colourfully wrapped lies
    And casually placed
    Fake concerns.
    A healing talisman that
    Burnt more than it healed.
    It's the most unique gift
    That you could give.

  • puneetkumarpk 2w

    जब भी ये बूंदे बरसती हैं तो आंखो में कहीं खुशी और गाम दरसते हैं कभी कभी आंखें भी बरसती हैं तो कभी देखने को तरसती है कभी खुशी बरसती हैं और सब मे नया उत्साह दिखता है कहीं लोगों में वर्षा में शकुन तो कहीं डर दिखाई देता है किसी के लिए तोफा तो किसी को खतरा देखाई देता है कभी कभी तो बरसात क्यू नहीं होती ये सुनाई देता हैं तो कभी कब रुक जाए बस ये सुनाई देता है हर एक बूंद में एक नया रंग दिखाई देता है


  • roel_gonz 4w

    The only gift
    I want this Christmas
    is your present

  • uberyuvraj 5w

    The gift

    A box of chocolates
    or a jar of candy
    A single stranded standing Rose
    Or a garland of flowers
    Some mystery box wrapped up
    In colourful papers and satin strings
    Or a pompous show of things that delight
    The most beautiful dress, a princess could have
    Or a shiny armour that suits her strength.

    What could be the best gift,
    That Yuvraj should give.
    He mulled over, for days and nights.
    As months passed and years leapt.
    He wanted it to be ....he don't know what.
    But, that what would be..
    If he could put to words..
    Be ALWAYS....

    Maybe a shiny jewel to wear, he thought, the one that stays for life and beyond.
    Or a trip to the Northern lights- a memory that lasts for the last days.
    Or Maybe a telephoto to watch those full moon nights- when he could say,
    The Moon looks beautiful tonight, Isn't it?.

    Could it be the best gift,
    That Yuvraj should give.
    Or maybe Not.
    As none of them, would be,
    If he could put to words...
    Be Always.
    As the jewels lose their shine
    And the memory fades away in time.
    And Who can say, how long the moon will look divine.

    When that day arrived,
    The day that promises of gifts and everything's fine.
    Yuvraj had, but nothing in mind.
    One that could withstand the Time.
    With empty hands and sorrow heart,
    He went up to meet her.
    Though only few years passed,
    It felt like millennia apart.
    Her first glance,
    And in that moment ...
    Words came, without a thought.
    He leaned towards,
    And Whispered in her ears...
    For all i can say,
    He gave her the best gift he can,
    One that will be forever.

    A promise.. for Always.

    What was the promise, if anyone asked??
    It's a secret...they never spoke.

  • madmans_diary 5w

    Anything wrapped up with love

    is always a gift

  • holybible 6w

    Isaiah 41:1

    Listen to me in silence, O coastlands; let the peoples renew their strength; let them approach, then let them speak; let us together draw near for judgment.
    © HolyBible

  • smartsam 6w

    Cover & Wrap!

    Feelings are wrapped
    in leafs of eyesight!
    Expressions held soft
    in smile wide bright!

    Words tied up
    in unique manner!
    Gift be it any
    sweets,diary or
    for beloved a planner!

    Untold hopes binded
    many in palm hold!
    Hug tight without words
    expression of 2 worlds!

    Box is covered in
    happiness & love!
    Gift wrapped in real
    is but heart & all love!


  • _mizhi 11w


    മറ്റൊരാൾക്ക്‌ നിനക്ക് ചെയ്യാനാവുന്ന ഏറ്റവും വലിയ സഹായം എന്ത് എന്നതിന് എന്റെ പക്കലുള്ള ഉത്തരം;"നിന്റെ സമയം" എന്നതാണ്.
    Spare some time. Many hearts will open before you...

  • charcoalink 11w

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  • puneetkumarpk 12w


    हमे ये उपहार दे दो
    करने के लिए प्यार दे दो
    जीने के लिए साथ दे दो
    ये हसीन मुस्कान दे दो
    हर मुस्किल का सवाल दे दो
    हमे जिंदगी भर का साथ दे दो
    अभी के लिए एक दिन उधार दे दो


  • beensn 16w

    When you don't find time to chat,
    How will you make it to meet?
    Morning msgs are seen at night,
    And reply once in a fortnight.
    Where are those flooding post?
    Before my response, you used to react.
    I try my level best once I commit,
    If not, I get hurt.
    Your friendship is such a precious gift,
    Let me preserve it at any cost.

  • paodon 16w

    Never one to remember someone's birthday.

    @Reluigum @sarah_bkv

    #birthdays #gift

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    Not together in numerous pieces of remembrance
    Where we can scroll and reminisce.
    Nay wise man scorns a keepsake given with affection.
    But dear, pictures, I never needed more.
    True chum, treasuring our memories to eternity,
    Wouldn't it be the fairest gift?


  • anuradhasharma 46w

    Receiving presents from your beloved is best feeling, so on this I penned it .
    #relationship #yqquotes #yqlove #yqdidi #yqtales #yqurdu #yqbaba ©anuradhasharma

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    मेहबूब मेरे, मुझे निशानी ला दे।
    इक नगीना, मुझे तोहफा ला दे।
    सारे अरमां, नगीने में कैद ला दे।
    मेरी सारी खुशियां, तराश ला दे।
    हमारे रिश्ते जैसी,चमक नगीना ला दे।
    कीमत न बदले, ऐसा नायाब ला दे।
    कुछ नहीं,बस इक निशानी ला दे।