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  • charlieka 10w

    Summer Flew

    over the cliff across the lake I watched September songs fly in murmuration carrying summer away on the breeze of those synchronized wings


  • devennyl 63w

    Sad Wood

    Leaves fall like soft tears
    From a melancholy tree
    Grieving summer's end.

  • _tashi_ 219w

    It's fading away,
    The summer breeze,
    The harsh sun,
    The craving of 'Nimboo Pani' while we roam those familiar streets of sector 15,
    The sound of the noisy cooler of our small suffocating room,
    Kala khatta melting in my mouth,
    Asking for chilled water in restaurant,
    The scarf which mistakes us for terrorist,
    Those afternoon perspiring naps,
    The sound of crickets at our backyard,
    The urge to fan ourselves with whatever we get hold of, newspapers, phone covers, notebooks,
    The constant complains of my roommate,
    "Uff, kitni garmi hai" ,
    "Mar gayi main toh",
    "Itni Dhoop",

    It's all fading,
    Summer's coming to an end,
    But here we are just the same.