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  • sujmamchat 4d


    Winter has come, feel the nip in the air
    Woollens and jerseys we all do wear
    Tucking ourselves beneath the blankets
    Walking with woollen socks on the carpets.

    The wind is rather chilly and cold
    Wind cheaters on our body we hold
    Sweaters & coats that we hug close
    Spread the warmth from toes to nose.

    The green grass is laden with fresh dew
    The day that is filled with a whitish hue
    The snow that caps the heads of the trees
    The cool and chilly is the blowing breeze.

    Icy is the gurgling bubbling brook
    Staying indoors and reading a book
    Get yourself drenched with the sunshine
    Warm yourself with a glass of wine.

    The fireplace shimmers with embers old
    Lit up with fire on day that is cold
    Drink a cup of hot coffee or tea
    Burn your lips and remember me.

    Soon you will be as warm as toast
    Welcome visitors when you are the host
    Have wonderful party with a bonfire night
    Have cakes and sweets and share a bite.

    Christmas will be knocking on the door
    Gifts and surprises and dances on the floor
    New Year's just round the corner as well
    Excitement in the household do dwell.

    Sing the Carols and Santa is here
    Christ is close by, no need to fear
    Shining stars twinkle in the dark sky
    The three Kings bless the babe as they come by.

    Soon we wave a good bye and sing
    Winter shall change into a colorful spring
    Till then let's huddle up together to read
    Poems and stories written for a kid.

    @Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

  • mmbftd 14w


    I find joy
    In a ball of feathers
    Grass green, corn yellow
    Pumpkin orange, blueberry blue, twilight purple and pearl white.
    A colorful conglomerate of
    Fluff, arranged in miraculous order, laying just right, one feather overlapping the other and so on.
    And this all works...as she takes flight and speeds above my head in a zip and flash.
    She nestles into my cheeks at night, as she has done for all her life. 2 years now, she has showered me with a love and affection I have never known before. She gives me motivation to rise each morning; chopping vegetables and fruits, tending sprouts for her to enjoy.
    She is so delicate and tiny. This creature with a huge soul. Compassionate when I need it, and knowing me when my emotions shift. She nestles closer, kisses my nose, with her curving pearly beak. She knows how to tear flesh with it, but never on purpose. She skims my eyebrow, preening me, moves into the hollow of my eye and with such discernment, gently preens my eyelashes. And there is a trust never spoken. We have no language but feelings. And that way we understand. She knows I would never harm her. I know she won't hurt me. She learned to say "I love you" first. A gravely tone only other Conure bird owners learn to recognize. She learned it first and says it often, knowing context and not just mimicking. She learned it first because I say it more than anything else. A pure expression I cannot contain. I could write more, but she is waking up, and I must not fail her. I sing her a morning song as I open her home up, parting her night curtains to let her get used to the daylight. Bring her to the window, examine our day, pointing out things like a blue sky, yellow sun, real clouds, wind and the tiny birds outside. She fluffs up shaking slumber off. She gets excited for the yellow bell pepper seeds i let her pick out from a halved one. Her tiny head getting lost in the pepper, as little growls of joy escape her.
    She is my joy. My absolute bliss. I love my little JelliBean.
    Let us start each day together, forevermore.

  • navya_writes 20w

    Seasonings of Life

    Love, happiness, sorrows, pain, wounds, anger, forgiveness, sympathy, empathy, acceptance, honesty, loyalty, trust, patience, courage, and faith are the seasonings we are gifted.
    Why not choose the best seasoning to make life a marvellous one?


  • khan_tanzeela 23w



    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now. I also put away the gifts in a cardboard box, along with the greeting cards and letters.
    I don't know why I am still keeping them? All I know is I couldn't muster the courage to destroy them. I cannot repudiate the connection I feel with them. It feels like I am locking them, like I locked my feelings for you. And waiting for them to disappear oneday, like I wish for my feelings too.
    I may sound effusively sentimental, but I don't have heart to exterminate them. So, I left them there locked and out of sight.

  • nuances_in_life 23w

    From birth till today ;
    while raising or falling
    there's one hand holding
    us through everything .

  • sheikh_huzaifa 24w


  • i_am_a_poetess 28w

    Not everything is about expensive gifts.... sometime "Quality time" do matters.

  • ritz__ 29w

    Lots of surprise, gifts, unexpected wishes on your day

    Not a single thing

    We understand our importance in everyone's life

  • cassiopeia_sky 29w

    @ writersnetwork

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    When so much has been given to you...there is no time to ponder over what was once denied...


  • abrahamshan 29w


    जिनके कदमों में बसती हैं जन्नत....
    जिनका साया करे मेरी हिफाज़त....
    जिनके दुआओं का अहम हिस्सा हूँ मैं...
    माँ मेरी सौं जिंदगियाँ तुझपे कुर्बान हैं...

    मेरी जरूरत सर- आँखों पर...
    तेरी जरूरत कुछ भी नहीं...
    मेरी शिकायत हर दम रही ...
    माँ तूने कभी शिकायत न किया
    माँ तेरा शुक्रिया ...माँ तेरा शुक्रिया

    मुझे जनम दिया पाला पोसा...
    अपना खाना भी मुझे परोसा
    कैसे भूलूँ उन रातों को...जब जब तुझे सोने न दिया
    दर्द में देख के कितना रोई...
    इक आँसू मुझे रोने न दिया

    मेरी आँखों में काजल...माथे पे काला टीका
    मुझे नजर से बचाने का हर वो तरीका
    माँ तूने सब किया
    माँ तेरा शुक्रिया ...माँ तेरा शुक्रिया
    बचपन से माँ तूने हर मोड़ पे साथ दिया
    कुछ सिरफिरे किताबों को कहते हैं...
    मेरी माँ से अच्छा कोई मेरा दोस्त ही न हुआ
    तेरा फोन काटा...तुझपे चिल्लाया...
    तेरी बातों पे मैंने मुँह भी बनाया...
    तुझे कोई गिला नहीं कोई शिकवा नहीं
    तूने हँस के टाला ...ने माफ़ कर दिया
    माँ तेरा शुक्रिया...माँ तेरा शुक्रिया

    अगर इज़ाज़त हो तुझे सज्दा करूँ...तेरी पूजा करू
    तेरी ख्वाहिशों को इंशाल्लाह पूरा करूँ
    कभी दुःखों के साये...दर्द के बादल आने न दूं
    तेरी आँचल में सुकून से सो जाऊँ कही जानें न दू
    खुदा करें हर दफा ख़ुशी का जरिया बनूँ तेरी
    हर बला और परेशानी से हफाजत करे खुदा तेरी
    मैं सौं जनम में भी नहीं कर सकता माँ तेरा हक़ अदा
    माँ तेरा शुक्रिया ...माँ तेरा शुक्रिया

  • anumit_13 29w

    Mother's day

    Mother's Day comes once a year. Some think that if they buy their mother flowers and a card that they have fulfilled their obligation for the rest of the year. If we would only comprehended a small part of what our mothers did for us as children. How they would literally die for us if needed. We would realize that one day is not sufficient. Mother's Day should be a time to remind us that we have been neglecting our duties as sons and daughters. This relationship is sacred let us honor our mothers.

  • hansika_bansal 31w

    A gift of love

    I asked one day, what's the most beautiful way?
    To make them feel that you care, to say that your life is their's
    To tell that they are your hope at times of despair
    And they are the ones, you would never share!
    That they are the source of your pleasure
    That you want them everytime, not only is leisure!
    To emphasize that for them, you're always there
    and without them, you stand nowhere!
    That your feelings are unconditional and pure like nothing else,
    and to let them know that in your heart, they dwell.
    The only answer was to give the gift of love,
    a gift of happiness, and togetherness when time is tough.
    To hold hands and never leave,
    time and distance; will jointly defeat !

  • kelvinchippu98 33w


    Gift Wished for
    Gift Longing for
    Gift of Love
    And Peace
    Friendship and
    Thanks for this Gift
    Of Fortunes and Wonders
    Exchange of Feelings
    In it
    Gift of Hope
    Love you
    Happy for
    This Gift

  • saikiran52 33w

    One who expects or One who want to show their gratitude, love express inform of presents now a days. but by this gifts or presents or whatever ur thinking, may not be able show ur feelings regarding a person untill you express in your words. it may be 2 or 3 words but it could create an impact in a bonding. the objects or gifts can be replaceable or lost after some time. but memories are best gifts which are irreplaceable and lives with us. U can feel or sense the difference of physical gifts and mental gifts...it's to you which

  • light_ofthe_heart 33w

    Gift Of A Daughter

    What feels better than this?
    I don't think there might be any
    No words can give meaning to what I feel
    Neither a mind that would understand how I feel
    Even my heart won't do justice to my emotions
    My eyes can't portray what exactly I concealed
    My lips might just play the tune it comes in contact with
    This genuine smile is all I have to hold

    My body tired from the reeks of labour
    Legs feeling numb from what seemed like paralysis
    Abdomen pseudo suffocated from a dreamlike reality
    Chest still beating at the thought of what I went through
    The pain still fresh in my memory
    Of what it felt like to know pain in two forms at a time
    This pain right now is full of happiness
    From the sight of my miniature self
    Happiness in my pain I am glad I endured
    This i tell you is what real joy is
    The gift of been blessed with a daughter

  • insidesarahsmind 33w

    Gift me your heart
    And I'll gift you mine
    An exchange of art
    So we'll never be apart

  • patiencemagara 33w

    Gift me with poetry

    Gift me with a blank beauty.
    Gift me with those books people hate reading.
    Gift me with stories people
    Find boring and too long a read
    Let me jump in anticipation
    What the little box
    Let me fall in love with
    The old pages of an 1800BC handbook.
    Gift me with the only thing
    that makes my heart skip a beat.
    I don't mean to ruin the surprise, but if you may ,
    Please,gift me with poetry.


  • iam_ssk 33w


    She visits library as her daily routine. She says she finds solace in books and it's characters. Exchange of books is what she does every other day.

    She finally got her hand on the book that she always wanted to read. She did a happy dance on her way back home with the book tightly grasped to her chest.

    To eager to read the book she threw away all the stuff and laid face-first on bed, legs dangling at the edge. She flipped open the book and started picturing herself as the protagonist. So engrossed in the book that she didn't realise reaching to the end of the book untill she came across a dried white rose with neatly folded yellow clip.

    She picked up the rose and the piece of paper and kept the book aside. She scrutinized the rose, and flipped open the piece of paper. It read -
    "To The Beautiful And Pure Soul Reading This."

    The words were nowhere special. But she felt a gust of emotions rushed in her, making her go numb and overwhelming at the same time.

    The book was long forgotten. She found herself caressing the dried white rose as if it was a new born baby's skin. Soft. Tender. Fragile. And more over beautifully delicate.
    She didn't understand whether to consider it as a destined gift or a random offering. She never tried to find to whom it belong.Now she finds herself gazing at the rose and letter for hours. Finding that solace in them that she finds in reading books.

    The rose and the piece of paper has surely made a permanent home in her diary.

    @writersnetwork Thank You For The ❤️

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  • cardelljhardy 33w

    The Blood

    The blood is a gift from the cross
    It poured out red and washed my sin white.
    And while I began to toss and turn.
    It was an exchanged gift I didn't earn.
    A gift that needs no bow or ribbon.
    It was an important part of our salvation

  • absynth 33w


    Hello baby!
    I brought you a gift
    And you know already
    The reason behind it
    For we feel a bit bumpy
    In this relationship
    And buying a gift is easy
    Than dealing with the emotional deficit.

    For the honeymoon phase
    Now hides its blind face
    Somewhere inside the sands of time,
    All clumsy on its two ostrich feet
    But still a great sprinter
    Dashing towards the finishing line.

    Those birthdays we don't celebrate anymore
    Are now just normal dates in the calendar
    With no frostings, no sugar
    And are replaced with such ease
    By the hand picked love
    In all its bland organic flavors.

    But we are now so used to daily rituals
    And a gift of fate is one of them,
    The content inside no longer matters
    As compared to the joy
    Of tearing the cardboard to shreds.

    The glittery wrapper is just a pretext
    To see a sparkle in your eyes,
    The bubble wraps we can pop together
    Between our fingers of ice.

    Don't hold them back
    Those scissor sharp words
    And snip the ribbon of silence now.
    Let all the boxed cliches
    Fly out of the window
    Leaving behind a present
    With just the two of us.