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  • mandah88 5w

    Walking Away

    When the sorries no longer ease the pain
    Cause the words you've said left a permanent stain
    Remember that the moment has finally come
    That I predicted and tried to prevent us from
    Now we've gone too far to turn things around
    The blame, insults, and lies have finally broken me down
    I have reached my limit and I am walking away
    I will never forget all the things you'd come to say
    I should have gone much sooner while some dignity remained
    You tore me down to build you up just to feel the power you attained
    If I could rewind time back to the beginning
    I would have left while you had my head still spinning
    So I could save myself all those tears
    That you forced me to throughout the years
    But I can never make the time rewind
    So I'm leaving this letter for you to find
    It's to let you know that I am saying goodbye
    I don't shed a tear for my eyes are dry
    But my sadness is real, it eats me whole
    Because the pain you inflicted has pierced my soul
    If you ever loved me just walk away
    Don't try and convince me that I need to stay
    Because those days are over and we can't go back
    The pain has now turned my heart fully black

  • andreakulove 6w

    Better Goodbyes

    I deserved a better goodbye,
    Yes, people go,
    But the way how they left always stays.

  • tarh_tapung 10w


    You held my hand
    And took me there
    To ask me if I was fine

    I told you then
    How it had been
    When u were gone all this while

    You'll never know
    How much I've been through
    And the pain behind my smile

    As I see you looking so cool
    Telling me you'll be gone again
    Giving me another hard goodbye..

  • precisel_unheard 13w



  • sameerved 13w

    [ remains of a goodbye ]

    have you ever...

    um, well, you must have!

    and it must have been difficult
    to leave something
    or someone

    but to stand at one place
    with eyes soaking the departure in?

    how does that make you feel?


    to be left behind is the kind of pain
    you don't allow yourself to feel completely at once
    it just sits there, latched onto you
    and you drink from it every single day

    it's hard to tell if it ever gets stale

    ~ कलम-e-समeeर

  • eccentric_eesha_06 13w

    Some goodbyes often come
    with a hope of meeting again.

    © Eesha

  • mrstoryteller 14w


    At holidays, home is the best. The only bad part of staying home is 'Goodbyes'. After a week or a couple of days, you finally have to leave. The time you spent together with family flies away so rapidly, that the time before leaving passes as a snail. I get somewhat apathetic, especially the last 2 hours. The packaging part, I hate it. I know that I have to leave and its inevitable, but still I think why not one more day, just one.
    Now the 'Goodbye' part. My mom usually, stays at home. My father drops me at the station. Saying the first Bye bye to home, my mom, my dadi and sis is still somewhat easy. We just wave hands, but eyes tell much more. I always notice the eyes turning somewhat moist, not enough that it would overflow.
    Those 45 mins with my father, is even more difficult. On the way, we share silence most of the time, interrupted by a few chit chat if I hadn't forgotten anything. I won't speak much nor do my father. Yeah, father's way of showing affection is different and unique; that not much people get it. Waiting for the train, staring at the tracks, we both do, just to occupy the silence. Constantly checking on the phones, if train has delayed or not. He always gives me some advise, which I know by heart; coz it has been many times. Still, I listen to it, as if I won't miss out anything. Respect, the word.
    I guess we both are comfortable in not sharing the emotions that we care about each other, via words. But in his actions, I can feel those emotions. At the end, the train arrives, he essures that I got the seat and the final 'Goodbye'. And the last line, when you reach, send a text.
    Till this point, I feel like home.
    Now, the train gathers speed, and I look forward to the journey ahead, biding a 'farewell' to the farewell.

  • precisel_unheard 15w

    When Breaths bruised her...

    she stayed quiet,
    Not having the luxury of losing the guy
    she adored and loved
    Whilst his breathes bruised her, bidding goodbyes!!

    I believe she will be muted by love all her life.


  • ann_thought 15w



    Another season has passed,
    Spring has finally come!
    What will she bring me?
    Is it going to be another period of time where realization hits me?

    A subtle fragrance of various flowers that can awaken the sleeping doubts and questions?
    That can risen up a new unanswered thoughts?
    And attract another wave of emotion that is hiding within?
    I hate spring! I hate how she begins!

    I hate how she begins another pain
    No matter how beautiful she reigns
    She's just another story where your memory wakes
    Memories of joys followed by heartbreaks

    Yes! I was once a blind beholder
    That is bewitched by her majestic chapter
    A story where all twilights are as beautiful as sunrise
    And how any other bugs are as lovely as butterflies.

    I ain't going to hold back this anger
    Though I am in love, but this feeling won't last any longer
    For Spring will soon end again this year
    And another promise that might break me will appear

    I won't be always waiting next year again
    But I hope if you soon dawn after the winter stain,
    You'll be happy just how you are with me.
    Bring another scent of daffodils instead of apology.

    I don't accept any sorry but I will forgive you
    Cause you were my spring and soon became my adieu.


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    A chapter where you became my heartbreak

  • sheevu 15w

    #goodbyes #mirakquill #unsaidbyes
    Sometimes it's hard to say goodbyes,
    Other times we wish we had one more chance or glimpse again, just to cherish that smile a bit longer or to absord their hug/touch a second longer...trying desperately to make the time stand still at that point.....so u won't loose them forever....
    Some unsaid goodbyes....hurts a bit longer.......

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    The night you left,
    I laid awake, starring at my favourite sky,
    Searching far and wide
    Over the stretch of dusk to dawn
    Searching far and deep
    Starring at the deep ocean of clouds
    For a breese of goodbye,
    Or for a rain of tears
    Or a wink of your star, from up so high
    And there I saw the one last star
    Shining brighter than any other.
    Looking at the star I smiled, mournfully,
    Said goodbye one last time, past my tears

  • pocket_thoughts 18w


    Like the wind on a gentle sunny day,
    Masking pains, what feels like a century,
    A new dawn rises, bright from gray,
    The glim sense of goodbye,
    After the tears that wet my eye,
    A past that always remained a thorn,
    An essence of life, reborn.

  • african_nate 23w

    Was it that easy to let go?
    Was I that easy to forget?
    Cause I saw you leave
    Without glancing back.


  • ani_sharma 25w


    Why is it so tough to say goodbye
    Tears in your eyes, leaving you high and dry
    To love and leave one day
    Drift apart and pretend to be okay
    When in the heart there is so much to say
    And when your voice keeps pushing you to stay
    But distances are calling you away

    You look back one last time
    To get the final brief glimpse
    Turning towards the road, you close your eyes
    Taking a permanent picture in your mind
    Flashback memories, getting hit by tides
    But you keep walking with a heavy heart
    Until everything is faded and left behind
    Hands to your heart, for a new start
    With the rope of hope, your eyes glow
    One day in the old lane, sunshine after rain
    Our paths will cross, we shall meet again!

  • kurisa 27w

    Time waves to me from a distant place called 'present' as I sit here hand in hand with Goodbyes...

  • parikchith 28w


    I cannot regret the incident,
    How our soul crosspath,
    We never knew,
    Maybe we needed each other,
    Or perhaps the universe and every star,
    Wanted us to comfort each other's heart and eventually,
    Brutally tore it apart,
    And the detachment felt like torture,
    As if it left my heart wounded after a tough war,
    But somehow,
    We both managed to live through this hard massacre,
    Or we both knew,
    Our paths weren't really meant for us to be travelled together.

    And here I'm,
    And here it is the same kind of weather,
    Even the breeze bringing the same scent of yours,
    Tell me,
    Were we really fools enough to put our heart at stakes ?
    Even though we knew the consequences,

    Oblivious of the pain,
    We must have been brave then.

  • kanikachugh 29w

    #goodbyes #november

    Hope you steer clear away from the cold this season.

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    Nobody tells you goodbyes are contagious.
    You don't want it but eventually, it gets you.
    You catch a cold. You never wanted it in the first place but you finally embrace it, calling a sick day and resting it out. Pulling a blanket over your head and leaving the world for tomorrow to deal with.

    When you start learning there is a phrase that can get people rid of you, and you of some by dropping frosty flakes of texts or whizz of parting through stone-cold faces, or sometimes with no preamble at all, you realise it's just a beginning. It goes from one to another.

    There are going to be many farewells; willingly or unwillingly and you'd take a day off, pull a blanket of smile over your face and talk to your colleague complaining about the headache you can't talk much about and probably, will see them tomorrow or the day after.


  • sweedle 29w

    Farewell to the month of goodbyes and unstoppable deaths. October, you made the leaves look pretty when they withered and the sky more romantic when it was clouded. I fell for the aftermath of the the silence that followed after every sunset. Darkness was welcomed with warmth and the winds with a little whisper of yearnings.
    October, I will store your essence in my overcoats and underneath my pillow. I will look for you in places where things are falling apart.

    © Sweedle

  • bad_habit 32w

    Thanks for the ❤ @writersnetwork :)

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    But how do you say goodbye when your heart still wants to hold on...

  • giridhar1529 33w

    I hate goodbyes...
    I just hate them...
    not because they mean something but , the person behind means the most...


  • blinganshu 36w

    Smoke rising from the burning fire
    Tries to hide the warmth and the light
    Dims the spirit to fight
    The fears grip the heart tight
    The courage doesn't come in sight
    The walk for happiness takes you
    Through dark, gloomy night
    Not every choice you make is right
    Broken hearts are often void of might.

    But the darkest moments are the goodbyes
    A few even leave you without that last goodbye
    The moment between saying goodbye and leaving
    Drains you of all your love and faith.

    Once you get over dark moments
    You know that the smoke is not enough
    To keep you from lightening the world.

    #smokec #combination #wod #walk #goodbyes #blinganshu

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    Smoked light

    Once you get over dark moments
    You know that the smoke is not enough
    To keep you from lightening the world.