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    Truth, Prayer, Sympathy, Charity,Love and Smile,
    use these brands in your life,
    establishing a foundation of serene soul,
    enjoying the seraphim of mother nature.


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    - The Brands Of Life -

    For lips
    speak truth,
    to set free yourself from the
    exemption of ruth and live with
    eternal verity,
    liberating chaos
    of mind.

    For voice
    recite prayer,
    the key of the day and
    lock of the night, to create
    pavement for
    extraordinare and
    blessed life.

    For eyes
    express empathy,
    with nobility of compassion and grace
    of forgiveness which will rejuvenate the
    power of
    empathy, healing
    the world.

    For hands
    dispense charity,
    use the ambidextrous nature to help
    the ones in need and spread
    kindness, uplifts
    others to
    create heaven
    on earth.

    For heart
    express gratitude
    and love, acknowledge the good in
    life and disperse the positive vibes,
    creating this
    world a
    better place.

    For face
    bestow smile,
    to construct the infrastructure of versatile,
    be the reason of your and
    someone else
    twinkling grin
    diffusing happiness.
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    Kindly register yourself at 9¾ reference desk for library membership card, a portal between 2D thoughts to the dimension of fascinations.


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    - Library -

    Experience an unpredictable trajectory in unknown dimension, by flipping through the pages.

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    You hide the secret cries with stars,
    That you can't reveal.
    You want to share those void emotions,
    That you can't express.
    You want to unfold the knots,
    That pulls you down in darkness.
    You want to smile with sunshine,
    That may bloom your hope.
    This "sometimes" is hard to elapse,
    Tick - tock of clock freezes,
    Length of darkest hour increases,
    Voice turns to whisper,
    Whisper to muteness,
    Turning heart to stone,
    Dying slowly and so cold.

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    Sometimes it's even hard to smell the hope in heart-wrenching cold.