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  • devikasethumadhavan 19w

    Some goodbyes are strange
    Strange as in we tend to relieve in the thought of abandonment
    It can be to a person or a situation
    But it all ends up in good byes
    If at all I have to write a death note, I will name it as my 'last goodbye' because I have been playing hide and seek with death for a while now
    When you say goodbye to that chronic pain inside your heart and release the innermost happiness, you attain freedom. A type of freedom which is addictive and non replaceable. When I was in agony, I saw a scared soul inside, my own reflection who wanted to live with a tiny dream. But somewhere it was left alone in the bleak depression and anxiety.
    I was out of my boundaries this time to unlock that innocent child.
    I said with all my heart 'death, please be my valentine'.
    My words broke in between and sink inside my sore throat..
    I wish I lived once again...

  • thehiddenstory 190w

    goodbyes are not forever its just means I'll miss you. Until we meet again