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  • sleepingsoul 10w


    The wind was traveling randomly without any mission to conquer,
    The swirls we're moving here and there echoing in the ears of the world,
    Suddenly it found one aim of destroying the planet,
    Converting it's whirls into gigantic waves,
    The deadly combination with the sea restricted mankind to survival and engulfed the whole with it's surges

  • sanyukta 74w

    The easiest way to knowing the universe probably lies in watching the plant unfold it's leaves from a sapling to gigantic tree ! ✨❤️


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  • tiethethought 112w

    Lost in the woods
    Long, dark, serene trees
    Surround me all over.
    The sweet chirping
    Blue headed red beaked birds
    Flocking together
    Leave room for nothing
    But amazement.
    The chubby little
    Gullible pandas
    Swirling their way
    Right through the bamboos
    Leave one in awe.
    The splashing of
    The water puddles
    Made by the calfs
    Following their preachers
    Towards a new world
    Makes me think
    How hard it would be
    For the little ones
    Yet they fearlessly
    Carve their way out.
    Walking by the old
    Gigantic trees
    One ought to feel
    The pain they go through
    When the reddish-brown leaves
    Leave them
    With the promise of
    Never returning
    To the roots
    Which gave them
    The chance to grow
    To shine
    And to make them proud
    Yet here is the tree
    Stands strong till now
    Giving shade to
    All the creatures
    But missing the leaves
    Which were once
    Close to it's soul.

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    Lost in the woods


  • harinni_dhana 149w


    Taking a gigantic leap she fell
    into his arms, exactly what the
    photographer was looking for!
    The craziness really makes a
    candid picture all the more


  • wannabeomniscient 181w


    Sometimes I wonder that the so-called “observable universe” is nothing but one of the electrons of a Super, Hyper, Ultra heavy element(let's call it Universium).
    If that is the case I would love to travel to one of the protons of the element.

  • deepwrites1 201w


    I Look like a cute toy,
    But have the sheer power to destroy.
    Society judges me dramatically,
    Some condemn me virtually.
    Apart from the jibes,
    I am tenacious of my positive vibes.
    BEING A GIRL , i am deprived of reliance,
    Impatient wolves invite me to their alliance.
    I am the wittiest in the dynasty,
    Where is my fault if your eyes are nasty?
    A distinction of flaws,
    Attitude that can open the jaws.
    A doll who has sworn to be a leader,
    A bossy gratitude like JACK REACHER.

  • delet3d 220w

    One Gigantic Intimacy Note

    We have a love story beyond what any human could write. Yet I always try my best. Only to ever so slightly skim the galaxies of our ever lasting love. No words could truly give the justice of explaining what we are and have. It's beyond everything I have seen or felt. Putting all sights and experiences to shame is how breath taking we are. Us the epitome of people who should be together. A love story that could make Romeo and Juliet weep. I could see Cinderella adoring over us, you fit me like a glass slipper. We are every love story combined in to one gigantic intimacy note. Both of us always bursting at the seems with love for one another. Caring not at all about the rest of the world. He is my world and I am his. What we have is beyond what I hoped, prayed, and asked for. I constantly thank God for a love I can't help but adore. Other's try to sail across our sea of love. Only to be lost with their wreckage and no remains to try finding.
    We put them to shame you and I. As if right out of a fairytale so they aspire to find a love like ours. But true love and magical romance tales cannot be duplicated.
    Forever will others try only to read our story over and over again, attempting to hunt down where our magic was found. The magic is in us created by our bond. This enchantment too rare of a bliss. They need to write their own story or they will die blind. But we forget more about that nonsense with every kiss. I cherish what we have and absolutely appreciate us. Forever am I his. As forever he is only mine.

  • mrunaalgawhande 223w

    THAT GIRL | Flash Fiction Tales #3
    #gigantic #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod

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    at those gigantic
    buildings standing
    alone staring at me;
    I realised:
    "how being alone is