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    I am a nervous wreck to say the least
    Now that the day to meet you has come along
    I’ve tried while failing miserably to quieten
    My racing thoughts by singing a song

    Three months of having known you could’ve
    Never prepared me for what has to come
    This clandestine meeting is simply waiting
    For me to become unmade and undone

    Moist palms and rapid breaths while feeling
    The sweat drip down my back like tears
    I realise I am dealing with an anxiety attack
    Giving way to all my fears

    Much to my horror all I can think of is nothing
    I’m as blank and white as a sheet
    Little did I know I would turn into a bundle
    Of desperation just when we were about to meet

    With shallow breaths that refuse to deepen
    And ease the illness I feel inside
    My mind wants me to pick up the pace
    And find a comfortable place to hide

    I’m usually mentally strong and composed
    Calm and patient most of the time
    With you I feel I’m waiting for you to
    Give me of approval a positive sign

    Your comforting voice and compassionate manner
    Do nothing for my racing heart at all
    I feel weird and spaced out ,
    Dizzy as though I may at any time fall

    As you sit beside me and start talking
    Take my hands into your warm palms
    My pounding heart finally slows down
    I’m left with no anxiety laden qualms

    I’m able to focus finally on what you’re saying
    You’re saying you wish we’d met sooner
    I shyly smile I for I know now I needn’t worry
    Anymore about ever being a loner


    11th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture credited to its rightful owner

    I think I’ve died and gone to heaven !!
    Thank you so so much for the repost @miraquill 😊
    Thank you for the kind repost @writersnetwork 🥰

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