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  • hiral_here_14 13h

    I wish you could see the love, I held for you in my dreams and heart!
    I wish you could be the one, just for the one time in this last universe of us, together living,
    Last time I had time of us, remembering us, laughing together,
    Last time I can hold you in my arms, till the world fall apart so, till no one tells me what to do next,
    Last time of the watch on my hand, not telling me the time, to let go of you.
    Last time of my hands, into your fingers, into your crumbled touch, that you'd let go, in the vast space of your dreams.
    You lost my sight of dreamscape, because you were lost in yours,
    I wish you had seen, the tears of our last met in my eyes out.
    I wish I had told you on the last new year, that I wanna be yours in this year and in another life time,
    But I hopefully disagreed with myself, coz I knew the dreams you sew, were much more shining in your eyes, even more shinier than my tearfully eyes of love I Beholded!

  • blossomblessed 1d


    Things are different now. It still won't be complete without you.
    I walked in this Morning, knowing it wasn't time you'd arrive, but I expected you'd walk in as usual later on. Or appear at the door and scream I'm back! At least, just the way things played out in my head.

    I'm met by the reality that you're no longer here. I'll have to discipline my mind to learn this sooner. I'll miss dearly, your outlook on life, your admiration for the outfits I wore, especially the ones you hadn't seen me in, or failed to compliment old dresses and admire God's workmanship.

    No one would walk up to me after lunch and say "hey beautiful" chipping in a word or two as the spirit led. You had nice ways of saying things even to the person who didn't believe. I'm at a loss as to how I'd do it without you, carry on when I'm finding it difficult, and no one seems to resonate with me.

    I loved how you held my gaze as the sun kissed flowers and muttered sweet nothings even when I wasn't ready to hear them. I'm baffled whether your choice of words were intentional everytime. Was this perfection? I'll miss your free spirited presence, humor and the reservations I made for you.

    You were a jolly fellow, a life of the party. I'll miss the times you'd ask for bailouts and let me have some when I needed it. Sobbing can't fill this vacuum.


  • himayan_writes 2d


    Impermanence haunts a grieving Fool,
    Wearing its dark shroud of despair.
    It slithers around unseen, unheard.
    But feels like a sudden chill in the air!
    It mocks the Fool, toys with his thoughts
    Reminds the Fool of all the good times he had.
    It mocks the Fool, toys with his thoughts
    Tells the Fool, "All that's left is bad!"
    The Fool shivers and shudders and sighs.
    Is the end nigh? An untimely goodbye?
    Down on his knees, the Fool wonders how could it be so?
    That he's been holding on to it, all this while, only to let it go?


  • black_bells_01 2d

    And Out Of Blue

    After everything we have gone through
    It's a shame I still expect you
    To show up unannounced
    And out of blue.

    To you, It might not sound true
    How my feelings swayed and the heart flew
    Out its cage
    To leap over the boundaries I drew

    To harvest the love we grew
    Now covered in a hue
    Of ashes of burned roses.
    And late-night dew

    Some emotions, they're hard to restrain
    How I feel can not be contained
    I can look far into the horizon and still see you
    It's a complexity of my being that I lack to explain

    Or perhaps it's what I term as love
    An entrancing charm of a naive dove
    Flapping its broken wings in oblivion
    Of being so low yet resting high above


  • warriorofthenight 4d

    I hope someday when I'm gone, someone picks up my soul from these pages and thinks, "I would have loved her."
    By an unknown writer

  • hiral_here_14 1w


    Sukoon, mai tumhe bataun, sukoon kya hai ?
    Uske haathon mai haath dalke chalna, bina ghabraye tum kabhi giroge.
    Sukoon ye hai, uski palke padhna baatein Karte waqt, jo hazaro sawalo se ghiri hui ho, jo sirf tum pad sako.
    Sukoon ye hai, uske gale lagna, jab tumhe dar lage, jab tum saham jao, kuch soch ke, par uske sihrane sab sahi lage.
    Sukoon ye hai, usko chipak ke uski activa ke piche bethna , jab tumhe girne ka dar na ho, bas waqt thehra ho, aur rasta ka koi naap na ho.
    Sukoon ye hai, jab uski hasi tumhare sare zakhm bikhar de, bina koi shikhwa na koi Gila rahei.
    Sukoon ye bhi hai, jab tum use be intehaan pyaar ho, uska har aansu, dukh, sukh, pagalpan, masti, deewanapan, sirf tumhara ho.
    Sukoon bhi hai, dard bhi hai , dard is baat ka, ki tum use Kabhi gawah na kar pao, jo tum mehsoos karte ho uske liye sirf uske liye, kyunki wo tumhara kabhi nai ho paega, na ho sakta ho, kash wo bhi ek sapna hota, jo uthte hi tut jaata , par baat to Yahi ek afsoos ki hai, ye sab sach hai.
    Aur is sach ko leke aage tak jina hai, jab tak wo aaye na meri kabra pe phool rakhne , jab tum kuch na bol pao.
    That this was all real!!!

  • why_cho_serious 1w

    However end will always be the same! #left #stay #break #gone

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    LIFE Circle

    They Came,
    They Stayed and then
    They Left.

    This cycle will always continue maybe with different person each time but inevitable though!

    When you act like the way they want, they might stay for sometime yet at the end result will the same!.

  • hiral_here_14 2w

    How come ?

    How come, you never saw the loved I sew,
    From the branches of trees , to the petals of it,
    How come you never saw the care I had for you,
    You always brought some other special person in your life, me waiting for you to accept me,
    How come, you never knew my eyes, the sparkling glow of your love I had in my eyes, were filled with tears of your hurt,
    The love I wanted to share with you, were never seen from your beholded eyes.
    I carry the hurt and love with me as I go deep in the shadows with love camouflaged in me, to the endless pain in my eyes, I could never say this that I loved you

  • anonymous_masochist 2w

    Itna qareeb ho gya tha,
    Mujhe to lga ki vo mera ho gya tha...

  • alienatic_girl 6w

    Sick of being sick


  • hawaii 9w

    Still here wishing I was your peer
    This being your final year
    Now you're gone
    Did I do something wrong?
    Why I let you slip, maybe I'm not that strong

  • alienatic_girl 9w

    I didn't know,
    My tears watered his happiness...


  • roel_gonz 11w

    I walked on the fires of
    I felt my sinful ways I done
    Please just one second
    I'll be gone
    And we never
    be connected

  • _shattered_soul 12w

    When I'm gone

    I hope you’d remember that I loved you,I hope you’d remember that I always wanted to be there for you regardless of how far you pushed me away from you.

    I wouldn’t want to look back with regrets because I gave this my best. I gave you my all but you let me fall.
    When I’m gone,

    You’d remember that I was your one and only.You’d remember what it feels like to be lonely whilst being holy. Nostalgia is what’d be left for you to hold unto.

    I might not be the hero in your fairytale but you’d realize I was the superhero in your reality.
    When I’m gone,

    Even the cool night breeze would whisper my name to you and that’d give you a chill. The moon would give a soft halo and that’d always remind you that I’m gone but never forgotten.
    When I’m gone,

    I hope the universe conspires to make you see how much of a precious soul you’ve lost,I hope all of earth’s elements work in unison to make you understand that you are mine even when I’m gone.

    #Realisation #Regret #Broken #Gone #ShatteredSoul #Mirakee

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  • quinasthepoet 13w

    A description of my experience with a corpse. #death #gone #traumatic

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    Layed peacefully on a firm bed,
    you unknowingly took your last
    raspy breaths in this polluted place.
    Your vital life already escaped;
    gone like the passion from a man
    who has been beaten by his own existence.
    And now… here I am…
    To prepare your spiritless body for
    the stony-hearted undertakers;
    with their guts made of steel.

    I timidly reach for your
    Strangely stiff frame and touch it…
    A terrible cold escapes from the confines
    of your leathery skin and eerily enters
    my body, my psyche, and my sanity.
    My senses raged,
    begging me to cease this terrible task.
    Yet I gallantly continued onwards,
    swearing within my upsetted soul
    to never repeat this atrocious activity again.


  • junkyard 13w

    Love is just a decision; you made your choice.

    Past your skin, it runs deep inside.
    Should have seen the signs; but you were blinded by the sun.
    Inside shallow sheets; you overslept your summer nights.
    So when you heard the thunder you burried the seed before its time.
    Now gone are the days of young; soon just meant never.
    And if you decide to come for forensic, hope for a touch firm enough.

  • myhiddenlies 14w

    You should not hurt someone who is still there for someone who has already gone.


  • captainfatimahabiba 14w

    #start @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Her eyes look like unheard stories
    Fossilized aura of some glories
    She stands as sun,
    the central creature
    Around her, revolve
    the genres of literature
    Ink inhales her as stimulus,
    alike oxygen from the tree
    She is a living tale,
    breathing in the air of poetry
    She seems myth from far,
    but when she comes close
    Stereotype's broken when
    translate her in prose
    Centuries have been consumed,
    many more ahead
    Conspiracies had been fumed,
    to bring it to an end
    She is sung with words by men,
    and by stars with the glitter
    A SHEHARAYZAAD resides,
    deep in her eyes
    With every blink of lash,
    another mystery flies
    spare another hour
    Be her reader, be a listener
    and let your suspense hover
    For suspense is like IGNORANCE,
    Then eternally alone, you'd be,
    the fact is rather known


    ALLUSIONS credit to the rightful source.
    》》I tried to make the allusions bold by capitalising them.

    1) #SHEHARAYZAAD : Scheherazade (/ʃəˌhɛrəˈzɑːd, -də/[1]) is a major female character and the storyteller in the frame narrative of the Middle Eastern collection of tales known as the One Thousand and One Nights.

    2) #HEARD_MELODIES .... _ from one of odes by JOHN KEATS


    4) #IGNORANCE .......#GONE : By OSCAR WILDE in his play, The importance of being Earnest

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    Her eyes look like unheard stories

    A SHEHARAYZAAD resides,
    deep in her eyes
    With every blink of lash,
    another mystery flies


  • shk_huzaifa 16w


    Koyi humai galat hi samjay wahi sahi
    Kisi ko yai lagay hum chood k chalay gayai hai
    wahi sahi
    Raab b oonko dekha day hum oonko chood k nahi
    Balki oon say durr hona chahtay hai
    Kyu ki hum aankh baand kar k baroosa kar laitay hai
    Baatu mai aapni oon dostu nai fuslaya humai
    Hum samajh baithay thay dosti nibaha rahai hai
    Dosti k bahanay say hum say mazay kartai rahay
    Kisi nai iss qadar samjaya ki
    Na hum roothay na hum rooyai
    Bs keh diya Khuda say oonko agar hum say koyi gillay shikway rahai hongay
    Maaf kar daina laikin oon hai yai dekha daina ki har koyi hum jaisa nahi
    Hum oonhai dostt samajh tay thay
    Wo humai dostt nahi dosti mai aapnai matlab say hum say baat kartai thay
    Galti humari hi hai jo hum itna sonch tay hai har kisi k baray mai
    Laikin ab nahi.....
    Ab jo jaisa chalay ga aus k sath waisa hi
    Kyu ki yahan ab shareefu ki aahaimiyat nahi.....

  • hiral_here_14 16w


    Hey! lost soul,
    I m' still hoping you miss us !
    The way you erased the uncomfiness between our soul
    I hope you still remarks me as your favourite love,
    I m' still hoping you saving that pearl, you brought when I told I was in love with your soul,
    I hope you still embrace my beauty in another's soul,
    I hope you still miss us, when I brewed our coffee in that magical cup of ours,
    I hope you still miss my taste of love , when I told you
    I was in love with your beautiful smile,
    I m still hoping and cherishing every sec of our beautifulness romance aura, I left in your body,
    And nothing left me in my soul,
    Coz when you gone,
    I lost my every ounce, part of my soul,
    Coz you were my soul,
    That I left leading the path of my own,
    The hollow soul left nothing parts in it
    Except your memory in it
    And your love,
    Coz you were my only soul I loved
    That once lived in this universe.