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  • bhattaadni 13w

    I will meet you again !

    I clench my heart tight in my hand
    No one should know how much I miss you
    I smile at them
    I can't let them know I still remember you
    Grandparents should live for ever
    Because we don't know what to do
    When they aren't there
    This stench of pain is rotting my bones
    Where shall my aching mind wander to
    I need your hand again on my head
    Coaxing me in believing world isn't cruel
    I need you to know
    I m waiting to meet you again


  • spechless 16w


    My grandparents are my role models of true love.
    Years of effort, but their flame never witters.
    Guestures of  love expressed  daily.
    Respect,loyalty, and truthfulness provided them with an unbreakable unity.
    Authentic,  ageless  are words to describe their bond.
    Now they're soulmates, but their friendship is not forgotten.
    Diligently, they work on perfecting their relationship through the decades.
    Permanent their motto, divorce is a no-go.
    Always being appropriate for your partner is what has kept their relationship in such a prime state.


  • surekhasitaram 16w


    After all at the edge of life,
    No beauty, no money,no age,no trips, nothing more....
    But still all we have is only love between us
    You and me sitting in the balcony , enjoying the nightfall , looking back to the night mares we faced, memorizing the days full of colours,
    is the perfection of our life.
    Lifeline ends❤️.

  • nirvanabharga0 16w

    The reticent saudade

    Grandparents are
    the weather dimpled wizened skins
    whispering the withered poesies of wizardry
    susurrating the mellowed mysteries
    mellifluously murmuring through the metaphors
    of semantically solicitous amiability.


    The amaranthine sillage of their love
    is quintessential as the inviolable veneration
    betwixt the Sun and the Moon
    of every Universe in the Cosmogyral Galaxies
    that're sentient-ly alive out there.

    The singular bellitude of their adoration
    apropos each other and the wide world around
    was the poetically disciplined
    nonpareil paragon of virtue
    I 'd ever perceivably behold
    for the whole life.

    With the quirky essence of their values
    imbibed in the core of my genetics
    in the manner of empathetic suavity
    and compassionate sensibility,
    I'm now audaciously soaring high in gratification
    amidst the ethereal ephemeral eternities of
    life's aesthetic transcendence.



  • nareenwar_ 16w

    Though i was supposed to write about the love between my grandparents but more than the love between them i have always seen them loving their grandchildren to their best... That's y i penned it down this way.
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    The solace one finds in grandmother's lap can't be purchased in any corner of the world.
    That feeling when she runs her fingers in my hair is unexplainable.
    She has been my shield throughout and covered all my mistakes infront of my parents. Can anybody else do that for you, never.
    She cries whenever i cry, hugs me whenever i am distressed and leaves no stone unturned to make me feel better.
    After mother, grandmother is the only purest and truest love you will ever have in your life.
    She will succumb her wishes to death, just for keeping you happy and fulfilling your wishes.
    I get so depressed sometimes at the thought of loosing her because i don't want to loose her ever.
    I love you daadi so much.

    How can i forget you abba.
    How can i forget those days when i was a little bubbly kid and you used to hold my finger and drop me to school.
    As a child whenever i asked you to buy me something you never denied, even today you still put efforts to fulfill all my wishes.
    All that you have done for me i can never forget.
    You have always been my strongest pillar abba.
    I know your health is deteriorating day by day and now is my time to be your strongest pillar. I promise you i will be always there for you just like a bedrock.
    I love you so much.
    A grandfather is just like the sun who brightens up your everyday.

  • jpwriter 16w

    The Grandest of Love

    When I look at you,
    I look at two
    Of the finest beings,
    With your diamond rings,
    A love so immortal
    You're what kindness brings
    Like hugs through a portal
    You will find your wings
    As you showed us
    Love is not quarrel
    Love is a petunia
    Wrapped in lotus
    Love is so floral
    Once you smell the roses
    Times of tribulation
    You became the closest
    Respect, compromise,
    Both staying in focus
    You're teaching without preaching
    Our open eyes all noticed
    The promises your keeping
    Till you grow oldest
    The love that is reaping
    Has never seen coldness
    This type of love I'm seeking
    As you taught
    Never to grow hopeless


  • mysteriousde 16w

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    Happiness is the time with grandparents❤

    A life of grandparents is a precious and favourite book of every childhood
    not more than fairy tales
    not more than dreamlands
    going through the happy times some memories teach the life
    the love that filled the heart
    the hate that left the scars
    all the ups and downs of life
    they taught me that family always survive.

    //I just want to tell you that
    you will always alive
    you are my world and you are
    my life..//

    //She taught me
    One day you'll be just a familiar figure for some people
    Do your best to be a good girl..//

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    She never said to rush
    She always walked with me.
    She never said that she loved
    She always hugged me
    She never asked what and why
    She always comforted..
    //Literally no time can replace your presence,
    Only you have the ability to make everything feel better..//

  • thebhavnasaxena 16w

    For a moment,
    We were here,
    Battered from carrying the
    Trauma of wars,
    Bruised and chafed from
    Struggling to breathe free,
    But we held hands
    And sought comfort
    In the warmth of each
    Other's bleeding hearts.
    For a brief moment,
    We were here, I was
    Tucking roses in your hair,
    And you were mastering
    How to find your voice
    In a language thrust upon you,
    In a world that was looking
    Expectantly at you, to say
    Something of power, of resilience.
    For a brief moment in all
    That humankind would be,
    We were here, young, free,
    And jubilant, we were in love,
    And you shouted it to the whole
    World in your poems, and I
    Whispered it to you as you fell
    Asleep, and we stole glances
    At each other, over the morning
    Cup of tea, across a full room,
    To assure ourselves that we
    Both knew, that for a long
    While, we'll walk together,

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    Hand in hand, till it is autumn,
    And the sun is about to set,
    That still, in that modern world
    That our grandchildren would make,
    We may not be young, but we will
    Always be in love, stealing glances
    Over the morning cup of tea,
    To assure ourselves that we
    Both know, we breathe freedom
    And love.

  • mysteriousde 27w

    I found a long-lasting love with you
    Not 30's-40's वाला but real

    I'm lucky coz I have seen two beautiful n pure loveliest generations together..

    May old by age but
    always young by love ..


    it'll become adorable for whole life

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    बचे जो सलामत
    जिंदगी तेरे कदमों में गुजारेंगे,

    तुझे जिंदगी भर बस युही चाहेंगे
    तेरी हर तस्वीर को हम दिल में संभालेंगे,

    तुने ज़मीन को आसमा बनाया
    हम आसमा को तेरी ज़मी पे उतरेंगे !!

  • kp_singh 34w

    दादी मां लौट आओ ना।
    देखो फिर से दिवाली आई है।
    हम दोनों के लिए मैंने फूलझड़ी बचाई है!
    फिर से मेरे साथ दिए जलाना आप,
    माथा चूम कर मेरा फिर से गले लगाना आप!
    अगर आप नहीं आ सकते तो भी मेरा साथ निभाना आप,
    आज जब आसमान में तारों में ढूंढूंगा आपको,
    मेरी और देख कर थोड़ा जगमगाना आप।
    हो सकता है दर्द से मेरा दिल भी खाली हो जाए,
    दादी मां लौट आओ ना, मेरी भी हैप्पी दिवाली हो जाए!
    Grandma, come back.
    Look, Diwali has come again.
    I saved the sparkler for both of us!
    You light lamps with me again,
    You hug me again by kissing my forehead!
    Even if you can't come, you accompany me,
    Today when I will try to find you in the stars in the sky,
    You look at me and sparkle a little.
    May my heart be empty of pain,
    Dadi Maa come back, so that my Diwali can also be happy! -Kps©2021

    #grandma #grandparents #dadimaa #dadi #diwali #missyougrandma #loveyourgrandparents #valuethem #happydiwali
    #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #kpsshayari

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    दादी मां लौट आओ ना।
    देखो फिर से दिवाली आई है।
    हम दोनों के लिए मैंने फूलझड़ी बचाई है!
    फिर से मेरे साथ दिए जलाना आप,
    माथा चूम कर मेरा फिर से गले लगाना आप!
    अगर आप नहीं आ सकते तो भी मेरा साथ निभाना आप,
    आज जब आसमान में तारों में ढूंढूंगा आपको,
    मेरी और देख कर थोड़ा जगमगाना आप।
    हो सकता है दर्द से मेरा दिल भी खाली हो जाए,
    दादी मां लौट आओ ना, मेरी भी हैप्पी दिवाली हो जाए!
    Grandma, come back.
    Look, Diwali has come again.
    I saved the sparkler for both of us!
    You light lamps with me again,
    You hug me again by kissing my forehead!
    Even if you can't come, you accompany me,
    Today when I will try to find you in the stars in the sky,
    You look at me and sparkle a little.
    May my heart be empty of pain,
    Dadi Maa come back, so that my Diwali can also be happy!

  • yashika_diaries 36w


    Telling us interesting stories at night.
    Aged arms hugging us tight.
    When parents scold us they are there to fight.
    Going shopping with them is a true delight.
    They are always there to tell us what is right.
    Thank you grandparents for being our guiding light.


  • sairam24 36w

    Ajji (grandma)

    The day starts with my gaze shifting
    Towards a varnish clad teak wood chair.
    The object has been in my bed room for decades,
    But it's only significant memory etched in my mind,
    Is of my beloved Ajji.
    It feels like yesterday she held me in her hands,
    Caressing my chubby cheeks, kissing them,
    She sat on that very chair sipping hot coffee,
    Reading the daily newspaper with those keen eyes.
    She was a classic story teller and her anecdotes
    Spoke volumes of the experiences she braved
    Through the years she lived.
    It was always soothing being around her,
    Pestering her for the mouth watering snacks,
    Whose taste remains on my taste buds until this day.
    Dropping off her to the bus station during those days,
    Made my heart heavy with tears trickling down,
    But her words of advice and a parting hug,
    Calmed my juvenile mind which snapped back to reality.
    Just like all things come to an end,
    Her departure did create a void in my heart,
    It's normal to feel this emptiness being the favourite kid,
    I was to her.
    The only fragment connecting me with her,
    Is the varnish clad teak wood chair.
    I still sit on that very same chair sipping hot coffee,
    Feeling the same warmth, I will always cherish,
    Those unforgettable experiences with my,


  • prasanth 37w

    An old man said to his grandchildren:

    "We are like an abandoned library with abundant books but no one shows interest to read any".

    © Prashu

  • porcupine 37w


    I would always look forward
    To visit and spend the day
    With my grandparents
    I wouldn't go outside to play

    Watching wrestling Saturdays
    On the old television
    It cuts deep into my mind
    Like some kind of incision

    My grandpa did love it
    It was like clockwork
    Weekend afternoons
    It was one of his perks

    He enjoyed fixing engines
    Or some bicycles to ride
    I clearly remember the wagons
    He made with such pride

    My grandma was special
    She was so very sweet
    I really loved talking to her
    It was the greatest treat

    Her knitting and cooking
    Was hands down the best
    Her homemade strawberry jam
    Could easily pass any test

    She was proud and strong
    In her mind and her soul
    Do not ever cross her though
    Or heads will soon roll

    There's nothing I wouldn't do
    To see them once more
    I miss them so deeply
    Since losing them my heart has tore

    They were the best parents
    That anyone could ever ask
    To try and equal them
    That's an impossible task

  • madinah_writes 44w

    I know of days when I lived with my grandparents.
    Eating in moulded plates,
    Drinking directly from the rain.

    I know of Days.
    Days when writing was difficult.
    Speaking of as easier,
    As it has always been.
    Those days when I slept with books in my laps and tears in my eyes.
    Trying to memorize the letters.

    I know of days.
    Those days when I wake to the cry of the earliest cock.
    Jumping out if the bamboo bed or straw mat I laid on.
    Walking to the stream which is about a mile or two,
    With friends and neighbors, gossiping.

    I know of those days,
    When grandpa brings food and fruits from his farm.
    Drying bags of cocoa seeds at the back of our house.
    I remember those days...

    Until death crawled in like an innocent child.
    Snatched their souls away from our holy bond.
    Cruel as it is,
    It made them wear white clothes.
    Leaving me with nothing but memories.
    To laugh and cry from.
    Memories of yesterday.
    Thoughts of the day, when it's actually night.

    © Madinah_Writes

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    I KNOW OF DAYS....


  • khushi_chahal 55w


    When you come down to the level of grand ones u understand them better❣

  • akela_lisianthus 55w

    How can a girl be unlucky and lucky at the same time? But I do. I haven't seen my grandpas ever. Neither maternal nor paternal. I know them only through old polaroids. But lucky enough to have two bold grannys who raised my parents as single mothers.

    If I had you thatha, I would have shown you all the sketches and paintings done by me. Would have disturbed you every morning from reading the newspaper to get your attention. Wish there was someone who could take me to a walk while I was a toddler. But my ammama took me everyday. Still, I miss you. She used to tell me how bold, athletic and artistic you were. Who knows maybe I have inherited the spirit for sports and arts from you thatha. But you aren't here to appreciate me.

    You weren't there to pick me up in the school gates as my grandfathers of my peers did. You weren't there to scold my parents when they scolded me. I couldn't sleep calmly in your warm embrace.

    Wish I could scold you caringly for going out for a walk during this pandemic. Wish I could make a cup of coffee when you are watching tv shows. Wish I could not let you sleep by introducing all my kpop biases and the characters I came across in the novels I have read. I'm damn sure you will like BTS and their music thatha.

    Do you even realize how much I missed you during the family tours? Aren't you sad for not seeing any of your grandchildren? I really don't know where to start and end because I don't know a thing about you. You weren't there to hold me while I was born and to give me a name. But nothing can change that I'm your grandchild. My lil sis and I even had a little fight on debating who would have been your favorite (giggling).

    What makes me more sad is that I don't know what I am missing from you because I never had you. Maybe a little fight? A little gossips? Some fairy tales? Or maybe a chess game?

    Thatha if I had you, you would have had me... a little loving soul.

    My grannys said one of my grandpas died during the basketball match due to heart failure and other due to a deadly disease. There were so many occasions I wish I had a grandpa. So I've put together some. Take care of your parents and grandparents. They are too precious����

    #love #diary #life #musings #grandparents #grandpa
    Image source:pinterest.com
    #akela_lisianthus #bts_army #spectacles @mirakee @quotes_mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Thatha, if I had you


  • ekaantvoice 61w


    साथ हर मुसीबत में निभाऊंगा

    तुम चलना साथ मेरे

    मैं हर रास्तों को अपना बनाऊँगा

    और जब लगे की रूठ रहें है अपने तुमसे

    तब पास मेरे आ जाना

    मैं तुमको ख़ुशी महसूस कराऊंगा

  • ekaantvoice 62w

    क्या लिखू सच्चाई इंसानों की
    ख़ुद बे जुबाँ सा हूँ
    नहीं समझते लोग मेरी Fellings को
    मैं ख़ुद परेशां सा हूँ

  • anuradhasharma 69w

    नानी जां, जहां में तू सबसे प्यारी।
    क्या बयां करूं, ख़िदमात में तेरी।
    सादा सा लिबास तेरा, सोच में सादगी।
    सुनू तुझसे, पारियों की कहानी।
    उसी किस्से में, मुझे बना देती तू रानी
    सफेद घोड़े में बहादुर राजा आता।
    जिसे बना देती, तू मेरा दूल्हा राजा।
    छोटी-सी रातें, लंबी कहानी ।
    सदियों का फेरा, झुर्रियों में तेरी।
    आंचल में तू, अपने बांधे पैसे।
    मैं मांगू तो, तू तुरंत मेरी हथेली भरदे