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  • silvern_art 6w

    This poem is inspired by an Indian movie "Highway".

    The movie was beyond words to explain and I could relate a bit to her.

    Now after months of courage, I've finally picked up my pen and write down the emotions of the girl from my perspective.

    #secret #fear #courage #hindi #love #devil #rape #girlchild #abuse #forcarolyn #ceesrepost

    To everyone, male or female who has a secret that keeps our soul from breathing. I hope one day we'll find the courage to take a step and find our air.

    @miraquil @clichepenname

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    A little girl she was
    Whose eyes twinkled with curiosity
    And who's soul radiates innocence
    But life cruelty befell her
    Before she learnt to bare her hope
    On the wings of the wind

    At first he approached with a bright smile
    Eyes that scream love in pretence
    And hands he can't seem to keep to himself
    But she was still little and innocent
    To see the deceit that lurks in his soul

    It started with a bit of innocent
    Just a uncle with his niece on his lap
    But slowly his hidden hunger began showing
    His little angel he'd call her
    As his hands roam around her dainty form

    What she failed to see was that
    Only the devil needs a little innocent angel
    To own and taint at his pleasure

    Slowly his excuse to have her close began running thin
    His tainted little angel has begin to grow
    No longer does she have a reason to be seated on his laps

    Now the scenes in her memory became more deafening
    "Shhhh... don't scream my little one"
    "Don't tell anyone and you'll be safe"
    "You're so beautiful my angel"
    The words he'd whisper to her
    As he found his way into her bathroom
    With legs silent as the calm breeze
    Only he brought nothing but destruction to her faint soul
    As he took her soul into his every chance he got

    At night she dreams, gazing beyond her window plane
    Of a life free from the devil and his vices
    Of life where she finally tells her mom
    The secret that keeps her awake at her

    Oh her mother,
    A soul dainty and frail yet strong
    She was nothing but what is left
    Of an Indian housewife who's soul, body and mind has been subjected to the harshness of society

    But her daughter was her pride
    And her pride shall not be trampled upon
    So like a fierce volcano ready to erupt
    She approaches her dear brother
    Broke off his horn and pride
    And he became a devil without honour

    If only her dreams were reality
    And her mother had stood right behind her
    Like she did in those scented dreams of hers

    But instead her mother pulled her closer
    Wrapped her hands around her mouth
    And whispered words that shattered her every being
    "Shhh....keep it a secret forever. Never tell anyone"
    It hurt to live a life with such cruelty
    But it hurts more to see her mother
    Living her life in pretence
    Not wishing to face reality or stand by her
    But instead scared of the society's backlash on their family's honour

    But oh she grew blessed and well
    With the devil looming just right behind her
    Ready to stick his fangs in her delicate skin
    And suck the rest of her hallow soul

    Sometimes you become numb
    And become addicted to your pain

    One day her respite came
    It was a mistake it seems
    But to her it was all the freedom she needed
    Who knew being kidnapped will bring so much freedom and joy
    For the first time in years
    Her broken soul learnt to smile and dance
    And once again she's a rhapsody of dancing dandelions

    But all good things comes to an end
    Or maybe her fate doesn't just let it in
    And every mistake is rectified
    Only this time it took a life
    The life of someone who taught her to live
    Someone who taught her soul to breathe once again
    Someone who though remained aloof all through
    Taught her heart to beat the verses of love

    But once again for the people who claim to love her
    But never once showed her how that felt that
    She lost the tunnel to her ray of hope
    Amidst the crashing waves of life

    She's had enough she realized
    And finally she lets out the secret to everyone
    Making them see just how broken she was
    How she'd never heal from their rash actions

    But she gave them no chance to apologise
    For their apologies means nothing to her again
    They broke her soul and made her lost
    And right when she found a ray of hope
    They ripped her off her joy

    With a soul broken yet still living
    A heart dead yet beating
    And a body tainted yet beautiful
    She walked away to form her path
    Lonely but filled with faith
    And she never once turned back
    Least she see the faces of the devil
    And never get to walk earth whole again

    But she's sure her soul will learn to breathe again
    And her heart with bloom with love someday
    Till then she'll continue to grow
    Like a flower bud under the loving gaze of the sun

    #the girl who's soul searches freedom

  • keyru_b 7w

    Wanna play the good daughter game
    With those who have given you
    birth and name
    Just roll the dice and stay in the frame

    Wanna know how's it to be one
    For us care and love is the attention we get
    The wishes they fullfill to have the power over our Future, to reset.

    For us they say we get special care
    Just dive in the eyes that glare
    Nothing but societal loyalty, respect and fame

    I hated those nights
    Each time I had to adjust my emotions
    Each time I had to throw them away
    Like they were never mine

    I hated those days
    Where i was said to be better daughter
    Where I'm accepted
    With proper walk, work and body fine.

    I don't know how I still have
    my right to live but not to love, i wage
    Wars in my head to stop their fun

    Yes they are the families
    Which hold grin faces behind your back
    Want your successful life exactly
    as they thought

    What you yearn for is nothing to them
    You break your heart or the bones
    Nothing bothers in front of their wants

    If you wanna stop this good game
    And walk out of your own
    A whole tribe shall load guns on your head
    And see that you never left

    I have heard stories of great women
    Fighting for themselves
    Here i am trying the same
    Trying not to hold regrets

    I don't know if I'll ever make them understand
    Do our happiness matter
    As a good daughter
    Or I'll become the wreaked one
    Writing my own song

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #writing #daughter #girlchild

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    Good daughter game

    I don't know how I still have
    my right to live but not to love, i wage
    Wars in my head to stop their fun

  • words_synchronizer 12w


    Tum dekh nhi skte wo, jo daar h uske khoobsurat seene m.
    Yu diwane Bane firte ho, kabhi dekha khud ko kisi ke yaado k nagine m.
    Dhikkar h uss nazar p teri, jo kisi ka sukoon cheen le.
    Ek beti ki tadap, tab janegi tumhari y darindagi bhari nigahe,
    jab ro rahi hogi tumhari pari, ghar k kisi kone m.
    Uske ashk dekh k machal jayega,
    shishkia dekh kr pighal jayega.
    Jo yaad ayega apni jawani ka manjar,
    khud p sharam shaar hokar bikhar jayega.
    Us waqt koi or, qatar m hoga or tu intezar m hoga.
    Sehmi si daari si, wo naajo ki Pali khilkario m bhadi,
    Tez kadmo s bhade jab, ghar m ghusegi.
    To kya tu wo manjar dekh payega.
    Sehem jayegi saari sanse, ro padegi wahi nigahe.
    Jo kabhi faqr krti thi iss baat m ki, dam to h mujh kamine m.

  • warrior_of_sky 23w


    हर बेटी होती है अपने पापा की परी
    उसे भाता है इंद्रधनुषी सतरंगी छड़ी

    उड़ती है अपने पंखों को यूं ही फैलाए
    उसे भाते हैं गीत-संगीत और हवाएं

    देखती हैं ख़्वाबों में एक शहजादा
    दिल चाहता है कि हो जाए फिदा

    फिर भी कटवा लेती हैं अपने पर
    उसे रखना होता है ऊँचा पापा का सर...

  • poetrani 33w

    ममता का रुप

    चाहे हूँ रूपवती, चाहे मैं कुरूप हूं
    कोमल सा हृदय लिए ममता का एक रूप हूं
    मूल्य चुका ना पाया वो कर्ण भी मेरे दूध का
    दानवीर कहता जिसे इतिहास दूर-दूर का
    यज्ञ से जन्मी अग्नि मैं, रक्त से केश भिगोए है
    जाने कितने दुष्टों के पाप धरा ने धोए हैं
    बनकर कभी भीलनी मैंने ईश्वर को झूठ खिलाया है
    वहीं कहीं बन अहल्या स्पर्श का आनंद पाया है
    सीता बन दुर्भाग्य को अब भी गले लगाती हूं
    राधा बन निश्चल प्रेम को अश्रुओं से नहलाती हूँ
    जान बचाने अपने लाल कि उसको खुद से दूर किया
    देवकी अभागन बनने को जब सृष्टि ने मजबूर किया
    बन यशोदा शिशु किसी का हृदय से अपने लगाया है
    नारी दुर्बल कहते तुम?अरे,मुझमें ब्रह्मांड समाया है
    उस युग से इस युग और अगले कईं युगों का कूप हूँ
    कोमल सा हृदय लिए ममता का एक रूप हूं

  • pandichitra_r 41w

    Was it wrong to be Born One or Trust Any?

    Been an introvert,
    Was compelled to turn out to be one for the sake of safety,
    It happened yet,
    Again and again;
    With trust and distrust;
    Freckles trapped in toxicity!
    Tears filling nostrils,
    Slowly wishpering to have the pleasure bearing it!
    Twitching in hopes;
    Sweat and fears dunked in;
    For it was not willing to lift the parched body,
    The path leading appeared dark!

    For she ain't a boy?
    Hardly a girl, merely a kid
    Thought it was a hallucination!
    But it's apparent that it is a matter of expectations;

    Was it wrong to be born one?
    Nothing is as concerning like the truth!

    You probably inferred ,but still hold it

  • akashamittayi 46w

    - ഞാനിടങ്ങൾ - (2)

    എന്തൊരവകാശ ലംഘനം ....!
    ഉച്ചയ്ക്ക് ചോറുണ്ട് ആലോചനയിൽ പൂണ്ടിരിക്കുമ്പൊളമ്മ വക വീഡിയോ കോൾ. അച്ഛൻ സ്ഥിരം റൂമിൽന്ന് പടിയിറങ്ങി എൻ്റെ റൂമിൽ യൂട്യൂബും കണ്ട് സസ്വൊര്യം വിരാജിക്കുന്നു..... ഒരു ദിവസം കൊണ്ടിത്രേം വലിയ തിരിച്ചടി....... അപമാനം.ശ്ശെ !
    ലോക് ഡൗണിളവ് കിട്ട്യപ്പൊ തന്നെ വീട്ടിലേക്കോടി..... ചോറുണ്ണാനിരുന്നപ്പൊ എല്ലാരോടുമായി പ്രഖ്യാപിച്ചു - എൻ്റെ മുറി എൻ്റേതു മാത്രമായി തുടരും. വലിഞ്ഞു കേറി അധികാരം സ്ഥാപിക്കാൻ ശ്രമിക്കുന്നവരെ കർശനമായി വിലക്കിയിരിക്കുന്നു. അടി - തുട ഇത്യാദി കർമങ്ങൾ നടത്തി മുറിയെ വേണ്ട വിധം പരിപാലിക്കുന്നവർക്ക് ഇടയ്ക്ക് വന്നിത്തിരി സ്വൊര്യം കണ്ടെത്തിപ്പോകാനുള്ള ഇളവ് തുടരുന്നതായിരിക്കും !
    പിറ്റേന്നെന്നെ അമ്മു ലാപ് ടോപ്പ് കറങ്ങുന്ന കസേര തുടങ്ങിയ വസ്തുവകകൾ കെട്ടിപ്പെറുക്കി സ്വന്തം റൂമിലേക്ക് മടങ്ങി. അച്ഛനിപ്പൊ കോലായിലിരുന്നാണ് വീഡിയോ കാണാറ് പോലും .. അവിടെ നല്ല കാറ്റ് കിട്ടുംത്രേ...
    -ശുഭം -

  • akashamittayi 46w

    -ഞാനിടങ്ങൾ - (1)

    നാലു നാലര മാസമെടുത്ത് കാണും എൻ്റെ മുറിയിലെ ചുമരിൻ്റെ നിറം പിൻ്റെറെസ്റ്റ് നോക്കി കണ്ടെത്താൻ .പ്രഷ്യൻ ബ്ലൂ തിരഞ്ഞ് പിടിച്ച് അരച്ചുമരിലടിച്ചതിലൊരു വട്ടക്കണ്ണാടീം തൂക്കീട്ടതിൻ്റെ ചോട്ടിലിട്ട കട്ടിലിൽ കേറി കിടന്നുറങ്ങിയപ്പൊ കിട്ടിയ മനഃസുഖം ഇച്ചിരിയൊന്നുമല്ല. ഫർണിച്ചർ വാങ്ങി വെടിപ്പിൽ നിരത്തിയിട്ട് വെളുത്തന്തിയോളം മൂടിപ്പുതച്ച് റൂമിലിരുന്ന് നേരം വെളുപ്പിക്കുന്നത്ര സുഖം വേറെന്തിനുണ്ട്.... അതുമീ ലോക്ക് ഡൗൺ കാലത്ത്.
    കല്യാണമുറപ്പിച്ചപ്പൊ തൊട്ട് കേൾക്കുന്ന കിംവദന്തിയാണ് ഞാൻ പോയാൽ പലർക്കും എൻ്റെ റൂമേറ്റെടുക്കാനുള്ള പദ്ധതിയുണ്ട്ന്ന്. കണ്ടില്ലാന്ന് നടിച്ച് ശിഷ്ടകാലം കട്ടിലിൽ കഴിച്ച് കൂട്ടി.
    കല്യാണപ്പിറ്റേന്നമ്മൂൻ്റെ വാട്ട് സാപ്പ് മിസ്ഡ് കോൾ. ഡീ..... ഞാൻ നിൻ്റെ റൂമിലേക്ക് മാറാട്ടോ.
    ന്ത്??? ......
    ഇതിലെന്ത് ന്യായമാണുള്ളത്..... എൻ്റെ മുറിയുടെ തീറവകാശം ഞാനാർക്കും....''
    പറഞ്ഞ് മുഴുമിപ്പിക്കും മുന്നേ ചറപറാ ഓള് ഫോട്ടോസയച്ചിട്ടിരിക്കുന്നു. എൻ്റെ റൂമിനെ തലകീഴായി മറിച്ച് സൗകര്യാർത്ഥം നിരത്തിയിട്ടിരിക്കുന്നു.
    എൻ്റെ വീട്. എൻ്റെ മുറി.ആഹ്!

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  • sonalnaik30 48w

    Love for little one

    Someone said it right, a mother starts loving her baby even before the child is born and I know for a fact that, such kind of love exists for real but then what right does patriarchy have to not accept or love a girl child?

  • light_ofthe_heart 51w

    I am not a child anymore
    But I will forever be that little one
    She gave birth to
    Within her walls of pain.
    Happy Children's Day to everyone of us
    We are all children in one way or the other.

  • puranidiary 51w

    @writersbay ❤��thanku for giving your time &kind like .. I m so glad you left me a comment �� means a lot..

    ~���� ���� ������ �������� �������� ���� ������ ������ ������������ ���� �� ����������������
    �������������� ���� ������ �������� ���� ���������������� ������������ ~�������� ������������

    @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    #lotus #life #11wishc #challenges #genderequality #girlchild #hopes #feotus #wod #pod

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    In spring of love, hope was born in mother's womb
    Before its blossom, girl child was called burden soon
    No celebration marked her birth,not they did happy dance
    She was secluded in cradle, neither father took a glance
    In barren terra of love, she lived ages scribbling in dark
    Crumbled in mother's laps, she Camouflaged all spark. .
    Pious love of warrior ma ,protected her right from foetus
    Cloaked in mud of patriarchy, she bloomed like the lotus
    Facing all thumping of prejudice longing her decline
    She rose to surface with aspiring heart seeking sunshine
    Slowly she painted her dreamy sky vanishing blue face
    Under moonlight she conquered survival her biggest race
    Like the petals she stretched her wings of burning desire
    Chasing her utopia her soul embraced strength as attire
    Seldom she unleashed her ocean eyes in that filthy pond
    With ink dipped in metaphor, tells all story without sound
    And when the clock hits 11:11,she recites wishes to stars
    Hoping for world without swords of bigotry giving scars
    Gentle touch of equality, no breezes forcing her to be coy
    Let the child flourish without fears, be it your girl or boy..!

  • mitesero98 53w

    I hope indians can throw their shitty mentality and grow up

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    He touched her growing baby bump and said
    "I can't belive there's a part of us growing inside you"
    "Me too" She couldn't stop grinning
    "I can't wait to spoil him " He laughed at his own joke
    "What if it's a girl?" I asked worried
    "Don't say anything nonsence it's going to be a boy" He turned around and left her
    She cradled her stomach and prayed it was a boy because she never wanted to kill her child.

  • snehalmary 54w

    "One day, I'll touch them"
    She said, as she jumped
    Down from her swing
    Flying high in the air,
    "I'll soar through the sky
    And catch the flight
    That from the clouds,
    Will take me to the stars!"

    "One day, I will step on it too!"
    Says she, as she hears
    The world stepping on a red ball
    She's never seen
    In a place she knows not exist
    Far far far away from her leaky roof,
    She aims at the house with no roofs;

    "One day, you'll see me too!"
    She said, as she hears
    Her parents proudly exclaim,
    "Oh! Do you see my child,
    How their faces shine so bright!"
    As she takes backward a step,
    To see her aunt next door
    Receive the highest rank she's ever read;

    "One day, I'll reach the skies!"
    Says she, as she reads them
    People sailing through all misery;
    "Scrapers touching the heavens I'll build,
    On earth to live, places I'll give,"
    Dreaming about that one day
    When, her fulfilled dreams
    Makes the world rich in all ways;

    "One day, you'll see no patients!"
    Said she, as she walks down
    The hospital aisle deeply grieving
    For a sorrow she didn't own,
    And yet, she longed to own;
    "They'll all be served for free.
    When it's life, they needn't worry about the fee."
    Exchanging glances with souls waiting to be healed;

    "Ha!"One day, I'll come back"
    She says, "I've got sisters to save""
    As he laughs and exclaims
    "How dare she dared to dream?
    Did she forget she's a girl and
    She'll only see the world scream!"
    As he leaves her body dead,
    Covered in bruises from toe to head;
    Image Courtesy Pinterest
    A satirical free verse showing how little girls who dream to change the world,
    leave it with their voices unheard.
    #girlchild #girlchildeducation #girlchildabuse

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    One Day I'll touch the clouds


  • ipsita_writes 54w


    बचपन से देखा, एक नन्ही सी जान को,
    बेशुमार खुशियां बटोरे प्यार भरी लाड को,
    एक मज़ा सा था उसमे, कुछ तो बात थी,
    यूं ही नहीं सब में शामिल रहती, सब को संजोए खिलखिलाती थी,
    बड़ी चंचल और सबसे शैतान,
    न सिर्फ हम बच्चो की बल्कि सभी की दुलारी वो,
    आज जा रही है ब्याह रचने, हाथों में मेहंदी लगाके, एक नाम रचके,
    जा रही है आज एक नया घर बसाने, मां से सीखकर, एक प्रथा और, आगे बढ़ाने,
    चुन चुन के वहा सुंदर मोतियों से, ऐसी कलाकारी करना,
    के घर भी रौनक हो जाए तेरी खिलखिलाहट से,
    अगर हाथ से कोई डोरी छूट भी जाए, तो डरना मत,
    वो डोरी है क्युकी तेरी पहचान, ढल जाएगी तेरे ही किसी और रंग में,
    एक पल ठहर कर मज़बूत सी गांठ ज़रूर बांध देना,
    पीहर में जैसे मां ने बसाया, और ससुराल में जैसे सास ने बांधा,
    उसी घर को अपने प्यार और मजबूती से निहार देना,
    एक ऐसा वातावरण, एक ऐसा माहौल बनाना, जिसमे तेरा परिवार सुखी रहे,
    भेज रहे हम एक ऐसे जहां में, जहा मोतियों से पिरोएगी तू खुशियां,
    जहां नन्ही किलकारियों से, फिर से बिखेर देगी तू खुशियां।

  • deeptimishra 56w

    Agr kisi ko bhi meri kahi kisi bhi bat se hurt ho,,ye kisi ko hurt krne k liye ni likha gya hai.
    Par ye bate voh bachi keh rhi h,,
    Jisne kbhi apne janam pr matam dekha hai..
    They also have right to live.
    You are not god.

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    क्यों देते हो सजा ,,
    क्या मैं जरूरी नही ?
    क्या केवल बालक से दुनिया चला लोगे ?
    क्या मुझ बीन "तुम "माता कहला लोगे ?

    लिंग चुनाव का मौका न दिया प्रकृति ने,,
    तो तुम मुझसे मेरी जिंदगी चुरा लोगें ?
    मुझ बीन क्या तुम दुर्गा से नजरें मिला लोगें ,,
    क्यों फेंक देते हो मुझे ?
    बेटे को बिटिया बुला लोगें..,,

    धरती को पिता बना दो न ,,
    पुरूष जैसे ही कोई स्त्री बना दो न ,,
    जिस कोख ने तुम्हे पाला... उसे मिटा दो न ,,
    बस तुम पुरषो से संसार को चला के दिखा दो न..

    क्या मैं जरूरी नही ?
    तो तुम्हसरी माता को भी खत्म कर दो न,,
    संगनि के मांग खून भर दो न ,,
    कन्या दान में तुम स्वयं को रख दो न ,,
    शिव को शक्ति से दूर कर दो न ,,

    जवाब दो
    क्यो जरूरी नही मैं ?
    क्यों जरूरी नहीं मैं ?


  • thebeautifulbits 58w

    It happened even before her birth,when of her mother she was a part ;
    They decided to put an end to her life even before it could start.

    It happened when she wanted to go to school just like her elder brother,
    But she was made to sit at home for she was just to cook and clean and learn it all from her mother.

    It happened when she got her period for the first time ,that first stain;
    Instead of comforting her she was made to sit and sleep on the floor to increase her pain.

    It happened when she was returning home alone that night and yes she was 'properly dressed',
    She was gang raped and killed and to add to it they are still roaming free as no charges were pressed.

    It happened when his ego was hurt as his proposal was rejected ,
    He threw acid on her face and that completely changed it no matter what was injected.

    It happened that night when at the office she was working late,
    He harassed her, threatened to end her  career if she spoke up and that 1 incident haunts her till date.

    It happened after her marriage when she thought she will have 'happily ever after',
    But all they did was pressure and torture her for money thereafter. 

    It happened at her promotion party where  after years of hard work she had gotten that position and the raise,
    But all she got to hear was how she had  used 'inappropriate means to climb up the ladder' and not any praise.

    It all happens and we know it, in every country, religion, section and class,
    Let us please bring some real changes as it's a shame that so much time we have allowed to pass.

    #womenempowerment #rape #sexualharassment #acidattack #poets #womanhood #education #dowry #promotion #reality #girlchild #mirakee #miraquill

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    It happened...

  • suhani05 60w

    So , most of the ppl know abt sex-selective abortion.
    It is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant.
    It's mainly done in girl child case which means male children are more valued as compared to female children.
    According to me , abortion is a murder.
    No one has right to kill anyone before his /her birth.

    As mentioned above in the poetry , a girl child is telling her feelings to her mother nd blaming her also that her mother is killing her. So .. absolutely no, in most of the cases , the mothers are forced by their family to abort the girl child.
    There is no intension to blame only a mother for the abortion.

    Thnkyou @_aradhana di for suggesting me this topic❤️✨

    #abortion #abort #abortagirlchild #girl #girlchild #mother #motherfeeling #womenempowerement #femalefoeticide #hiphopculture #standbyher #protectgirl #women #saveagirlchild #safety #indiafoeticide #stop #girlabortioninindia #abortionlaw #stopabortion #equality #betibachao #womenrights #childrights #womaniya #raiseyourvoice #fightforyou #femaleinfanticide #womensupportwomen #girlpower #womenpower #addiction #discrimination #infanticide #sexualassault #childabuse #crime #myvoice #voiveofmillion #poetry #poem #writers #mirakians #mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeworld

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    कन्या भूण हत्या..

    एक बेटी अपनी मां के कोख से अपनी मां को कहती है-
    "क्या डर शब्द से मेरी मुलाकात करवा रही हो..
    जिंदगी की शुरुआत डरने से करवा रही हो..?
    या कहीं..तुम जीने का हक मुझसे छीन रही हो..
    एक लड़की हूं..इसकी सजा तुम दे रही हो..?
    मां तुम खुद एक बेटी हो..एक बेटी की जान क्या तुम ले पाओगी..?
    पर डर शब्द से मेरी पहचान तुमने करवा दी..
    दुनिया को देखने की मेरी इच्छा अब तुमने मरवा दी..।।
    इस दुनिया में मेरा अस्तित्व होगा या नहीं..या बस एक शरीर कहलाऊंगी..।
    'तुझे तेरी मां के कोख में ही मार देना चाहिए था'- बार-बार यह सुनवाई जाऊंगी..।।
    मां तुम खुद एक बेटी हो..एक बेटी की जान क्या तुम ले पाओगी..?
    सबसे अनजान..पर तेरी जान..
    अब मरने के लिए सक्रिय है..।
    क्योंकि अब रोशनी से ज्यादा मुझे अंधकार प्रिय है..।।"

    समाज की आंख पर तो पर्दा है..।
    पर एक मां तो देख सकती है कि
    एक बेटी का उसकी कोख से बाहर आना एक स्पर्धा है..।।
    निर्दयता को ये समाज दे देता है मात..।
    एक बेटी के जन्म से पहले ही करवा देता है
    असुरक्षित शब्द से उसकी मुलाकात..।।

  • theturquoisemetaphor_ 60w

    I have personified "I" here as a perspective of a girl who has born, but died the next minute. I consider it as a disaster, because not only calamities are disaster a birth of a girl child is of so many struggles but yet she dies as soon as she is born which is a disaster, many people don't realise the worth of a girl child. ����


    #wod #disaster #infantmortality #girlchild #she #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersbay #poetry #woman

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    Infant Mortality : A Natural Disaster.

    I was in my mother's womb yesterday
    Awaiting to witness the beauty of the universe
    I wished to lay beside my mother in her bed
    I wished to be on my father's shoulder
    But all my wishes went in vain
    Before I could open my eyes and touch the mother nature
    I was sent back to the place where I came from
    Being born as a girl, Is it a sin?


  • _devsi_ 62w

    Do read first post #कन्याभ्रूणहत्या #girlchild #poem #devsidev #quote #surabhidevendra
    #periods #hind #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    मैं हूँ....

    मैं हूँ घर में सबसे छोटी किसी के लिए नन्ही - सी गुड़िया तो किसी के लिए शैतान हूँ,
    घर की जान और घरवालों का अभिमान हूँ,
    धीरे - धीरे जब बड़ी हुई ,जाना एक सच नहीं चाहते थे वो मुझे चाहते हो एक लड़के का जन्म.....
    मुझे मिला जीने का सुख
    जानी मैंने ज़िंदगी की कड़वी सच्चाई
    ना जाने मुझ जैसी कितनी लड़कियाँ कुलदीपक कि ख़ातिर कन्या भ्रूण की सूली पर चढ़ाई,
    जैसे-जैसे बड़ी हुई देखें दुनिया के रंग निराले
    लाल रंग को मिली अहमियत और सफ़ेद रंग को ताने .....
    माँ पहने लाल रंग कि चुनरियाँ वो सुहागन कहलाए
    फिर मेरे महीने के लाल रंग पर क्यों सब मुझसे दूरियाँ बड़ाए ?
    मैं हूँ घर में सबसे छोटी,
    किसी के लिए नन्ही - सी गुड़िया तो किसे के लिए शैतान हूँ,
    घर कि जान और घरवालों का अभिमान हूँ.....


  • oshopendown 57w

    The girl child that I am and in process

    The girl child I am and in process
    I am a girl child:
    That's so weak and fragile
    Who is not a bias but still an issue in the community
    Who think silly and act it
    So depending and naughty
    Then I turn a teen:
    Who cry over every little things
    Who loves to be loved and cared for
    That I want to have everything at a time
    I want to be almost everywhere
    I so much love freedom
    Now that am coming a lady;
    I need your attention
    This is just an introduction
    I am a girl child;
    whose mission is to function
    In the nation so as to reduce corruption
    But many think I am a distraction
    Some will even say I am an option
    This action has given room for a lot of definition
    Of what rejection is and make some go into depression
    I don't want to go into prostitution before I fulfill my dreams and vision
    This is my resolution
    My confession
    My decision